Selby at the 2020 Champion of Champions
Dott at the 2014 German Masters
Trump at the 2015 World Championship
Murphy at the 2015 Paul Hunter Classic
Selby at the 2008 World Series of Snooker in Moscow
2014 German Masters
Murphy speaking with Mark Selby before the final of the 2008 Paul Hunter Classic
Selby at the 2011 Paul Hunter Classic
Trump after winning the 2016 European Masters in Bucharest
Murphy at the 2009 Paul Hunter Classic
Selby with the 2012 Paul Hunter Classic trophy
Murphy at the 2012 Paul Hunter Classic
Selby at the 2013 German Masters
Murphy at the 2013 German Masters
Selby at 2014 German Masters
Murphy at the 2014 German Masters
Selby with 2015 German Masters trophy
Murphy at the 2015 German Masters
Selby at 2016 European Masters in Bucharest, Romania

It stands as the longest final ever, and was, at the time, the latest to finish (John Higgins's victory over Mark Selby the following year now holds the record).

- Graeme Dott

He won his semi-final match 17–16 against Shaun Murphy, after trailing 14–16, in another deciding frame that he took with a 64 break.

- Mark Selby

He played the 2005 champion and sixth seed, Shaun Murphy, in the first round, but lost 6–10 despite having led 6–5.

- Judd Trump

In the first three ranking events of the season—the Grand Prix, the UK Championship, and the Malta Cup—Murphy reached the last 16, losing final-frame matches to Stuart Bingham, Robertson, and Graeme Dott, respectively.

- Shaun Murphy
Selby at the 2020 Champion of Champions
Battle of Sinop, the last major naval battle involving sailing warships.
March 13: Battle of Khartoum.
January 19: Howard Hughes sets record.
Vincent van Gogh
November 15: Berlin Conference
May 6: The Hindenburg disaster occurs.
Ella Eaton Kellogg
August 5: Statue of Liberty begun
May 27: The Golden Gate Bridge opens.
Cecil Rhodes
October 6: US Naval War College founded.
July 2: Amelia Earhart disappears from New Guinea.
Hendrik Lorentz
Auguste Piccard
July 9: The silent film archives of Fox Film Corporation are destroyed by the 1937 Fox vault fire.
Albrecht Kossel
Rickard Sandler
September 17: Lincoln's head is dedicated at Mount Rushmore.
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
Pedro Pablo Ramírez
Shirley Bassey
Teresa Carreño
Theodor Heuss
John Hume
Christian Doppler
Harry S. Truman
Vanessa Redgrave
Georg Friedrich Grotefend
Claude Dornier
Rupiah Banda
Maria White Lowell
Prince Wilhelm, Duke of Södermanland
Harald V of Norway
Édouard Daladier
Olusegun Obasanjo
Gaston Bachelard
Benny Paret
Amedeo Modigliani
Warren Beatty
Rafael Arévalo Martínez
Merle Haggard
Rómulo Gallegos
Billy Dee Williams
John S. McCain Sr.
Joseph Estrada
Vincent Auriol
Saddam Hussein
İsmet İnönü
George Carlin
Eleanor Roosevelt
Yvonne Craig
Rajendra Prasad
Mengistu Haile Mariam
Petru Groza
Morgan Freeman
Hideki Tojo
Simeon II
Gregor Mendel
Martti Ahtisaari
Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt
Queen Sonja of Norway
Bedřich Smetana
Lionel Jospin
Adolph Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe
Ryutaro Hashimoto
Leona Florentino
Manuel Pinto da Costa
Dustin Hoffman
Francisco Pinto Balsemão
Fernando de la Rúa
Jackie Collins
Bobby Charlton
Sir Ridley Scott
Jane Fonda
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
Sir Anthony Hopkins
George Hassell
Blessed Concepcion Cabrera de Armida
H. P. Lovecraft
Sultan Abd al-Hafid of Morocco
Lucy Beaumont
Noel Rosa
Afonso Costa
John D. Rockefeller
Lizardo García
Jean Harlow
Robert Laird Borden
Gaston Doumergue
J. M. Barrie
George Gershwin
Guglielmo Marconi
Reverend Nazzareno Formosa
Varnava, Serbian Patriarch
Saint Alexander Hotovitzky
Pierre de Coubertin
Bessie Smith
Ray Ewry
Prince Kuni Taka
Metropolitan Peter of Krutitsy
Ernest Rutherford
Ramsay MacDonald
Princess Cecilie
Saint Aleksandr Glagolev
Peljidiin Genden
Prosper Poullet
Dimitrie Călugăreanu
Maurice Ravel

November 4 – Crimean War: Battle of Oltenitza – Turkish forces defeat the Russians.

- 1853

November 4 – 1884 United States presidential election: Democratic Governor of New York Grover Cleveland defeats Republican James G. Blaine in a very close contest, to win the first of his non-consecutive terms.

- 1884

1853 – Anna Bayerová, Czech physician (d. 1924)

- November 4

November 4 – Loretta Swit, American actress (M*A*S*H)

- 1937
Battle of Sinop, the last major naval battle involving sailing warships.
Hall in December 2011
Oates in 2009
Daryl Hall and John Oates performing in 2017
Print ad for Belkin Productions, Cleveland Public Hall, WMMS Radio in The Plain Dealer newspaper on December 5, 1976
Hall and Oates perform live in 2017 at the Allstate Arena

Private Eyes is the tenth studio album by American pop rock duo Hall & Oates, released on September 1, 1981, by RCA Records.

- Private Eyes (Hall & Oates album)

Daryl Franklin Hohl (born October 11, 1946), known professionally as Daryl Hall, is an American rock, R&B and soul singer and musician, best known as the co-founder and principal lead vocalist of Hall & Oates (with guitarist and songwriter John Oates).

- Daryl Hall

John William Oates (born April 7, 1948) is an American musician, best known as half of the rock and soul duo Hall & Oates, with Daryl Hall.

- John Oates

Daryl Hall is generally the lead vocalist; John Oates primarily plays electric guitar and provides backing vocals.

- Hall & Oates
A Boeing 747-400 of British Airways
An A380-800 of Emirates, the largest operator of the largest passenger airliner in the world
A Boeing 747-400 of British Airways
Lufthansa's first aircraft, a Convair 340 (type pictured), was delivered in August 1954.
An A380-800 of Emirates, the largest operator of the largest passenger airliner in the world
A now-retired Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500 wearing the first livery (with the older UAE coat of arms)
The 747-400 kept the 747 general configuration, with the 747-300 stretched upper deck and additional winglets
Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation operating a transatlantic scheduled service from Hamburg to Montreal and Chicago in May 1956
An A380-800 of Emirates, the largest operator of the largest passenger airliner in the world
A now-retired Etihad Airways Airbus A340-600 in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix livery
The computerized glass cockpit of the Boeing 747-400ER
In 1960, Lufthansa joined the jet age with the Boeing 707. The image shows a 707 at Hamburg Airport in 1984, shortly before the type was retired.
The double-deck cross-section
Etihad Airways B787-9 landing at Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport from Abu Dhabi as EY141 in new livery.
The added canted winglet
A Lufthansa Boeing 727-100 approaching Heathrow Airport in 1978
Geographical logistics sequence for the A380, with final assembly in Toulouse
Etihad Stadium, the home ground of Manchester City Football Club.
An aerial view of Boeing Field, one of the sites used for 747-400 flight testing.
Lufthansa was the launch customer of the Boeing 737, the best-selling jet airliner for long time until replaced by Airbus A320 in late 2019. The image shows an original 737-100 at Hannover Airport in 1968.
A380 components on a barge
Etihad Airways is the sponsor of Manchester City F.C. One of their Boeing 787-9s (A6-BND) is adorned in a special Manchester City livery.
Northwest Airlines placed the 747-400 into service in February 1989.
Lufthansa operated the high-capacity Airbus A300-600 on domestic and European routes until 2009. The image shows an aircraft of that type on final approach at Frankfurt Airport in 2003.
The first completed A380 at the "A380 Reveal" event in Toulouse, France, 18 January 2005
An Etihad Cargo Boeing 777F
Qantas placed the Boeing 747-400ER into service in November 2002
A Boeing 747-8I and Airbus A380-800 of Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport. The A380 and, together with the Airbus A350, formed the backbone for Lufthansa's long-haul routes in the 2010s.
A380 prototype on its maiden flight
Etihad Airways destinations
The wing is similar to previous variants, extended and with winglets
A Lufthansa A321neo in Reykjavik
Flight test engineer's station on the lower deck of A380 F-WWOW
The Pearl Business Class cabin on a former Etihad Airbus A340-500
Triple-slotted trailing edge flaps
15 aircraft of Lufthansa that are parked at Berlin Brandenburg Airport on 21 March 2020 due to the cancellation of 95 percent of all flights of the airline on 19 March 2020
Bare cabin for flight tests with water tanks as ballast
Economy Class seats on an Etihad Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 747-400 of Singapore Airlines, the type's first international operator
Lufthansa's headquarters in Deutz, Cologne
A Singapore Airlines A380 taking off from Sydney Airport
Etihad Airways offers their The Residence product on their Airbus A380-800s. The Residence apartments are equipped with a bedroom, living room and an en-suite shower room.
Cargolux 747-400F (Freighter) with its nose door open.
Lufthansa Group passenger fleet size, including subsidiaries and excluding cargo (wholly owned)
The characteristic ovoid fuselage
The Etihad First Apartment on Airbus A380-800
A KLM Combi, with passenger windows and aft cargo door
The Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport
Engine Alliance GP7200 engine waiting for installation
The Etihad Business Studio on Airbus A380-800
An All Nippon Airways Boeing 747-400D (Domestic) without winglets
The hangar of Lufthansa Technik at Frankfurt Airport
Planform view showing moderate wing aspect ratio and the undercarriage
A Boeing 747-400ER (Extended Range) in service with launch customer Qantas
A Lufthansa advertisement in Lisbon
Composite photo of a structural loading test on the left wing box
KLM Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF Extended Range Freighter
A Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 XWB in post-2018 livery
A380 flight deck
A Boeing 747-400BCF Boeing Converted Freighter of National Airlines (N8). This aircraft crashed in Afghanistan in 2013 while operating as National Airlines Flight 102.
An Airbus A319-100 in post-2018 livery
A380 20-wheel main landing gear
The Boeing Dreamlifter
The Lufthansa First Class lounge at Frankfurt Airport
Ten-abreast old economy class seating on the main deck on an Emirates A380
N661US, the first 747-400 built, preserved at the '747 Experience' exhibit, Delta Flight Museum
First Class on board one of Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8Is in a 1-2-1 layout
Aircraft ground handling with separate jetways for the main and upper decks, and ground support equipment on a Qatar Airways A380
alt=Aircraft main cabin with two aisle and multiple seat rows.|United Airlines 747-400 main deck economy class cabin
Business Class in a 2-2 layout on the upper deck of a Boeing 747-8I. Business Class on all of the airline's other wide-body aircraft has a 2-2-2 layout.
Wingtip vortex left behind from an Emirates A380
alt=A forward-looking view in the stretched upper deck cabin of later 747s|British Airways 747-400 upper deck old style business class
Economy Class on a 747-8I in a 3-4-3 layout
The A380F, a cargo variant of the A380, was proposed but postponed after 2005 and never built.
alt=Aircraft cabin with first class seats.|Delta Air Lines 747-400 main deck BusinessElite cabin
First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport
The A380plus winglet mockup
A Lufthansa Airbus A320-211 in an old livery
Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and Emirates A380 tails at Heathrow Airport
A Lufthansa Airbus A320-200 in the livery adapted since 2018
China Southern A380 taking off from Beijing Capital Airport
Hi Fly A380 at the 2018 Farnborough Airshow
Co-branding with Airbus branding along with customer airlines' logos on an A380 fuselage during MAKS, an air show, 2011
One of the three different A380 ANA 'Flying Honu' liveries (Honu: sea turtle)
Emirates is the largest A380 operator, with 121 of the aircraft delivered, with Airbus' final two units delivered in December 2021
Etihad Airways' first Airbus A380 taking off from London Heathrow for Abu Dhabi
Side view of an Emirates A380
Layout of A380-800, 519 seat configuration (331 lower, 188 upper)
Emirates A380's old business class
Etihad Airways A380's The Residence Suite
Emirates A380's Onboard Lounge and Bar
Emirates A380's Shower and Spa

In June 2004, the airline placed a US$8-billion aircraft order for Six Boeing 777-200lrs and 24 Airbus aircraft, including 10 Airbus A380s.

- Etihad Airways

Cathay Pacific, KLM, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and British Airways also announced orders several months later, followed by United Airlines, Air France, and Japan Airlines.

- Boeing 747-400

Lufthansa also bought Airbus A321, Airbus A340, and Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

- Lufthansa

Two months later, Singapore Airlines CEO Chew Choong Seng stated the A380 was performing better than either the airline or Airbus had anticipated, burning 20% less fuel per seat-mile than the airline's 747-400 fleet.

- Airbus A380
A Boeing 747-400 of British Airways
June 14: The Mindbender at Galaxyland inside West Edmonton Mall derails, kills three riders, injures one rider, and slams into a concrete post
January 10: First meeting of the UN.
Norman Kirk
Deepika Padukone
January 10: Project Diana
Larry Storch
Zlata Ognevich
January 28: Bluenose founders.
Lee Teng-hui
Joannie Rochette
Four DUKW amphibious vehicles taking part in the Victory Parade in London on 8 June 1946
Lola Flores
Jessy Schram
John Paul Jones
Arvid Carlsson
Sushant Singh Rajput
Diane Keaton
Sante Spessotto
Mischa Barton
Dolly Parton
Norman Mailer
Lauren Conrad
David Lynch
Belisario Betancur
Gemma Arterton
Arnoldo Alemán
Dane DeHaan
Gene Siskel
Gyula Lóránt
Amber Riley
Blake Clark
Brendan Behan
Charlotte Rampling
Franco Zeffirelli
Justin Berfield
Tyne Daly
Wally Schirra
Teresa Palmer
Anthony Daniels
Marcel Marceau
Rajon Rondo
Alan Rickman
Ann Miller
Margo Harshman
David Gilmour
Albert King
Brittany Snow
Frank Welker
Sergey Akhromeyev
Jamie Bell
Liza Minnelli
Anne Baxter
Alexandra Daddario
Timothy Dalton
Heydar Aliyev
Olesya Rulin
Alejandro Toledo
Horst Tappert
Steven Strait
Hanna Suchocka
Henry Kissinger
Lady Gaga
Ed O'Neill
Rainier III
Sergio Ramos
Tim Curry
Amanda Bynes
Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Ninian Stephen
Leighton Meester
Bill Plympton
Wojciech Jaruzelski
Vincent Kompany
Joanna Lumley
Harrison Dillard
Thaila Ayala
André the Giant
Amalia Mendoza
Amber Heard
Candice Bergen
Shimon Peres
Daniel Sharman
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria
Jenna Ushkowitz
Siti Hartinah
Dianna Agron
George Best
Richard Attenborough
Emily VanCamp
Irena Szewińska
Ramón Valdés
Robert Pattinson
Brian Cox
Peter Lawford
Megan Fox
Donald Trump
Lee Kuan Yew
Ryan Coogler
Noddy Holder
Hank Williams
Valentina Marchei
Ted Shackelford
Queen Anne of Romania
Mark Ballas
Ellison Onizuka
Charlton Heston
Dayana Mendoza
Gilda Radner
Glynis Johns
Alessio Puccio
Mireya Moscoso
Italo Calvino
Rafael Nadal
Leszek Miller
Linda Darnell
Oona Chaplin
George W. Bush
Amanda Crew
Sylvester Stallone
Alan Shepard
Shia LaBeouf
Hassanal Bolkiah
Nadine Gordimer
DJ Snake
Linda Ronstadt
Gloria Grahame
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Danny Glover
Maria Callas
Richard Madden
Ralph Gonsalves
Ted Knight
Solange Knowles
Óscar Berger
Bob Barker
Drake Bell
Lesley Ann Warren
Freeman Dyson
Sam Claflin
Bill Clinton
René Girard
Lindsay Lohan
Keith Moon
King Constantine I of Greece
Megan Park
Queen Anne-Marie of Greece
Alexandre Ribot
Barry Gibb
Prince Fushimi Sadanaru
Nolan Gerard Funk
Roh Moo-hyun
Wilhelm Röntgen
Evgeni Malkin
Freddie Mercury
Józef Bilczewski
Peyton List
Jim Hines
Sarah Bernhardt
Usain Bolt
Tommy Lee Jones
Konstantin Budkevich
Sebastian Kurz
Oliver Stone
Prince Naruhisa Kitashirakawa
Armie Hammer
Mart Siimann
Madre Teresa Nuzzo
Lea Michele
María Teresa Ruiz
Filippo Smaldone
Shaun White
Susan Sarandon
Aleksandar Stamboliyski
Alfie Allen
Vinod Khanna
Warren G. Harding
Emmy Rossum
Naoto Kan
Hermes Rodrigues da Fonseca
Renaud Lavillenie
Charles Dance
Stephanos Dragoumis
Aldis Hodge
Chris Tarrant
Stojan Protić
Andrés Guardado
Daryl Hall
Gustave Eiffel
Camilla Belle
Richard Carpenter
Holland Roden
Suzanne Somers
Brendan Behan
Iveta Mukuchyan
Peter Green
Lola Flores
Franco Armani
Laura Bush
Maria Callas
Emilia Clarke
Sally Field
Italia Ricci
Petra Burka
Duane Allman
Alexz Johnson
Ismaïl Omar Guelleh
Aaron Swartz
Marina Abramović
Josh Peck
José Carreras
Ashley Fink
Rhoma Irama
Oliver Sykes
Patty Duke
Katie Cassidy
Benny Andersson
Ana Brenda Contreras
Eugene Levy
Kit Harington
Steven Spielberg
Ellie Goulding
Jeff Sessions
Christopher Isherwood
Jimmy Buffett
Phil Lynott
Patti Smith
Donna Reed
Diane von Fürstenberg
STS-51-L crew
Georg, Prince of Saxe-Meiningen
Jacques Plante
László Bárdossy
Olof Palme
Felix Hoffmann
Ray Milland
Rafael Erich
James Cagney
Béla Imrédy
Simone de Beauvoir
Francisco Largo Caballero
Mircea Eliade
Barbu Știrbey
Broderick Crawford
Patriarch Eulogius
Robert Alda
Juan Bautista Sacasa
Elio de Angelis
Robert Bartlett
Lurene Tuttle
Alexei Nikolaevich Bach
Benny Goodman
Friedrich, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont
Kate Smith
Marcela de Agoncillo
Stanley Rous
Ion Antonescu
Fritz Albert Lipmann
Sándor Simonyi-Semadam
Ted Knight
King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII) of Thailand
Nikolay Semyonov
Gerhart Hauptmann
Samora Machel
Jorge Ubico
Vyacheslav Molotov
Federico Laredo Bru
Cary Grant
Shefqet Verlaci
Desi Arnaz
Blessed Alexander Vvedensky
Serge Lifar
Wilhelm Marx
Harold Macmillan
King Inayatullah Khan
H. G. Wells
Shia LaBeouf
Blessed Francesco Bonifacio
Alba Flores
Ignacy Moscicki
István Bethlen
Blessed Alberto Marvelli
Hermann Göring
Walter Johnson
W. C. Fields
Peter Singer
Sylvester Stallone

1946 – The Kielce pogrom against Jewish Holocaust survivors in Poland.

- July 4

July 4

- 1946

July 4 – The Statue of Liberty is reopened to the public after celebrating its centennial and an extensive refurbishment.

- 1986

Murray Hamilton, American actor (d. 1986)

- 1923
June 14: The Mindbender at Galaxyland inside West Edmonton Mall derails, kills three riders, injures one rider, and slams into a concrete post
The ruins of Richmond, Virginia, the former Confederate capital, after the American Civil War; newly-freed African Americans voting for the first time in 1867; office of the Freedmen's Bureau in Memphis, Tennessee; Memphis riots of 1866
Portrait by Mathew Brady
Portrait by Mathew Brady, 1870–1880
The Southern economy had been ruined by the war. Charleston, South Carolina: Broad Street, 1865
Johnson's birthplace and childhood home, located at the Mordecai Historic Park in Raleigh, North Carolina
Grant's birthplace, Point Pleasant, Ohio
Birthplace, Irving Street, Beacon Hill, Boston
The distribution of wealth per capita in 1872, illustrating the disparity between North and South in that period
Eliza McCardle Johnson
Grant c. undefined 1845–1847
An 1842 bust of Charles Sumner by Thomas Crawford
A political cartoon of Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln, 1865, entitled "The Rail Splitter At Work Repairing the Union". The caption reads (Johnson): "Take it quietly Uncle Abe and I will draw it closer than ever." (Lincoln): "A few more stitches Andy and the good old Union will be mended."
The Andrew Johnson House, built in 1851 in Greeneville, Tennessee
Battle of Monterrey Published 1847
Sumner ca. 1850
Monument in honor of the Grand Army of the Republic, organized after the war
Portrait of Johnson, 1856, attributed to William Brown Cooper
Chinook Indian Plank House Published 1845
Grant believed Pacific Northwest Indians were a peaceful people and not a threat to settlers.
Lithograph of Preston Brooks' 1856 attack on Sumner; the artist depicts the faceless assailant bludgeoning the learned martyr
Freedmen voting in New Orleans, 1867
Senator Johnson, 1859
"Hardscrabble" Published 1891
The farm home Grant built in Missouri for his family. His wife Julia called the home an "unattractive cabin".
The walking cane used to attack Charles Sumner on exhibit at the Old State House in Boston
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States (1861–1865)
Johnson in 1860
Brigadier General Grant photographed at Cairo, Illinois, September 1861 (Published 1911)
1860 steel-engraved portrait of Sumner
Celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation in Massachusetts, 1862
Poster for the Lincoln and Johnson ticket by Currier and Ives
21st Illinois regiment monument in the Viniard Field, Chickamauga
Senator Sumner and his friend Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, photograph by Gardner, 1863
Northern teachers traveled into the South to provide education and training for the newly freed population.
1865 cartoon showing Lincoln and Johnson using their talents as rail-splitter and tailor to repair the Union
Grant's successful gamble: Porter's gunboats night ran the Confederate gauntlet at Vicksburg on the Mississippi River.
Published 1863
Sumner ca. 1865, by Brady
Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States (1865–1869)
Contemporary woodcut of Johnson being sworn in by Chief Justice Chase as Cabinet members look on, April 15, 1865
The Battle of Jackson, fought on May 14, 1863, was part of the Vicksburg Campaign.
Published 1863
Sumner puts head in British lion's mouth—Harper's Weekly, 1872
An October 24th, 1874 Harper's Magazine editorial cartoon by Thomas Nast denouncing KKK and White League murders of innocent Blacks
Official portrait of President Johnson, c. 1880
Union troops swarm Missionary Ridge and defeat Bragg's army. Published 1886
President Ulysses S. Grant The Dominican Republic annexation treaty caused bitter contention between President Grant and Sen. Sumner. —Brady 1869
The debate over Reconstruction and the Freedmen's Bureau was nationwide. This 1866 Pennsylvania election poster alleged that the bureau kept the Negro in idleness at the expense of the hardworking white taxpayer. A racist caricature of an African American is depicted.
Thomas Nast cartoon of Johnson disposing of the Freedmen's Bureau as African Americans go flying
Commanding General Grant at the Battle of Cold Harbor, June 1864
Sumner in later years
1868 Republican cartoon identifies Democratic candidates Seymour and Blair (right) with KKK violence and with Confederate soldiers (left).
"The Situation", a Harper's Weekly editorial cartoon, shows Secretary of War Stanton aiming a cannon labeled "Congress" to defeat Johnson. The rammer is "Tenure of Office Bill" and cannonballs on the floor are "Justice".
Grant (center left) next to Lincoln with General Sherman (far left) and Admiral Porter (right) – The Peacemakers by Healy, 1868
Death of Sumner
"This is a white man's government", Thomas Nast's caricature of the forces arraigned against Grant and Reconstruction in the 1868 election. Atop a black Union veteran reaching for a ballot box: the New York City Irish; Confederate and Klansman Nathan Bedford Forrest; and big-money Democratic Party chairman August Belmont, a burning freedmen's school in the background. Harper's Weekly, September 5, 1868.
Illustration of Johnson's impeachment trial in the United States Senate, by Theodore R. Davis, published in Harper's Weekly
Defeated by Grant, Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House
Charles Sumner House, Boston
Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States (1869–1877)
Illustration of Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate George T. Brown delivering a summons for the impeachment trial to Johnson at the White House on March 7, 1868
Ulysses S. Grant by Balling (1865)
Statue by Anne Whitney in Harvard Square
Grant's Attorney General Amos T. Akerman prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan, believing that the strong arm of the federal Justice Department could pacify the South.
Illustration of Johnson consulting with his counsel for the trial
Grant–Colfax Republican Ticket
Published 1868
Eastman Johnson's 1863 painting The Lord is My Shepherd, of a man reading the Bible
"Farewell, a long farewell, to all my greatness!": Harper's Weekly cartoon mocking Johnson on leaving office
Atlanta's rail yard and roundhouse in ruins shortly after the end of the Civil War
Senator Andrew Johnson in 1875 (age 66)
Inauguration of President U.S. Grant, Capitol building steps.
March 4, 1869
$20 banknote with portrait of Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch
The grave of Andrew Johnson, Greeneville, Tennessee
Anthony Comstock Grant's vigorous prosecutor of abortionists and pornographers.
Winslow Homer's 1876 painting A Visit from the Old Mistress
Amos T. Akerman, appointed Attorney General by Grant, who vigorously prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan
A Republican Form of Government and No Domestic Violence, by Thomas Nast, a political cartoon about the Wheeler Compromise in Louisiana, published in Harper's Weekly, March 6, 1875
Image of mobs rioting entitled "The Louisiana Outrage". White Leaguers at Liberty Place attacked the integrated police force and state militia, New Orleans, September 1874.
Published October 1874
White Leaguers attacking the New Orleans integrated police force and state militia, Battle of Liberty Place, 1874
Secretary of Treasury George S. Boutwell aided Grant to defeat the Gold Ring.
Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States (1877–1881)
Secretary of State Hamilton Fish and Grant successfully settled the Alabama Claims by treaty and arbitration.
A poster for the 1939 epic film Gone with the Wind, which is set during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras
Wharf of Santo Domingo City
Dominican Republic
Map of the five Reconstruction military districts
First Military District
Second Military District
Third Military District
Fourth Military District
Fifth Military District
Dominican Republic
American Captain Frye and his crew were executed by Spanish authority.
King Kalākaua of Hawaii meets President Grant at the White House on his state visit, 1874.
Published January 2, 1875
Ely Samuel Parker
Grant appointed Parker the first Native American (Seneca) Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Battle of the Little Big Horn
Great Sioux War
Published 1889
Cartoon by Thomas Nast on Grant's opponents in the reelection campaign
Grant is congratulated for vetoing the "inflation bill" in 1874.
Cartoonist Thomas Nast praises Grant for rejecting demands by Pennsylvania politicians to suspend civil service rules.
Harper's Weekly
cartoon on Bristow's Whiskey Ring investigation
Grant and Bismarck in 1878
Cartoonist Joseph Keppler lampooned Grant and his associates. Grant's prosecutions of the Whiskey Ring and the Klan were ignored.
Puck, 1880
Official White House portrait of President Grant by Henry Ulke, 1875
Commanding General Grant
Constant Mayer's portrait of 1866
Grant National Memorial, known as "Grant's Tomb", largest mausoleum in North America

Later, as president, Grant was an effective civil rights executive who created the Justice Department and worked with Radical Republicans to protect African Americans during Reconstruction.

- Ulysses S. Grant

During Reconstruction, he fought to minimize the power of the ex-Confederates and guarantee equal rights to the freedmen.

- Charles Sumner

Following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln—who led the Republican Party in opposing slavery and fighting the war—Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency.

- Reconstruction era

Johnson implemented his own form of Presidential Reconstruction, a series of proclamations directing the seceded states to hold conventions and elections to reform their civil governments.

- Andrew Johnson
The ruins of Richmond, Virginia, the former Confederate capital, after the American Civil War; newly-freed African Americans voting for the first time in 1867; office of the Freedmen's Bureau in Memphis, Tennessee; Memphis riots of 1866
At 1841 m, the Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden jetty (pier) in the Southern Hemisphere
Old Vasse Primary School Precinct, 2013.
Busselton foreshore
The P-51 Mustang which was given the nickname Busselton at RAAF Base Laverton in 1945
Busselton Margaret River Airport
Busselton foreshore at sunset
Busselton Beach
Weld Hall

Vasse is a suburb of the city of Busselton in the South West region of Western Australia, 10 km west of Busselton and 240 km southwest of Perth.

- Vasse, Western Australia

The headwaters of the river are in the Whicher Range below Chapman Hill and it flows in a northerly direction through the City of Busselton until discharging into the Vasse Estuary and then the Indian Ocean via Wonnerup Inlet and Geographe Bay.

- Vasse River

From Vasse's name is taken the name the Vasse, an early name for Busselton, for the land adjacent to where the incident occurred, the town of Vasse, and also a number of geographical features in the area including Vasse River and Vasse Inlet.

- Thomas Vasse

Baudin named Geographe Bay and Cape Naturaliste after his vessels, and named the river Vasse after a sailor, Thomas Vasse, who was lost as he went overboard and was believed to have drowned.

- Busselton