Fictional character in the American animated television series Futurama.

A broadcasting antenna in Stuttgart

American radio program that featured an operetta or other musical each week from April 24, 1934, to October 6, 1937.

The Ponce City Hall, in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico, is the seat of the government for both the city and the surrounding barrios making up the municipality.

Municipality in the district of Rhön-Grabfeld in Lower Franconia in Germany.

"As Wild felled one of the redskins by a blow from the butt of his revolver, and sprang for the one with the tomahawk, the chief's daughter suddenly appeared. Raising her hands, she exclaimed, 'Go back, Young Wild West. I will save her!'" (1908)

American writer of adventure and western stories.

In the 1970s a 3750 toured Europe in three French lorries: a demonstration-suite lorry, a system lorry, and a generator lorry. Here potential customers flocked over several days to St Katherine's Pier near the Tower Bridge in London. The people shown were the three French lorry drivers and five IBM UK staff.
Interior of the 1970s lorry-based 3750 demonstration suite that was driven throughout France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Note the use of a slide projector and the then novelty of push-button telephones.
Centralised IBM 3755 Operator Desks could handle calls for multiple 3750s and 1750s dispersed across a country.

The IBM 1750, 2750 and 3750 Switching Systems were telephone exchange systems produced by IBM from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Estimated accepted genus totals by kingdom - based on Rees et al., 2020

Extinct genus of cynodonts that lived during the Lower Jurassic.

Gateshead Thunder (new club) match, 2004

Professional rugby league club founded in 1999 in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England, which competed in the 1999 Super League but then merged with Hull Sharks after only one season.

Mookie Betts hits a pitch by swinging his bat

The current pitching coach of the East Tennessee State Buccaneer.

Somali man of Eastern Hamitic type (sculpture of The Races of Mankind series, 1929).

Outdated racial classification of humans indigenous to Northeastern Africa - the Horn of Africa and Nile Valley regions – who were typically classified as part of the Caucasian race – the Hamitic sub-branch, or in rare instances the Negroid race.

Miami and Florida State have played each season since 1969.
Miami and Florida State met as top ten opponents in seven consecutive games from 1987 to 1993.

American college football rivalry between the Florida State Seminoles football team of Florida State University and Miami Hurricanes football team of the University of Miami.