In the 1980s, she appeared in movies like Kikirut-Kirot (1985) with Liz Alindogan and Edgar Mande, Uhaw Na Uhaw (1985) with Raoul Aragonn, Eden (1985) with Mark Gil, Nude City (1986) with Ernie Garcia and Sarsi Emmanuelle, Donselya (1986) with Zandro Zamora, Di Maghilom Ang Sugat (1986) with Anna Marie Gutierrez, Maureen Mauricio and Gino Antonio, and Paraisong Gubat (1986) with Azenith Briones, Josephine Manuel, Tanya Gomez and Lito Gruet.
Antonio came from a family of farmers. He started as a lifeguard before becoming a model and actor. He was identified with bold movies together with Vida Verde, Joy Sumilang, Cristina Crisol, Mark Joseph, Greggy Liwag, Tony Martínez and the late George Estregan.