Goregrish.com is a shock site website which presents its viewers with graphic uncensored images and video of accident victims, drug overdoses, suicides, murders, executions and war crimes. It also contains pornographic video and other adult content. It is billed as "adults only extreme viewing, not suitable for minors."
Goregrish.com and most other similar shock websites exist on the premise the general public should have full access to multimedia that mainstream media organizations would never publish. The vast majority of video and images presented on goregrish contain extreme graphic violence, some being arguably classed as snuff movies, with videos such as the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs and Luka Magnotta criminal acts of murder being freely available to view there.
Several ethical concerns have been raised on the topic of shock sites and murder videos. One concern is that the popularity of shock sites will encourage an increase in violent murders; which can result in more extreme and violent videos that will likely generate more views on shock sites. Murder videos can inspire copycats to replicate the snuff films. After the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs' released "3 Guys 1 Hammer," Eric Clinton Kirk Newman murdered Lin Jun, a Chinese student, and uploaded the video (including scenes of dismemberment, cannibalism, and necrophilia) under the similar title of "1 Lunatic 1 Icepick".
In the United States and Canada, these murders are referred to as first-degree or aggravated murders. Murder, under English criminal law, always carries a mandatory life sentence, but is not classified into degrees. Penalties for murder committed under aggravating circumstances are often higher, under English law, than the 15-year minimum non-parole period that otherwise serves as a starting point for a murder committed by an adult.