Some shock sites have also gained their own subcultures and have become internet memes on their own. featured a page devoted to fan-submitted artwork and tributes to the site's, and a parody of the image was unwittingly shown by a BBC newscast as an alternative for for the 2012 Summer Olympics. A 2007 shock video known as 2 Girls 1 Cup also quickly became an Internet phenomenon, with videos of reactions, homages, and parodies widely posted on video sharing sites such as YouTube.
The video went viral and became one of the best known shock videos in itself and for the reactions its graphic content elicited from viewers who had not seen it before. Around mid-October 2007, video-sharing sites including YouTube were flooded with videos of the reactions of first-time viewers.
There have been several shock galleries that have launched and shut down. hosted murder videos and images of deceased people and brandished the motto "Pure Evil Since 1996". During their operation, the owners of launched several new sites, one of which was in 2006. was created to sell murder videos like Traces of Death. (established in 2000) hosted "mutilated corpses, car accidents, burn victims, genetic malformations and other grotesqueries".'s reputation rested on its publication gore media from terrorists and war. In 2006, was rebranded as received media attention for deviating from its predecessor for choosing not to host videos of ISIS beheadings, claiming they were tedious and "added nothing new to the conversation". It did, however, host gore content from Syria and hosted the controversial Dutch short film, Fitna, which criticized the Quran. BestGore, established in 2008 by Mark Marek, was notorious for its extremely graphic content, such as photos and videos of murders, suicides and violent accidents with an estimated 15–20 million monthly visits during its operation. He pleaded guilty and was given a six-month conditional sentence for his role. Some shock galleries, however, established more specific niches. The sites Necrobabes, Cannibal Café, and Gourmet tailored themselves to would-be cannibals in the early 2000s. These sites gained attention in 2003 when Armin Meiwes, an aspiring cannibal, used the sites to connect with Jurgen Brandes, a man who desired to be eaten. The two met, and Brandes' murder and cannibalism were recorded and posted on various sites. Additionally, Graham Coutts visited Necrobabes, Rapepassion, Violentpleasure, and Hangingbitches frequently before strangling teacher Jane Longhurst.