Tommy Gibbons

(Tommy) GibbonsGibbonsTom Gibbons
Tommy recorded wins over George Chip, Willie Meehan, Billy Miske, Chuck Wiggins, Jack Bloomfield, and Kid Norfolk. Tommy had no decision matches with George "K.O." Brown, Billy Miske, Harry Greb, Battling Levinsky, Bob Roper, Chuck Wiggins, Georges Carpentier, and others. Only Harry Greb, Billy Miske, Jack Dempsey, and Gene Tunney were able to score wins over Tommy Gibbons. Following his retirement from boxing, Tommy Gibbons was elected four times as the Sheriff of Ramsey County. He won for six consecutive four year terms before retiring at the age of 68. He died on November 19, 1960 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Mike O'Dowd

He was inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014. * List of lineal boxing world champions. List of middleweight boxing champions. O'Dowd's Record at Cyber Boxing Zone.


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Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring.


MNState of MinnesotaMinnesota, USA
Minnesota is a state in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and northern regions of the United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd U.S. state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory. The state has many lakes, and is known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes". Its official motto is L'Étoile du Nord (French: Star of the North).

List of halls and walks of fame

Hall of Famewalk of famehalls of fame
Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame. Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame. Wisconsin Golf Hall of Fame. World Golf Hall of Fame. Arena Football Hall of Fame. Canadian Football Hall of Fame. College Football Hall of Fame. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame. Pro Football Hall of Fame. Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum. American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Australian Racing Hall of Fame. British Horseracing Hall of Fame. Calder Race Course Hall of Fame. Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. Fair Grounds Racing Hall of Fame. Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. Inter Dominion Hall of Fame. Japan Racing Association Hall of Fame.

Scott LeDoux

It was announced on July 5, 2010 that LeDoux would be a member of the inaugural class of inductees to the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame. LeDoux was elected to the Anoka County, Minnesota Board of County Commissioners and re-elected in 2008, defeating challenger Becky Fink. In 2006, the Minnesota Legislature authorized the creation of a state Boxing Commission. LeDoux was appointed boxing commissioner by the state Governor Tim Pawlenty. In August 2006 LeDoux was also named Executive Director of the Minnesota Combative Sports Commission. LeDoux was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or "Lou Gehrig's Disease" in August 2008.

Harry Greb

Harry "The Pittsburgh Windmill" Greb
N/A. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Billy Miske. NWS. 6. 1915-01-12. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Fairmont A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. align=left|Newspaper decision. - align=center. Win. 4–1. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Mickey Rodgers. DQ. 5 (8). 1914-03-02. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Steubenville, Ohio. align=left|. - align=center. Win. 3–1. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Young Battling Nelson. TKO. 3 (6). 1913-12-12. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Mishler Theatre, Altoona, Pennsylvania. align=left|. - align=center. Loss. 2–1. align=left|{{Flag icon|USA}} Joe Chip.

Mike Gibbons

Gibbons was elected to the Ring Magazine Hall of Fame in 1958, the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992, the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997, and the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2010. Gibbons' Record at Cyber Boxing Zone. Tom & Mike Gibbons Preservation Society. Boxing Record at BoxRec: Mike Gibbons.

Jack Dempsey

DempseyWilliam Harrison "Jack" DempseyDempsey roll
Morris, Billy Miske, heavyweight Lefty Jim McGettigan, and Homer Smith. In 1919, he won five consecutive regular bouts by knockout in the first round as well as a one-round special bout. On July 4, 1919, Dempsey and World Heavyweight Champion Jess Willard met at Toledo for the world title. Pro lightweight fighter Benny Leonard predicted a victory for the 6'1", 187 pound Dempsey even though Willard, known as the "Pottawatamie Giant", was 6'6½" tall and 245 pounds. Ultimately, Willard was knocked down seven times by Dempsey in the first round.

Lee Savold

Savold was inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012. Savold was born in Canby, Minnesota (his birth was recorded in the nearby town of Marshall). His parents were farmers and ranchers of Norwegian ancestry. As a youngster, he broke horses and herded cattle on his family ranch. At one time or another he was a bouncer, bartender, road laborer, and stockyard worker. In 1943 he joined the merchant marine and took part in several convoys to Murmansk. After retiring from boxing, he worked for Local 825 of the Operating Engineers Union. On May 25, 1942 he KO'd Lou Nova in the eighth round in a bout which was named The Ring magazine Upset of the Year.

Billy Petrolle

Petrolle is member of the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame, the Ring Magazine Hall of Fame, the World Boxing Hall of Fame, and the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Nicknamed "The Fargo Express", Petrolle is perhaps best known for challenging World Lightweight Title holder Tony Canzoneri. In 1932 the two met for the World Lightweight Title, and Canzoneri was "squarely at his peak: a Canzoneri so magnificently conditioned, so beautifully attuned that even the old-timers at the ringside admitted he was worthy to stand alongside the lightweight giants of the past." (United Press). Petrolle dropped a decision in the bout at Madison Square Garden.

Bill Brennan (boxer)

Bill Brennan
Brennan fought future Hall of Famer Billy Miske twice in 1919, once on June 28 in Oklahoma to a fifteen-round loss on points, and on April 28 at Cardinal Field in St. Louis to an eight-round newspaper decision draw. He lost to Miske again on June 8, 1921, at the Auditorium in St. Paul on a ten-round newspaper decision. According to the Decatur Daily Review, Miske took five rounds, Brennan two, and three were even. There was no dishonor in losing to a boxer as exceptional as Billy Miske. Miske, who also faced Dempsey in his career. Brennan first lost to Jack Dempsey in a non-title fight on February 25, 1918, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a sixth-round technical knockout.

Jack Dillon

Hoosier Bearcat
He fought the great Billy Miske five times from 1916 to 1917 in hotly contested contests before large crowds, though Miske usually won. He lost twice to Mike Gibbons, in the decision of most newspapers, in November 1916, and September 1917. He fought Middleweight champion Al McCoy three times, impressively winning twice in ten round newspaper wins, once in Brooklyn in 1917, and once in Muncie, Indiana in August 1918. On independence Day in 1918, Dillon and McCoy fought a close fight declared a draw in Charleston, South Carolina. On October 24, 1916, Dillon lost the belt in a twelve-round points decision against Levinsky in Boston.

Kid Norfolk

Kid Norfolk (born William Ward, 10 July 1893 – 15 April 1968) was an American professional boxer who fought as a Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight from 1910 through 1926, holding wins over many notable boxers of his day including Joe Jeanette, Billy Miske, Jack Blackburn, Harry Greb, Tiger Flowers, Battling Siki, and Gunboat Smith. Norfolk was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007. Born William Ward in Belmont, Virginia, Norfolk moved with his family to Panama as a youngster. He made his professional boxing debut on 29 November 1910 at the Albaugh Theater in Baltimore, Maryland, losing a six-rounder to Kid Jasper on points.

Glen Flanagan

Flanagan fought 10 times on national TV in the US and was responsible with his brother Del Flanagan and Jackie Graves for putting Minnesota on the national boxing map during the 1940s and 50s. was posthumously inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005 and the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2010.

Battling Levinsky

Battling (Barney Lebrowitz) Levinsky
Billy Miske. Oct 12, 1916. Brooklyn. 10 Rounds NWS. Non-title. Win. Jack Dillon. Oct 24, 1916. Boston. 12 Rounds. Won World Light heavy title. Loss. Tommy Gibbons. Mar 23, 1917. St. Paul, MN. 10 Rounds. Non-title. Loss. Jack Dempsey. Nov 6, 1918. Philadelphia. 3rd Round KO. Non-title. Loss. Harry Greb. Feb 17, 1919. Buffalo, NY. 10 Rounds NWS No decision. Knockout loss required to lose title. Loss. Harry Greb. Apr 28, 1919. Canton, OH. 12 Rounds NWS. Knockout loss required to lose title. Loss. Harry Greb. Jul 14, 1919. Philadelphia. 6 Round NWS No decision. Knockout loss required to lose title. Loss. Georges Carpentier. Oct 12, 1920. Jersey City, NJ. 4th Round KO.

Rafael Rodriguez (boxer)

Rafael RodriguezRafael
In 2010 it was announced that Rodriguez would be a member of the inaugural class of inductees to the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame.

Danny Needham

He was inducted to the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2013.

Gunboat Smith

Ed "Gunboat" SmithEdward "Gunboat" SmithGunboat'' Smith
N/A. align=left| Billy Miske. NWS. 8. 1918-07-12. align=left|International League Ballpark, Jersey City, New Jersey. align=left|Newspaper decision. - align=center. style="background:#abcdef;"|Draw. 48-17-7. align=left| Tom McMahon. PTS. 15. 1918-07-04. align=left|Highland Park, Dayton, Ohio. align=left|. - align=center. Loss. N/A. align=left| Leo Houck. NWS. 6. 1918-05-27. align=left|Erne Club, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. align=left|Newspaper decision. - align=center. Loss. 48-17-6. align=left| Billy Miske. PTS. 10. 1918-04-12. align=left|Atlanta Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia. align=left|. - align=center. Loss. N/A. align=left| Clay Turner.

Doug Demmings

He was posthumously inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2013.

Dan Schommer

Schommer was inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in October 2013.

Charley Retzlaff

Charley Retzlaff was inducted into the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015. * Charley Retzlaff -vs- Joe Louis

Larry LaCoursiere

In 2016 the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame announced that LaCoursiere would be inducted as a member of the class of 2016.

Del Flanagan

Del Flanagan (November 6, 1928 – December 26, 2003) was a middleweight professional boxer from Minnesota, USA.