Ukrainian Canadians

UkrainianUkrainian CanadianUkrainian-Canadian
There are a number of Ukrainian Canadian institutions, such as: Ukrainians by main cities The provinces with the largest Ukrainian populations (single and multiple origins, 2006) are Ontario, 336,355; Alberta, 332,180; British Columbia, 197,265; Manitoba, 167,175; Saskatchewan 129,265; and Quebec, 31,955. In terms of proportion of the total population, the most Ukrainian provinces and territories are Manitoba (15%), Saskatchewan (13%), Alberta (10%), Yukon (5%), British Columbia (5%), and Ontario (3%).


caribouRangifer tarandusRangifer
Rangifer tarandus is "endangered in Canada in regions such as south-east British Columbia at the Canadian-USA border, along the Columbia, Kootenay and Kootenai rivers and around Kootenay Lake. Rangifer tarandus is endangered in the United States in Idaho and Washington. There is strong regional variation in Rangifer herd size, By 2013 many caribou herds in North America had "unusually low numbers" and their winter ranges in particular were smaller than they used to be. Caribou numbers have fluctuated historically, but many herds are in decline across their range. There are many factors contributing to the decline in numbers.

Dutch Canadians

Dutch (Netherlands)DutchDutch Canadian
Harry de Jong, Abbotsford, British Columbia Social Credit MLA from 1986 to 1994. Mike de Jong, Abbotsford, British Columbia Liberal MLA since 1994. Simon De Jong, former federal Saskatchewan NDP MP. Jacob De Witt, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. Rick Dykstra, Conservative MP St. Catharines from 2006 to 2015 and Parliamentary Secretary. Fred Eisenberger, former Ward Alderman and Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario. John Gerretsen, former Mayor of Kingston, Ontario, former Ontario MPP and provincial cabinet minister. Samuel Holland, Royal Engineer and first Surveyor General of British North America.

Massimo Pacetti

In May 2009, he introduced bill C-302, an "Act to recognize the injustice that was done to persons of Italian origin through their "enemy alien" designation and internment during the Second World War, and to provide for restitution and promote education on Italian-Canadian history [worth $2.5 million]" which was passed by the House of Commons on April 28, 2010. Canada Post was also to issue a commemorative postage stamp commemorating the internment of Italian-Canadian citizens, however, Bill C-302 did not pass through the necessary stages to become law. Pacetti is the Vice–Chair of the Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) and the FINA Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure.

Scottish Canadians

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The first governor of the crown colony was the Scot, Sir James Douglas, often referred to as the Father of British Columbia. Scottish influence has been an important part of the cultural mix in metropolitan Vancouver and British Columbia. The St. Andrew's and Caledonian Society of Vancouver was founded in 1886, the same year as the city. On St. Andrew's Day, 1887, the society held a grand St. Andrew's Ball in McDonough Hall at the southeast corner of Hastings and Columbia and almost half the city's population attended. The city still celebrates Scottish Heritage week which concludes with the BC Highland Games. Many local place names are of Scottish origin.

Dan Iannuzzi

Daniel Iannuzzi
Daniel Andrèa Iannuzzi, (February 24, 1934 – November 20, 2004) was a Canadian entrepreneur, journalist, and broadcaster. A third generation Italian Canadian, Iannuzzi was born in Montreal. At the age of 18 he enrolled with the Canadian Grenadier Guards, and two years later, in 1954, he moved to Toronto. Here, together with Arturo Scotti, he founded the Italian-Canadian newspaper Corriere Canadese, a daily publication serving the Italian-Candian community, on 2 June 1954 (Republic Day). The publication is distributed exclusively in Ontario and Quebec.

Grace McCarthy

Deputy Premier Grace McCarthyGrace Mary McCarthyGracie's Finger
(née Winterbottom; October 14, 1927 – May 24, 2017) was a Canadian politician and florist in British Columbia. A high-ranking member of the Social Credit Party of British Columbia, she was largely responsible for rebuilding that party after its defeat in the 1972 provincial election. In the 1960s, McCarthy was a popular elected member of the City of Vancouver Parks Board and instrumental in the creation of the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. She was actively recruited to run for a seat in the Provincial Legislature by then Premier of the Province W.A.C. Bennett.

History of the Jews in Canada

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A community of about 100 settled in Victoria, British Columbia to open shops to supply prospectors during the Cariboo Gold Rush (and later the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon). This led to the opening of a synagogue in Victoria, British Columbia in 1862. In 1875, B'nai B'rith Canada was formed as a Jewish fraternal organization. When British Columbia sent their delegation to Ottawa to agree on the colony’s entry into Confederation, a Jew, Henry Nathan, Jr., was among them. Nathan eventually became the first Canadian Jewish Member of Parliament. By 1911, there were Jewish communities in all of Canada's major cities.

Canadian English

Canadian English morpho-syntactic features also affect their vocabulary; this includes their tendency to use the possessive "have" as opposed to "have got" or "got," which differs from both British English and American English. In addition, the vocabulary of Canadian English also features some words that are seldom (if ever) found elsewhere. A good resource for these and other words is the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, which is currently being revised at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Laval, Quebec

LavalLaval, QCLaval, Québec
The next most common mother tongues were English (7.0%), Arabic (5.6%), Italian (4.2%), Greek (3.5%), Spanish (2.9%), Armenian (1.7%), Creoles (1.6%), Romanian (1.3%) and Portuguese (1.3%). The city's longtime mayor, Gilles Vaillancourt, resigned on 9 November 2012, following allegations of corruption made against him in hearings of the provincial Charbonneau Commission. City councillor Basile Angelopoulos served as acting mayor until Alexandre Duplessis was selected in a council vote on 23 November.