Barbara Ryan

BarbaraBarbara ColemanBarbara Stenbeck
Barbara Ryan was first introduced to the Hughes family when her mother, Jennifer, married Bob Hughes. Barbara was very happy for her mother and liked having Bob for a stepfather. Though Barbara was a fairly uncomplicated teenager, her adult life is another story. Barbara had suffered bulimia at age 16. After a long absence, Barbara returned to town, having just graduated from art school, fleeing a failed romance with Dr. Steven Farrell. Unable to live without her, Steven followed her to Oakdale and got a job in the cardiology department at Memorial. The couple rekindled their romance, but Steven had a secret past, one he could not share with the woman he loved.

As the World Turns

Jeff and PennyMark SullivanOakdale
John Dixon). 1988 "Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series" Julianne Moore (Frannie Hughes/Sabrina Hughes). 1990 "Outstanding Juvenile Male in a Drama Series" Andrew Kavovit (Paul Ryan). 2001 "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" Lesli Kay (Molly Conlan). 2001 "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series" Martha Byrne (Lily Walsh Snyder/Rose D'Angelo). 2003 "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson). 2004 "Lifetime Achievement Award" Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi). 2004 "Lifetime Achievement Award" Don Hastings (Bob Hughes). 2004 "Lifetime Achievement Award" Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes). 2004 "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" Cady

List of As the World Turns characters

Iva Snyder BenedictAndy DixonAndrew Dixon
Christopher "Chris" Hughes II. Adam Hirshan (1987–90). Evan Ross Cannata (1990–91). Christian Siefert (1992–98). Ben Jorgenson (1999). Paul Korver (1999–2001). Alan White (2002). Bailey Chase (2003–05). Dylan Bruce (2007–08). Daniel Cosgrove (2010). Donald "Don" Hughes. Hal Studer (1956). Richard Holland (1956–62). James Noble (1962). Peter Brandon (1965–72). Martin West (1976–78). Conard Fowkes (1978–81; 1985; 1986; 1993; 1995). Edith Hughes. Ruth Warrick (1956–60). Frances "Frannie" Hughes. Kelly Campbell (1973). Maura Gilligan (1975–79). Tracy O'Neil (1980). Melaney Candel (1982). Helene Udy (1982–83). Terri VandenBosch (1983–84). Julianne Moore (1985–88; 2010).

Casey Hughes

After hanging out around the house for a while, Casey got offered the job of being Emily Stewart's personal assistant, of which Margo disapproved. Not long after starting at the Intruder, Casey was held captive with Emily in her office by a judge wanting revenge for an article Emily had published. Luckily, Casey managed to stay cool and keep the judge from hurting anyone. Margo voiced her disapproval, so Emily fired Casey. After a run-in with Margo, Emily confronted Tom and told him to make Margo back off. Tom managed to get Margo to accept Casey's choices. Casey convinced Emily to rehire him.

Kim Sullivan Hughes

Kim HughesKimKim Sullivan
Kim married Bob Hughes in 1985. Shortly after their wedding, she and Frannie were involved in a mystery which eventually revealed Douglas Cummings as Kim's admirer. Douglas kidnapped Kim and Frannie, and was ultimately murdered. Kim believed Frannie may have been responsible, and claimed she did it to protect Frannie (ultimately, Marsha Talbot was revealed as the killer). In 1986, Kim birth to her and Bob's son, Christopher. Not long after, they heard from Frannie, who had seen a woman in the UK that looked like her. Kim, Bob and Frannie eventually learned that the woman, Sabrina Fullerton, was Bob and Kim's daughter.

Nancy Hughes

NancyNancy Hughes McClosky
Nancy was on hand in 2010 to celebrate Bob and Kim's 25th wedding anniversary. Nancy and the rest of the family were all shocked to find out that they really weren't married. She helped Bob and Kim settle their recent differences and was delighted when Frannie returned to see them wed. In her final appearance on the series, Nancy is seen having breakfast with Casey and Alison, and yet again giving advice to Katie on coping with Brad's death. Nancy was quietly written out of the show by having her die in her sleep in her apartment and be found by her son Bob.

Character (arts)

fictional charactercharacterfictional
A character (sometimes known as a fictional character) is a person or other being in a narrative (such as a novel, play, television series, film, or video game). The character may be entirely fictional or based on a real-life person, in which case the distinction of a "fictional" versus "real" character may be made. Derived from the ancient Greek word χαρακτήρ, the English word dates from the Restoration, although it became widely used after its appearance in Tom Jones in 1749. From this, the sense of "a part played by an actor" developed. Character, particularly when enacted by an actor in the theatre or cinema, involves "the illusion of being a human person".

Soap opera

soap operassoapdaytime drama
As the World Turns dealt heavily with Chris Hughes' law practice and the travails of his wife Nancy who, tired of being "the loyal housewife" in the 1970s, became one of the first older women on the American serials to enter the workforce. Guiding Light dealt with Bert Bauer (Charita Bauer) and her alcoholic husband Bill, and their endless marital troubles. When Bert's status shifted to caring mother and town matriarch, her children's marital troubles were showcased. Search for Tomorrow mostly told its story through the eyes of Joanne Gardner (Mary Stuart). Even when stories revolved around other characters, Joanne was frequently a key player in their storylines.

Edith Hughes (As the World Turns)

Edith HughesEdith Hughes Frey
In December 2000, it was mentioned in a conversation with Nancy, Bob and a visiting Penny that Dr. George Frey had died weeks earlier and that Edith went to then live with John and Marian Hughes in North Carolina. *

History of As the World Turns

History of ''As the World Turns
However Bob falls for Jennifer and they begin a relationship. Nancy tries to get Bob and Lisa back together. Donald Hughes and Lisa Shea get together. Bob is hated by Jennifer's son, Rick, and Nancy warns Bob of the problems of living with the Ryan family. Lisa Shea believes she is pregnant by Don as he is the only one she has been sleeping with. Eventually, she discover it is actually an ovarian cyst. Don proposes to Lisa. Jennifer Ryan and Bob Hughes plan to get married. Tom Hughes and Carol Deming get married as do Bob and Jennifer. Dan and Susan Stewart give birth to Emily Stewart. He leaves Susan for a nurse, Peggy Reagan, who had liked Dan Stewart.

Penny Hughes (As the World Turns)

Penny HughesJeff Baker and Penny Hughes
Penny has returned to Oakdale on occasion, including Bob and Kim's wedding, her parents' 50th anniversary, her father's funeral, her mother's 80th birthday (during which she uttered the immortal line, "Who are all these people?" when a flock of new characters interrupted Nancy's party). In 2000 Penny returned for a Christmas visit paid for by Emily Stewart, Ellen's granddaughter.

Susan Stewart (As the World Turns)

Susan StewartDr. Susan StewartSusan
With Kevin soon killed in an accident and Dan dead from a terminal illness, Susan left town sober, with daughter Emily in tow. In 1986, Emily came back to Oakdale for a brand new start in an old town. Oakdale soon learned that Emily and James Stenbeck had been lovers. Susan came back to Oakdale looking for Emily and soon after her return, she suffered a nasty fall and injured her back. Susan became addicted to painkillers and her doctor, Bob Hughes, tried his hardest to help her kick the habit. The newfound friendship lead to a one-night stand between the two of them. At the time, however, Bob was married to Kim. The rivalry that the two women had a decade earlier was revived by the affair.

Jennifer Munson Donovan

Jennifer MunsonJennifer
But when he discovered that she didn't, he also realized that his former girlfriend, Emily Stewart might have. Emily didn't actually kill Dusty. She was holding him hostage. After getting a note from Dusty, she was determined to find him. She got her brother out of jail and followed Emily into the woods. There, she found Dusty. With that crisis over, Dusty asked Jen to marry him. She accepted his proposal, and he adopted her son. Not long after the adoption went through, Johnny fell ill. But with the help of Dusty's kidnapper, Emily, he got better. Then Jen contracted pneumonia while looking over Johnny. Her disease got worse and turned into something deadly.

Daniel Hughes (As the World Turns)

Daniel HughesDaniel
Sam Stone last played the role from January 19, 2007 to November 24, 2008 Daniel is born to Emily Stewart and Tom Hughes during an affair. Margo Hughes, Tom's wife, accepts Daniel into their lives when he is born. Given his mother's inability to provide a stable home, he goes to live with Tom and Margo. He shares the house with Casey and Adam, his half brothers. In January 2007, a man who wants Emily's share of the newspaper kidnaps him. He and Emily are saved by Dusty Donovan.

Doctor of Medicine

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A Doctor of Medicine (M.D. from Latin Medicinae Doctor) is a medical degree, the meaning of which varies between different jurisdictions. In the United States, Canada and other countries, the MD denotes a first professional graduate degree awarded upon initial graduation from medical school. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries, the MD is a research doctorate, higher doctorate, honorary doctorate or applied clinical degree restricted to those who already hold a first professional degree in medicine; in those countries, the equivalent first professional degree is typically titled Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

Paul Ryan

RyanPaul D. Ryan2012 Republican vice presidential nominee
Senator Bob Kasten where he worked with Kasten's foreign affairs adviser. Ryan attended the Washington Semester program at American University. He worked summers as a salesman for Oscar Mayer and once got to drive the Wienermobile. Ryan was a member of the College Republicans, and volunteered for the congressional campaign of John Boehner. He was a member of the Delta Tau Delta social fraternity. Betty Ryan reportedly urged her son to accept a congressional position as a legislative aide in Senator Kasten's office, which he did after graduating in 1992. In his early years working on Capitol Hill, Ryan supplemented his income by working as a waiter, as a fitness trainer, and at other jobs.

Johnny Montgomery

Thanks to Emily Stewart, Johnny has a blood transfusion and is cured. A few weeks later, Jennifer falls ill. She goes to the hospital where she hears she has pneumonia. However, she refuses to stay at the hospital and wants to go be with her son. That was a fatal mistake, proven when she collapses that same night. She is rushed to the hospital, where it becomes clear that her disease had infected her heart and cannot be cured anymore. Jennifer realizes she will die and asks Dusty to marry her now instead of later like they had planned. At her deathbed they say "I do" and she sings a lullaby to Johnny. After an imaginary dance, Jennifer dies in Dusty's arms.

Tom Hughes and Margo Montgomery

Tom and Margo
Bob Hughes and Bob's first wife Lisa Miller, and was born soon after the two eloped as teenagers. He had a difficult childhood, as his parents split up soon after he was born and often fought bitterly. He was SORASed during the late 1960s and was sent to Vietnam, returning a few months later with a self-inflicted injury and a drug habit. He had a number of brushes with the law, including stealing drugs, and later a murder conviction. (He had confessed to the murder of his stepfather, Dr. Michael Shea, to cover for his mother, Lisa, who he mistakenly assumed had committed the murder).

Ellen Lowell

Cole, EllenEllen Stewart
Alongside Eileen Fulton and Don Hastings, who played Lisa Grimaldi and Bob Hughes respectively, Bruder was one of the serial's longest serving cast members. In 1990, a party was organised to honor the longevity of these and other cast members, and viewers were invited to attend to the event. In 1995, Bruder was "let go" from the serial. In 1998, Bruder returned to the serial to play Ellen once again. As The World Turns initially focused on two families: the Hugheses and the Lowells. Ellen's father, Jim Lowell (Les Damon), was one of the soap's original protagonists. An early plot featured an affair between Jim and Edith Hughes (Ruth Warrick).