Ganyan Kita Kamahal

Maureen Mauricio. Richard Quan. Sheree Lara. Joko Diaz. Maricel Morales. Naty Santiago. Ardie Aquino.


Mark Gil as Felipe. Cherry Pie Picache as Remedios. Ronnie Lazaro as Roman. Celia Rodriguez as Donya Segunda. Pen Medina as Dr. Naval / Balawis. Chynna Ortaleza as Vera. Paolo Contis as Piranus. Bianca King as Xera. Arthur Solinap as Eno. Guest cast. Bianca Pulmano as young Amaya. Ella Cruz as young Elisa. Desiree del Valle as Azita. Gene Padilla as Talakitok. Elvis Gutierrez as Andromedo. Rugene Ramos as Kiko. Emilio Garcia as Ereus. Red Bustamante as Nacyfe. Renz Valerio as young Aquano.

Sinasamba Kita

Sine Novela: Sinasamba Kita
Mark Gil as Don José Ferrer. Jackie Lou Blanco as Sylvia. Allan Paule as Eddie. Bing Loyzaga as Isabellita. Ricardo Cepeda as Larry. Raquel Villavicencio as Elvie. Tony Mabesa as Manolo. Jordan Herrera as Jacobo. Guest cast. Ella Guevara as young Divina. Sine Novela presents Sinasamba Kita won Best Daytime Drama Series in the 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV. Carlo Aquino was nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series at 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV. Sheryl Cruz was nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series at 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV.

Eva Fonda

Bakit Ako Mahihiya
She exerts effort to claim justice, only to commit a crime by accidentally stabbing her rapist’s father, Don Ismael (Mark Gil). She is sent to jail while her sister dies from a freak accident. But her misfortune doesn't stop. Soon, she escapes from jail and boards a bus to escape from town until she finds herself in Manila where she'll rebuild her life and find means to finally get justice and reclaim the simple life she once had. And while in Manila, Eva finds herself a job as a model after saving the life of a manager of a beauty agency in the name of "Tita Patty" (Rustom Padilla/Bebe Gandanghari) from her assailant.

Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan (TV series)

Gaano Kadalas ang MinsanGaano Kadalas Ang Minsan?Danny Zialcita's Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan?
Mark Gil as Emilio Cervantes. Paulo Avelino as Kiko. Ces Quesada as Pilar Medrano. Julie Anne San Jose as Claudette Medrano. Jesi Corcuera as Raquel "Rocky" Perdigon. Mon Confiado as Fredo. Jana Roxas as Kathleen. Jan Marini-Pizzaras as Barbara. Sweet Ramos as Dea Paterno. Byron Ortile as Alvin. Patricia Ysmael as Nina. Dino Guevarra as Dodong. Jen Rosendahl as Anya. Krystal Reyes as Lara.


Mark Gil took the role of Manuel in the final casting of characters. Magkaribal received heavy promotion as competition for GMA Network's Endless Love, whose pilot aired at the same time (even though Magkaribal aired a little later than Endless Love). The show premiered on June 28, 2010, with a 25.3% national household rating against its direct competition, Diva on GMA Network with a 19.4% national household rating (Endless Love scored a pilot rating of 22.9%, which aired earlier than Magkaribal).

Ikaw ay Pag-Ibig

The series stars child actors Zaijian Jaranilla, Mutya Orquia, Louise Abuel, and Xyriel Manabat, with an ensemble cast consisting of Dimples Romana, Alfred Vargas, Mark Gil, Paulo Avelino, Bembol Roco, Yen Santos, Beverly Salviejo, Gerald Pesigan, Izzy Canillo, and Pen Medina in their supporting roles. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida nighttime block, replacing 100 Days to Heaven from November 21, 2011 to January 27, 2012. Nonoy, Angelica, Tinay, and Edison in an unforgettable story about the true meaning of Christmas.

100 Days to Heaven

100 Days
Mark Gil+ as Norman Manalastas - The strict father of Anna. Shaina Magdayao as Teen Anna. Felix Roco as Teen Rene Mosqueda. Pokwang as Digna Amparo. Melai Cantiveros as Girlie. Jason Abalos as Brando Rivero. Vice Ganda as August - A hairdresser who was fired in the salon where he works because he didn't do his job on Anna. He owns a beauty parlor and his friend became his employees. However, because he idolizes Anna, he became a strict boss to his friends because he wanted to be like Anna. But, because of Anna, he learned the value of friendship. Chinggoy Alonzo+ as Mr. Villanueva. Empress Schuck as Gina Bernardo - A former employee of The Toy Company.

Makapiling Kang Muli

Mark Anthony Fernandez as Luisito "Louie" Valencia. Sarah Lahbati as Graciela Montes. Gloria Romero as Soledad Vda. de Silvestre-Caballero. Rio Locsin as Mara Silvestre-Valencia. Phillip Salvador as Amadeo Perez. Mark Gil as Roman Valencia. Robert Arevalo as Florentino "Tino" Caballero. TJ Trinidad as Javier Lagdameo. Janine Gutierrez as Lynley Valencia. Benedict Campos as Keiffer Angeles. Guest cast. Lance Lucido as kid Martin Caballero. Miguel Tanfelix as young Martin Caballero. Anna Danielle Vicente as young Leilani Angeles. Ronald de Santos as young Luisito "Louie" Valencia. Jennylyn Mercado as young Mara Silvestre-Valencia. Gabby Eigenmann as young Roman Valencia.

Guns and Roses (TV series)

Guns and Roses Guns and Roses
Mark Sarayot as Teen Jonathan Onat Marasigan. List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN. list of telenovelas of ABS-CBN.

Lovers in Paris (Philippine TV series)

Lovers in Paris
Other stars include Zanjoe Marudo as Martin, who is the other man in Vivian's life; veteran actors Christopher de Leon, Mark Gil and Assunta de Rossi. Lovers in Paris follows the story of three people who will discover the complexities of love. For Carlo, love is but a responsibility. For Vivian, love is the greatest thing to give and to receive. For Martin, love is self-gratification. Despite their different views, these three will learn go through a life-changing experience when their paths cross in Paris. After her father dies, Vivian attempts to fulfill her father’s greatest dream and she attends film school in Paris.

Hanggang Kailan (TV series)

Hanggang Kailan
Mark Gil as Roberto. Gandong Cervantes as Victor. Neil Ryan Sese as Edwin. Cristine Reyes as Hana. Jessy Mendiola as Gina.

Kung Fu Kids

Mark Gil as Master Wu Lee - father of Kung Lee. Jana Aveleda & Jenny Aveleda as Cornelia & Ophelia De Vela - Twin Sisters/Cousins of Uragon. Chiqui del Carmen as Brent. Kitkat as Malena - Mermaid (knows where to locate the vanishing island). Sharlene San Pedro as Reyna Ungga Ungga - A tribe leader: Queen in the island of "isle submerge appear (islang lulubog lilitaw)" and has the fighting style of a monkey. Erika Anissa Yu as Princess. Sitar - a guitar-like musical instrument from India that hypnotizes anyone who hears its sound. Golden Scarab of Jafar (Scarab ni Jafar) - a beetle from Ancient Egypt that takes control of humans and makes them be abused with power.

Valiente (2012 TV series)

Art Department: Francisco Deogracia Jr., Mark Joseph Madriaga, John Martin De Guzman, Angel Benipayo. Radio Caretaker: Elmo Gordas. Utility: Romy Bello, Salve Defeo, Mark Joseph Caro. Tent Caretakers: Junjun Rivera, Joey Dordas. Crowd Control: Art Sajar, JR Decano. Field Cashier: Ginger Laguata. Legman: John Phillip Llamosa. Michael de Mesa played Gardo Valiente in the original 1992 series. He plays the role of Damian Valiente (Gardo's father) in the 2012 remake. Tirso Cruz III (fresh from the success of hit teleserye "Budoy" from ABS-CBN) guested as Don Luis. He helped Gardo take revenge against the Braganzas. Tirso originally portrayed Theo Braganza in the original series.

Zorro (Philippine TV series)

ZorroPhilippine adaptationthe Philippine adaptation
Mark Gil as Horacio Pelaez. Jomari Yllana as Diego de la Vega. Jacob Rica as young Antonio. Gail Lardizabal as young Lolita. Sugar Mercado as Anna. Dante Rivero as magistrate of Angeles. Chanda Romero as Aguida. Dick Israel as Jumal. Jen Rosendahl as Jumal's assistant. Isabel Granada as Minerva. Edwin Reyes as Tomas. Daria Ramirez as Aswang. Yul Servo as Samurai. Suzette Ranillo as Chiquita's assistant. Nonie Buencamino as De los Reyes. Richie Paul Gutierrez as Sebastian. Rocky Gutierrez as Baltazar. Alfred Vargas as Lima Wong. Felix Roco as Diego. Dominic Roco as Daniel l. Bearwin Meily as a pirate. LJ Reyes as Sandy.


The Wedding Curse
Maurene Mauricio as Paula. Neil Ryan Sese as Michael. 1st Gawad Genio Awards (The Annual Critics' Academy Film Desk)p. Best Film sound engineer: Albert Michael Idioma. Blockbuster Film: Sukob. Blockbuster Film Director: Chito S. Rono. Blockbuster Film Actress: Kris Aquino. Blockbuster Film Actor: Wendell Ramos. Blockbuster Film Producer: Star Cinema - ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. Star Cinema. ABS-CBN. List of ghost films. Official Website. International Website.

Kiko Estrada

Kiko Ejercito Estrada
He is the grandson of Filipino movie icons Paquito Diaz and George Estregan. His parents have separated and each remarried, and he has several younger half-siblings. Of these, he has three half-sisters—Garielle Bernice, Garianna Beatrice and Gianna Bettina—from his father's present wife, Bernadette Allyson, and he has a half-brother, Stefan, and a half-sister, Gabrielle Alexi, from his mother's present husband, Carlos Morales. Estrada went to high school at Colegio San Agustin, and he attended college at College of St. Benilde, where he enrolled in the diplomatic affairs program. His parents were the main force that urged him to go into show business.

Pahiram ng Sandali

Pahiram ng Sandali (Chasing Moments)
Mark Marasigan as Perry. Joshua Aragon as Jake Labastida. Nenita's irresponsible family. Mike Jovida as Henry. Lawyer friend of Philip".


Anino't Panaginip: The Hidden Chapters of ImortalMagnus Imperial
Mark Gil as Julio. Kalila Aguilos as Barang. Carlos Morales as Lyndon. Christian Vasquez as Badong / Luis Cristobal. Archie Alemania as Arturo Lumibao. Dean de Jesus as vampire. Danillo Barrios as Billy Villareal. Menggie Cobarrubias as Jessie Cordero. Manuel Aquino as Albert Esguerra. Josh Ivan Morales as Benezor. Angelo Garcia as Andoy. Manuel Chua as Diego. Kris Martinez as Francis. Gerard Acao as Macoy. Zeppi Borromeo as Baldo. Thou Reyes as Rafael. Andre Tiangco as Atty. Yumul. Hermes Bautista as Taong Lobo. David Chua as Taong Lobo. Kevin Paul Lavarias as Taong Lobo. Marion Dela Cruz as Taong Lobo. Gem Ramos as Taong Lobo. RJ Calipus as Taong Lobo. Kristel Moreno as Severina.

My Husband's Lover

One More Try: My Husband's Lover Thanksgiving Concert Special
Mark Gil as Galo Agatep. Chynna Ortaleza as Stella. Ashley Cabrera as Mikaella. Jaclyn Jose as Charito Vda. de Carbonel. Ryan Agoncillo as Sam.


Silip: Daughters of Eve
Mark Joseph as Simon. Myra Manibog as Mona. Daren Craig Johnson as Ronald. Michael Locsin as Miguel (as Michael Angelo). Arwin Rogelio as Tiago. Jenneelyn Gatbalite as Gloria. Pia Zabale as Pia. Jimmy Reyes as Village leader #1. Gloria Andrade as Aling Anda. Arthur Cassanova as Village leader #2 (as Arthur Casanova). Chabeng Contreras as Tonya's grandma. Cheriebee Santos as Child #1 (as Cherriebee Santos).

The Healing (film)

The HealingThe Healing HealingThe Healing'' (film)
Mark Gil as Val. Carmi Martin as Bles. Cris Villanueva as Ding. Allan Paule as Ruben. Ynez Veneracion as Greta. Ces Quesada as Chona. Abby Bautista as Cacai. Daria Ramirez as Manang Elsa. Chinggoy Alonzo as Dodi. Simon Ibarra as Rex. Mon Confiado as Gay Lover. Cris Pasturan as Boni. Nikki Valdez as Lani. Joel Torre as Melchor. Jhong Hilario as Dario Mata. Ina Feleo as Mrs. Mata. Mercedes Cabral as Kell. Ana Capri as Melchor's Wife. Dionne Monsanto as News Reporter.

Walang Hanggan (2012 TV series)

Walang HangganWalang Hanggan (TV series)Walang Hanggan: Book 2
Mark Gil as Mr. Cruz. List of programs aired by ABS-CBN. List of ABS-CBN drama series. List of Wuthering Heights adaptations. Official website. Walang Hanggan on

Alyna (TV series)

AlynaPrecious Hearts Romances: AlynaPrecious Hearts Romance Presents: Alyna
Mark Gil as Don Felipe Del Carmen. Susan Africa as Donya Adela Dela Cruz-Del Carmen. Mariel Pamintuan as Teen Alyna. Kate Velarde as Young Alyna. Gigi Locsin as Sister Fidela. Carlos Morales as Digo. Rachel Angkico as Rosa. Isabelle Abiera as Christy. Princess Manzon as Demi. Precious Hearts Romances Presents. List of telenovelas of ABS-CBN.

Sid Lucero

Tim ″Sid Lucero″ EigenmannTimothyTimothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmann
He is the son of actors Mark Gil and Bing Pimentel, and is the older brother of Maxene Eigenmann and the younger half-brother of Gabby Eigenmann. He is the older half-brother of Andi Eigenmann.