The Learning Annex

Learning Annex
It was founded in 1980 by Bill Zanker in his New York City studio apartment with a $5,000 investment. It is considered the largest adult education company in North America. The Learning Annex provides continuing adult education offering a wide range of classes on diverse topics, including "How to Develop & Write a Winning Business Plan", "Intro to Pole Dancing", "How to Write a Book Proposal That Publishers Can't Refuse", "How To Talk To Your Cat", "How to Buy Foreclosed Property", "Make Contact with Lost Loved Ones", "How to Shoot Your Own Live Adult Video", "Kabbalah-Dating", "How to Create Magical Spells", "Discover Your Past Lives - Who Were You Before?"

Eightball (comics)

EightballEightball'' (comics)
Early issues of Eightball feature a mixture of very short, often crudely humorous comics ("Zubrick and Pogeybait", "The Sensual Santa"), topical rants and satires ("Art School Confidential", "On Sports"), longer, more reflective self-contained stories ("Caricature", "Immortal Invisible"), and serialized works. The first extended story serialized in Eightball was Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, which ran in issues #1–10. Glove was followed by Ghost World (issues #11–18). Beginning with #19 each issue of Eightball has been devoted to a single storyline, as opposed to the more eclectic format of the earlier issues.

2006 United States House of Representatives elections

20062006 election2006 elections
But in 2005 details were made public regarding a five-year affair between Sherwood and Cynthia Ore, who sued Sherwood for $5.5 million alleging physical abuse. On November 8, 2005, the two settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Sherwood was expected to win the Republican primary easily over teacher Kathy Scott, as she had very little money or campaign staff, but she polled a surprising 44% of the vote against him. His Democratic opponent was professor and U.S. Naval Reserve officer Chris Carney. Carney led in the polls for most of the fall. Carney defeated Sherwood 53% to 47%.

Think Big and Kick Ass

Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life
Donald Trump coauthored Think Big and Kick Ass with The Learning Annex entrepreneur Bill Zanker. Prior to coauthoring the book, Trump and Zanker had entered into a business relationship through The Learning Annex. Zanker's company performed marketing services for the Trump Organization and Trump's brand. The Learning Annex helped arrange speeches around the world for Trump. The speeches by Trump were billed as part of a series called the Learning Annex Wealth Expos. Zanker's efforts helped garner crowds of 80,000 in attendance at some of Trump's speeches.

President (card game)

President is a westernized version of an originally Japanese card game named daifugō or daihinmin. It is a game for three or more, in which the players race to get rid of all of the cards in their hands in order to become "president" in the following round. It can also be played as a drinking game. A commercial version of the game exists under the name The Great Dalmuti, with a non-standard deck. Generally, players attempt to get rid of their cards first. It is usually played as an aces-high game, although 2s are wild and the red 3 is highest, but 2s cannot beat red 3s. The black 3s are the lowest cards, and 2s can be played as black 3s.

Don Sherwood

When police arrived, the woman, Cynthia Ore, accused Sherwood of choking her, though he maintained he was only giving her a backrub. No charges were filed because both Sherwood and Ore refused to provide any details. The report of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department stated, "Both parties have left out significant information or are not willing to discuss in detail what actually happened." The details of that incident went unnoticed until 2005, when Veronica Hannevig, who ran against Sherwood on the Constitution Party ticket in 2004, distributed a copy of the police report to several newspapers and television stations.

The Great Dalmuti

Great Dalmuti
The Great Dalmuti is a card game designed by Richard Garfield, illustrated by Margaret Organ-Kean, and published in 1995 by Wizards of the Coast. It is a variant of the public domain game president, dating back to late Middle-Ages. The game was Awarded Best New Mind Game 1995 by Mensa, and was in Games Magazine's 1996 Games 100. The game fell out of print, but was re-released in 2005.

Fruits Basket

anime and manga seriesBanquetFruits Basket (2019)
A collectible card game based on the series was also created and published by Score Entertainment which can be used for playing Dai Hin Min as well as other games. In 2008, the all-male theatrical troupe Gekidan Studio Life announced it would be producing a theatrical adaptation of Fruits Basket, using only performers who would be making their stage debuts. The production is expected to run for two weeks at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo starting February 25, 2009. The Fruits Basket manga series is one of the top manga series in both Japan and in the US. More than 18 million copies have been sold in Japan.

Japanese people

JapaneseJapanethnic Japanese
Japanese people are a nation and an ethnic group that is native to Japan and makes up 98.5% of the total population of the country. Worldwide, approximately 129 million people are of Japanese descent; of these, approximately 125 million are residents of Japan. People of Japanese ancestry who live outside Japan are referred to as nikkeijin, the Japanese diaspora. The term ethnic Japanese is often used to refer to Japanese people, as well as to more specific ethnic groups in some contexts, such as Yamato people and Ryukyuan people. Japanese are one of the largest ethnic groups in the world.

Daniel Clowes

Dan Clowes
Daniel Gillespie Clowes (born April 14, 1961) is an American cartoonist, graphic novelist, illustrator, and screenwriter. Most of Clowes's work first appeared in Eightball, a solo anthology comic book series. An Eightball issue typically contained several short pieces and a chapter of a longer narrative that was later collected and published as a graphic novel, such as Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (1993), Ghost World (1997), and David Boring (2000). Clowes's illustrations have appeared in The New Yorker, Newsweek, Vogue, The Village Voice, and elsewhere.

Big two

ducesGang of Fourdeuces
Big two (also known as deuces and various other names), is a card game of Chinese origin. It is similar to the games of president, crazy eights, cheat, winner, and other shedding games. The game is very popular in East Asia and South East Asia, especially throughout China, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore. It is played both casually and as a gambling game. It is usually played with two to four players, the entire deck being dealt out in either case (or sometimes with only 13 cards per player, if there are fewer than four players). The objective of the game is to be the first to play of all of one's cards.

Teaneck, New Jersey

TeaneckTeaneck TownshipTeaneck, NJ
Teaneck is a township of Bergen County in New Jersey, United States, and a suburb in the New York metropolitan area. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township's population was 39,776, reflecting an increase of 516 (+1.3%) from the 39,260 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 1,435 (+3.8%) from the 37,825 counted in the 1990 Census. As of 2010 it was the second-most populous among the 70 municipalities in Bergen County, behind Hackensack, which had a population of 43,010.

Winner (card game)

winnerZheng Shangyou
Winner is a card game similar to the game President, the game Big Two, and other shedding games. It is the game from which Tien Len and other similar games are derived.

Teaneck High School

Teaneck High School (known as The Castle on the Hill ) is a four-year comprehensive public high school in Teaneck, in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, serving students in ninth through twelfth grades as the lone secondary school of the Teaneck Public Schools. The school has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Secondary Schools since 1935.

Sleeveless shirt

tank topsinglettank tops
A sleeveless shirt is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or whose sleeves have been cut off. Sleeveless shirts are worn by people of any gender, depending on the style. They are used as undershirts, or worn by athletes in sports such as track and field and triathlon, and are regarded as acceptable public casual dress in most warm-weather locales.

Lavender (color)

Lavender is a light purple. It applies particularly to the color of the flower of the same name. The web color called lavender is displayed at right—it matches the color of the very palest part of the lavender flower; however, the more saturated color shown below as floral lavender more closely matches the average color of the lavender flower as shown in the picture and is the tone of lavender historically and traditionally considered lavender by the average person as opposed to those who are web site designers. The color lavender might be described as a medium purple or a light pinkish purple.

Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district

Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District is located in the south-central region of the state. It encompasses all of Dauphin County as well as parts of Cumberland County and York County. The district includes the cities of Harrisburg and York. Prior to 2019, the district was located in the northeastern part of the state. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania redrew the district in 2018 after ruling the previous map unconstitutional due to gerrymandering. They added State College to the old district's boundaries while removing some Democratic-leaning areas and redesignated it the twelfth district, and they reassigned the tenth district to an area around Harrisburg and York.