Insane Clown President

Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus
The author writes about Donald Trump's campaign style, "He can do plenty of damage just by encouraging people to be as uninhibited in their stupidity as he is." Taibbi refers to Trump as an ignorant individual engaged in confidence tricks, "bloviating and farting his way" along the trail of the 2016 election. The author recalls Trump, "saying outrageous things, acting like Hitler one minute and Andrew Dice Clay the next." The book offers a positive assessment of the campaign of Bernie Sanders for president. Taibbi writes, "More than any politician in recent memory, Bernie Sanders is focused on reality. It’s the rest of us who are lost."

I Love the '80s (American TV series)

I Love the '80sI Love the 80s80s
Mr. & Ms.: Andrew Dice Clay presented a male celebrity and a female celebrity of each year. Born In: Soleil Moon Frye presented the people, bands, and products that were born in each year. During the credits of every episode, a clip from a popular music video was played without any type of commentary. These were usually replaced with a show promo by Vh1. The Love Boat. Caddyshack. The Vapors' "Turning Japanese". Punk and preppy fashion. Strawberry Shortcake. The Blue Lagoon and Brooke Shields' Calvin Klein ads. Designer jeans. Air Supply's "All Out of Love". Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry (of Blondie). Who shot J.R.?. 9 to 5. Urban Cowboy. Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust". Kenny Rogers.

Errol Morris

(Errol) MorrisAmerican DharmaErrol Mark Morris
Morris wanted Tom Waits and Mickey Rourke to play the brothers, and he wrote the script, but the project eventually failed. Morris worked on writing scripts for various other projects, including a pair of ill-fated Stephen King adaptations. In 1984, Morris married Julia Sheehan, whom he had met in Wisconsin while researching Ed Gein and other serial killers. He would later recall an early conversation with Julia: "I was talking to a mass murderer but I was thinking of you," he said, and instantly regretted it, afraid that it might not have sounded as affectionate as he had wished. But Julia was actually flattered: "I thought, really, that was one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me.

New York City English

New York accentNew York CityNew York English
Andrew Dice Clay. Michael Cohen. Howard Cosell. Mario Cuomo. Tony Curtis. Rodney Dangerfield. Tony Danza. Dead End Kids. Billy Donovan. Robert De Niro. Alan Dershowitz. Vin Diesel. Kevin Dobson. Fran Drescher. Jimmy Durante. Mike Francesa. John Garfield. Rudolph Giuliani. Whoopi Goldberg. Gilbert Gottfried. Buddy Hackett. Judd Hirsch. Wendy Kaufman. Harvey Keitel. Ed Koch. Burt Lancaster. Cyndi Lauper. John Leguizamo. Vince Lombardi. Bernard Madoff. Terry Malloy. Barry Manilow. Garry Marshall. Penny Marshall. The Marx Brothers; prominently Groucho Marx. Jackie Mason. Walter Matthau. Debi Mazar. Chris Mullin. Al Pacino. Joe Paterno. Rosie Perez. Rhea Perlman. Joe Pesci. Regis Philbin.

1992 in film

19921992 film1991/92
White Sands, directed by Roger Donaldson, starring Willem Dafoe, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson. Wind, directed by Carroll Ballard, starring Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson, Stellan Skarsgård. Wuthering Heights, starring Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes - (U.K.). Year of the Comet, starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Daly, Louis Jourdan. The Yo-Yo Gang - (Canada). Yodha, starring Mohanlal and Madhoo - (India). January 19 - Logan Lerman, actor. February 9 - Avan Jogia, Canadian actor. February 10 - Karen Fukuhara, actress. February 11. Georgia Groome, actress. Taylor Lautner, actor. February 14 - Freddie Highmore, actor.

List of celebrities involved with WrestleMania

Multiple celebrities
WrestleMania is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the promotion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and is considered the flagship event of the company.

Richard O'Sullivan (filmmaker)

Richard O'Sullivan
In 2003, after scripting a straight-to-video release called AfterLife, O’Sullivan began working as a writer for the NBC television network's Peabody and Emmy Award-winning The More You Know series (writing PSA's for such stars as David Schwimmer, Goran Visnjic, Sharif Atkins, Christopher Meloni, Brittany Snow, and Donald Trump). His work, focusing on family communication and cultural diversity, helped garner NBC numerous honors, including a Promax Award and a Lambda Legal Liberty Award. In early April 2004, O’Sullivan began work on his feature film directorial debut, a low-budget independent comedy about a group of employees in a rock & roll radio station, called Communication Breakdown.

Oliver Stone

StoneIxlitan ProductionsIxltan Productions
In April 2018, Stone attended a press conference at the Fajr Film Festival in Tehran, where he likened President Donald Trump to "Beelzebub", the biblical demonic figure. In an interview with The Times newspaper on July 25, 2010, Stone claimed that America does not know "the full story" on Iran and complained about Jewish "domination" in parts of the U.S. media and foreign policy, notably his view that Adolf Hitler was misunderstood due to Jewish control of the media.

List of comedians

Comediansgreatest entertainers everList of comedy writers
Andrew "Dice" Clay (born 1958). John Cleese (born 1939). Jemaine Clement (born 1974). Jerry Clower (1926–1998). Andy Clyde (1892–1967). Sacha Baron Cohen (born 1971). Mindy Cohn (born 1966). Enrico Colantoni (born 1963). Stephen Colbert (born 1964). Deon Cole (born 1972). Gary Coleman (1968–2010). Kim Coles (born 1966). Bobby Collins (born 1951). Misha Collins (born 1974). Mo Collins (born 1965). Ray Combs (1956–1996). Pat Condell (born 1949). Billy Connolly (born 1942). Nina Conti (born 1974). Tim Conway (1933–2019). Steve Coogan (born 1965). Dane Cook (born 1972). David L. Cook (born 1968). Peter Cook (1937–1995). Pat Cooper (born 1929). Tommy Cooper (1921–1984).

1990 in film

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, starring Andrew Dice Clay. After Dark, My Sweet, starring Jason Patric, Rachel Ward, Bruce Dern. Air America, directed by Roger Spottiswoode, starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr. Alice, directed by Woody Allen, starring Mia Farrow. The Ambulance, starring Eric Roberts. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation. Angel Town. Another 48 Hrs., starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. Arachnophobia, starring Jeff Daniels. Avalon, directed by Barry Levinson, starring Aidan Quinn, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Pollak. Awakenings, directed by Penny Marshall, starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Back to the Future Part III, starring Michael J.

2013 in film

20132012/13films of 2013
The following tables list films released in 2013. Three popular films (Top Gun, Jurassic Park, and The Wizard of Oz) were all re-released in 3D and IMAX.

List of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches by cast member

character Cecilia Giminez
Mickey Rourke. Ricki Lake. Sean Penn. Tony Bennett. James Barone, host of "Good Morning Brooklyn". Brian Fellow. Dominican Lou. Astronaut Jones. A.J., a member of the Adult Students. Reggie Owens, of Wong & Owens, Ex-Porn Stars. Tate Witherspoon, of "Russell & Tate". Woodrow. Al Sharpton. Mike Tyson. Star Jones. Little Richard. Chico Esquella - Latin Baseball Player. Head master of the New York School for the hard of hearing on Weekend Update. Morris would just repeat what Chevy Chase said, but in a much louder voice. Guy Fieri. Nathan Lane. Snooki. Ass Dan. Vinny Vedecci's son. The "WHAAAAT!" microphone drop guy. Liam, student in the Gilly sketches.

1998 in film

19981998 film1997/98
Buffalo '66, directed by and starring Vincent Gallo, with Christina Ricci, Mickey Rourke, Rosanna Arquette, Ben Gazzara, and Anjelica Huston. A Bug's Life, animated film directed by John Lasseter, with the voices of Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Hyde Pierce, Denis Leary and Bonnie Hunt. Bulworth, directed by and starring Warren Beatty, with Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Oliver Platt and Paul Sorvino. Can't Hardly Wait, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry. Caresses (Caricias) – (Spain). Caught Up, starring Bokeem Woodbine. The Celebration (Festen), directed by Thomas Vinterberg – (Denmark).

Brownsville, Brooklyn

BrownsvilleBrownsville, New YorkBrownsville, Brooklyn, New York
Andrew Dice Clay (born 1957), comedian. Mickey Cohen (1913–1976), gangster. Aaron Copland (1900–1990), composer. Bummy Davis (1920–1945), boxer. Vince Edwards (1928–1996), actor. Melech Epstein (1889–1979), journalist and historian. Meade Esposito (1907–1993), Brooklyn Democratic leader. Fyvush Finkel (1922–2016), actor. Max Fleischer (1883–1972), animator. Brian Flores (born 1982), NFL coach. John Forté (born 1975), rapper. World B. Free (born 1953), former NBA player. Nelson George (born 1957), author. Marty Glickman (1917–2001), sportscaster. Don Goldstein (born 1937 or 1938), All American and Pan American champion basketball player. Sid Gordon (1917–1975), 2x All Star baseball player.


80s Nostalgia80sEighties
The financial world and the stock market were glamorized in a way they had not been since the 1920s, and figures like Donald Trump and Michael Milken were widely seen as symbols of the decade. Widespread fear of Japanese economic strength would grip the United States in the '80s. The "Black Monday" stock market crash on 1987 October 19 decreased the value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average by more than 22%, causing widespread secondary drops in world markets.


f-bombFuck youF-word
President Donald Trump with the word during the live broadcast. He started with sentence: "I'm gonna say one thing: Fuck Trump." He clenched his two fists in the air, and ended his remarks by saying "It's no longer down with Trump, it's fuck Trump!" He received a standing ovation from the audience, which were mostly celebrities. On August 5, 2019, Beto O'Rourke after learning of a mass shooting in his home town of El Paso, Texas stated "He's been calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don't know, like, members of the press, what the fuck?" referring to Donald Trump when asked for his reaction to the shooting. Army creole. Bleep censor. Censorship.

Bob Van Ronkel

In 2013, Bob Van Ronkel was sitting few seats away from Donald Trump and both watched the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. In 2016, Van Ronkel was hired to bring Steven Seagal to meet with President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the two of which soon became best friends. Other guests that he brought over to Russia and CIS states include; Hilary Swank, Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Val Kilmer, Kanye West, Bryan Ferry, Jon Voight, Billy Zane, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alice Cooper, Mickey Rourke, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Cage, Flo Rida, Milla Jovovich, Sigourney Weaver, Irina Shayk, A-HA, 30 Seconds to Mars, Back Street Boys, Tom Jones, Paul Anka, Owen Wilson, John Cusack and many more.

Tom Green

MC Facecomic actorMC Bones
There have been hundreds of shows with many notable guests including stars such as Adam Carolla, Val Kilmer, Thora Birch, Pamela Anderson, hip-hop artists Blackalicious and Xzibit, skateboarder Tony Hawk, former TRL host and talk show host Carson Daly, guitarist Dave Navarro, actor Crispin Glover, founder Kevin Rose, comedic musician "Weird Al" Yankovic, as well as comedians Neil Hamburger, Andrew Dice Clay, Joe Rogan, and Andy Dick. The longest standard format show, in which Green interviewed Steve-O, ran for 3.5 hours and ended with Green drunk and Steve-O heavily intoxicated.

1985 in film

19851985 film1984/85
Private Resort, starring Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, Andrew Dice Clay. Prizzi's Honor, directed by John Huston, starring Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner, Anjelica Huston, Robert Loggia, William Hickey - Golden Globe for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy). The Protector, starring Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello - (Hong Kong/United States). The Purple Rose of Cairo, directed by Woody Allen, starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello. Radioactive Dreams, starring Michael Dudikoff and Lisa Blount - (United States/Mexico). ''Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer - (United States/Japan). Rambo: First Blood Part II, starring Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Charles Napier, Julia Nickson.

List of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling episodes

This is a list of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling episodes hosted by Tom Scharpling. With some exceptions, episodes tend to feature an in-character phone call from Jon Wurster.

1984 in film

19841983/841984 film
The Pope of Greenwich Village, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth McMillan, Geraldine Page. A Private Function, directed by Malcolm Mowbray, starring Michael Palin and Maggie Smith - (U.K.). Protocol, starring Goldie Hawn, Chris Sarandon, Gail Strickland. Purple Hearts, directed by Sidney J. Furie, starring Ken Wahl and Cheryl Ladd. Purple Rain, starring Prince. Quilombo - (Brazil). Raaj Tilak, starring Raaj Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Dharmendra - (India). The Razor's Edge, starring Bill Murray, Theresa Russell, Catherine Hicks, Denholm Elliott. Reckless, starring Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah.

The Trump Organization

Trump OrganizationBusinessmanE. Trump & Son
Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon (business-simulation game). Trump Books. Trump Model Management. Trump Realty. Trump Shuttle. Trump Mortgage. Trump Vodka. Trump Steakhouse. Trump Steaks.