Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement AwardLifetime AchievementGrammy Award for lifetime achievement
The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded by The Recording Academy to "performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording." This award is distinct from the Grammy Hall of Fame Award, which honors specific recordings rather than individuals, and the Grammy Trustees Award, which honors non-performers.

Richard Nixon

NixonPresident NixonRichard M. Nixon
As a birthright Quaker, he could have claimed exemption from the draft; he might also have been deferred because he worked in government service. But instead of exploiting his circumstance, Nixon sought a commission in the navy. His application was successful, and he was appointed a lieutenant junior grade in the U.S Naval Reserve (U.S. Navy Reserve) on June 15, 1942. In October 1942, he was assigned as aide to the commander of the Naval Air Station Ottumwa in Iowa until May 1943. On October 1, 1943, Nixon was promoted to lieutenant.

Honorific nicknames in popular music

Queen of PopKing of Poppop princess
There was a series of attempts to find (and a number of claimants to be) the "King of Rock 'n' Roll", a title that became most associated with Elvis Presley. This has been characterized as part of a process of the appropriation of credit for innovation of the then new music by a white establishment. Different honorifics have been taken or given for other leading figures in the genre, such as "The Architect of Rock and Roll", by Little Richard from the 1990s, but this term, like many, is also used for other important figures, in this case including pioneer electric guitarist Les Paul.

National Recording Registry

United States National Recording RegistryLibrary of Congress's National Recording Registry2006 entry
The National Recording Registry is a list of sound recordings that "are culturally, historically, or aesthetically important, and/or inform or reflect life in the United States." The registry was established by the National Recording Preservation Act of 2000, which created the National Recording Preservation Board, whose members are appointed by the Librarian of Congress. The recordings preserved in the United States National Recording Registry form a registry of recordings selected yearly by the National Recording Preservation Board for preservation in the Library of Congress.

Hank Williams

Hank Williams Sr.HankHank Williams, Sr.
He influenced Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Dylan, George Jones, and The Rolling Stones, among others. Williams was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame (1961), the Songwriters Hall of Fame (1970), and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1987). Williams was born in Butler County, Alabama. His parents were Jessie Lillybelle "Lillie" (née Skipper) and Elonzo Huble "Lon" Williams, and he was of English ancestry. Elonzo Williams worked as an engineer for the railroads of the W.T. Smith lumber company. He was drafted during World War I, serving from July 1918 until June 1919.

1969 in music

1969March 1969April 1969
Also in country music, Merle Haggard's Same Train, Different Time, a tribute to Jimmie Rodgers, was enormously popular and influenced the development of the Bakersfield sound into outlaw country within a few years. Creedence Clearwater Revival cement their success from the previous year. Having had a single US number 11 hit in 1968 with "Suzie Q", they release not only their second, but also their third and fourth proper studio album in 1969, as well as drawing a total of four top 3 hits from these three albums.

List of Czech cover versions of songs

This is a list of songs that have a cover version in the Czech language::

List of Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients (A–D)

Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame Award1999
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After a long performance drought, Elvis Presley made a successful return to TV and live performances after spending most of the decade starring in movies, beginning with his '68 Comeback Special in December 1968 on NBC, followed in 1969 by a summer engagement in Las Vegas, setting the stage for Presley's many concert tours and continued Vegas engagements throughout the 1970s until his death in 1977. The Rolling Stones filmed the TV special The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus in December 1968 but the film was not released for transmission. Considered for decades as a fabled "lost" performance until released in North America on Laserdisc and VHS in 1996.

List of Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients (E–I)

Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame Awardit received
* Grammy Award * Grammy Hall of Fame * List of Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients (A–D) * List of Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients (J–P) * List of Grammy Hall of Fame Award recipients (Q–Z)

59th Annual Grammy Awards

201759th Grammy Awards2017 Grammy Awards
Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway – Barbra Streisand. Best Pop Vocal Album. 25 – Adele. Purpose – Justin Bieber. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande. Confident – Demi Lovato. This Is Acting – Sia. Best Dance Recording. "Don't Let Me Down" – The Chainsmokers featuring Daya. The Chainsmokers, producers; Jordan Young, mixer. "Tearing Me Up" – Bob Moses. Bob Moses, producers; Mark "Spike" Stent, mixer. "Never Be Like You" – Flume featuring Kai. Harley Streten, producer; Eric J Dubowsky, mixer. "'Rinse & Repeat" – Riton featuring Kah-Lo. Riton, producer; Wez Clarke, mixer. "Drinkee" – Sofi Tukker. Sofi Tukker, producers; Bryan Wilson, mixer. Best Dance/Electronic Album. Skin – Flume.

List of singer-songwriters

List of singer-songwriters/MexicoList of French singer-songwritersList of singer-songwriters/Spain
Elvis Presley. Tristan Prettyman. Dory Previn. Toni Price. Prince. John Prine. Top Quality. Joshua Radin. Bonnie Raitt. Tony Ramey. Willis Alan Ramsey. Carmino Ravosa. Otis Redding. Ann Reed. Lou Reed. Bebe Rexha. Trent Reznor. Kim Richey. Jonathan Richman. Amy Rigby. Rihanna. Josh Ritter. Carson Robison. Zack de la Rocha. Jimmie Rodgers. Henry Rollins. Dräco Rosa. Raina Rose. Emmy Rossum. Josh Rouse. David Rovics. Peter Rowan. Darius Rucker. Tom Rush. Tom Russell. Rachael Sage. Doug Sahm. Richie Sambora. Martha Scanlan. Marc Scibilia. Darrell Scott. John Sebastian. Pebe Sebert. Neil Sedaka. Pete Seeger. Martin Sexton. Tupac Shakur. Maia Sharp. Billy Joe Shaver. Jules Shear. Duncan Sheik.

Country music

Countrycountry and westerncountry singer
The number two, three and four songs on Billboard's charts for that year were Elvis Presley, "Heartbreak Hotel"; Johnny Cash, "I Walk the Line"; and Carl Perkins, "Blue Suede Shoes" Thumper Jones (George Jones) Cash and Presley placed songs in the top 5 in 1958 with No. 3 "Guess Things Happen That Way/Come In, Stranger" by Cash, and No. 5 by Presley "Don't/I Beg of You." Presley acknowledged the influence of rhythm and blues artists and his style, saying "The colored folk been singin' and playin' it just the way I'm doin' it now, man for more years than I know." Within a few years, many rockabilly musicians returned to a more mainstream style or had defined their own unique style.

List of best-selling music artists

sales thresholdbest-selling music artistsbest-selling music artists of all time
Elvis Presley is considered the highest-selling individual artist based on sales claims and Rihanna is the highest-selling individual artist based on certified units. All artists included on this list, which have begun charting on official albums or singles charts have their available claimed figures supported by at least 20% in certified units. That is why Cliff Richard, Diana Ross, Scorpions, Bing Crosby, Gloria Estefan, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Tom Jones, The Jackson 5, Dionne Warwick, the Spice Girls, Dolly Parton, Ozzy Osbourne, Andrea Bocelli and others have not been included on this list.

A Star Is Born (1976 film)

A Star Is Born19761976 film
Streisand and Peters wanted Elvis Presley for the role: they met with Elvis and discussed the film, and he was interested in taking the part, thinking it would revive his film career. Elvis' manager, Colonel Tom Parker, insisted Elvis have top billing and asked for a substantial sum of money for the role, even though he had not had an acting role since 1969, and people were unsure what kind of box office draw he would be. This effectively ended Elvis's involvement with the project. Parker also did not want to have Elvis portrayed as having a show business career in decline because this was far from the truth, with Elvis playing to packed auditoriums wherever he toured in the States.


blues musicthe bluesbluesy
As the recording industry grew, country blues performers like Bo Carter, Jimmie Rodgers (country singer), Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lonnie Johnson, Tampa Red and Blind Blake became more popular in the African American community. Kentucky-born Sylvester Weaver was in 1923 the first to record the slide guitar style, in which a guitar is fretted with a knife blade or the sawed-off neck of a bottle. The slide guitar became an important part of the Delta blues. The first blues recordings from the 1920s are categorized as a traditional, rural country blues and a more polished city or urban blues. Country blues performers often improvised, either without accompaniment or with only a banjo or guitar.

Billboard 200

Billboard'' 200USUS ''Billboard'' 200
Oldest female to debut at number one: Barbra Streisand on September 17, 2016 (74 years, 165 days old) with the album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway. She was born April 24, 1942. The issue dated July 11, 2009 was the first time any catalog album outsold the number-one album on the Billboard 200. Three of Michael Jackson's albums (Number Ones, The Essential Michael Jackson and Thriller) claimed positions 1-3 respectively on Top Pop Catalog Albums and Top Comprehensive Albums in the week following Jackson's death. In 2012, Adam Lambert became the first openly gay musician to debut at No. 1 with his album Trespassing.


The Liberace ShowWładziu Valentino LiberaceLiberacian
Barbra Streisand was the most notable new adult act he introduced, appearing with him early in her career. Liberace's energy and commercial ambitions took him in many directions. He owned an antiques store in Beverly Hills, California, and a restaurant in Las Vegas for many years. He even published cookbooks, the most famous of these being Liberace Cooks, co-authored by cookbook guru Carol Truax, which included "Liberace Lasagna" and "Liberace Sticky Buns." The book features recipes "from his seven dining rooms" (of his Hollywood home). Liberace's live shows during the 1970s–80s remained major box-office attractions at the Las Vegas Hilton and Lake Tahoe, where he earned $300,000 a week.

Selective Service System

Selective Service4-F4F
Conscription in the United States. Draft-card burning. Draft evasion. Lodge-Philbin Act. Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Conscription in China, a similar system in China.

The Ed Sullivan Show

Toast of the TownEd Sullivan ShowEd Sullivan
"Don't Be Cruel", which was, after a short introduction by Elvis, followed by "Love Me Tender". According to Elaine Dundy, Presley sang "Love Me Tender" "straight, subdued and tender ... —a very different Elvis from the one on The Steve Allen Show three months before". When the camera returned to Laughton, he stated, "Well, well, well well well. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Presley. And Mr. Presley, if you are watching this in Hollywood, and I may address myself to you. It has been many a year since any young performer has captured such a wide, and, as we heard tonight, devoted audience."

The Beatles

The band's earliest influences include Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. During the Beatles' co-residency with Little Richard at the Star-Club in Hamburg, from April to May 1962, he advised them on the proper technique for performing his songs. Of Presley, Lennon said, "Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn't been Elvis, there would not have been the Beatles." Other early influences include Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers.


Columbia Broadcasting SystemCBS TelevisionCBS-TV
On June 1, 1977, it was announced that Elvis Presley had signed a deal with CBS to appear in a new television special. Under the agreement, CBS would videotape Presley's concerts during the summer of 1977; the special was filmed during Presley's final tour at stops in Omaha, Nebraska (on June 19) and Rapid City, South Dakota (on June 21 of that year).

RCA Records

RCARCA VictorVictor
In 1955, RCA Victor purchased the recording contract of Elvis Presley from Sun Records for the then-astronomical sum of $35,000. Presley would become RCA Victor's biggest selling recording artist. His first gold record was "Heartbreak Hotel", recorded in January 1956. RCA Victor would sell ten million Presley singles during 1956. RCA began making plans in 1955 to establish its own European presence issuing records on the RCA label. In 1956, effective in 1957, RCA ended its 55-year association with EMI/HMV, after EMI's acquisition of Capitol Records.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Medal of FreedomPresidential Medals of FreedomMedal of Freedom Award
Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Lyndon Johnson, Paul "Bear" Bryant, Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez, Roberto Clemente, Jack Kemp, Harvey Milk, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, Elouise Cobell, Grace Hopper, Antonin Scalia, Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth. (Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner, civil rights workers murdered in 1964, were awarded their medals in 2014, 50 years later.) The badge of the Presidential Medal of Freedom is in the form of a golden star with white enamel, with a red enamel pentagon behind it; the central disc bears thirteen gold stars on a blue enamel background (taken from the Great Seal of the United States) within a golden ring.

Jimmy Carter

CarterPresident CarterPresident Jimmy Carter
Carter was also a personal friend of Elvis Presley. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, met him on June 30, 1973, before Presley was to perform onstage in Atlanta. They remained in contact by telephone two months before Presley's sudden death in August 1977. Carter later recalled an abrupt phone call received by Presley in June 1977, who sought a presidential pardon from Carter, in order to help George Klein's criminal case; Klein had only been indicted at the time for fraud. According to Carter, he was almost incoherent and cited barbiturate abuse as the cause of this; although Presley phoned the White House several times again, this would be the last time Carter would speak to Elvis Presley.