Occupational safety and health

health and safetyoccupational healthoccupational health and safety
They include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. The act authorized the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to regulate private employers in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and territories. The Act establishing it includes a general duty clause (29 U.S.C. § 654, 5(a)) requiring an employer to comply with the Act and regulations derived from it, and to provide employees with "employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees."

Leave of absence

leaveleaves of absenceleave time
Some examples of generally paid LOA include employee injury on the job, bereavement, jury duty, or if the employer is performing repairs or other activities in the building where the employee normally works which prevents them from performing their duties. Unpaid LOAs are generally at the request of the employee or as a result of suspected misconduct on the part of the employee. A leave of absence may be obtained for a variety of employee-requested reasons, including active duty call-ups for reserve military personnel, or to attend to the health needs of the employee or of a family member of the employee.


Overqualification is the state of being skilled or educated beyond what is necessary for a job. There can often be high costs for companies associated with training employees. This could be a problem for professionals applying for a job where they significantly exceed the job requirements because potential employers may feel they are using the position as a stepping stone. In some societies, overqualification has become increasingly common as the proportion of college graduates in a population grows faster than the proportion of jobs in an economy which actually require college-level skills.

Job evaluation

Evaluation of positionsjob evaluations
It changes the basic relationship between employees and their work. Interesting and challenging work, as studies have proved, can be a source of employee satisfaction. It changes employee behaviours in ways that gradually lead to more positive attitudes about the organisation and a better self-image. Feeling of autonomy and personal freedom help employees view their jobs in a favourable way. It helps the employer to bring about organisational changes easily, securing employee cooperation and commitment. Job enrichment can humanise an organisation. 'Individuals can experience the psychological that comes from developing new competencies and doing a job well.


Linked InLinkedIn PulseLinkedIn Corp.
LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. As of 2015, most of the company's revenue came from selling access to information about its members to recruiters and sales professionals. As of October 2018, LinkedIn had 590 million registered members in 200 countries, of which more than 250 million are active.

List of Germanic and Latinate equivalents in English

Anglo-Saxon equivalentsexisting native words instead of foreign-derived onesGermanic/Latinate
This list contains Germanic elements of the English language which have a close corresponding Latinate form. The correspondence is semantic—in most cases these words are not cognates, but in some cases they are doublets, i.e., ultimately derived from the same root, generally Proto-Indo-European, as in cow and beef, both ultimately from PIE *gʷōus.

Employment discrimination

workplace discriminationdiscriminationemployment
There are legal and structural theories forming the basis of employment discrimination. The pinnacle of anti-employment discrimination law is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. In this section, two theories are laid out: disparate treatment and disparate impact. Disparate treatment is what most people commonly think of discrimination- intentional. Under this theory, the employee must belong to a protected class, apply and be qualified for a job where the employer was seeking applicants, and get rejected from the job.

East Oakland Youth Development Center

The four core programs of EOYDC are art, education, jobs, and wellness. These departments are structured to encourage self-sufficiency and responsibility. Of primary concern at the EOYDC is teaching youth to embrace their cultures and to live and work responsibly and cooperatively with other communities. EOYDC offers three education programs: After School Leadership Academy, Pathway to College and Career, and Education Empowerment. The After School Leadership Academy is an after school program for students in kindergarten to 8th grade. The program provides homework help, tutoring, and enrichment activities.

Chapter 7, Title 11, United States Code

Chapter 7Chapter 7 bankruptcyChapter 7 liquidation
This may or may not mean that all employees will lose their jobs. When a large company enters Chapter 7 bankruptcy, entire divisions of the company may be sold intact to other companies during the liquidation. The investors who took the least amount of risk prior to the bankruptcy are generally paid first. For example, secured creditors will have taken less risk, because the credit that they will have extended is usually backed by collateral, such as assets of the debtor company. Secured creditors often know they will get paid first if the company declares bankruptcy.

Working time

working hours9 to 5work day
The Managing Director of Century Environmental Services Group, Catherine Yan, said "Employees may want to work more to obtain a higher salary due to financial reasons. If standard working hour legislation is passed, employers will need to pay a higher salary to employees, and hence the employers may choose to segment work tasks to employer more part time employees instead of providing overtime pay to employees." She thinks this will lead to a situation that the employees may need to find two part-time jobs to earn their living, making them wasting more time on transportation from one job to another.


Occupation commonly refers to: Occupation may also refer to: Occupation or job, one's role in society, often a regular activity performed for payment. Occupation (protest), political demonstration by holding public or symbolic spaces. Military occupation, the martial control of a territory. Occupancy, use of a building. "Occupation" (Battlestar Galactica), an episode of the science fiction television series. Occupation (film). Occupation (TV serial), a drama about the Iraq War. Career, a course through life. Employment, a relationship wherein a person serves of another by hire. Job (disambiguation). Occupy (disambiguation). Position (disambiguation). Profession, a vocation.

Social determinants of health in poverty

illnesses prevalent among the poorsocial determinants of health
In high- income countries, there has been a growth in job insecurity and precarious employment arrangements (such as informal work, temporary work, part-time work, and piecework), job losses, and a weakening of regulatory protections. Informal work can threaten health through its precarious job instability, lack of regulation to protect working conditions and occupational health and safety. Evidence from the WHO suggests mortality is greater among temporary workers than permanent workers. (Kivimaki et al., 2003).

Women's work

women and workwomen's dutieswomen's traditional work
It may also refer to professions that include these functions such as that of: teacher (up to the age of puberty), governess, nanny, day care worker, and au pair. "Women's work" may also refer to roles related to housekeeping such as: cooking, sewing, ironing, and cleaning. It may also refer to professions that include these functions such as: maid and cook. Though much of "women's work" is indoors, some is outdoors such as: fetching water, grocery shopping or food foraging, and gardening.

Social stratification

social hierarchystratificationstratified
Other differences in employment between men and women lead to an overall gender-based pay-gap in many societies, where women as a category earn less than men due to the types of jobs which women are offered and take, as well as to differences in the number of hours worked by women. These and other gender-related values affect the distribution of income, wealth, and property in a given social order. Racism consists of both prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of observable biological differences between peoples.

Occupational toxicology

industrial toxicology
Occupational (or industrial) toxicology is the application of the principles and methodology of toxicology to understanding and managing chemical and biological hazards encountered at work. The objective of the occupational toxicologist is to prevent adverse health effects in workers that arise from exposures in their work environment. The science of toxicology has many applications. One of these, relates to exposure of people to noxious or hazardous agents during the course of their work. Field of occupational toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of agents that may be encountered by.workers during the course of their employment.

Recruiting metrics

Candidates can be existing employees within an organization, people entering the workforce for the first time or employees interested in job opportunities outside their current organization. Many recruitment metrics are used by organizations to gain valuable insights on potential candidates during the recruitment process: # Time based metrics can be measured in business or calendar days related to the nature of the hiring organization. Example: Hospitals may hire on weekends, so time based metrics being measured in calendar days will potentially give more insight.

Individual psychological assessment

Industrial & organizational assessmenta thorough understanding not only of the demands of the work situationassessment
Individual psychological assessment (IPA) is a tool used by organizations to make decisions on employment. IPA allows employers to evaluate and maintain potential candidates for hiring, promotion, and development by using a series of job analysis instruments such as position analysis questionnaires (PAQ), occupational analysis inventory (OAI), and functional job analysis (FJA). These instruments allow the assessor to develop valid measures of intelligence, personality tests, and a range of other factors as means to determine selection and promotion decisions. Personality and cognitive ability are good predictors of performance.

Emotional labor

affective labourdisplay rulesemotional labour
exercise a degree of control over the emotional activities of employees. 1) Societal, occupational, and organizational norms.

Feminist economics

feminist economistfeminist economistsfeminist
No mention is made of the power inequities in the exchange which tend to give the employer power over the employee." These power relations often favor men and there is "never any mention made of the particular difficulties that confront women in the workplace." Consequently, "Understanding power and patriarchy helps us to analyze how male-dominated economic institutions actually function and why women are often at a disadvantage in the workplace." Feminist economists often extend these criticisms to many aspects of the social world, arguing that power relations are an endemic and important feature of society.

Caribbean immigration to New York City

CaribbeanTrinidad and Tobago
According to Winston James, a few women arrived and held occupations as teachers, doctors, lawyers, and craftsmen. James also comments that many of these immigrants had literacy levels above American blacks and even some whites. In New York, many Caribbean immigrants entered the service sector working as doorman, laborers, and porters. Women often worked in the domestic field as maids and nannies. Reimers points out that a substantial number of Caribbean immigrants attended night school and pursued higher education while in America. New York City also witnessed the institution building of Caribbean blacks.

Mechanical aptitude

mechanical reasoning
This aptitude is important in jobs and training programs that require the understanding and application of mechanical principles. The current BMCT Forms, S and T, have been used to predict performance in a variety of vocational and technical training settings and have been popular selection tools for mechanical, technical, engineering, and similar occupations for many years. The BMCT is composed of 68 items, 30-minute time limited test, that are illustrations of simple, encountered mechanisms used in many different mechanisms. It is not considered a speeded time test, but a timed power test and the cut scores will provide the different job requirements for employers.

Job security

job insecuritysecureEmployment Security Act
Minimal government intervention has helped the United States create an at-will employment system that applies across many industries. Consequently, with limited exceptions, an employee’s job security closely follows an employer's demand for their skills. For example, in the aftermath of the dot com boom of 1997-2000, employees in the technology industry experienced a massive drop in job security and confidence. More recently, in 2009 many manufacturing workers experienced a similar drop in job security and confidence. Closely following market forces also means that employment in the United States rebounds when industries adjust to new economic realities.

Stay-at-home dad

househusbandstay-at-home fatherhouse husband
Because of the draft, workers were scarce in many industries and employers began to fill jobs with women, mainly in nontraditional positions. This increase in working women became one of the few times in history where women were praised for work outside the home. Divorce rates also reached a new high during this period. Not only had many women found a new sense of independence, but cultural shifts were underway, including the rise of feminism and the development of reliable methods of birth control. Such changes caused some women to decide to end their unhappy marriages. The 1950s saw a "baby boom" in America. This period was also called the "Golden '50s".

Nidamarru mandal

The published report of the 2011 Census bureau gathered information about employment and occupation, 20,571 people were employed. 15,110 of them were men and 5,461 were women. The survey also showed employment statistics. There were 17,367 civilly employed, 2,558 cultivators, 12,128 working in agriculture, 244 working in housing and 2,437 miscellaneous jobs. There were also 3,204 marginal workers. Nidamarru Mandal is administrated by the Unguturu Assembly Constituency of Eluru Lok Sabha Constituency and is one the sixteen Mandals in the Eluru revenue division. According to the 2011 census, the Mandal has 21 settlements, all of which are villages.

Adam Khoo

He even took over the job of the deejay that he hired, after studying him. At 16, he began investing most of his time and money to read and undergo training sessions in NLP in the United States. At 17, he became a freelance motivational trainer by visiting schools in Singapore, making the bold proposition of turning the worst students around for no charge in the beginning. Eventually, he started charging S$25 per student for half a day's training. After completing National Service in the Republic of Singapore Air Force at age 21, Khoo went into partnership with three NUS friends and registered an event management company, Creatsoul Entertainment.