Social media bubble

Since those claims, services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat grew to become multi-billion-dollar corporations generating enormous revenues, though they often run at a loss. The social media bubble did not happen overnight, it was a gradual growth as sites began to grow and evolve with time. From the launch of in 1997 to present day there has been tremendous grow and adaption social networking platforms. Cutting edge at its time, allowed users to create a profile, invite friends, and connect within a platform. Friendster and MySpace were next to enter the social SNS arena followed by Facebook in 2004 a few years later.

Summer 2015 (Kylie Minogue)

Kylie Summer 2015 TourSummer 20152015 Summer
Kylie shared the poster on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook days before her first show. The show was a re-worked version of the "Kiss Me Once Tour", which included new songs, new costumes, a new running order, and new screen visuals. The show began with the video introduction of "Breathe", as used in the Kiss Me Once Tour. Minogue then appears on the same pair of lips from behind the dancers and sings "Better the Devil You Know". After this she goes on to sing "In My Arms" which was followed with a performance of the KylieX2008 and For You, For Me Tour version of "In Your Eyes".

Websites blocked in mainland China

banning of Googlewebsite
, about 10,000 domain names are blocked in mainland China under the country's Internet censorship policy, which prevents users from accessing proscribed websites from within the country.


Storify was a social network service that let the user create stories or timelines using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Storify was launched in September 2010, and had been open to the public since April 2011. Storify was shut down on May 16, 2018. In September 2013, Storify was acquired by Livefyre, in turn acquired by Adobe Systems in May 2016. The standalone service was discontinued on May 16, 2018, with users being directed to "Storify 2" as part of the Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre product. Media organizations used Storify in coverage of ongoing news stories such as elections, meetings and events.


Timehop is an application for smartphones that collects old photos and posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Dropbox photos and distributes the past. The company was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Wegener and Benny Wong. As of January 2016, Timehop had 12 million users. Timehop began as 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo, which was created at Foursquare's Hackathon in February 2011. The original aim of the app was to build the service that would replay the past foursquare checkins in real-time. The product was simplified into a daily email. A few months later Jonathan Wegener and Benny Wong launched followed by And7YearsAgram before finally merging under a single brand Timehop.


"I like to think of a lifestreaming as today’s digital equivalent of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks […] da Vinci ‘s recorded notes, drawing, questions and more in his notebooks. Some of these were quite mundane (grocery lists and doodles), others were not. But their body of work was overtime, a view of a one individual’s mind." - Steve Rubel Social network aggregators adapted Freeman and Gelernter's original concept to address the vast flows of personal information and exchange created by social network services such as MySpace or Facebook ("web companies large and small are embracing this stream" of providing lifestreaming).

Relato K

The Kirchner government hired people to write in blogs, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, internet forums and other web pages of public access. Known as "Blogueros K" or "Cyber K", they were financed by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers. Their interventions are usually disruptive, and focused on discrediting the opponents with insults and cyberbullying. An investigation from the TV program Periodismo para todos revealed a network of social bot registered in Twitter, posting messages of advocacy of the Kirchners. According to the investigation, 400 users committed identity fraud, using profile photos of other users.

Rob Kardashian

RobRobertRobert Kardashian Jr.
Rob and his siblings derive most of their revenue by endorsing products such as Coca-Cola, for which they are paid (as of 2016) between $75,000 and $300,000 per post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as per CBC Marketplace and The Telegraph. Kardashian was born March 17, 1987 in Los Angeles, California, United States to attorney Robert Kardashian and wife Kris. He has three older sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé. His parents divorced in 1991, and his mother married Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner the same year. Through their marriage, Kardashian gained step-brothers Burton "Burt", Brandon, and Brody; step-sister Casey; and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.


With the app Fyusion also created a social networking platform similar to Instagram. Fyuses can be shared, commented on, liked and re-shared to ones followers (called Echoes). One can build a network of followers and with engagement tracking, one can see how many times an image has been interacted with The images can also be saved for private, offline view, or shared to other social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, or embedded on a website where the images can be interacted with by desktop users via dragging the mouse. Furthermore, in the compass tab other fyuses can be discovered using the app's system of tags and categories.


Klout used Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia data to create Klout user profiles that were assigned a unique "Klout Score". Klout scores ranged from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a higher ranking of the breadth and strength of one's online social influence. While all Twitter users were assigned a score, users who registered at Klout could link multiple social networks, of which network data was then aggregated to influence the user's Klout Score.

Social media optimization

media optimization
As search engines are increasingly utilizing the recommendations of users of social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ to rank pages in the search engine result pages. The implication is that when a webpage is shared or "liked" by a user on a social network, it counts as a "vote" for that webpage's quality. Thus, search engines can use such votes accordingly to properly ranked websites in search engine results pages. Furthermore, since it is more difficult to top the scales or influence the search engines in this way, search engines are putting more stock into social search.

Timeline of Facebook

This is a timeline of Facebook. Timeline of Twitter. Timeline of Instagram. Timeline of Pinterest. Timeline of Snapchat. Timeline of LinkedIn. Timeline of social media.

Tidal (service)

TidalTIDAL XTidal X: 1015
Multiple music artists changed their social media profile's design blue, and posted the phrase "#TIDALforAll" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A press conference took place on March 30, 2015, introducing 16 music artists to the stage, including Jay-Z, who were all co-owners and stakeholders in Tidal. The service was promoted as being the first artist-owned streaming service with the goal of returning the value proposition to music.

Fourth-wave feminism

fourth-wavefourth-wave feminist4th wave-feminism
Fourth-wave feminism is "defined by technology", according to Kira Cochrane, and characterized particularly by the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and blogs such as Feministing to challenge misogyny. Issues that fourth-wave feminists focus on include street and workplace harassment, campus sexual assault and rape culture. Several scandals have galvanized the movement, including the Delhi gang rape (2012), Jimmy Savile allegations (2012), Bill Cosby sexual assault cases (2014), Isla Vista killings (2014), trial of Jian Ghomeshi (2016), Harvey Weinstein allegations (2017) and subsequent Me Too movement and Weinstein effect, and the Westminster sexual scandals (2017).


Radarly allows users to monitor online conversations in real-time, providing coverage of more than 300 million sources from blogs, forums, online media, and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Twitter, VKontakte, Wechat and YouTube. Functionality includes sentiment identification, named entities and topic extraction, image analysis, logo detection, geolocation, and audience demographic insight. In addition to software, Linkfluence provides research and reports services produced by a multi-skilled team of social media analysts, data scientists and strategic planners. The company has established offices in the UK, Germany, China and Singapore.


Players are awarded Achievements for their actions, such as advertising and connecting social identities such as Twitter. Players gain dividends from the other shares in players they invest in, which are counted as virtual currency (called Eaves). Social networks supported by Empire.Kred currently include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Google Plus WordPress hosted blogs and the player's own blog and RSS feeds. Empire.Kred is designed to drive social media activity and interaction between the registered members. A player's value increases, in part, as a result activity on social media sites and their own verified blogs and rss feeds.

Craig Waters

In the early 2000s, Waters made the Florida Supreme Court a pioneer in the use of emerging social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to communicate with the public. Starting in 2015, Waters began spearheading Chief Justice Jorge Labarga's plans, approved by the entire Florida Supreme Court, to implement a statewide communications plan for the state courts. The plan relies heavily on the use of public information officers or PIOs at all 26 divisions of the Florida State Courts and calls for increasing use of social media and other new technology like smartphones.

Kat McSnatch

Her social media presence grew as people joined her accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. Her music is influenced by Bill Hicks, Daft Punk, Blink 182, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Eva Cassidy, Tori Amos, and Weird Al Yankovic. McSnatch released her debut album, Respectable Member, on 14 November 2014, which features vocal artist, Moe Keys, and was produced by Damien Slingsby and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York, United States. McSnatch provides parody and cover versions, including Bobby McFerrin's song, "Don't Worry Be Happy", as "Don't Worry Be Ugly".


An applet is triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, or Pinterest. For example, an applet may send an e-mail message if the user tweets using a hashtag, or copy a photo on Facebook to a user's archive if someone tags a user in a photo. In addition to the web-based application, the service runs on iOS and Android. In February 2015, IFTTT renamed its original application to IF, and released a new suite of apps called Do, which lets users create shortcut applications and actions. As of 2015, IFTTT users created about 20 million recipes each day.