So's Your Old Man

So's Your Old Man is a 1926 American silent comedy film directed by Gregory La Cava and starring W. C. Fields and Alice Joyce. It was written by J. Clarkson Miller based on the story "Mr. Bisbee's Princess" by Julian Leonard Street as adapted by Howard Emmett Rogers. It was filmed at Astoria Studios in Queens, New York City. The film was remade as a talkie in 1934, with W. C. Fields again starring, under the title You're Telling Me! In 2008, So's Your Old Man was added to the United States National Film Registry. Sam Bisbee (W. C. Fields) is a small-town glazier who's always trying to get rich quick, and his schemes are driving his wife (Marcia Harris) crazy.

Hearst-Vitagraph News Pictorial

The cartoons which were added to the newsreels were created by Hearst's animation studio International Film Service, led by Gregory La Cava, which converted popular comic strips from the Hearst newspapers to the big screen. Included in the News Pictorial were Parcel Post cartoons created by Frank Moser (who animated most of the other ones as well), George Herriman's Krazy Kat (at least eight shorts), And Her Name Was Maud and Happy Hooligan by Frederick Burr Opper, Daffydil and Judge Rummy by Tad Dorgan, The Katzenjammer Kids by Harold Knerr, Bringing Up Father by George McManus, Joys and Glooms by T. E. Powers, and Jerry on the Job by Walter Hoban.

The Half-Naked Truth

The Half-Naked Truth is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy film directed by Gregory La Cava and featuring Lee Tracy as a carnival pitchman who finagles his girlfriend, a fiery hoochie dancer played by Lupe Vélez, into a major Broadway revue under the auspices of an impresario portrayed by Frank Morgan. The film was released on December 16, 1932, by RKO Radio Pictures. Fast-talking Jimmy Bates (Lee Tracy) takes over as publicity agent for a struggling carnival owned by Colonel Munday.

Living in a Big Way

This was director Gregory La Cava's final film. Leo Gogarty (Kelly) marries Margaud Morgan (McDonald) after a whirlwind romance just before shipping out to war. When he returns, he is surprised to discover not only that his bride is not what she led him to believe, but also that she expects a quick divorce. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gogarty must find their place with or without each other in a society still adjusting to peace. Among the many Gene Kelly dance segments are 'Fido and Me', where Mr. Kelly dances with a dog and a statue, and a sequence on a construction site with a number of children.

Vengeance of the Deep (1923 film)

Vengeance of the DeepVengeance of the Deep'' (1923 film)
Vengeance of the Deep is a lost 1923 film directed by Barry Barringer and starring Ralph Lewis, Virginia Brown Faire and Richard Arlen. * Vengeance of the Deep in the Internet Movie Database Ralph Lewis - Captain Musgrove. Virginia Brown Faire - Ethel Musgrove. Richard Arlen - Jean (*billed as Van Mattimore). Harmon MacGregor - Frederico. William Anderson - Tagu. Bowditch M. Turner - Native Chief (as 'Smoke' Turner). Maida Vale - Kiliki.

Beggars of Life

Beggars of Life (1928) is a Paramount film directed by William Wellman and starring Wallace Beery and Richard Arlen as hobos, and Louise Brooks as a young woman who dresses as a young man and flees the law. The film is regarded as Brooks's best American movie. The actress recounted her memories of working on the film in her essay, “On Location with Billy Wellman,” which is included in her 1982 book, Lulu in Hollywood. Beggars of Life was released as both a silent and sound film (the latter with added music, sound effects, and dialogue) in September 1928. The sound sequences, which included train noises and Beery singing a song, are now considered lost.

The Midnight Kiss

George Irving as Thomas H. Atkins Sr. Doris Lloyd as Ellen Atkins. Tempe Pigott as Grandma. Gladys McConnell as Lenore Hastings. Herbert Prior as Smith Hastings. Gene Cameron as Spencer Hastings. Arthur Housman as Uncle Hector. Bodil Rosing as Swedish maid.

His Jazz Bride

George Irving. George Seddon. Three Weeks in Paris. Silent movie. Tom Moore. Owen Moore. List of Warner Bros. films.

Under the Tonto Rim (1928 film)

Under the Tonto RimUnder the Tonto Rim'' (1928 film)1928
Raymaker and starring Richard Arlen and Mary Brian. It is based on the novel a novel by Zane Grey and was remade in 1933 and 1947. Richard Arlen as Edd Denmeade. Mary Brian as Lucy Watson. Alfred Allen as Dad Denmeade. Jack Luden as Bud Watson. Harry T. Morey as Sam Spralls. Billy Franey as 'One Punch' (credited as William Franey). Harry Todd as Bert. Bruce Gordon as Killer Higgins. Jack Byron as Middleton.

Running Wild (1927 film)

Running WildRunning Wild'' (1927 film)
The film was directed by Gregory La Cava and is preserved at the Library of Congress. It also received, along with several other Paramount titles, wide distribution on VHS tape in 1987 in celebration of Paramount's 75th anniversary 1912-1987. * Running Wild ; allmovie/ synopsis W. C. Fields as Elmer Finch. Mary Brian as Elizabeth. Marie Shotwell as Mrs. Finch. Claude Buchanan as Dave Harvey. Frederick Burton as Mr. Harvey. Barnett Raskin as Junior. Frank Evans as Amos Barker. Edward Roseman as Arvo, the Hypnotist.

The Coast of Folly

Richard Arlen - Unknown role (scenes deleted).

Bray Productions

John R. Bray StudiosBray PicturesBray Studios
Jerry on the Job (1919–1920): directed by Gregory La Cava, Vernon Stallings, (Inherited from International Film Service). Lampoons (1920): directed by Burt Gillett. Ginger Snaps (1920): directed by Milt Gross. Shenanigan Kids (1920): directed by Gregory La Cava, Burt Gillett, and Grim Natwick (Inherited from International Film Service). Krazy Kat (1920–1921): directed by Vernon Stallings (Inherited from International Film Service). Happy Hooligan (1920–1921): directed by Gregory La Cava, Bill Nolan (Inherited from International Film Service). Judge Rummy (1920–21): directed by Gregory La Cava (Inherited from International Film Service). Technical Romances (1922–1923): directed by J.A.

The Age of Consent (film)

The Age of ConsentThe Age of Consent'' (film)
The Age of Consent is a 1932 American pre-Code drama film directed by Gregory La Cava. The film stars Richard Cromwell as a young man who becomes involved with a waitress of a seedy restaurant, co-starring Dorothy Wilson and Arline Judge. Mike Harvey (Cromwell) and Betty Cameron (Wilson) are college sweethearts at a New York college. They are so anxious to consummate their relationship that Mike suggests that the two of them quit college, get married and move to California where a friend of his has offered him a job. Both Mike's mentor, Professor Matthews, and Betty talk him out of it. In a funk, Mike goes to the local diner.

Toluca Lake, Los Angeles

Toluca LakeToluca Lake, CaliforniaToluca Lake, CA
This attracted actor Richard Arlen, who became one of Toluca Lake's first residents, and eventually its honorary mayor. Aviator Amelia Earhart lived in Toluca Lake on Valley Spring Lane after marrying publishing magnate George P. Putnam in 1931. The Spanish colonial-style home, which exists today, features a front-yard tree under which she signed her round-the-world flight plan. She made her home in Toluca Lake because the best aircraft were being designed and built at the Lockheed plant in Burbank. Entertainer Bob Hope, moved to Toluca Lake in the late 1930s, and lived there until his death in 2003 at the age of 100.

Symphony of Six Million

Symphony of Six Million is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Ricardo Cortez, Irene Dunne and Gregory Ratoff. Based on the story Night Bell by Fannie Hurst, the film concerns the rise of a Jewish physician from humble roots to the top of his profession and the social costs of losing his connection with his community, his family and with the craft of healing.

The Virginian (1929 film)

The Virginian19291929 film version
The Virginian is a 1929 American Pre-Code Western film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Gary Cooper, Walter Huston, and Richard Arlen. The film was based on the 1902 novel The Virginian by Owen Wister and adapted from the popular 1904 theatrical play Wister had collaborated on with playwright Kirke La Shelle. The Virginian is about a good-natured cowboy who romances the new schoolmarm and has a crisis of conscience when he learns his best friend is involved in cattle rustling. The film is well known for Cooper's line, "If you wanna call me that—smile", in response to a cuss by the antagonist.

The Man Who Fights Alone

George Irving - Dr. Raymond. Anne Shirley - Dorothy (*billed as Dawn O'Day). Rose Tapley - Aunt Louise. Frank Farrington - Struthers. The Man Who Fights Alone at allmovie/synopsis. lobby card.

The Broncho Twister

George Irving as Ned Mason. Paul Nicholson as Black Jack Brady. Doris Lloyd as Teresa Brady. Jack Pennick as Jinx Johnson. Otto Fries as Sheriff. Tom Mix filmography. 1937 Fox vault fire.

The Man I Love (1929 film)

The Man I LoveThe Man I Love'' (1929 film)
The film stars Richard Arlen. Some sources refer to this as Arlen's first sound film, but he co-starred Nancy Carroll in Dorothy Arzner's Manhattan Cocktail (1928), another part-talking picture released by Paramount. A prizefighter (Arlen) is struggling to be a champ and is in love with a good girl (Brian), but also involved with a society beauty (Baclanova) at the same time. * "Celia" (music by Richard A. Whiting and lyrics by Leo Robin) * The Man I Love at SilentEra Richard Arlen as Dum-Dum Brooks. Mary Brian as Celia Fields. Olga Baclanova as Sonia Barondoff. Harry Green as Curly Bloom. Jack Oakie as Lew Layton. Pat O'Malley as D.J. McCarthy. Leslie Fenton as Carlo Vesper.

Dangerous Curves (1929 film)

Dangerous CurvesDangerous Curves'' (1929 film)
Dangerous Curves is a 1929 American Pre-Code film starring Clara Bow and Richard Arlen. It was released by Paramount Pictures and was the first Hollywood film for Kay Francis. Pat Delaney is working in a circus as one of the female bareback riders. She is in love with Larry Lee, an arrogant trapeze artist and the circus' biggest act. He does not seem to notice her, though, as he is used to being adored by tons of women. He is in a relationship with Zara, a manipulative vamp. Larry's boss warns him about Zara, explaining that he has been incurring a lot of debts since he began dating her and that his act is no longer as powerful as in the past.

Wild Horse Mesa (1925 film)

Wild Horse Mesasilent film of the same nameWild Horse Mesa'' (1925 film)
George Irving as Lige Melberne. Edith Yorke as Grandma Melberne. Bernard Siegel as Toddy Nokin. Margaret Morris as Sosie. Gary Cooper as Cowboy (uncredited).

Dorothy Wilson (actress)

Dorothy Wilson
She often took notes for director Gregory La Cava; she was noticed by the executive in charge of casting and offered a screen test for La Cava's upcoming 1932 film The Age of Consent. She won one of the two lead coed roles, opposite Richard Cromwell. Her performance in the film received good reviews. That same year, she was selected as one of the "WAMPAS Baby Stars", along with future Hollywood legend Ginger Rogers and Gloria Stuart. She would go on to star opposite some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Harold Lloyd, Richard Dix, Tom Keene, Preston Foster and Will Rogers. She appeared in twenty films between 1932 and 1937. In 1936, she had married scriptwriter Lewis R.

The Ice Flood (1926 film)

The Ice Flood
George Irving as Thomas De Quincey (Jack's father). Norman Deming as 'Dumb' Danny. Kitty Barlow as Cook. James Gordon as Thomas De Quincey. Norman Deming as Dumb Danny. Billy Kent Schaefer as Billy. Walter Brennan as Lumberjack (uncredited).

Towanda, Pennsylvania

Gregory La Cava, film director, perhaps best known for directing My Man Godfrey. Roger A. Madigan, Pennsylvania politician, farmer, and businessman. Charles M. Webb, Wisconsin politician. David Wilmot, politician. Borough of Towanda official website. Towanda Online, local guide. The Daily Review, local newspaper.

Behind the Front (film)

Behind the Front
Richard Arlen - Percy Brown. Hayden Stevenson - Capt. Bartlett-Cooper. Chester Conklin - Scottie. Tom Kennedy - Sergeant. Frances Raymond - Mrs. Bartlett-Cooper. Melbourne MacDowell - Mr. Bartlett-Cooper. Jerry Mandy - Limburger Soldier. Charles Sullivan - Soldier. Gertrude Astor - French barmaid. An excerpt also appears in the 1931 Paramount promotional film The House That Shadows Built. Gertrude Astor filmography.