The Blood Ship

Richard Arlen as John Shreve. Walter James as Capt. Angus Swope. Fred Kohler as First Mate Fitz. James Bradbury Sr. as The Knitting Swede. Arthur Rankin as Nils. Syd Crossley as Cockney Bouncer. Frank Hemphill as Second Mate. Chappell Dossett as Rev. Richard Deaken. Blue Washington as Negro.

Manhattan Cocktail (film)

Manhattan CocktailManhattan Cocktail'' (1928)
Manhattan Cocktail (1928) was a part-talkie film, directed by Dorothy Arzner, and starring Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen, and Lilyan Tashman. At the time this movie was made, Hollywood was already making the transition of silent to sound, either making all talking movies, part talking movies, or silent movies with their own soundtrack and sound effects. Manhattan Cocktail is a lost film except for a one-minute montage sequence, "Skyline Dance" by Slavko Vorkapich, which was released in October 2005 on the DVD Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant Garde Film 1894–1941. "Gotta Be Good" by Victor Schertzinger. "Another Kiss" by Victor Schertzinger. Manhattan Cocktail at IMDB.

Dangerous Paradise

Wellman and starring Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen and Warner Oland. The film is an adaptation of Joseph Conrad's 1915 novel Victory, with the significant change of a happy ending introduced to the plot which acknowledged a similar change made in the 1919 silent film Victory directed by Maurice Tourneur. As was common in the early years of sound, Dangerous Paradise was remade in several different languages by Paramount at the Joinville Studios in Paris. * Moore, Gene M. Conrad on Film. Cambridge University Press, 2006. * for the German language version Nancy Carroll as Alma. Richard Arlen as Heyst. Warner Oland as Schomberg. Gustav von Seyffertitz as Mr. Jones. Francis McDonald as Ricardo.

The Ghost Breaker (1922 film)

The Ghost Breaker1922 remake of the same namefilmed again in 1922
Richard Arlen as A Ghost (uncredited). Mervyn LeRoy as A Ghost (uncredited). George O'Brien as A Ghost (uncredited). The Ghost Breaker at Surviving image card. Surviving Wallace Reid image from lost film "The Ghost Breaker". lantern slide.

The Docks of New York

George Irving – Night Court Judge. John Kelly – Sailor Barfly. Charles McMurphy – Policeman. Guy Oliver – The Crimp. Bob Reeves – Court Bailiff. Lillian Worth – Steve's Girl. Baxter, John. 1971. The Cinema of Josef von Sternberg. The International Film Guide Series. A.S Barners & Company, New York. Blick, William. 2012. The Docks of New York The Senses of Cinema: CINÉMATHÈQUE ANNOTATIONS ON FILM. Retrieved 26 April 2018. Muller, Eddie. 2012. The Docks of New York: San Francisco Silent Film Festival, 2012. Retrieved 26 April 2018. Sarris, Andrew. 1966.

The City (1926 film)

The City1926The City'' (1926 film)
George Irving - George Rand Sr. Lillian Elliott - Mrs. Elliott. Walter McGrail - Jim Hannock. Richard Walling - Chad Morris. Nancy Nash as Cicely Rand. Melbourne MacDowell - Vorhees. Bodil Rosing - Sarah. Fred Walton -.

Richard Cromwell (actor)

Richard Cromwell
Cromwell's next role in 1932 was on loan to RKO and was as Mike in Gregory La Cava's, The Age of Consent, co-starring Eric Linden and Dorothy Wilson. Cromwell is also remembered during this period in Hoop-La (1933), where he is seduced by Clara Bow. This film is considered the swan song of Bow's career. Next, the much in demand Cromwell starred in Tom Brown of Culver that year, as well. Around this period in his career in the early to mid-30s, Cromwell also did some print ads and promotional work for Lucky Strike brand cigarettes. According to his niece, Joan Radabaugh, Cromwell was a very heavy smoker.

Lee Tracy

He also played Lupe Vélez's frenetic manager in Gregory LaCava's The Half-Naked Truth (1932) and portrayed John Barrymore's agent in Dinner at Eight (1933), directed by George Cukor. Lee Tracy's flourishing film career was temporarily disrupted on 19 November 1933, while he was on location in Mexico filming the Wallace Beery vehicle Viva Villa! According to the actor and producer Desi Arnaz, in his autobiography A Book (1976), Tracy stood on a balcony in Mexico City and urinated down onto a passing military parade.

Bed of Roses (1933 film)

Bed of Roses1933Bed of Roses'' (1933 film)
Bed of Roses (1933) is a pre-Code comedy film co-written and directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Constance Bennett. The picture was released by RKO Radio Pictures with a supporting cast featuring Joel McCrea and Pert Kelton. The film is preserved in the Library of Congress collection. Lorry (Constance Bennett) and Minnie (Pert Kelton) portray a pair of rollickingly wanton prostitutes who occasionally get hapless male admirers drunk before robbing them. After being released from a Louisiana jail they head downriver on a steamboat. Lorry steals $60, and when she is cornered, she jumps ship. She is rescued by cotton barge skipper Dan (Joel McCrea) but she robs him, too.

Paid in Full (1914 film)

Paid in FullfeaturePaid in Full'' (1914 film)
George Irving - Jimsey Smith (*as George H. Irving). Winifred Kingston - Beth Harris. Hattie Russell - Mrs. Harrie. Irving Southard - The Detective. T. Tamamoto - Sato, Williams' valet. Alfred Sidwell - Mr. Harris.

3 Bad Men

George Irving as Gen. Neville (uncredited). Bud Osborne as Hunter's henchman (uncredited). Vester Pegg as Henchman shooting Lucas (uncredited). Walter Perry as Pat Monahan (uncredited).

The Sea God

The Sea God was filmed on location at Catalina Island, California, with several scenes being shot at sea. * Advertisements at Richard Arlen as Phillip Barker. Fay Wray as Daisy. Robert Gleckler as Schultz. Eugene Pallette as Square Deal McCarthy. Ivan Simpson as Pearly Nick. Maurice Black as Rudy. Bob Perry as Abe (credited as Robert Perry). Willie Fung as Sin Lee. Sol K. Gregory as Duke. Mary De Bow as Mary. James P. Spencer as Sanaka Joe (credited as James Spencer).

W. C. Fields

W.C. FieldsBill Fields
John Barrymore, Gene Fowler, and Gregory La Cava were among his close friends. On March 15, 1941, while Fields was out of town, Christopher Quinn, the two-year-old son of his neighbors, actor Anthony Quinn and his wife Katherine DeMille, drowned in a lily pond on Fields' property. Grief-stricken over the tragedy, he had the pond filled in. Fields had a substantial library in his home. Although a staunch atheist—or perhaps because of it—he studied theology and collected books on the subject. According to a popular story (possibly apocryphal, according to biographer James Curtis), Fields told someone who caught him reading a Bible that he was "looking for loopholes".

The Enchanted Hill

., Mary Brian, Richard Arlen, George Bancroft, and Ray Thompson. The film was released on January 18, 1926, by Paramount Pictures. Jack Holt as Lee Purdy. Florence Vidor as Gail Ormsby. Noah Beery, Sr. as Jake Dort. Mary Brian as Hallie Purdy. Richard Arlen as Link Halliwell. George Bancroft as Ira Todd. Ray Thompson as Tommy Scaife. Brandon Hurst as Jasper Doak. Henry Hebert as Bud Shannon. George Kuwa as Chan. Mathilde Comont as Conchita. Willard Cooley as Curley MacMahon. George Magrill as Killer.

The Eagle of the Sea

George Irving - General Andrew Jackson. James A. Marcus - Dominique (as James Marcus). Ervin Renard - Don Robledo. C. E. Anderson - Bohon (as Charles Anderson). Boris Karloff - Pirate (uncredited). Bob Kortman - Pirate (uncredited). List of American films of 1926. Boris Karloff filmography.

What Every Woman Knows (1934 film)

What Every Woman Knows19341934 film
What Every Woman Knows (1934) is an American romantic comedy film directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Helen Hayes, Brian Aherne and Madge Evans. The film was produced and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and is based on the play What Every Woman Knows (1908) by J. M. Barrie. It was filmed by Paramount back in the silent era in 1921 and starred Lois Wilson. An even earlier British silent version was filmed in 1917. Hayes was familiar with the material as she had starred in a 1926 Broadway revival opposite Kenneth MacKenna.

Sky Bride

The film stars Richard Arlen, Jack Oakie and Virginia Bruce. Sky Bride depicts the life of barnstorming pilots flying in the years following World War I. All over North America, skilled pilots, many of them veterans of the aerial combat of World War I, plied their trade on the barnstorming circuit of the 1920s in small towns where impromptu air shows were staged. Bert "Speed" Condon (Richard Arlen) is the star of the "Speed Condon Flying Circus". The troupe of barnstorming pilots includes "Wild Bill" Adams (Harold Goodwin), Eddie Smith (Tom Douglas) and their manager, Alec "Ma" Dugan (Jack Oakie).

Clara Bow

Her pallbearers were Harry Richman, Richard Arlen, Jack Oakie, Maxie Rosenbloom, Jack Dempsey, and Buddy Rogers. In 1999, film historian Leonard Maltin said, "You think of Greta Garbo, Lillian Gish, all these great names, great actresses, Clara Bow was more popular in terms of box-office dollars, in terms of consistently bringing audiences into the theaters, she was right on top." In 1999, the American Film Institute excluded Bow from its final "100 Years...100 Stars" list, although she was on the list of nominees. Film historian Kevin Brownlow did not mention Bow in his book on silent films, The Parade's Gone By (1968).

Figures Don't Lie

The film stars Esther Ralston, Richard Arlen, Ford Sterling, Doris Hill, Blanche Payson, and Natalie Kingston. The film was released on October 9, 1927, by Paramount Pictures. The film is now lost. Esther Ralston as Janet Wells. Richard Arlen as Bob Blewe. Ford Sterling as 'Howdy' Jones. Doris Hill as Mamie. Blanche Payson as Mrs. Jones. Natalie Kingston as Dolores.