Ladies of the Mob

This gangster-themed romantic thriller about a criminal's daughter who tries to reform a petty crook whom she loves featured Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Mary Alden and Helen Lynch. No copies of this film are known to survive, and it is listed by most sources as a lost film. The women's costumes were designed by Travis Banton and Edith Head, both of whom had long, distinguished careers in Hollywood. *List of lost films * Ladies of the Mob at SilentEra * Poster for Ladies of the Mob Clara Bow as Yvonne. Richard Arlen as Red. Helen Lynch as Marie. Mary Alden as Soft Annie. Carl Gerard as Joe. Bodil Rosing as The mother. Lorraine Rivero as Little Yvonne. James Pierce as The officer.

Harry Cording

Feel My Pulse (1928) - Rum-Running Boatman (uncredited). The Patriot (1928) - Stefan. Sins of the Fathers (1928) - The Hijacker. The Rescue (1929) - Belarab. The Squall (1929) - Peter. The Isle of Lost Ships (1929) - Gallagher. Christina (1929) - Dick Torpe. Captain of the Guard (1930) - Le Bruin. Bride of the Regiment (1930) - Sgt. Dostal. Women Everywhere (1930) - Legionnaire in Cafe (uncredited). Rough Romance (1930) - Chick Carson. New Moon (1930) - Kirghiz Soldier at Fort Darvaz (uncredited). The Right of Way (1931) - Rouge's Henchman (uncredited). The Conquering Horde (1931) - Butch Daggett. I Like Your Nerve (1931) - San Arango Officer (uncredited).

Chapel of the Pines Crematory

Chapel of the PinesLos Angeles Crematory
Gregory La Cava (1892–1952), director. Lew Landers (1901–1962), motion picture director. William LeBaron (1883–1958), motion picture producer. Mitchell Leisen (1898–1972), comedy director. Montagu Love (1877–1943), actor. Wilfred Lucas (1871–1940), actor, director, screenwriter (private vaultage). J. Farrell MacDonald (1875–1952), actor. Herbert Marshall (1890–1966), actor. Edward Martindel (1876–1955), actor. Sarah Y. Mason (1896-1980), actress (private vaultage). Torben Meyer (1884–1975), actor. Gertrude Michael (1910–1965), actress.

Burning Up (film)

Burning UpBurning Up'' (film)
Richard Arlen as Lou Larrigan. Mary Brian as Ruth Morgan. Francis McDonald as 'Bullet' McGhan. Sam Hardy as Windy 'Wally' Wallace. Charles Sellon as James R. Morgan. Tully Marshall as Dave Gentry.

The Education of Mr. Pipp

George Irving - John Willing. Stanley Dark - Dix de la Touraine. Harry Blakemore - Baron Haussling (H. D. Blakemore). Mona Ryan - Lady Fitzmaurice. Frank Patton - Lord Herbert Fitzmaurice. William A. Evans - Prefect of Police. The Education of Mr. Pipp at allmovie/synopsis.

Let 'Em Have It

False Faces
It was one of a series of movies that came out around this time about "G-Men". with the film giving the audience a look a FBI Headquarters and the training of a Special Agent Richard Arlen as Mal Stevens. Virginia Bruce as Eleanor Spencer. Alice Brady as Aunt Ethel. Bruce Cabot as Joe Keefer. Harvey Stephens as Van Rensseler. Eric Linden as Buddy Spencer. Joyce Compton as Barbara. Gordon Jones as Tex. J. Farrell MacDonald as Mr. Keefer. Bodil Rosing as Mrs. Keefer. Paul Stanton as Department Chief. Hale Hamilton as Ex-Senator Reilly. Robert Emmett O'Connor as Police Captain. Dorothy Appleby as Lola. Barbara Pepper as Milly. Paul Fix as Sam.

Rolled Stockings

Richard Arlen - Ralph Treadway. Nancy Phillips - The Vamp. El Brendel - Rudolph. David Torrence - Mr. Treadway. Chance Ward - the coach. Rolled Stockings at synopsis. lobby poster advertisement.

The Four Feathers (1929 film)

The Four Feathers1929 silent versionThe Four Feathers'' (1929 film)
The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: * 2006: AFI's 100 Years...100 Cheers – Nominated Richard Arlen as Lt. Harry Faversham. Fay Wray as Ethne Eustace. Clive Brook as Lt. Jack Durrance. William Powell as Capt. William Trench. Theodore von Eltz as Lt. Castleton. Noah Beery Sr. as Slave Trader. Zack Williams as Idris. Noble Johnson as Ahmed. Philippe De Lacy as Harry, age 10. E. J. Ratcliffe as Col. Eustace. George Fawcett as Col. Faversham.

North of 36

George Irving - Pattison. Ella Miller - Milly. North of 36 at North of 36 synopsis. North of 36: lobby poster.

Pert Kelton

In Gregory LaCava's 1933 pre-Code comedy Bed of Roses, Kelton plays Minnie, a witty prostitute who is a partner in crime with Lorry, portrayed by Constance Bennett. The two women in the plot are fond of getting admiring men helplessly drunk before robbing them, at least until getting caught and tossed into jail. Kelton has all the best lines, surprisingly wicked and amusing observations that would never be allowed in an American film after the Hollywood Production Code was adopted.

The Lawyer's Secret

The film stars Clive Brook, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen, Fay Wray, Jean Arthur, Francis McDonald, and Harold Goodwin. The film was released on June 6, 1931, by Paramount Pictures. * Stills at Clive Brook as Drake Norris. Charles 'Buddy' Rogers as Laurie Roberts. Richard Arlen as Joe Hart. Fay Wray as Kay Roberts. Jean Arthur as Beatrice Stevens. Francis McDonald as The Weasel. Harold Goodwin as 'Madame X'. Syd Saylor as Red. Lawrence LaMarr as Tom. Sheila Bromley as Madge - Madame X's Girlfriend (uncredited). G. Pat Collins as Motorcycle Officer (uncredited). Gordon De Main as Detective (uncredited). Claire Dodd as Party Guest (uncredited).

She Married Her Boss

She Married Her Boss is a 1935 film directed by Gregory La Cava, and starring Claudette Colbert and Melvyn Douglas. Julia Scott (Claudette Colbert) is a very efficient secretary at a department store. She is in love with her boss, Richard Barclay (Melvyn Douglas), who pays no attention to her, unless it has to do with business. Julia goes to lunch with Martha Pryor (Jean Dixon), who tells her she is offered a manager position of a department store in Paris. She turns it down, because of her love for Richard. Business forces Julia and Richard to work late at his house. Julia meets Richard's sister, Gertrude, and his daughter, Annabel, who is a very spoiled, out of control child.

The Affairs of Cellini

Affairs of Cellini, The
It was directed by Gregory La Cava. Both the Duke and Duchess have an eye for beauty and other partners. The Duke presently fancies a young woman who poses as an artist's model. The Duchess has her eye on the famous artist, Benvenuto Cellini, who is in the palace making a set of gold plates to be used at ducal banquets. Cellini purportedly hypnotizes young women, and cuckolds the Duke of Florence. The somewhat oblivious Duke is loath to punish the young man, for Cellini fashions gold wares for him, but throws him into the torture chamber. However, a goblet of poisoned wine solves the problem. Morgan was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

College Humor (film)

College HumorCollege Humor'' (film)
College Humor is a 1933 American pre-Code musical comedy film, directed by Wesley Ruggles, and starring Bing Crosby, Jack Oakie, Richard Arlen, Mary Kornman and Mary Carlisle. Based on a story by Dean Fales, the film is about a college professor and the school's star football player who become rivals for the same beautiful coed. Released by Paramount Pictures, the film co-stars George Burns and Gracie Allen. Barney Shirrel (Oakie) starts his first semester at Mid West University and works his way up in the fraternity with the help of Tex Roust (Joe Sawyer) and Mondrake (Arlen), an alcoholic college football star.

Joel McCrea

These films include Alfred Hitchcock's espionage thriller Foreign Correspondent (1940), Preston Sturges' comedy classics Sullivan's Travels (1941), and The Palm Beach Story (1942), the romance film Bird of Paradise (1932), the adventure classic The Most Dangerous Game (1932), Gregory La Cava's bawdy comedy Bed of Roses (1933), George Stevens' romantic comedy The More the Merrier (1943), and the Western classic The Virginian (1946). With the exception of the British thriller film Rough Shoot (1953), McCrea appeared in Western films exclusively from 1946 until his retirement in 1976. His most notable Western is Ride the High Country (1962), in which he starred with Randolph Scott.

The Border Legion (1930 film)

The Border Legion1930
It stars Jack Holt, Fay Wray, and Richard Arlen. It is based on the novel with the same title by Zane Grey. * The Border Legion at the Internet Movie Database Jack Holt - Jack Kells. Fay Wray - Joan Randall. Richard Arlen - Jim Cleve. Eugene Pallette - Bunco Davis. Stanley Fields - Hack Gulden. E. H. Calvert - Judge Savin. Ethan Allen - George Randall. Syd Saylor - Shrimp. The Border Legion (1918). The Border Legion (1924). The Last Round-Up (1934).

Tiger Shark (film)

Tiger SharkTiger Shark'' (film)
Robinson, Richard Arlen and Zita Johann. The film was made the same year as Scarface, which is widely acknowledged to be the director's best film of the early sound era. The general storyline was repeated several times in subsequent films, most notably Manpower with Marlene Dietrich and George Raft, in which Robinson plays the same role, only as a power line worker. The film's leading lady, Zita Johann, is best known for her role opposite Boris Karloff in Karl Freund's The Mummy that same year. The plot concerns a one-handed tuna fisherman named Mike (Robinson) whose wife falls for the man he lost his hand saving. • Edward G.

Risky Business (1926 film)

Risky BusinessRisky Business'' (1926 film)
George Irving -Schubal Peabody. Louise Cabo - Hefty Helga.