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Omorashi periodicals outside of Japan include the Australia based, internationally distributed, Wet Set Magazine. The welcome header on their website reads: Wet Set Magazine is for girls who enjoy the thrill of wetting their knickers, or peeing in their beds and diapers. Our girls are always desperate to go to the toilet, but love to pee in their pants instead! Though Wet Set publications were originally only available in English, readership in German speaking countries has since proved high enough to justify printing some materials in German.

Index of human sexuality articles

Wet Set Magazine. Wetlook. Where Do Teenagers Come From?. Why Is Sex Fun?. Wildlife contraceptive. Windmill Theatre. Womb veil. Women who have sex with women. World Association for Sexual Health. Wreath money. XBIZ. XBIZ Award. XRCO Award. Yoni. Youth Internet Safety Survey. Zamil (rigger). Zestra. Zina. Zona pellucida. Zooerasty. Zoophilia. Zoosadism. Zoroastrianism and sexual orientation. Zygote. Zygote intrafallopian transfer.


AtomAge magazine (later AtomAge International magazine) was a fetish magazine published in Britain by the clothes designer John Sutcliffe in the 1970s as an offshoot of his AtomAge fetish clothing business. The first AtomAge clothing catalogue was published in 1965; the first issue of the magazine in A5 format was published in 1972 remaining in print until 1980. The magazine specialized in leather, rubber and PVC fetishism, with a heavy emphasis on rubber and leather catsuits, cloaks, and gasmasks. In 1981, the publication was split in two: AtomAge Rubberist (similar to the original AtomAge) and AtomAge Bondage (which contained more overtly S&M content).

Marquis (magazine)

MarquisMarquis'' (magazine)
Marquis is a fetish magazine owned, operated, published and primarily photographed by Peter W. Czernich and Sandra Würdig. Based in Germany, Marquis covers a wide array of topics related to the worldwide fetish subculture. The magazine's name is a reference to the Marquis de Sade. Czernich's original publishing venture entitled «O» began as a spin-off of the British Skin Two magazine but quickly developed its own identity. After losing the right to the «O» name, Czernich created Marquis in 1994. It has continued to be published semiannually-to-quarterly ever since. A spin-off title, Heavy Rubber, began in 1996.


oSee below«O» Magazine
The magazine was notably in a trademark dispute with Oprah Winfrey and Hearst Magazines over their O: The Oprah Magazine title. O magazine ceased publication in 1994 and was followed by Marquis magazine. * Fetish magazine

Skin Two

Skin Two is a fetish magazine covering aspects of the worldwide fetish subculture. The name is a reference to fetish clothing as a "second skin". Skin Two was founded in 1983 by the publisher Tim Woodward and the photographer Grace Lau. Published in London, Britain and circulated throughout the globe, Skin Two magazine provides information about fetish fashion, events, parties, people and news. A major concentration of the magazine is latex and other fetish clothing and the people and events related to the wearing of this clothing and alternative fashion in general. There is also a lot of information and features on fetishism and BDSM in general.


Exotique was a specialized fetish magazine published by Leonard Burtman under his Burmel Publishing Company imprint in New York City between 1955 and 1959. The magazine's femdom theme, photos, and artwork mark it as a direct descendant of the first major fetish magazine Bizarre (1946-1959), produced by John Willie. Exotique was entirely devoted to fetish fashions and female-dominant bondage fantasies. The 36 issues featured photos and illustrations of dominatrix-inspired vamps (including wife Tana Louise and iconic model Bettie Page) wearing exotic leather and rubber ensembles, corsets, stockings/garters, boots, and high heels.


Magazine Puts Messy Sex on the Map.

Harrison Marks

George Harrison Marks
In the late 1970s Marks was hired as a photographer for Janus, a fetish magazine specialising in spanking and caning imagery. He also produced and directed short erotic corporal punishment films for Janus for the then-emerging home video market. One of these, Warden's End, starring glamour model and pornographic actress Linzi Drew, shows the exterior and interior of Janus's London storefront office at 40 Old Compton Street. In 1982 Marks left the Janus stable to set up his own fetish magazine Kane which also featured caning and spanking photos. Kane described itself as "The CP Journal of Fantasy, Fact and Fiction for Adults."

Bizarre (magazine)

BizarreBizarre MagazineBizarre'' (magazine)
Bizarre was a British alternative magazine published from 1997 to 2015. It was published by Dennis Publishing, and was a sister publication to the Fortean Times. Bizarre was launched as a bimonthly title by John Brown Publishing in February 1997 and was edited by Fiona Jerome. It was an immediate success and changed to monthly issuance a year after its launch. Circulation peaked at more than 120,000 in 2000, but later the same year declined to less than 30,000 when I Feel Good (IFG) bought the magazine for £5 million. IFG was a company founded by James Brown, the former editor of Loaded magazine. When IFG collapsed, Dennis Publishing acquired Bizarre.


The Plough Quarterly was started in 1920 as the magazine of the Bruderhof, and has continued publication to this day, despite Nazi persecution. . History of journalism. Automobile magazines. Boating magazines. British boys' magazines. Business magazines. Computer magazines. Customer magazines. Fantasy fiction magazines. Horror fiction magazines. Humor magazines. Inflight magazines. Literary magazines. Luxury magazines. Music magazines. News magazines. Online magazines. Pornographic magazines. Pulp magazines. Science fiction magazines. Scientific journals. Shelter magazines (home design and decorating). Sports magazines. Sunday magazines. Teen magazines. Trade journals. Trade magazines.


Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area. The neighbouring countries are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and East Timor to the north; the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to the north-east; and New Zealand to the south-east. The population of million is highly urbanised and heavily concentrated on the eastern seaboard. Australia's capital is Canberra, and its largest city is Sydney. The country's other major metropolitan areas are Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Sexual fetishism

fetishsexual fetishfetishes
Sexual fetishism or erotic fetishism is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part. The object of interest is called the fetish; the person who has a fetish for that object is a fetishist. A sexual fetish may be regarded as a non-pathological aid to sexual excitement, or as a mental disorder if it causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental effects on important areas of their life. Sexual arousal from a particular body part can be further classified as partialism.


eroticerotic loveerotically
Eroticism (from the Greek ἔρως, eros—"desire") is a quality that causes sexual feelings, as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love. That quality may be found in any form of artwork, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature. It may also be found in advertising. The term may also refer to a state of sexual arousal or anticipation of such – an insistent sexual impulse, desire, or pattern of thoughts.


pornographicpornadult film industry
Studies in 2001 put the total (including video, pay-per-view, Internet and magazines) between $2.6 billion and $3.9 billion., the porn industry was believed to bring in more than $13 billion on a yearly basis in the United States. CNBC has estimated that pornography was a $13 billion industry in the US, with $3,075 being spent on porn every second and a new porn video being produced every 39 minutes.

The Undergrowth of Literature

A review by Stephen Vizinczey described it as 'nothing more than a collection of quotes, précis, paraphrases and photographs from current pornographic publications and glossy magazines ... there is no love like the liberal prig's love for perverts and perversions'.

Underwear fetishism

panty fetishismfetishismpanties
Underwear fetishism is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments, and refers to preoccupation with the sexual excitement of certain types of underwear, including panties, stockings, pantyhose, bras, or other items. Some people can experience sexual excitement from wearing, while others get their excitement when observing or handling the underwear worn by another, or watching somebody putting underwear on or taking it off. Some may steal used underwear to get satisfaction. Not only does this include physical contact with the garment(s), or their wearers, but also includes arousal by printed or electronic image with depictions of underwear.

Latex clothing

latexlatex body suitlatex dress
There are several magazines dedicated to the use and wearing of it. Less commonly, latex clothing can be loose-fitting. There are a handful of companies around the world which manufacture latex rated as suitable for contact with human skin. These firms supply sheet (in the vast majority) to a larger number of smaller fashion clothing companies. In the past, some marketplaces suffered from de facto monopoly supply conditions, where a sheet supplier could impose restrictive ordering requirements.

Nocturnal enuresis

bedwettingbed wettingbed-wetting
Nocturnal enuresis, also called bedwetting, is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control usually begins. Bedwetting in children and adults can result in emotional stress. Complications can include urinary tract infections.

Diaper fetishism

diaper loverdiaper fetishdiaper fetishists
"Diaperism" redirects here. Not to be confused with Diapirism; instead, please see Diapir.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI), also known as involuntary urination, is any uncontrolled leakage of urine. It is a common and distressing problem, which may have a large impact on quality of life. It has been identified as an important issue in geriatric health care. The term enuresis is often used to refer to urinary incontinence primarily in children, such as nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting).


golden showerswatersportsurophilia
He gave an interview with Blender magazine in which he stated that he enjoyed "giving the golden shower.". Patrice O'Neal: American standup comedian who had on several occasions mentioned his appreciation for golden showers, even stating that his girlfriend noticing that his urine tasted like "birthday cake" is how he came to find out that he suffered from diabetes. Rockbitch: mostly female British band featuring many sexual acts including urination as part of their stage act. Annie Sprinkle: an American porn actress, later turned sex educator and advocate for female sexual enjoyment. Her stage name is derived from her obsession with fluids.

John Willie

BizarreCenturian Bondage
John Alexander Scott Coutts (9 December 1902 – 5 August 1962), better known by the pseudonym John Willie, was an artist, fetish photographer, editor, and the publisher of the first twenty issues of the fetish magazine Bizarre featuring his characters "Sweet Gwendoline" and Sir Dystic d'Arcy. Though distributed underground, "Bizarre" magazine had a far-reaching impact on later fetish-themed publications and experienced a resurgence in popularity along with fetish model, Bettie Page, starting in the 1970s. John Coutts was born in 1902 to a British family in Singapore. They returned to the United Kingdom in 1903.

German language

German (Deutsch ) is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein. It is also one of the three official languages of Luxembourg and a co-official language in the Opole Voivodeship in Poland. The languages which are most similar to German are the other members of the West Germanic language branch: Afrikaans, Dutch, English, the Frisian languages, Low German/Low Saxon, Luxembourgish, and Yiddish.