Augie Sanchez

As an amateur boxer, he was the US featherweight champion, known for being the last American to defeat Floyd Mayweather. As a professional boxer, Sanchez had some success up until his KO loss to Naseem Hamed, after which Sanchez retired following several fights. He later became a boxing trainer. Augie Sanchez was a stellar amateur boxer, highlighted by his winning the 1996 United States Amateur Featherweight title. He defeated Floyd Mayweather in the Olympic Trials in one of their three amateur bouts. He lost a chance to represent the United States in the 1996 Olympic Games, by losing twice to Mayweather in the Olympic Box-Offs. Known as "Kid Vegas", Sanchez turned professional in 1996.

Freddie Roach (boxing)

Freddie RoachFreddy RoachFredie Roach
Roach also once trained Oscar De La Hoya for his May 5, 2007 superfight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.. His first world champion was Virgil Hill, whom he took over from his own former trainer, Eddie Futch. He is also the former trainer for British boxers Gary Stretch (former WBC super welterweight Champion) Training Stretch for his WBO Middleweight Championship challenge against Chris Eubanks and Amir Khan, who became the WBA Light Welterweight Champion on July 18, 2009 and the IBF Light Welterweight Champion on July 23, 2011, under Roach's tutelage.

List of lineal boxing world champions

Lineallineal flyweightWorld Light Heavyweight
. 🇺🇸 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Anna Politkovskaya

PolitkovskayaPolitkovskaya, AnnaAmerican Undercover
In numerous articles critical of the war in Chechnya and the pro-Russian regime there, Politkovskaya described alleged abuses committed by Russian military forces, Chechen rebels, and the Russian-backed administration led by Akhmad Kadyrov and his son Ramzan Kadyrov. She also chronicled human rights abuses and policy failures elsewhere in the North Caucasus. In one characteristic instance in 1999, she not only wrote about the plight of an ethnically-mixed old peoples' home under bombardment in Grozny, but helped to secure the safe evacuation of its elderly inhabitants with the aid of her newspaper and public support.

Angel Manfredy

Manfredy was known for his walk-ins to his matches wearing a latex mask depicting Satan, which he used until his fight with Floyd Mayweather and conversion to Apostolic Pentecostalism. During his career, Manfredy defeated notable fighters, such as Arturo Gatti (by technical knockout), Ivan Robinson (by knockout), Jorge Páez, and Julio Díaz (by a split decision). He has also fought notables Floyd Mayweather Jr., Paul Spadafora and Diego Corrales. A frequent contender, Manfredy was a former WBU Super Featherweight champion, but lost in each of four attempts to capture a World Title. Manfredy currently sports a lifetime record of 43-8-1 (32 knockouts).

Super featherweight

junior lightweightsuper feathersuper-featherweight
Other notable fighters to hold championship titles at this weight include Arturo Gatti, Vasyl Lomachenko, Flash Elorde, Alexis Argüello, Azumah Nelson, Julio César Chávez, Diego Corrales, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Érik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Acelino Freitas, Juan Manuel Márquez, Oscar De La Hoya, Rocky Lockridge, and Manny Pacquiao. Current champions


First-generation Jamaican athletes have continued to make a significant impact on the sport internationally, especially in the United Kingdom where the list of top British boxers born in Jamaica or of Jamaican parents includes Lloyd Honeyghan, Chris Eubank, Audley Harrison, David Haye, Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno, Donovan "Razor" Ruddock, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., whose maternal grandfather is Jamaican. Association football and horse-racing are other popular sports in Jamaica. The national football team qualified for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Horse racing was Jamaica's first sport.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather-PacquiaoMayweather vs. PacquiaoFight of the Century
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, billed as the Fight of the Century, or the Battle for Greatness, was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. It took place on May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather Jr. won the contest by unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 116–112 and the other 118–110. Although the fight was considered to be one of the most anticipated sporting events in history, it was largely considered a letdown by critics and audiences alike upon its broadcast.


pay per viewPPViPPV
Floyd Mayweather Jr. on HBO PPV became the biggest-selling non-heavyweight title fight, with a little more than 2.5 million buyers. The fight itself generated roughly US$139 million in domestic PPV revenue, making it the most lucrative prizefight of that era. The record stood until 2015 before it was broken by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao in a fight dubbed as the "Fight of the Century" on May 2, 2015 which generated 4.6 million ppv buys and a revenue of over $400 million. The leading PPV attraction, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has generated approximately 24 million buys and $1.6 billion in revenue.

Muhammad Ali

Cassius ClayAliMohammed Ali
Ali also received numerous tributes from the world of sports including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, the Miami Marlins, LeBron James, Steph Curry and more. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer stated, "Muhammad Ali belongs to the world. But he only has one hometown." Ali's funeral had been preplanned by himself and others for several years prior to his actual death. The services began in Louisville on June 9, 2016, with an Islamic Janazah prayer service at Freedom Hall on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Conor McGregor

During McGregor's rise in the UFC, he often made public insults towards Floyd Mayweather Jr. and pushed for a boxing match with him. Floyd Mayweather Jr. also eventually entertained this idea despite having retired in 2015 and McGregor's never having boxed professionally. After rumours of a McGregor-Mayweather bout started gaining traction, Dana White initially dismissed the proposed match vehemently since McGregor was contracted under the UFC. On 30 November 2016, McGregor obtained a professional boxing licence from the California State Athletic Commission.

Phillip N'dou

His most notable fight was an entertaining seven-round bout against WBC lightweight champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on 1 November 2003. His trainer and manager was Nick Durant. Coincidentally, Ndou had competed in the same featherweight boxing tournament as Mayweather at the 1996 Summer Olympics. After defeating Casey Patton of Canada in a controversial referee stoppage, Ndou lost in the second round to the eventual gold medallist, Kamsing Somluck of Thailand. Earlier, Ndou won a silver medal at the 1995 All-Africa Games. Ndou won his comeback fight on 14 February 2009, defeating Rachid Drilzane on a technical knockout in the fifth round.

Zab Judah

-controversial spit decision
For Judah, the fight was viewed as a tuneup bout that would lead to a lucrative bout between Judah and WBC Light Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., which was tentatively scheduled for April. Judah entered the fight as a 10-to-1 favorite over Baldomir. The stage was set when Judah unsportingly punched Baldomir on the thigh during the prefight introductions instead of touching gloves to show sportsmanship. The early rounds of the fight were close, but as the rounds passed, Judah was doing less than necessary to win, while Baldomir kept applying pressure on Judah.

Assassination of Boris Nemtsov

assassinatedshot and killedassassination
Zaur Dadaev, a former second-in-command to the leader of battalion Sever, Alibek Delimkhanov (the brother of Adam Delimkhanov and cousin of Ramzan Kadyrov), confessed that he had decided to kill Nemtsov because of his criticism of Islam and Ramzan Kadyrov, according to Russian media. According to Russian media, Zaur Dadaev stated in his confession that his immediate manager during preparation of the murder was someone named Ruslik, who provided him with 5 million rubles, a ZAZ Chance car and a gun.

Larry Merchant

In September 2011, following the controversial ending to the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz, Mayweather angrily called for Merchant to be fired. After Merchant pressured Mayweather to respond to fans who thought that he had taken advantage of Ortiz's apology (resulting in his win by knockout), Mayweather grew irritated by Merchant's questioning and interrupted Merchant by saying "You never give me a fair shake...They can put somebody else up here to give me an interview. HBO need to fire you. You don't know shit about boxing. You ain't shit...All of these boxing experts—how can you be a boxing expert if you never had a fight before?" Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'

Club fighter

clubfighterclub-level fightersclubfighters
For example, Floyd Mayweather Jr. called Arturo Gatti "a blown-up club fighter", even though Gatti was the WBC super lightweight champion at the time. A club fighter is less respected than a contender, who defeats journeymen and club fighters in order to establish himself as a challenger for a world title. A journeyman is slightly more respected than a club fighter—often by way of having a superficially good record.

Boxing at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Featherweight

men's featherweightFeatherweight1996
The Featherweight class in the boxing at the 1996 Summer Olympics competition was the fourth-lightest class at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Featherweights were limited to those boxers weighing more than 57 kilograms. The competition in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum started on 1996-07-20 and ended on 1996-08-04.

Adam Delimkhanov

A close associate and cousin of the pro-Moscow Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, Delimkhanov headed the police division that protected Chechen oil facilities from 2003 to 2006. He was appointed deputy prime minister overseeing security forces in 2006. The next year he was elected to the Russian State Duma on a Vladimir Putin-led United Russia party ticket. A Chechen exile, Umar Israilov, murdered in Vienna in January 2009, had accused Delimkhanov of beating him in Kadyrov's presence. Delimkhanov declined requests for comment on the allegation.