Spring roll

spring rollsChicken Rollsvegetarian spring roll
In Venezuela, spring rolls are called Lumpia as in the Philippines and Indonesia. All Chinese restaurants sell them and are usually served with sweet and sour or soy sauce. Chả giò. Egg roll. Dim sum. List of stuffed dishes. Lumpia. Pastel. Popiah. Sambousa. Summer roll.

Japanese cuisine

JapaneseJapanJapanese dish
In the Philippines, Japanese cuisine is also popular among the local population. The Philippines have been exposed to the influences from the Japanese, Indian and Chinese. The cities of Davao and Metro Manila probably have the most Japanese influence in the country. The popular dining spots for Japanese nationals are located in Makati City, which is called as "Little Tokyo", a small area filled with restaurants specializing in different types of Japanese food. Some of the best Japanese no-frills restaurants in the Philippines can be found in Makati's "Little Tokyo" area.

Vitamin B12

vitamin B 12 cobalaminB12
Animals store vitamin B 12 in liver and muscle and some pass the vitamin into their eggs and milk; meat, liver, eggs and milk are therefore sources of the vitamin for other animals as well as humans. For humans, the bioavailability from eggs is less than 9%, compared to 40% to 60% from fish, fowl and meat. Insects are a source of B 12 for animals (including other insects and humans). Food sources with a high concentration of vitamin B 12 —50 to 99 µg B 12 per 100 grams of food —include clams; liver and other organ meats from lamb, veal, beef, and turkey; mackerel; and crab meat. Natural sources of B 12 include dried and fermented plant foods, such as tempeh, nori and laver, a seaweed.


Briochesbrioche dinner roll
Brioche is a pastry of French origin that is similar to a highly enriched bread, and whose high egg and butter content (400 grams for each kilogram of flour) give it a rich and tender crumb. Chef Joël Robuchon describes it as "light and slightly puffy, more or less fine, according to the proportion of butter and eggs." It has a dark, golden, and flaky crust, frequently accentuated by an egg wash applied after proofing. Brioche is considered a Viennoiserie, in that it is made in the same basic way as bread, but has the richer aspect of a pastry because of the extra addition of eggs, butter, liquid (milk, water, cream, and, sometimes, brandy) and occasionally a bit of sugar.


Miswaang zhao mee suafried noodles
Misua is cooked during important festivities, and eaten in mainland China as well in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, and the Philippines. Misua signifies long life in Chinese culture, and as such is a traditional birthday food. It is usually served with ingredients such as eggs, oysters, pig's large intestine, shiitake mushroom, beef, shallots, or scallions, roasted nuts or fried fish. In Taiwan, there are two forms of misua. The first is plain, while the second has been steamed at high heat, caramelizing it to a light brown colour. For birthdays, plain misua is usually served plain with pork hocks in stewed broth as a Taiwanese birthday tradition.


pandanscrewpinescrew pine
"pandan leaf") or simply pandan in Filipino; 斑蘭 (bān lán) in Mandarin; as ใบเตย (bai toei; ) in Thai, lá dứa in Vietnamese; pulao pata in Bengali; and rampe in Sinhalese and Hindi. In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are mainly used in sweets such as coconut jam and pandan cake. In Indonesia and Malaysia, pandan is also added to rice and curry dishes such as nasi lemak. In the Philippines, pandan leaves are commonly paired with coconut meat (a combination referred to as buko pandan) in various desserts and drinks like maja blanca and gulaman.

Curing (food preservation)

curedcuringcured meat
Curing is any of various food preservation and flavoring processes of foods such as meat, fish and vegetables, by the addition of combinations of salt, nitrates, nitrites, or sugar, with the aim of drawing moisture out of the food by the process of osmosis. Many curing processes also involve smoking, spicing, or cooking. Dehydration was the earliest form of food curing. Because curing increases the solute concentration in the food and hence decreases its water potential, the food becomes inhospitable for the microbe growth that causes food spoilage. Curing can be traced back to antiquity, and was the primary way of preserving meat and fish until the late-19th century.


Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) may be divided into various types depending on how they are cooked: Dumplings that use egg rather than dough to wrap the filling are called "egg dumplings". As a dish prepared at home, each family has its own preferred method of making them, using favorite fillings, with types and methods of preparation varying widely from region to region. Common dumpling meat fillings include pork, mutton, beef, chicken, fish, and shrimp, which are usually mixed with chopped vegetables. Popular vegetable fillings include napa cabbage, scallion (spring onions), leek, celery, spinach, mushroom, edible black fungus, carrot, and garlic chives. There are many ways to fold jiaozi.


Philippine Asado Recipe. The Art of Cordero al Palo.

Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy

transmissible spongiform encephalopathiesprion diseasesspongiform encephalopathy
In turn, consumption (by humans) of bovine-derived foodstuff which contained prion-contaminated tissues resulted in an outbreak of the variant form of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease in the 1990s and 2000s. Prions cannot be transmitted through the air or through touching or most other forms of casual contact. However, they may be transmitted through contact with infected tissue, body fluids, or contaminated medical instruments. Normal sterilization procedures such as boiling or irradiating materials fail to render prions non-infective. In the 5th century BCE, Hippocrates described a disease like TSE in cattle and sheep, which he believed also occurred in man.


bouillonchicken brothbeef broth
Egg whites may be added during simmering when it is necessary to clarify (i.e., purify, or refine a broth for a cleaner presentation). The egg whites will coagulate, trapping sediment and turbidity into an easily strained mass. Not allowing the original preparation to boil will increase the clarity. Roasted bones will add a rich flavor to the broth but also a dark color. A clarified broth eaten as a soup is often called a consommé. In East Asia (particularly Japan), a form of kelp called kombu is often used as the basis for broths (called dashi in Japanese). In the Maldives the tuna broth known as garudiya is a basic food item, but it is not eaten as a soup in the general sense of the term.

Semur (Indonesian stew)

semursemur dagingbeef smoor
In addition to the spices and seasonings, semur also consists of a wide range of main ingredients with variation in the presentation, such as meat (mainly beef), beef tongue, potato, tofu, tomato, tempeh, eggs, chicken, fish and often sprinkled with bawang goreng (fried shallot) or other variations according to the tastes of the communities in each regions. Semur is derived from the Dutch verb "smoren", which means "to braise food". History shows that the dish of marinated boiled meat in Indonesia has been known since the 9th century CE in ancient Java.


moon cakemooncakesmoon cakes
For added hygiene, each cake is often wrapped in airtight plastic, accompanied by a tiny food preserver packet. Contemporary-style mooncakes, while increasingly popular, have their detractors. Pricey ingredients have pushed up prices, causing worry of a "mooncake bubble" forming in China. Food critics sometimes point out that "chocolate mooncakes" are in reality just chocolate shaped into mooncakes, and not mooncakes made of chocolate, while others complain that food chains appear intent on coming up with exotic flavours to take advantage of the market, without much thought for how well the tastes fuse together.


Trptryptophan metabolism L -tryptophan
Tryptophan is present in most protein-based foods or dietary proteins. It is particularly plentiful in chocolate, oats, dried dates, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, red meat, eggs, fish, poultry, sesame, chickpeas, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, spirulina, and peanuts. Contrary to the popular belief that turkey contains an abundance of tryptophan, the tryptophan content in turkey is typical of poultry. Because tryptophan is converted into 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) which is then converted into the neurotransmitter serotonin, it has been proposed that consumption of tryptophan or 5-HTP may improve depression symptoms by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain.


dessertssweetsweet dish
Jellied desserts are made with a sweetened liquid thickened with gelatin or another thickening agent. They are traditional in many cultures. Grass jelly and annin tofu are Chinese jellied desserts. Yōkan is a Japanese jellied dessert. In English-speaking countries, many dessert recipes are based on gelatin with fruit or whipped cream added. Pastries are sweet baked pastry products. Pastries can either take the form of light and flaky bread with an airy texture, such as a croissant or unleavened dough with a high fat content and crispy texture, such as shortbread. Pastries are often flavored or filled with fruits, chocolate, nuts, and spices.

Bubur ayam

It is a favourite breakfast food, served by humble travelling vendors, warung (small local shops), fast food establishments, and five-star hotel restaurants. Travelling bubur ayam vendors frequently pass through residential streets in the morning selling the dish. The origin of bubur ayam was derived from Chinese chicken congee. The traces of Chinese cuisine influences are the use of cakwe (youtiao), tongcay and soy sauce. Bubur ayam employs a wide range of poultry products, such as shredded chicken meat for the main dish and different dishes made with chicken offal as side delicacies.

Kosher foods

kosherkosher foodKosher diet
Today, when battery eggs form the majority of available produce, many permit the egg with a blood spot following the removal of any actual blood; battery eggs are unlikely to be able to form a viable embryo. Gelatin is hydrolysed collagen, the main protein in animal connective tissue, and therefore could potentially come from a nonkosher source, such as pig skin.


frittersgorenganapple fritter
Fried dough foods. Fritter roll. List of doughnut varieties. List of bread dishes. List of deep fried foods. Mandazi. Mücver. Pakora. Pholourie. Potato pancake. Tempura. Vada.


kakiageShrimp tempuraTaiwanese "tempura
Pakora, an Indian food resembling tempura. Okoy, Filipino shrimp fritters.

Dietary Reference Intake

Tolerable Upper Intake LevelRDArecommended daily allowance
Dietary Reference Values – recommended dietary requirements for the European Union's European Food Safety Authority and the United Kingdom. Mineral (nutrient). Essential amino acid. Essential fatty acid. Essential nutrient. Food composition. Food pyramid (nutrition). Healthy diet. Protein quality. Reference Daily Intake - used in the United States to set % Daily Values (%DV) on food and dietary supplement labels. Reference Intakes – a system of nutrient labeling used in Europe. Hypervitaminosis - vitamin toxicity.


Hochzeitssuppe (literally: "wedding soup") is a clear, German soup based on chicken broth, fortified with chicken meat, small meatballs (Fleischklößchen), asparagus heads, noodles and savoury egg custard garnish (Eierstich). Sometimes raisins are added as well. Hochzeitssuppe is eaten in Northern Germany and Southern Germany by the bride and groom and guests, traditionally after the wedding ceremony, and it is usually served as the starter on the menu at the wedding reception. It is also eaten in other regions of Germany, because the Brautsuppe ("bride's soup") served to all the guests used to be an element of every wedding.

Agricultural policy

The report estimates that in the absence of trade restrictions, US subsidised maize could be marketed at less than half the price of maize grown on the Philippine island of Mindanao; and that the livelihoods of up to half a million Filipino maize farmers (out of the total 1.2 million) are under immediate threat.


wantonwonton soupwon ton
Hundun (混沌, close pronunciation to Hundun 馄饨) is also a legendary faceless being in Chinese mythology and the primordial and central chaos in Chinese cosmogony, comparable with the World egg. • Jiaozi • Kalduny • Kreplach • List of Chinese dishes • List of dumplings • Mandu • Manti (dumpling) • Maultasche • Pierogi • Ravioli • Suanla chaoshou • Tortellini • Youtiao

Common Agricultural Policy

agricultureCAPCommon Agricultural Policy (CAP)
. * rpa.gov.uk past and present UK subsidy schemes Opinions * The CAP reform, Council of the European Union * Archival Sources relating to the history of the Common Agricultural Policy can be consulted at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence cereal, rice, potatoes. oil. dried fodder. milk and milk products, wine, honey. beef and veal, poultry meat and eggs, pig meat, sheep / lamb meat and goat meat. sugar. fruit and vegetables. cotton. peas, field beans. sweet lupins. olives. Flax seeds.

Creier pane

While there are regional variations for the recipe, the most common way of preparing creier pane is boiling the organ and then coating it evenly in flour, egg and breadcrumbs before deep-frying it in oil. There are many traditional Romanian dishes based entirely on offal. The literal translation for Creier pane is Romanian breaded brain. The word pane come from French pané.