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On 11 November 2017, a Patek Philippe Titanium wristwatch Ref. 5208T-010 was sold for 6.226 million US dollars (CHF 6,200,000) in Geneva, making it one of the most expensive watches ever sold at auction. On 15 November 2017, Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi sold for a record $450.3 million (including buyer's premium). The buyer was Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Farhan, his name was revealed by several media news including The New York Times. J. Herbert, Inside Christie's, London, 1990 (ISBN: 978-0340430439). P. A. Colson, The Story of Christie's, London, 1950. H. C. Marillier, Christie's, 1766–1925, London, 1926. M. A.

Movement (clockwork)

movementmovementswatch movement
This style is called a three finger or Geneva movement. Manual or hand winding: In this type the wearer must turn the crown periodically, often daily, in order to wind the mainspring, storing energy to run the watch until the next winding. Automatic or self-winding: In this type, used in most mechanical watches sold today, the mainspring is automatically wound by the natural motions of the wearer's wrist while it is being worn, eliminating the need for manual winding. Clockwork. Chinese standard movement. Spring Drive. Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry: Glossary. Easy Guide to Watch Movements. Caliber Guide.

Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

Swiss watch manufacturersFederation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FHS)Fédération de L'industrie Horlogère Suisse
The Swiss Federation of Clock and Watch Manufacturers’ Associations (FH) was established in 1924 by delegates from Bern, Biel/Bienne, Fleurier, Geneva, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle, Porrentruy, Tramelan, and German-speaking Switzerland. On November 19, 1982, the two organizations merged to became the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH). The headquarters were in Biel/Bienne. On one hand, the FH provides its members with a large series of services in the fields of legal, economic and commercial issues, representing the sector as a whole, both in Switzerland and abroad.


France, officially the French Republic (République française, ), is a country whose territory consists of metropolitan France in Western Europe and several overseas regions and territories. The metropolitan area of France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany to the northeast, Switzerland and Italy to the east, and Andorra and Spain to the south. The overseas territories include French Guiana in South America and several islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

Perpetual calendar

perpetual calendarsperpetualcalendar
A perpetual calendar is a calendar valid for many years, usually designed to allow the calculation of the day of the week for a given date in the future.


In horology, a tourbillon ( "whirlwind") is an addition to the mechanics of a watch escapement. Developed around 1795 and patented by the French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet on June 26, 1801, a tourbillon aims to counter the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage, to negate the effect of gravity when the timepiece (thus the escapement) is stuck in a certain position. By continuously rotating the entire balance wheel/escapement assembly at a slow rate (typically about one revolution per minute), the tourbillon averages out positional errors.

Franck Muller

Franck Muller Group
In the 1980s, few watchmakers were capable of creating such complicated timepieces, among them Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. The private clients of Franck Muller continued to come for new timepieces, and thus his business started growing. The House of Franck Muller opened in 1991, and his ultra complicated timepieces instantly became famous in Europe and the United States. Today, his factory, which is also the headquarters of Franck Muller, produces a limited number of watches for private clientele. Franck Muller's collections include a variety of designs and price ranges.

New York City

New YorkNew York, New YorkNew York City, New York
In neighborhoods such as Riverdale (in the Bronx), Ditmas Park (in Brooklyn), and Douglaston (in Queens), large single-family homes are common in various architectural styles such as Tudor Revival and Victorian. Stone and brick became the city's building materials of choice after the construction of wood-frame houses was limited in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1835. A distinctive feature of many of the city's buildings is the wooden roof-mounted water tower. In the 1800s, the city required their installation on buildings higher than six stories to prevent the need for excessively high water pressures at lower elevations, which could break municipal water pipes.

Omega SA

OmegaOmega WatchesOmega brand
Omega, along with 7 other manufacturers including Patek Philippe, Breguet and Rolex, was given the lowest environmental rating as "Latecomers/Non-transparent", suggesting that the manufacturer has taken very few actions addressing the impact of its manufacturing activities on the environment and climate change. There are concerns over the lack of transparency in manufacturing activities and the sourcing of precious raw materials such as gold, which is a major cause of environmental issues such as pollution, soil degradation and deforestation.

Eleven James

Eleven James offered vintage watch styles as well as popular luxury brands including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Breitling and more. Eleven James was often referred to as the "Netflix of watches" due to their subscription model which operated much like the disc rental plans from Netflix. Eleven James was founded in 2013 by Randy Brandoff, former NetJets CMO. Brandoff also helped to launch Tequila Avion, a leading spirits brand made popular by the HBO series “Entourage,” where he was a co-founder and principal prior to the company’s sale to Pernod Ricard in 2014.

Watch Valley

Some of the famous watchmakers currently producing in the Watch Valley include Breitling, Corum, Gallet, Girard-Perregaux, Movado, Patek Philippe, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Tissot, Ulysse Nardin, Chopard and others. The distance across the watch Valley, traveling from Geneva to Basel, is approximately 200 km. Both Le Locle and its geographical twin town La Chaux-de-Fonds have now been recognised as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, for their horological and related cultural past. Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. Vaud. canton Berne. canton of Jura. Basel-Country. Canton of Neuchâtel. UNESCO World Heritage List: La Chaux-de-Fonds / Le Locle, Watchmaking Town Planning.

Orchard Road

OrchardOrchard areaOrchard Planning Area
ION Orchard – ION Orchard opened on 21 July 2009 and houses six double-storey flagship stores of close to 9000 sqft each, including Prada, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Vacheron Constantin. Its signature glass façade doubles up as a giant media screen as well. Ngee Ann City – The shopping centre opened in 1993 and is the largest in the Orchard Road shopping belt. It houses branded boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Burberry, Loewe and Chanel as well as Japanese department store, Takashimaya. The complex is home to Southeast Asia's second largest bookstore, Books Kinokuniya.

Prawit Wongsuwan

Prawit Wongsuwan (ประวิตร วงษ์สุวรรณ; IPA:; born 11 August 1945) is the Minister of Defence of Thailand, serving since 31 August 2014, and the deputy chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). He also holds the post of deputy prime minister. From 2004 to 2005 he was the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army (RTA). From 2008 to 2011 he was Thailand's defence minister.

Observatory chronometer

The Girard-Perregaux Calibre 32A movement that went into its Observatory Chronometers heralded a shift in watchmaking technology to higher frequency movements, and thus greater accuracy, that is followed today by watch manufacturers such as Seiko, Patek Philippe, Zenith, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chopard, Vacheron Constantin, Mathey-Tissot and such. The move to higher-frequency movements was necessitated by the challenges posed to the Swiss mechanical watch industry by the advent of the quartz watch movement in the late 1960s.


Ptcompounds of platinumdouble Platinum
In watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breitling, and other companies use platinum for producing their limited edition watch series. Watchmakers appreciate the unique properties of platinum, as it neither tarnishes nor wears out (the latter quality relative to gold). The price of platinum, like other industrial commodities, is more volatile than that of gold. In 2008, the price of platinum dropped from $2,252 to $774 per oz, a loss of nearly 2/3 of its value. By contrast, the price of gold dropped from ~$1,000 to ~$700/oz during the same time frame, a loss of only 1/3 of its value.

Oris SA

Patek Philippe. Rolex. Tissot. Vacheron Constantin.

Omega Electroquartz

Rolex and Patek Philippe as well as IWC and Piaget (amongst others in the original group) produced very small numbers of beta 21/22 watches and towards the mid part of the 1970s all were moving away from the beta 21/22 movement (because of their cost, including the massive R&D costs) and towards more modern quartz technology, including Rolex developing their own in house Oysterquartz movement, which remained in production from 1977 until 2001. Omega SA made the most use of the beta 21 and beta 22 calibre and kept it in their range of watches until circa 1977.

Automatic watch

automaticself-windingself-winding watch
Because the rotor weight needed in an automatic watch takes up a lot of space in the case, increasing its thickness, some manufacturers of quality watches, such as Patek Philippe, continue to design manually wound watches, which can be as thin as 1.77 millimeters. However, in 2007 Carl F. Bucherer implemented a new approach without a rotor, a peripherally mounted power source, where a geared ring made of tungsten encircles the entire mechanism, rotating on carbon rollers whenever the watch moves. A system of clutch wheels captures power.


Plan-les-Ouates GE
The historical population is given in the following chart: The Forte D’Arare House, the Patek Philippe SA Archives and the Vacheron Constantin Archives are listed as Swiss heritage site of national significance. Plan-les-Ouates is twinned with the towns of Sângeorgiu de Mureş, Romania and Villefranche sur Mer, France. In the 2007 federal election the most popular party was the SVP which received 21.03% of the vote. The next three most popular parties were the Green Party (17.34%), the SP (15.91%) and the CVP (14.28%). In the federal election, a total of 2,594 votes were cast, and the voter turnout was 50.4%.


It acquired the County of Nice in 1388, and in 1401 added the County of Geneva, the area of Geneva except for the city proper, which was ruled by its prince-bishop, nominally under the duke's rule: the bishops of Geneva, by unspoken agreement, came from the House of Savoy; this agreement came to an end in 1533. On February 19, 1416, Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor, made the County of Savoy an independent duchy, with Amadeus VIII as the first duke. Straddling the Alps, Savoy lay within two competing spheres of influence, a French sphere and a North Italian one. At the time of the Renaissance, Savoy showed only modest development. Its towns were few and small.

Tudor Watches

The Tudor trademark was registered in 1926 by Swiss watchmaking company “Veuve de Philippe Hüther” on behalf of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex watches. In 1936, Wilsdorf took it over himself, and went on to found the company Montres Tudor SA in 1946. The aim of the Tudor brand was to offer a more affordable watch that would preserve the Rolex reputation for quality. Tudor watches were originally equipped with off-the-shelf movements while using Rolex quality cases and bracelets, allowing it to provide the reliability and dependability of a Rolex but at a lower price.

Hans Wilsdorf

The Day-Date was somewhat similar to the Rolex Datejust at 36MM in diameter, but featured a slightly thicker case. The Rolex Milgauss was introduced in 1956 with a Reference Number of 6541. This watch was designed with special anti-magnetic features for scientists who worked in research labs like CERN in Geneva, as well as for people who worked in power plants or medical facilities what could be affected by magnetism. The original Rolex Milgauss featured a second hand that looked like a lightning bolt, and in many ways looked like the Rolex Submariner. Hans Wilsdorf died in Geneva, Switzerland on July 6, 1960. He was buried in Kings Cemetery in Geneva beside his first and second wife.

Antoni Patek

In 1868, Patek Philippe made their first wristwatch, which was sold on November 13, 1876 to the Hungarian Countess Koscowicz. They have also pioneered in perpetual calendar, chronograph and minute repeater in watches. Looking for trade contacts Patek travelled among others to England (1847), USA (1854), and Russia (1858). After Patek's death the company changed its owners several times; since 1929 Patek Philippe & Co. has been owned by the Stern family, but kept its original name. Patek Philippe & Co. issues collectable watches every year, and till today has remained a coveted luxury brand. Patek Philippe & Co. is the only Geneva watch manufacturer honoured with the Geneva seal.

Jean-Marc Vacheron

He died in 1805. * WatchTime Magazine - Edition Vacheron Constantin special (October 2009)

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

the most complicated watch ever made
The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 (57 complications). Patek Philippe Calibre 89 (33 complications).