History of watches

lever escapement
Patek Philippe. Breitling. Fortis Uhren AG. IWC. Longines. Raketa. History of timekeeping devices. Zeno-Watch Basel. Horology. Functioning of a simple mechanical watch. Pictures and overview of the earliest watches. Peter Henlein: Pomander Watch Anno 1505. First American Colonial Watch.

History of timekeeping devices

The leading firm of the day was Patek Philippe, founded by Antoni Patek of Warsaw and Adrien Philippe of Bern. * R.M.Ghias Abadi (2004) Achaemenid Inscriptions, 2nd edition, publisher Shiraz Navid ISBN: 964-358-015-6 * Breasted, James H., "The Beginnings of Time Measurement and the Origins of Our Calendar", in Time and its Mysteries, a series of lectures presented by the James Arthur Foundation, New York University, New York: New York University Press, 1936, pp. 59–96. * Lombardi, Michael A., NIST Time and Frequency Services, NIST Special Publication 432*, revised 2002. * Seidelmann, P.

Le Sentier

Numerous Swiss watchmakers are based in Le Sentier: Jaeger-LeCoultre, Gérald Genta, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Romain Gauthier. * Flag of Le Sentier - on Flags of the World Web site


Hans Wilsdorf (born 22 March 1881; died 6 July 1960 in Geneva); businessman, founder of Rolex. Georg Hagen (born 12 September 1887; died 18 November 1958 in Munich); German politician (SPD). Fritz Schuberth (born 28 July 1897; died 16 February 1977); German politician (NSDAP) and SS Oberführer. Nikolaus Wehner (born 26 February 1901; died 19 July 1942 in Totschkowo, USSR), politician (NSDAP). Philipp Zeitler (1901–1984), alderman of Würzburg. Wilhelm Murrmann (born 24 September 1907; died 20 October 1975); lord mayor (FWG). Karl Herold (born 6 November 1921; died 1 September 1977); German politician (SPD).

Garbiñe Muguruza

MuguruzaG. MuguruzaGarbiñe '''Muguruza
Her other endorsement partners are Adidas, Babolat, Rolex and Maui Jim. In June 2016, she was named the 14th most marketable athlete by SportsPro. In June 2017, shortly before winning her first Wimbledon women's singles crown, Muguruza announced that she had become an Ambassador for the international education NGO Room to Read. Muguruza announced plans to help the organisation to grow its impact in two focus areas of early grade literacy and equal access to secondary education for girls. This table is current through the 2018 US Open * Official website

Chinese luxury shopping behaviour

affluent Chinese consumer
Not as popular among the fun-loving younger set, Vuitton is beloved by the more mature generation, who admire its royal background, quality and the trademark design. 3) Hermès. 4) Gucci: Gucci has 16 stores in China, recorded sales growth of more than 65% last year. 1) Audi. 2) Mercedes Benz. 3) Lamborghini. 4) BMW. 5) Lexus. 6) Rolls-Royce Phantom. 1) Chanel. 2) Dior. 3) Guerlain. 4) Lancome. 5) Estee Lauder. 1) BVLGARI. 2) Cartier. 3) Chow Tai Fok. 4) Tiffany & Co. 5) Van Cleef & Arpels. 1) Omega. 2) Rolex. 3) Longines. 4) Patek Philippe.

List of cities in Switzerland

townhistoric townstatistic town
Largest towns in Switzerland: This is an alphabetical list of towns, which follows FSO's definition (Statistische Städte 2012, Villes statistiques 2012), and places with historic town rights (h) and/or market towns (m). 1) Zürich. 2) Geneva. 3) Basel. 4) Lausanne. 5) Bern. 6) Winterthur. 7) Lucerne. 8) St. Gallen. 9) Lugano. 10) Biel/Bienne. 11) Thun. 12) Köniz (statistically only the whole municipality, but not the village). 13) La Chaux-de-Fonds. 14) Fribourg. 15) Schaffhausen. 16) Vernier. 17) Chur. 18) Sion. 19) Uster. 20) Neuchâtel. Places in bold print are towns because of FSO's definition and historic town/market rights.


RomandieFrench-speaking SwitzerlandFrench-speaking
Lake Geneva region. Rhodanic Republic. Arpitania. Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.

John Calvin

CalvinJean CalvinCalvinist
The original Strasbourg psalter contained twelve psalms by Clément Marot and Calvin added several more hymns of his own composition in the Geneva version. At the end of 1542, Marot became a refugee in Geneva and contributed nineteen more psalms. Louis Bourgeois, also a refugee, lived and taught music in Geneva for sixteen years and Calvin took the opportunity to add his hymns, the most famous being the Old Hundredth. In the same year of 1542, Calvin published Catéchisme de l'Eglise de Genève (Catechism of the Church of Geneva), which was inspired by Bucer's Kurze Schrifftliche Erklärung of 1534.


YverdonEburodunumYverdon main shop
The Geneva architect Billon erected this Protestant church in 1757, on the site of Notre-Dame chapel of the 14th century. Its spire had been rebuilt in 1608, on the base of the original one, for which huge, sculpted blocks from the ruins of the Roman "Castrum" had been used. 14 stalls, figuring apostles and prophets, originate from the ancient chapel and are ascribed to Claude de Peney, who had worked at Fribourg and Hauterive. Peney died in 1499, and Bon Bottolier, cabinetmaker in Lausanne, was charged with crafting the stalls (1501–1502). Potier, of French origin, built the organ in 1766.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Geneva

bishop of GenevaGenevaGenève
On 30 June 1907, Geneva voted for the separation of church and state. (all Roman Rite) Cronotassi da Helvetia sacra ''Suffragan Bishops of Geneva (Genf, Genève). Hugo (993 – 1020). Bernardus (1020 – 1030). Adalgod (1020 – 1030). Konrad (1020 – 1030). Fridericus (1030 – 1073). Boczadus (1073 – 1083). Guy de Faucigny (1083 – 1119). Humbert de Grammont (1120 – 1135). Arducius de Faucigny (1135 – 1185). Nantelmus (1185 – 1205). Bernard Chabert (1205 – 1213). Pierre de Sessons (1213 – 1213). Aymo de Grandson (1215 – 1260). Heinrich (1260 – 1267). Aymon de Cruseilles (1268 – 1275). Robert de Genève (1276 – 1287). Guillaume de Conflans (1287 – 1294). Martin de Saint-Germain (1295 – 1303).

House of Savoy

SavoySavoyardItalian Royal Family
Maurice, Agaunum, on the River Rhone east of Lake Geneva, and Saint Maurice is still the patron of the House of Savoy. Humbert's son, Otto of Savoy succeeded to the title in 1051 after the death of his elder brother Amedeo and married the Marchioness Adelaide of Turin, passing the Marquessate of Susa, with the towns of Turin and Pinerolo, into the House of Savoy's possession. This diplomatic skill caused the great powers such as France, England, and Spain to take the counts' opinions into account.

County of Geneva

GenevaCount of GenevaCounts of Geneva
Subsequently, the County of Geneva was joined to the Duchy of Savoy. *Duparc, Pierre, Le Comté de Genève, Ixe-XVe siècle (Geneva and Paris) 1955. c. 770 : Reynier. c. 770–800 : Oliver, his son. c. 1002 : Manasses. c. 1012 : Robert, his nephew, son of count Cono/Conrad I (possible Cono count palatine of Burgundy). 880 : Ratbert (870/880 – † 901). 931 : Albitius (900 – † 931/932), his son. : Conrad (930 – † c. undefined 963), his son. c. 963–974 : Robert († 974), his son. 974–1001 : Albert. 1004 : Renaud. 1016

List of most expensive cities for expatriate employees

Most expensive citiescity rankings of cost of living for expatriate employeesmost expensive city
These are lists of the world's most expensive cities for expatriate employees (not residents), according to the Mercer, ECA International and Xpatulator.com cost-of-living surveys. Other surveys from online collaborative indices, such as Numbeo, Expatistan, or Eardex are not covered by this article.

Rolex Daytona

Paul Newman" Rolex Daytona
Official Rolex website. Key Rolex Daytona dates. History of the Rolex Daytona.


Protestantthe ReformationProtestants
Several thousand French Protestants fled the country, most notably John Calvin, who emigrated to Basel in 1535 before eventually settling in Geneva in 1536. Calvin continued to take an interest in the religious affairs of his native land and, from his base in Geneva, beyond the reach of the French kings, regularly trained pastors to lead congregations in France.

United Nations

The council has one annual meeting in July, held in either New York or Geneva. Viewed as separate from the specialized bodies it co-ordinates, ECOSOC's functions include information gathering, advising member nations, and making recommendations. Owing to its broad mandate of co-ordinating many agencies, ECOSOC has at times been criticized as unfocused or irrelevant.

Middle Ages

medievalmediaevalmedieval period
After losing the Hundred Years' War, England went on to suffer a long civil war known as the Wars of the Roses, which lasted into the 1490s and only ended when Henry Tudor (r. 1485–1509 as Henry VII) became king and consolidated power with his victory over Richard III (r. 1483–85) at Bosworth in 1485. In Scandinavia, Margaret I of Denmark (r. in Denmark 1387–1412) consolidated Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in the Union of Kalmar, which continued until 1523. The major power around the Baltic Sea was the Hanseatic League, a commercial confederation of city-states that traded from Western Europe to Russia.


Mont SalèveMount Salève
It has deck open for public from where the Jura mountains can be seen as the backdrop of Geneva city.

Sandrine Salerno

Sandrine Salerno (born in 1971 in Geneva) is a Swiss politician and a member of the Socialist Party. She was the Mayor of the city of Geneva from 2010-11 and 2013-14. Ms Salerno's mother was French and her father was Italian. She holds more than one passport. She has two children. She holds a master's degree in Public Administration and a bachelor's degree in Political Science, both from the University of Geneva. She was elected to Geneva's town council in 1999 and became a member of the executive in 2007. Between 1995 and 1997, she was Deputy Chief of the European Third World Centre (CETIM) in the human rights programme.

Guillaume Barazzone

In December 2014, he was awarded the silver medal for Genevan Parliamentarians published by the newspaper Tribune de Genève. He was also named the "revelation of the Geneva delegation" and considered in the most influential members of parliament 2015 rankings. Member of the National Council since December 2013. Elected to the Administrative Council for the City of Geneva in 2012. Re-elected to the Cantonal Parliament in 2009. Elected Member of the Cantonal Parliament (2005-2009). Elected Municipal Councillor for the City of Geneva (2003-2006). Official website. Personal page on the Official State of Geneva website.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienne

bishop of Viennearchbishop of VienneVienne
In 450 Pope Leo I gave the Archbishop of Vienne the right to ordain the Bishops of Tarantaise, Valence, Geneva and Grenoble. Many vicissitudes followed, and the territorial limit of the powers of Metropolitan of Vienne followed the wavering frontier of the Kingdom of Burgundy and in 779, was considerably restricted by the organization of a new ecclesiastical province comprising Tarantaise, Aosta (in Italy) and Sitten (or Sion in French; in Switzerland).

Global Financial Centres Index

Global Financial Centres Index 2013list of world financial centresforemost financial centres
The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) is a ranking of the competitiveness of financial centres based on over 29,000 financial centre assessments from an online questionnaire together with over 100 indices from organisations such as the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The first index was published in March 2007. It has been jointly published twice per year by Z/Yen Group in London and the China Development Institute in Shenzhen since 2015, and is widely quoted as a source for ranking financial centres.

Lutheran World Federation

Lutheran ChurchLutheranLutheran Churches
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF; Lutherischer Weltbund) is a global communion of national and regional Lutheran churches headquartered in the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. The federation was founded in the Swedish city of Lund in the aftermath of the Second World War in 1947 to coordinate the activities of the many differing Lutheran churches. Since 1984, the member churches are in pulpit and altar fellowship, with common doctrine as the basis of membership and mission activity. The LWF now has 145 member church bodies in 89 countries representing over 74 million Lutherans.


Verbier VS
Martigny is a 1 hour 45 minute journey from Geneva and a 20 min journey from Sion, travelling with Swiss Federal Railways. Verbier has only one access road, which starts in the town of Le Châble. From Sembrancher (near Le Châble) a road leads to the Great St. Bernard Pass and another to Martigny or to the Col de la Forclaz. Verbier is around 2 hours' drive from Geneva, 1 hour from Chamonix (Col de la Forclaz) and 1 hour from Aosta (Great St. Bernard Pass). The nearest international airport is Geneva Airport. Minibus transfers are available from the airport to Verbier center during the winter ski season.