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No go

No go (disambiguation)
No go or Nogo may refer to: * Go (disambiguation) Nogo A, B, C, or Nogo-66, isoforms of a neurite outgrowth inhibitory protein Reticulon 4. No-go area, a military or political term for an area to which access is restricted or travel is dangerous. No-go pill, a military term for a hypnotic medication taken by soldiers to ensure they are well rested for missions. go/no go, a process or device used in quality control. Go-NoGo gauge, an inspection tool used to check a workpiece against its allowed tolerances. No-go theorem, a theorem that shows that an idea is not possible even though it may look attractive. Nogo, an alternative name for an African tree more commonly called Lecomtedoxa.

Go (game)

Goweiqigame of Go
Teach Yourself Go, McGraw-Hill, 2004, ISBN: 978-0-07-142977-1. Seckiner, Sancar. Chinese Go Players, 6th article of the main book Budaha, Efil Yayinevi, Ankara, Feb. 2016, ISBN: 978-605-4160-62-4. Shotwell, Peter. Go! More than a Game, Tuttle Publishing, Boston, Revised 2010. ISBN: 0-8048-3475-X. History of Go. Sensei's Library, a major resource about the game of Go. Goproblems.com, open database of interactive Go problems. The Interactive Way to Go, an interactive tutorial for Go. The Way to Go Karl Baker's classic pamphlet on how to play Go. computer-go-dataset (1,645,958 SGFs).

Travel Go

. * Go - The International Travel Game at BoardGameGeek

Monopoly (game)

MonopolyhereChance and Community Chest cards
"Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200" is a phrase used in Monopoly that has become widely used in popular culture to describe an action forced upon a person that has only negative results. The phrase comes from the game’s Chance and Community Chest cards, which a player must draw from if they land on specific spaces. Each deck has a card that reads "GO TO JAIL: Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200."

List of CD-i games

game for the Philips CD-i video game system
This is a list of games made on the CD-i format, organised alphabetically by name. It includes cancelled games as well as actual releases. There are currently games on this list. See Lists of video games for related lists.


Gossaum noriGossuam
At the command of the julpaejang the teams rush forward and ram the loops of their two Go against one another, attempting to drive the opposing team back or push its Go to the ground. If, after pushing, neither Go is dislodged, one of the julpaejang will give the order to retreat and the two Gos will separate before repeating the process. During such separations, the gomen-saram will raise and lower the Go to demonstrate their fighting spirit. When one Go has been brought down four times, the game is over. Gossaum plays the central role in the Gossaumnori festival.


Pythons (Pythonidae) at Answers.com. Accessed 3 November 2008.

Fly route

flyGo routeFly (American football)
A fly route, also called a straight route, vertical route, streak route or go route, is a pattern run by a receiver in American football, where the receiver runs straight upfield towards the endzone. The goal of the pattern is to outrun any defensive backs and get behind them, catching an undefended pass while running untouched for a touchdown. Generally, the fastest receiver on the team or any receiver faster than the man covering him would be the one to run these routes. When run down the sidelines, a fly can be called a fade route. Fly patterns can also be used to clear out space for other receivers.

Square Enix Montreal

Square Enix MontréalGo'' series
Hitman Go was released in 2014, Lara Croft Go (of the Tomb Raider series) in 2015, and Deus Ex Go of the Deus Ex series in 2016. The studio released documentary videos on their Go series development process. The Go games reached a wider audience than Sniper, and half of their players found the games through App Store or friend recommendations. The studio partially attributes their success with the series to their unique position of being able to work with major franchises with the resources of a larger company, while retaining the smaller size and flexibility of an independent development studio.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global OffensiveCS:GOCounter Strike Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series and was released for Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012, while the Linux version was released in 2014.

Go (1999 film)

Go1999Go Soundtrack
When Go was about to start shooting, its foreign financing fell through because the film lacked a "bankable white male star." Columbia Pictures stepped in and financed the film. As most of the plot takes place at night, August recalled being "outside in the dark from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. for 25 days" during filming. Go was released to critical acclaim. The film received a 91% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes based on 74 critic reviews, with an average score of 7.6/10. The website's critical consensus reads: "With its sharp dialogue and raucous visuals, Go entertains at an exhilarating pace."

Python (genus)

pythonpythons python
Python is a genus of constricting snakes in the Pythonidae family native to the tropics and subtropics of the Eastern Hemisphere. The name Python was proposed by François Marie Daudin in 1803 for non-venomous flecked snakes. Currently, 10 python species are recognized as valid taxa. Three formerly considered python subspecies have been promoted, and a new species recognised. The generic name Python was proposed by François Marie Daudin in 1803 for non-venomous snakes with a flecked skin and a long split tongue. In 1993, seven python species were recognised as valid taxa. Based on phylogenetic analyses, between seven and 13 python species are recognised.

Go (2001 film)

GoGo!Go'' (2001 film)
Go at the Japanese Movie Database. Go at the Japanese Movie Database.

Go (2007 film)

GoGo'' (2007 film)
Go is a Bollywood film starring Gautam Gupta, Nisha Kothari and Kay Kay Menon in the lead roles. It is directed by Manish Srivastav and produced by Ram Gopal Varma. Abhay (Gautam Gupta) and Vasundhara (Priyanka Kothari) are neighbors who are in love. Due to strong opposition from their parents, they decide to elope to Goa. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arjun Patil (Ravi Kale) has his Deputy Chief Minister Praveen Deshpande (Govind Namdeo) murdered, planning of which is audio-taped by his assistant Bihari. Bihari then decides to blackmail the Chief Minister (CM), whose men eventually kill Bihari but not before he drops the tape in Abhay and Vasundhara's car.

Go (Holmes novel)

GoGo'' (Holmes novel)Go.
The original manuscript was named The Daybreak Boys as an allusion to a rivergang on the New York waterfront in the 1840s, but this title was rejected as a book with a similar title had been published by Scribner's shortly before Go was received. The word Go appears regularly in the book, spoken by many of the cast of characters, almost as a mantra. In Britain Go was originally published as The Beat Boys. The characters in Go are, as was common in beat generation literature, representations of the real people the author knew while writing the book. *1952, USA, Scribner's (ISBN: 0141188391), Pub date ? ? 1952, hardback Paul Hobbes is John Clellon Holmes. Gene Pasternak is Jack Kerouac.

Go (Kaneshiro novel)

GoGo'' (Kaneshiro novel)novel of the same title
Sakurai Became friends with Sugihara at Katou's birthday party and starts to go out with Sugihara. Hideyoshi Sugihara's father. First generation zainichi kankokujin. Ex-pro boxer. Michiko Sugihara's mother. Second generation zainichi kankokujin. Jong-Il Sugihara's closest friend from the Japanese Korean school. Known as the "genius of the school". Synopsis of Go at JLPP (Japanese Literature Publishing Project). Roh, David S. “Kaneshiro Kazuki’s GO and the American Racializing of Zainichi Koreans.” Verge: Studies in Global Asias 2.2 (2016): 163-187.

GO (American magazine)

GO (previously GO NYC), is a "cultural roadmap for the city girl," and is the nation's most widely distributed, free, lesbian magazine. Based out of New York City, GO distributes 30,000 copies in 10 major cities, and receives 250,000 unique web hits monthly. The publication offers information on nightlife, arts & entertainment, news & current events, lifestyle, travel, advice, and celebrity Q&As. GO was founded in 2001 by publisher Amy Lesser. * LGBT culture in New York City * Official website

Python (mythology)

Pythonenormous serpentPitone
In Greek mythology, Python (Πύθων; gen. Πύθωνος) was the serpent, sometimes represented as a medieval-style dragon, living at the center of the earth, believed by the ancient Greeks to be at Delphi. Python, sometimes written Phython, presided at the Delphic oracle, which existed in the cult center for its mother, Gaia, "Earth," Pytho being the place name that was substituted for the earlier Krisa. Greeks considered the site to be the center of the earth, represented by a stone, the omphalos or navel, which Python guarded. Python became the chthonic enemy of the later Olympian deity Apollo, who slew it and took over Python's former home and oracle.


Go!'' (South African magazine)Weg! / Go!
Weg Magazine official website. go! Magazine Website. Data on circulation figures.

Go (radio show)

GoGO!Go'' (radio)
Go's weekly listener montage contest was retained on Day 6 as "Riffed from the Headlines".


Go NetworkWall of SoundDisneyland.Disney.Go.com
Infoseek and Disney Interactive Media Group joint ventured in developing the Go Network, an internet portal. Go.com was launched in January 1999 as a portal with content from ABCNews.com, ESPN.com and Disney. With Disney's purchase of the remainder of Infoseek in July 1999, the Go Network, Infoseek, the Disney Catalog, Disney Online (Disney.com and DisneyStore.com), ABC News Internet Ventures, ESPN Internet Ventures, and Buena Vista Internet Group were merged into the Go.com company; the company was 72% Disney-owned, with the other outstanding ownership in a tracking stock. In October 1999, the Go Guides program, a user-edited directory like DMOZ, was launched.

G/O Media

G/O Media Inc.
G/O Media Inc. is a media company that runs Gizmodo, Kotaku, Deadspin, Jezebel, The Onion and other sister websites. G/O was formed in April 2019 when Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm, purchased the websites from Univision for $20.6 million. Prior to the sale, the former Gawker Media properties had operated as Gizmodo Media Group after being acquired by Univision following the conclusion of the Bollea v. Gawker lawsuit and subsequent bankruptcy in 2016. Former Forbes executive Jim Spanfeller became the CEO of G/O Media.

Buk (drum)

While the term buk is a native Korean word used as a generic term meaning "drum" (the Sino-Korean word being go), it is most often used to refer to a shallow barrel-shaped drum, with a round wooden body that is covered on both ends with animal skin. Buk are categorized as hyeokbu which are instruments made with leather, and has been used for jeongak (Korean court music) and folk music. The buk used for court music are usually fixed with nails on the rims, while ones used for folk music are usually tied up with leather straps to form the shape.