Social media

socialsocial media platformsocial media campaign
Message forums (a specific structure of social media) arose with the BBS phenomenon throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. When the Internet proliferated with the World Wide Web (WWW) in the mid-1990s, message forums migrated online, becoming Internet forums, primarily due to cheaper per-person access as well as the ability to handle far more people simultaneously than telco modem banks. Digital imaging and semiconductor image sensor technology facilitated the development and rise of social media.

Armin Meiwes

Bernd Jürgen Armando BrandesBernd Jürgen BrandesThe Meiwes Case
Luka Magnotta. Profile: Cannibal Armin Meiwes. BBC News. Cannibal film banned in Germany. BBC News. Victim of cannibal agreed to be eaten . The Guardian.

American Dad!

American DadRick WienerUnderdog Productions
As an example, the episode "A Ward Show" is chock full of suicide and murder: Roger became Steve's legal guardian and responded to him getting picked on at school by rigging the teachers' cars with explosives and killing them all. Later on in the episode while Principal Lewis was driving his vehicle with Steve as the passenger, he informed Steve that he was about to drive off the Grand Canyon in a murder-suicide.

Revenge porn

nonconsensual pornographyrevenge pornographycirculating pornographic pictures
In June 2015, Google announced it would remove links to revenge porn on request. Microsoft followed suit in July. Both have placed forms on-line for victims to complete. Together the two organizations account for nearly 90% of the internet search market in the US. The term "revenge porn" is controversial because those who share images without permission may be motivated by profit, notoriety, entertainment, or other goals besides revenge; and because not all visual depictions of nudity or sexual activity are pornographic.

Domain hack

domain hacksdomain hackingopportunistic
Most prominent is .gle, created for Google to be used as Country code top-level domain. Generic top-level domain.

21st century

210021st centuriestwenty-first century
Hodges, determines that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.Slovenska vojska pri reševanju migrantske situacije z več zmogljivostmi 01.jpg. 2015 – During the ongoing European migrant crisis, Germany became the first final destination of choice for refugees and asylum seekers entering the EU. The country took in over 1 million refugees. 2015 – Iran and P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US + Germany), agree on final provisions of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in regards to the latter's nuclear program. 2015 – ISIL claimed responsibility of the shootings and suicide bombs in Paris on November 13, which became known as the November 2015 Paris attacks.

Torture murder

torturetortured to deathexecution by torture
John Bunting and Robert Wagner (Snowtown murders) (Adelaide, South Australia, 1992 to 1999). Sam Bockarie (Sierra Leone, 1992 to 2000). Gary Ridgway (Washington, 1988 to 2001). Charles Taylor (Liberia, 1997 to 2003). Yang Xinhai (China, 1999 to 2003). Huang Yong (China, 2001 to 2003). Joseph E. Duncan III (Idaho, California, 1996 to 2005). Raul Osiel Marroquin (Ciudad de Mexico, 2005). Volker Eckert (Europe, 1974 to 2006). Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuk (The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs) (Metropolitan Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2007). Edgar Valdez Villarreal (Mexico, 1992 to 2010). Brittany Norwood (Bethesda, Maryland, 2011). Luka Magnotta (Quebec, 2012).

Global surveillance

government surveillanceInternational cooperationmass surveillance
The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) of Germany systematically transfers metadata from German intelligence sources to the NSA. In December 2012 alone, the BND provided the NSA with 500 million metadata records. The NSA granted the Bundesnachrichtendienst access to X-Keyscore, in exchange for the German surveillance programs Mira4 and Veras. In early 2013, Hans-Georg Maaßen, President of the German domestic security agency Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), made several visits to the headquarters of the NSA. According to classified documents of the German government, Maaßen agreed to transfer all data records of persons monitored in Germany by the BfV via XKeyscore to the NSA.

List of most popular websites

Most popularfourth largest websitelist of the most popular websites
Of these top websites listed, nearly a third are owned by Google and ignoring the international Google websites, about a third are principally based outside of the United States. Alexa ranks websites based on a combined measure of page views and unique site users, and creates a list of most popular websites based on this ranking time-averaged over three-month periods. Only the site's highest-level domain is recorded, aggregating any subdomains. SimilarWeb ranks websites based on a panel of millions of Internet users, International/U.S. internet service providers, direct measurement of web traffic from data from thousands of websites and web crawlers scanning public websites.

Hate speech

incitement to hatredhatehate-speech
Volksverhetzung is punishable in Germany even if committed abroad and even if committed by non-German citizens, if only the incitement of hatred takes effect within German territory, e.g., the seditious sentiment was expressed in German writing or speech and made accessible in Germany (German criminal code's Principle of Ubiquity, Section 9 §1 Alt. 3 and 4 of the Strafgesetzbuch). On June 30, 2017, Germany approved a bill criminalizing hate speech on social media sites. Among criminalizing hate speech, the law states that social networking sites may be fined up to €50 million (US$56 million) if they persistently fail to remove illegal content within a week, including defamatory "fake news".

List of serial killers by number of victims

Serial killers with health related professionsthe most prolific serial killer in history List of medical and pseudo-medical serial killers
Axe murders. List of serial rapists by number of victims. List of rampage killers. List of serial killers by country. Spree killer.

URL shortening

URL shortenerURL shortenerslink shortener
On 14 December 2009 Google announced a service called Google URL Shortener at, which originally was only available for use through Google products (such as Google Toolbar and FeedBurner) and extensions for Google Chrome. On 21 December 2009, Google introduced a YouTube URL Shortener, From September 2010 Google URL Shortener became available via a direct interface. The service provides analytics details and a QR code generator. On 30 March 2018 Google announced that it is "turning down support for over the coming weeks and replacing it with Firebase Dynamic Links" (although existing links will continue to function).

Group buying

TuangouGroup buybuying
Google launched their own daily deals site in 2011 called "Google Offers" after its $6 billion acquisition offer to Groupon was rejected. Google Offers functions much like Groupon as well as its competitor LivingSocial. Users receive daily emails with local deals, which carry some preset time limit. When the deal reaches the minimum number of customers, all the users will receive the deal. The business model will remain the same. Facebook's 'Facebook deals' application was launched in five European countries in January 2011. The application works on a similar group buying model. Economy of scale. Group purchasing organization.


Fleshcrawl's lyrical themes are generally characteristic of typical death metal, and encompass such concepts as insanity, horror, doomsday, war, murder, misanthropy, genocide, gore, slavery, and sacrifice, among other lyrical concepts familiar to death metal. Sven Gross – vocals (1997–present). Oliver Grbavac – guitar (2002–present). Manuel Markowski – bass guitar (2011–present). Slobodan Stupar - guitar (2018-present). Bastian Herzog – drums, backing vocals (1987–present). Wendelin Dopfer (1987–1990). Alex Pretzer (1990–1996). Alfred Handke (1987–1991). Gero Schmidt (1991–1992). Stefan Hanus (1987–2002). Mike Hanus (1992–2018). Markus Amann (1987–1995). Mike Hanus (1995-1997, 2000).

Turkey–United States relations

Turkish-American relationsconsiderably disrupted until 19782009 US presidential visit to Turkey
Government officials of Turkey believe Khashoggi was murdered. Turkey in particular believes it was premeditated murder, and anonymous Saudi officials have admitted that agents affiliated with the Saudi government killed him. CIA Director Gina Haspel traveled to Turkey to address the investigation. The first visit of Ms. Haspel to Turkey in her new capacity after she was sworn in as the first female CIA director. The visit by Gina Haspel comes ahead of a planned speech Of Erdogan. Gina Haspel listened to audio purportedly capturing the ...[sound of saw on a bone]. On 20 November, U.S.


DutchThe NetherlandsHolland
Dutch workers were conscripted for forced labour in Germany, civilians who resisted were killed in reprisal for attacks on German soldiers, and the countryside was plundered for food. Although there were thousands of Dutch who risked their lives by hiding Jews from the Germans, over 20,000 Dutch fascists joined the Waffen SS, fighting on the Eastern Front. Political collaborators were members of the fascist NSB, the only legal political party in the occupied Netherlands. On 8 December 1941, the Dutch government-in-exile in London declared war on Japan, but could not prevent the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).

Life imprisonment

life sentencelife in prisonlife
Sentences of life in prison without parole can still be given to juveniles for aggravated first-degree murder, as long as the judge considers the circumstances of the case. [[File:LifeSentenceMapNew.svg|center|700px|thumb|Life imprisonment laws around the world: ]] In a number of countries, life imprisonment has been effectively abolished. Many of the countries whose governments have abolished both life imprisonment and indefinite imprisonment have been culturally influenced or colonized by Spain or Portugal and have written such prohibitions into their current constitutional laws (including Portugal itself but not Spain).


SwissSwiss ConfederationSWI
The principal official languages (German, French, and Italian) have terms, not used outside of Switzerland, known as Helvetisms. German Helvetisms are, roughly speaking, a large group of words typical of Swiss Standard German, which do not appear either in Standard German, nor in other German dialects. These include terms from Switzerland's surrounding language cultures (German Billett from French), from similar terms in another language (Italian azione used not only as act but also as discount from German Aktion). The French spoken in Switzerland has similar terms, which are equally known as Helvetisms.

Capital punishment

death penaltyexecutionexecuted
Supporters of the death penalty argued that death penalty is morally justified when applied in murder especially with aggravating elements such as for murder of police officers, child murder, torture murder, multiple homicide and mass killing such as terrorism, massacre and genocide. This argument is strongly defended by New York Law School's Professor Robert Blecker, who says that the punishment must be painful in proportion to the crime. Eighteenth-century philosopher Immanuel Kant defended a more extreme position, according to which every murderer deserves to die on the grounds that loss of life is incomparable to any jail term.


EuropeanEUEuropean continent
Later that year, following the Munich Agreement signed by Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy, Germany annexed the Sudetenland, which was a part of Czechoslovakia inhabited by ethnic Germans, and in early 1939, the remainder of Czechoslovakia was split into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, controlled by Germany, and the Slovak Republic. At the time, Britain and France preferred a policy of appeasement. With tensions mounting between Germany and Poland over the future of Danzig, the Germans turned to the Soviets, and signed the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, which allowed the Soviets to invade the Baltic states and parts of Poland and Romania.

Germanic peoples

GermanicGermanic tribesGermanic tribe
The etymology of the word Germani is uncertain. The likeliest theory so far proposed is that it comes from a Gaulish compound of *ger "near" + *mani "men", comparable to Welsh ger "near" (prep.), Old Irish gair "neighbor", Irish gar- (prefix) "near", garach "neighborly". Another Celtic possibility is that the name meant "noisy"; cf. Breton/Cornish garm "shout", Irish gairm "call". However, here the vowel does not match, nor does the vowel length (contrast with inscriptional Garmangabi (UK) and Garma Alise, G-257)). Others have proposed a Germanic etymology *gēr-manni, "spear men", cf. Middle Dutch ghere, Old High German Ger, Old Norse geirr.

Diminished responsibility

diminished capacitycapacity for rational thought had been diminishedDiminished capacity in United States law
For example, if the felony murder rule does not apply, first degree murder requires that the state prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant acted with premeditation, deliberation and the specific intent to kill—all three are necessary elements of the state's case. If evidence exists, sufficient to create a reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant because of mental illness or "defect" possessed the capacity to premeditate, deliberate or form the specific intent to kill then the state cannot convict the defendant of first degree murder. This does not mean that the defendant is entitled to an acquittal.


The site was founded on 31 October 2006, in part by the team behind the shock site, which closed on the same day. LiveLeak aims to take reality footage, politics, war, and other world events and combine them with the power of citizen journalism. Hayden Hewitt of Manchester is the only public member of LiveLeak's founding team. Featured videos often involve graphic content of fatal accidents or shootings. Although by 2016, Liveleak had reduced its controversial content, the site frequently sparked up controversy up until around 2008, mostly due to its graphic and political content.

Murder (Canadian law)

murderfirst-degree murdersecond-degree murder
If the jury finds that the accused committed the murder in the context of one of the criteria listed for first degree murder (under s. 231(5)), then the jury must be satisfied the accused was a substantial cause of the victim's death and had planned the act before performing it (pre-meditated) before finding the accused guilty of first degree murder. Manslaughter is any culpable homicide which is not murder or infanticide. Infanticide is the killing of a newly-born child by its mother where the mother's mind was disturbed as a result of giving birth or of consequent lactation.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

FrankfurtFWBFrankfurter Börse
Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is owned and operated by Deutsche Börse AG and Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG. It is located in the district of Innenstadt and within the central business district known as Bankenviertel. With 90 per cent of its turnover generated in Germany, namely at the two trading venues Xetra and Börse Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest of the seven regional securities exchanges in Germany. The trading indices are DAX, DAXplus, CDAX, DivDAX, LDAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX, VDAX and EuroStoxx 50.