List of diplomatic missions of the United States

American EmbassyU.S. EmbassyUnited States Embassy
John's (Consular Agency) ** Buenos Aires (Embassy) ** Bridgetown (Embassy) ** Nassau (Embassy) ** Belmopan (Embassy) ** Santiago (Embassy) ** San José (Embassy) ** Havana (Embassy) ** San Salvador (Embassy) **St.

Black and White Tour

The North American leg started at HP Pavilion at San Jose on April 17, 2007. It took Martin to arenas in 17 cities. Three shows from May 14–16 were cancelled (El Paso, Glendale and Albuquerque), after Martin suffered a lower back sprain during a show in Laredo. In July 2007, Ricky Martin completed a series of sold-out arena dates in Europe, and announced the dates for a second American leg of his Black and White Tour. After playing in Puerto Rico and Mexico, the US portion of new run kicked off on September 29, 2007 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, and run through October 14, 2007. The last stop included the performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

List of missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

407 missions421Hawaii Honolulu
Costa Rica San José East Mission. Costa Rica San José West Mission. Dominican Republic Santiago Mission. Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission. Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission. El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission. El Salvador San Salvador East Mission. El Salvador Santa Ana Mission. valign="top" |. Guatemala Coban Mission. Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission. Guatemala Guatemala City East Mission. Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission. Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission. Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission. Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission. Honduras Comayaguela Mission. Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission. valign="top" |. Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission.

List of Latin American and South American opera companies

This is a list of professional Latin American and South American opera companies and opera-related organizations. For opera companies from other geographical locations, see List of important opera companies.

2017 in table tennis

. * May 29 – June 5: 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in 🇩🇪 Düsseldorf |🇰🇷 Lee Sang-su |🇨🇳 Liu Shiwen 🇨🇳 Xu Xin |rowspan=2|🇯🇵 Masataka Morizono 🇯🇵 Yuya Oshima |🇰🇷 Jung Young-sik 🇰🇷 Lee Sang-su |🇯🇵 Koki Niwa 🇯🇵 Maharu Yoshimura 🇨🇳 Liu Shiwen |rowspan=2|🇨🇳 Chen Meng 🇨🇳 Zhu Yuling |🇸🇬 Feng Tianwei 🇸🇬 Yu Mengyu |🇯🇵 Hina Hayata 🇯🇵 Mima Ito 🇯🇵 Kasumi Ishikawa |rowspan=2| Chen Chien-an Cheng I-ching |🇨🇳 Fang Bo 🇩🇪 Petrissa Solja |🇭🇰 Wong Chun Ting 🇭🇰 Doo Hoi Kem * April 9 – 15: 2017 African Junior & Cadet Table Tennis Championships in 🇹🇳 Tunis * February 8 – 11: 2017 Central American Junior & Cadet Championships in Guatemala City * March 18 – 22: 2017

United States presidential visits to Central America

The number of visits made to each country in the region are: nine to Panama, seven to Costa Rica, five to El Salvador, four to Honduras, three to Guatemala, and three to Nicaragua. Belize has not been visited by an American president. Belize–United States relations. Costa Rica–United States relations. El Salvador–United States relations. Guatemala–United States relations. Honduras–United States relations. Nicaragua–United States relations. Panama–United States relations. Latin America–United States relations. Foreign policy of the United States. Foreign relations of the United States.

List of diplomatic missions of Ecuador

EcuadorConsulate of EcuadorConsulate-General of Ecuador in New Jersey
San José (Embassy). 🇨🇺 Cuba. Havana (Embassy). 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo (Embassy). 🇸🇻 El Salvador. San Salvador (Embassy). 🇬🇹 Guatemala. Guatemala City (Embassy). 🇭🇳 Honduras. Tegucigalpa (Embassy). 🇲🇽 Mexico. Mexico City (Embassy). Monterrey (Consulate). Tapachula (Consulate). 🇳🇮 Nicaragua. Managua (Embassy). 🇵🇦 Panama. Panama City (Embassy). 🇵🇾 Paraguay. Asunción (Embassy). 🇵🇪 Peru. Lima (Embassy). Tumbes (Consulate). 🇺🇸 United States. Washington, DC (Embassy). Atlanta (Consulate-General). Chicago (Consulate-General). Houston (Consulate-General). Los Angeles (Consulate-General). Miami (Consulate-General). Minneapolis (Consulate-General).

List of diplomatic missions of South Korea

Consulate-General of South KoreaSouth KoreaSouth Korean Embassy
San José (Embassy). 🇪🇨 Ecuador. Quito (Embassy). 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo (Embassy). 🇸🇻 El Salvador. San Salvador (Embassy). 🇬🇹 Guatemala. Guatemala City (Embassy). 🇭🇳 Honduras. Tegucigalpa (Embassy). 🇯🇲 Jamaica. Kingston (Embassy). Mexico City (Embassy). 🇳🇮 Nicaragua. Managua (Embassy). 🇵🇦 Panama. Panama City (Embassy). 🇵🇾 Paraguay. Asunción (Embassy). 🇵🇪 Peru. Lima (Embassy). Washington, D.C. (Embassy). Atlanta (Consulate-General). Boston (Consulate-General). Chicago (Consulate-General). Honolulu (Consulate-General). Houston (Consulate-General). Los Angeles (Consulate-General). New York City (Consulate-General). San Francisco (Consulate-General).

List of sovereign states and dependent territories in North America

23 independent states23 sovereign states and 15 dependent territoriesCountry
This is an alphabetical list of sovereign states and dependent territories in North America. This list uses the most inclusive definition of North America, which covers the landmass north of the Panama-Colombia border, and the islands of the Caribbean. North America is the northern continent of the Americas, situated in Earth's Northern Hemisphere and almost totally in the Western Hemisphere. It is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by the North Atlantic Ocean, on the southeast by the Caribbean Sea, and on the west by the North Pacific Ocean; South America lies to the southeast.

List of diplomatic missions of Switzerland

Embassy of SwitzerlandSwitzerlandConsulate of Switzerland
. ** Algiers (Embassy) ** Luanda (Embassy) ** Kinshasa (Embassy) ** Cairo (Embassy) ** Addis Ababa (Embassy) ** Accra (Embassy) ** Nairobi (Embassy) ** Antananarivo (Embassy) ** Rabat (Embassy) ** Maputo (Embassy) ** Dakar (Embassy) ** Khartoum (Embassy) ** Dar es Salaam (Embassy) ** Tunis (Embassy) ** Harare (Embassy) ** Buenos Aires (Embassy) ** La Paz (Embassy) ** Santiago (Embassy) ** Bogotá (Embassy) ** San José (Embassy) ** Havana (Embassy) ** Santo Domingo (Embassy) ** Quito (Embassy) ** Guatemala City (Embassy) ** Port-au-Prince (Embassy) ** Mexico City (Embassy) ** Lima (Embassy) ** Montevideo (Embassy) ** Caracas (Embassy) ** Yerevan (Embassy) ** Baku (Embassy) ** Dhaka (Embassy) **

List of diplomatic missions of the Dominican Republic

Dominican RepublicConsulate-General of the Dominican RepublicConsulate-General of the Dominican Republic in Philadelphia
San José (Embassy). Havana (Embassy). 🇪🇨 Ecuador. Quito (Embassy). 🇸🇻 El Salvador. San Salvador (Embassy). 🇬🇹 Guatemala. Guatemala City (Embassy). 🇭🇹 Haiti. Port-au-Prince (Embassy). Anse-à-Pitres (Consulate-General). Ouanaminthe (Consulate-General). Belladère (Consulate). 🇭🇳 Honduras. Tegucigalpa (Embassy). 🇯🇲 Jamaica. Kingston (Embassy). Mexico City (Embassy). 🇳🇮 Nicaragua. Managua (Embassy). 🇵🇦 Panama. Panama City (Embassy). 🇵🇾 Paraguay. Asuncion (Embassy). 🇵🇪 Peru. Lima (Embassy). Washington, D.C. (Embassy). Boston (Consulate-General). Chicago (Consulate-General). Los Angeles (Consulate-General). Miami (Consulate-General). New Orleans (Consulate-General).

List of national capital city name etymologies

Guatemala City: The origin of the name "Guatemala" is the Nahuatl language word Quauhtemallan meaning "forested land". This was the name that the Nahuatl-speaking Mexican allies of the Spanish conquistadors used for Iximche, the Kaqchikel Maya capital that the Spanish adopted as their colonial city. Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción (1775–1821): "New Guatemala of the Assumption" in Spanish. Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala (1527–1775): "Saint James of the Knights of Guatemala" in Spanish. Tecpán Guatemala (1524–1527): Derived from the Nahuatl name Tecpán Quauhtemallan, applied by the Mexican allies of the Spanish.

Foreign relations of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a close relationship with the United States and with the other states of the Inter-American system. It has accredited diplomatic missions in most Western Hemisphere countries and in principal European capitals.

Mirna Ortiz

In the 2012 Olympic games in London she competed in the 20 km walk along the other two women of the Guatemala racewalking team, Jamy Franco and Mayra Herrera but was disqualified after 8 km. After the World Championships that took place in Moscow in August 2013, she married racewalker Érick Barrondo.

List of Avianca El Salvador destinations

Avianca El Salvador Destinations
This is a list of airports that Avianca El Salvador flies to.

List of diplomatic missions of Russia

Russian embassySoviet EmbassyRussia has an embassy
José (Embassy) **Quito (Embassy) ** Guatemala City (Embassy) ** Georgetown (Embassy) ** Kingston (Embassy) ** Mexico City (Embassy) ** Managua (Embassy) ** Panama City (Embassy) ** Asunción (Embassy) ** Lima (Embassy) ** Montevideo (Embassy) ** Caracas (Embassy) ** Baku (Embassy) ** Manama (Embassy) ** Bandar Seri Begawan (Embassy) ** Phnom Penh (Embassy) ** Tbilisi (No diplomatic relations - Embassy of Switzerland in Tbilisi has Russian Interests Section) ** Amman (Embassy) ** Kuwait City (Embassy) ** Vientiane (Embassy) ** Beirut (Embassy) ** Kuala Lumpur (Embassy) ** Yangon (Embassy) ** Kathmandu (Embassy) ** Muscat (Embassy) ** Ramallah (Embassy) ** Doha (Embassy) ** Taipei (Representative

List of Iberia destinations

As of January 2019, Iberia flies to 26 domestic and 63 international destinations across Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. This list does not include irregular charters and destinations served by Air Nostrum operating as Iberia Regional or Iberia Express.

List of tallest buildings by country

lowest occupiers of skyscrapers and tall buildingstallest building in the country
The following is a list of the tallest buildings in the world by country listing only the tallest building in each country. The list is including only completed (or at least topped-out) buildings. A total of 20 countries featured in the list have supertall skyscrapers (300 m and more). Many countries have constructed new tallest buildings in the 2010s, with the oldest tallest building in a country being St. Olaf's Church in Tallinn, Estonia, which has stood as the country's tallest building since 1519.

Foreign relations of Uruguay

foreign relationsUruguay
This article deals with the diplomatic affairs, foreign policy and international relations of Uruguay. At the political level, these matters are officially handled by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, also known as Cancillería, which answers to the President. The Minister of Foreign Relations, since March 2015, is Chancellor (es: Canciller) Rodolfo Nin Novoa.

List of diplomatic missions of Brazil

BrazilConsulate-General of BrazilBrazilian diplomatic missions
George's (Embassy). 🇬🇹 Guatemala. Guatemala City (Embassy). 🇬🇾 Guyana. Georgetown (Embassy). 🇭🇹 Haiti. Port-au-Prince (Embassy). 🇭🇳 Honduras. Tegucigalpa (Embassy). Mexico City (Embassy). 🇳🇮 Nicaragua. Managua (Embassy). Panama City (Embassy). 🇵🇾 Paraguay. Asunción (Embassy and Consulate-General). Ciudad del Este (Consulate-General). Pedro Juan Caballero (Consulate). Concepción (Vice-Consulate). Encarnación (Vice-Consulate). Salto del Guairá (Vice-Consulate). Lima (Embassy). Iquitos (Consulate). Washington D.C. (Embassy and Consulate-General). Atlanta (Consulate-General). Boston (Consulate-General). Chicago (Consulate-General). Hartford (Consulate-General).

Dalila Rugama

Dalila Rugama has won in 4 times (2001, 2006, 2013 and 2017) the Women's Javelin Throw and 1 time (2006) the Women's Shot Put in the Central American Games. Similarly won in 12 times (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) the Women's Javelin Throw and 1 time (2018) the Women's Shot Put in the Central American Championships in Athletics. Dalila Rugama is the best in the Women's Javelin Throw in the history of Central American.

List of cities in the Americas by year of foundation

oldest European settlements in the American continent
This is a list of cities in the Americas (South, Central and North) by founding year and present-day country.

Ronald Bennett (athlete)

Ronald BennettRonald Beneth
Ronald Roosevelt Bennett Martínez (born 11 October 1984 in La Ceiba, Honduras) is a Honduran runner. He competed in the 110 metres hurdles event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He was the flag bearer of Honduras during the opening ceremony.