Los Angeles Rams

RamsSt. Louis RamsLos Angeles/St. Louis Rams
Source: * History of the National Football League in Los Angeles Sid Gillman, inducted as a coach, was head coach for five seasons, but had his greatest success in the same position with the San Diego Chargers. Pete Rozelle, inducted as a contributor, served the Rams as public relations director and later general manager, but his induction was based mainly on his 29 years as NFL commissioner. Tex Schramm, also inducted as a contributor, was a Rams executive for 9 years, but had his greatest impact as president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys for their first 29 years of existence. Los Angeles Rams at Pro Football Reference. Los Angeles Rams collected news at the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Memorial ColiseumColiseumLos Angeles Coliseum
Banc of California Stadium. List of NCAA Division I FBS football stadiums. History of the National Football League in Los Angeles. A.J. Barnes, active in fight against giving USC preferential rights in the Coliseum, 1932. Lloyd G. Davies, Los Angeles City Council member, 1943–51, urged that the city take over full management of the Coliseum. Harold A. Henry, Los Angeles City Council president and later a member of the Coliseum Commission. Rosalind Wiener Wyman, first representative of the Los Angeles City Council on the Coliseum Commission, 1958. Ransom M. Callicott, Los Angeles City Council, commission member, 1962. LA Memorial Coliseum.com – Official website (operated by USC).

American football

footballAmericanfootball player
The Los Angeles Times notes that the NFL claims over 16 million fans in Mexico, which places the country third behind the US and Canada. American football is played in Mexico both professionally and as part of the college sports system. The top American football competition in Mexico is the recently created Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (Professional American Football League). At the collegiate level there is the Liga Mayor of the ONEFA, a college championship founded in 1930. There is also the CONADEIP Premier Conference, another college competition founded in 2010.

National Football League

NFLleagueNational Football League (NFL)
Three NFL teams trace their histories to these rival leagues, including the Los Angeles Rams (who came from a 1936 iteration of the American Football League), the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers (the last two of which came from the AAFC). By the 1950s, the NFL had an effective monopoly on professional football in the United States; its only competition in North America was the professional Canadian football circuit, which formally became the Canadian Football League (CFL) in 1958. With Canadian football being a different football code than the American game, the CFL established a niche market in Canada and still survives as an independent league.

Oakland Raiders

Los Angeles RaidersOaklandRaiders
In the midst of the turmoil of Al Davis' attempts to move the team to Los Angeles in 1980, Flores looked to lead the Raiders to their third Super bowl by finishing the season 11–5 and earning a wild card berth. Quarterback Jim Plunkett revitalized his career, taking over in game five when starter Dan Pastorini was lost for the season to a broken leg after owner Al Davis had picked up Pastorini when he swapped quarterbacks with the Houston Oilers, sending the beloved Ken Stabler to the Oilers. The Raiders defeated Stabler and the Oilers in the Wild Card game and advanced to the AFC Championship by defeating the Cleveland Browns 14–12.

Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum

Oakland ColiseumOakland-Alameda County ColiseumNetwork Associates Coliseum
On February 19, 2015, the Raiders and the San Diego Chargers announced plans for a privately financed $1.7 billion stadium that the two teams would have built in Carson upon being approved to move to the Los Angeles market. Both teams stated that they would continue to attempt to get stadiums built in their respective cities. The stadium was approved by the Carson City Council but was defeated by the NFL who voted in favor of building Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park and relocating the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles with the Chargers as the second LA team.

History of the Los Angeles Raiders

Los Angeles RaidersLos AngelesRaiders
It was still possible, however, for the Raiders to move as they could have moved into the Rams' new stadium in Inglewood with the Rams if the Chargers opted to stay in San Diego. On January 12, 2017 the Chargers opted to join the Rams in Los Angeles thereby closing the door on the return of the Raiders to the city although with an AFC West rival playing in Los Angeles, the Raiders get at least one game in Los Angeles each season playing the Los Angeles Chargers. The Raiders’ time in Los Angeles had a large cultural impact on both the Raiders and Los Angeles.

History of the San Diego Chargers

San Diego ChargersSan DiegoLos Angeles Chargers
History of the National Football League in Los Angeles. History of the Los Angeles Chargers.

History of the St. Louis Rams

St. Louis RamsLos Angeles RamsSt. Louis
Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers won championships in 1980 and 1982 en route to winning five titles in that decade, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series in 1981 and 1988, and the Los Angeles Kings, buoyed by the acquisition of Wayne Gretzky in August 1988, advanced to the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals. Although not apparent at the time, the Rams’ loss in the [[1989–90 NFL playoffs#NFC Championship: San Francisco 49ers 30, Los Angeles Rams 3|1989 NFC Championship Game]] marked the end of an era. The Rams would not have another winning season in Los Angeles before relocation.

Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park

new stadiumCity of Champions Stadiuma new stadium
History of the Los Angeles Rams. History of the Los Angeles Chargers. History of the National Football League in Los Angeles. Hollywood Park development website. Webcam of LA Stadium. Construction page for stadium from Turner/Hunt. Stadium presentation from HKS.

Levi's Stadium

a new stadiumNnew stadium
In January 2016, after losing their bid to relocate to Los Angeles to the Los Angeles Rams, the Raiders withdrew their request to move to Los Angeles, and joint tenancy at Levi's again surfaced in general discussion. However, with the Raiders getting approved for a move to Las Vegas and securing a local agreement for stadium funding there with Las Vegas Stadium under construction, it seems unlikely the Raiders will ever pursue a move to Santa Clara. Levi's Stadium has been mentioned as a possible temporary home for the Oakland Raiders for their upcoming 2019 season before they relocate to Las Vegas.

History of the Houston Oilers

Houston OilersOilersHouston
After winning the first-ever AFL championship over the Los Angeles Chargers in 1960, they repeated over the same team (then in San Diego) in 1961. (In 2012, the retail outlet Old Navy earned infamy for selling a shirt that misidentified the 1961 AFL champions as the Houston Texans, who did not exist until 2002.) They lost to the Dallas Texans in the classic 1962 double-overtime AFL championship game, at the time the longest professional football championship game ever played. In 1962, the Oilers were the first AFL team to sign an active NFL player away from the other league, when wide receiver Willard Dewveall left the Bears to join the champion Oilers.

Houston Texans

HoustonTexanscurrent NFL team
In 1996, a year earlier, the Cleveland Browns had controversially relocated to become the Baltimore Ravens. As part of the settlement between the NFL, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, and the team owned by Art Modell, the league promised to return football to Cleveland within the following three years. In order to even out the franchises at 32, the league also contemplated adding another expansion franchise. As Houston was one of the favorites for the extra franchise along with Toronto and Los Angeles (which had lost the Rams and the Raiders in 1995), McNair then decided to join the football project and founded Houston NFL Holdings with partner Steve Patterson.

Los Angeles Chargers

San DiegoChargersSan Diego Chargers
Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke announced in January 2015 his intention to build a new stadium in Inglewood, the Chargers felt pressured to announce their own Los Angeles plan to preserve what they claimed was "25 percent of their fan base" in the affluent Los Angeles and Orange County areas. In February 2015, the team announced a stadium proposal in Carson, in partnership with the Oakland Raiders, their AFC West divisional rivals. The 2015 season started off with a win against the Detroit Lions at home. The Chargers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings on the road before defeating the Cleveland Browns on a last second field goal.

Green Bay Packers

Green BayPackersGreen Bay Packer
Browns 12 • 1966 NFL Championship: Green Bay Packers 34, Dallas Cowboys 27 • Super Bowl I: Green Bay Packers 35, Kansas City Chiefs 10 • 1967 Conference Championship: Green Bay Packers 28, Los Angeles Rams 7 • 1967 NFL Championship: Green Bay Packers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17 • Super Bowl II: Green Bay Packers 33, Oakland Raiders 14 • 1972 Divisional: Washington Redskins 16, Green Bay Packers 3 • 1982 First Round: Green Bay Packers 41, St.

New York Giants

GiantsN.Y. GiantsNY Giants
In 2010, MetLife Stadium opened, replacing Giants Stadium. The new stadium is a 50/50 partnership between the Giants and Jets, and while the stadium is owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority on paper, the two teams jointly built the stadium using private funds, and administer it jointly through New Meadowlands Stadium Corporation. The Giants had previously planned a $300 million renovation to the Meadowlands, before deciding in favor of the new stadium which was originally estimated to cost approximately $600 million, before rising to an estimated cost of one billion dollars.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl ChampionSuper Bowlsthe Super Bowl
For example, Los Angeles's last five Super Bowls were all played at the Rose Bowl, which has never been used by any NFL franchise outside of the Super Bowl. No team has ever played the Super Bowl in its home stadium. The closest any team has come was the 2017 Minnesota Vikings, who were within one win of playing Super Bowl LII in U.S. Bank Stadium, but lost the NFC Championship game to the Philadelphia Eagles. Two teams have played the Super Bowl in their home market: the San Francisco 49ers, who played Super Bowl XIX in Stanford Stadium instead of Candlestick Park; and the Los Angeles Rams, who played Super Bowl XIV in the Rose Bowl instead of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Buffalo Bills

BuffaloBillsBills Wall of Fame
Browns 34, Buffalo Bills 30. 1990 Divisional Playoffs: Buffalo Bills 44, Miami Dolphins 34. 1990 AFC Championship: Buffalo Bills 51, Los Angeles Raiders 3.

Inglewood, California

InglewoodInglewood, CACity of Inglewood
Inglewood will once again become home to professional sports teams starting in 2020 when the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL move into the $4.9 billion Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. The stadium will host Super Bowl LVI in 2022. The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings played their home games at The Forum until the completion of the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. During the 2028 Summer Olympics, the opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. The venue will also host Soccer games during the Olympics while the grounds outside the stadium will host archery.

Professional football (gridiron)

professional footballprofessionalpro football
Although the NFL as a whole continued to play through World War II, the schedule was reduced, rosters were seriously impacted, and the Steelers were forced to merge operations with other NFL teams in 1943 and 1944, while the Cleveland Rams were forced to suspend operations in 1943. In 1936, a second American Football League of six teams was formed to challenge the NFL. It included another New York Yankees team, as well as the Cleveland Rams, the predecessor to today's Los Angeles Rams. Future American Football League (1960–1969) coach and Hall of Famer Sid Gillman played his only year of Professional Football with the Rams.

Chicago Bears

BearsChicagoDecatur Staleys
Later in 1925, The Bears would go on a barnstorming tour, showing off the best football player of the day. 75,000 people paid to see Grange lead the Bears to a 17–7 victory over the Los Angeles Tigers, who were a quickly put together team of West Coast college all-stars. After a loss to San Francisco, the Bears cruised to a 60–3 over a semi-pro team called the Portland All Stars. Any hopes that Grange would lead the Bears to glory in 1926 were quickly dashed. A failed contract talk led to Grange bolting to the AFL's New York Yankees, owned by Pyle. The Bears also lost star quarterback Joey Sternaman, who joined the Chicago Bulls of the AFL.

Cleveland Browns relocation controversy

relocaterelocation of the BrownsThe Move
He had publicly criticized the Baltimore Colts' move to Indianapolis, and had testified in favor of the NFL in court cases where the league unsuccessfully tried to stop Al Davis from moving the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles. However, Modell refused to share the suite revenue with the Cleveland Indians, who also played at Cleveland Stadium, even though much of the revenues were generated during baseball games as well as football games. In 1990, the Indians prevailed upon the local governments and voters and convinced them to build them their own facility where they controlled the suite revenue.

2016 NFL season

20162016 season2016 regular season
The Chargers were the only NFL team to play in Southern California at the time (until the Rams moved to Los Angeles in 2016), with San Diego being a 125 mi distance from Los Angeles, and the Chargers counted Los Angeles as a secondary market. The Chargers have been looking to replace Qualcomm Stadium (which, like the Oakland Coliseum opened in the late 1960s) since at least 2003, and have had an annual out clause in which it can move in exchange for paying a fine to the city of San Diego for its remaining years on its lease.

History of the Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles RamsLos AngelesRams
. * In the 1978 film Heaven Can Wait, Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty), a fictional quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, is looking forward to leading his team to the Super Bowl. * History of the National Football League in Los Angeles Bob Waterfield played his first season in Cleveland. Jackie Slater played his last season in St. Louis.

History of the National Football League

history of the APFANFL historyAmerican Professional Football Association
NFL integration occurred only when the Cleveland Rams wanted to move to Los Angeles, and the venue, the Los Angeles Coliseum, required them to integrate their team. They then signed two black players, Kenny Washington and Woody Strode. Other NFL teams eventually followed suit, but Marshall refused to integrate the Redskins until forced to by the Kennedy administration as a condition for using D.C. Stadium (now RFK Stadium). In spite of this open bias, Marshall was elected to the NFL's Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963. In 1946, the Cleveland Browns of a rival Professional Football league, the All-America Football Conference, signed two black players.