1992 in film

19921992 film1991/92
White Sands, directed by Roger Donaldson, starring Willem Dafoe, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson. Wind, directed by Carroll Ballard, starring Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson, Stellan Skarsgård. Wuthering Heights, starring Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes - (U.K.). Year of the Comet, starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Daly, Louis Jourdan. The Yo-Yo Gang - (Canada). Yodha, starring Mohanlal and Madhoo - (India). January 19 - Logan Lerman, actor. February 9 - Avan Jogia, Canadian actor. February 10 - Karen Fukuhara, actress. February 11. Georgia Groome, actress. Taylor Lautner, actor. February 14 - Freddie Highmore, actor.

2009 in film

20092009 film2008/09
The year 2009 saw the release of many films. Seven made the top 50 list of highest-grossing films. Also in 2009, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that as of that year, their Best Picture category would consist of ten nominees, rather than five (the first time since the 1943 awards).

List of American films of 1994

A list of American films released in 1994. Forrest Gump won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Live Read

LACMA Live Readlive dramatic reading
Mark Duplass as Boogie (originally played by Mickey Rourke). Nadine Velazquez as Barbara (originally played by Kathryn Dowling). Stephen Rannazzisi as Eddie (originally played by Steve Guttenberg). Katie Aselton as Beth (originally played by Ellen Barkin). Rob Huebel as Billy (originally played by Tim Daly). Jason Mantzoukas as Modell (originally played by Paul Reiser). Paul Scheer as Shrevie (originally played by Daniel Stern). Nick Kroll as Fenwick (originally played by Kevin Bacon). Cast. Aaron Paul as Luke Skywalker (originally played by Mark Hamill). Ellen Page as Han Solo (originally played by Harrison Ford). Jessica Alba as Princess Leia Organa (originally played by Carrie Fisher).

1996 in film

19961995/961996 film
Bullet, starring Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur. Bulletproof, starring Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler, James Caan. The Cable Guy, directed by Ben Stiller, starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. Camping Cosmos – (Belgium). Carla's Song, directed by Ken Loach, starring Robert Carlyle – (U.K.). Carpool, starring Tom Arnold and David Paymer. Carried Away, starring Dennis Hopper and Amy Irving. Caught, starring Edward James Olmos and María Conchita Alonso. Celtic Pride, starring Dan Aykroyd, Daniel Stern and Damon Wayans. Chain Reaction, starring Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward. The Chamber, directed by James Foley, starring Chris O'Donnell and Gene Hackman.

Kōichi Yamadera

Koichi YamaderaYamachan宏一 山寺
Tim Daly. Storm of the Century (Mike Anderson). Timothy Dalton. Licence to Kill (TV Asahi edition) (James Bond). Tom Cruise. Austin Powers in Goldmember (Tom Cruise/Famous Austin). Born on the Fourth of July (Video edition) (Ron Kovic). Jerry Maguire (Video and DVD edition) (Jerry Maguire). Magnolia (DVD edition) (Frank Mackey). Rain Man (TV edition) (Charlie Babbitt). Tom Hanks. Apollo 13 (Nippon TV edition) (Jim Lovell). The 'Burbs (TV edition) (Ray Peterson). Forrest Gump (Nippon TV edition) (Forrest Gump). Saving Private Ryan (TV Asahi edition) (Captain John H. Miller). Sleepless in Seattle (DVD edition) (Sam Baldwin). That Thing You Do! (DVD edition) (Mister White).

Wings (1990 TV series)

WingsHelen Chappel HackettWings (TV series)
Starring Tim Daly and Steven Weber as brothers Joe and Brian Hackett, the show is set at the fictional "Tom Nevers Field" airport, a small two-airline airport in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where the Hackett brothers operate Sandpiper Air. Other regulars include Crystal Bernard, David Schramm, Rebecca Schull, Thomas Haden Church, and Tony Shalhoub. Farrah Forke later joined the cast for two seasons. When Forke left, Amy Yasbeck joined the cast for the remainder of the show's run from 1994–1997. Thomas Haden Church left the show in spring 1995 to star in the Fox sitcom Ned and Stacey, and Brian Haley joined the cast as the new mechanic.

Footloose (1984 film)

Footloose1984 film of the same name1984 film
Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormack. Lori Singer as Ariel Moore. John Lithgow as Rev. Shaw Moore. Dianne Wiest as Vi Moore. Chris Penn as Willard Hewitt. Sarah Jessica Parker as Rusty. John Laughlin as Woody. Elizabeth Gorcey as Wendy Jo. Frances Lee McCain as Ethel McCormack. Jim Youngs as Chuck Cranston. Timothy Scott as Andy Beamis. 2004: AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs:. "Footloose" – #96. Footloose at The Numbers. Footloose Review, history and filming locations.

The Following

Premium Crime (The Following)
The Following is an American television drama series created by Kevin Williamson, and jointly produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. The first season follows former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) trying to help recapture serial killer Joe Carroll, while Carroll's assembled cult captures Carroll's son from his ex-wife and sends Carroll's messages to the world. The second season introduces Hardy's niece, who provides help in finding Carroll after his fake death while also dealing with a new cult. The series was broadcast on the commercial broadcast television network Fox.

Private Practice (TV series)

Private Practiceleaves for Los AngelesMildred Clemons
The sixth season was the only one not to feature Tim Daly and was announced on October 19, 2012, to be the final season. The series finale aired on January 22, 2013. Reruns can be seen in syndication on some local ABC stations. On February 21, 2007, The Wall Street Journal reported that ABC was pursuing a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy featuring Kate Walsh's character Addison Montgomery. Subsequent reports confirmed the report, stating that an expanded two-hour broadcast of Grey's Anatomy (which aired May 3, 2007) would serve as a backdoor pilot for the spinoff.

The Woodsman (2004 film)

The Woodsman2004The Woodsman'' (2004 film)
In an interview with The New York Times in 2010, actor Colin Firth named Bacon's performance the Best of the Decade. * Interview with Kevin Bacon about The Woodsman Kevin Bacon as Walter. Kyra Sedgwick as Vicki. Mos Def as Lucas. Benjamin Bratt as Carlos. Eve as Mary-Kay. David Alan Grier as Bob. Hannah Pilkes as Robin. Kevin Rice as "Candy". Michael Shannon as Rosen. Carlos Leon as Pedro. Jessica Nagle as Annette.

Mark Snow

Martin FultermanSnow, Mark
He is married to Glynn Daly, sister of actors Tim Daly and Tyne Daly. Born in New York City on August 26, 1946, Snow grew up in Brooklyn, graduating from the High School of Music and Art (1964) and, afterwards, the Juilliard School of Music. He was a co-founder of the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble. Snow also composed the score for the television movie Dirty Pictures, the series Smallville and One Tree Hill. He has also composed music for video games, such as Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Urban Assault (cutscene music only). Snow has been nominated for 19 Emmy Awards and won 34 ASCAP awards.

Tyne Daly

Her younger brother is actor Tim Daly, and she has two sisters, Mary Glynn and Pegeen Michael. She was raised in Westchester County, New York, where she started her career by performing in summer stock with her family; she earned her Equity Card at age 15. She studied at Brandeis University and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Daly appeared in the CBS police-procedural crime drama Cagney & Lacey as Mary Beth Lacey, the married working mother. She won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series four times, in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1988, and was a nominee in 1986 and 1987.

Pete Wilder

Peter "Pete" WilderDr. Pete Wilder
He is portrayed by actor Tim Daly. Pete works at the Oceanside Wellness Center as a naturopathic doctor and licensed herbalist. He graduated from medical school and practiced traditional western medicine for a number of years before spending five years in China studying alternative medicine. Pete’s medical practice combines eastern and western medicine in an integrative approach, and he is often asked to provide expectant mothers with holistic birthing plans. Pete has also lectured locally and internationally on the subject of Oriental and Eastern Medicine. During Dr.

Animal House

National Lampoon's Animal HouseBlutoNational Lampoon's ''Animal House
Kevin Bacon as Chip Diller. John Vernon as Dean Vernon Wormer. Verna Bloom as Marion Wormer. Donald Sutherland as Professor Dave Jennings. Karen Allen as Katy. Sarah Holcomb as Clorette DePasto. DeWayne Jessie as Otis Day. Mary Louise Weller as Mandy Pepperidge. Martha Smith as Barbara Sue "Babs" Jansen. Cesare Danova as Mayor Carmine DePasto. a John Landis cameo as a cafeteria dishwasher who tries to stop Bluto from eating all the food.