Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)Chairman
The Hurricane predominantly affected southeast Texas; however, its effects were felt as far as Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee in the form of flash flooding. Harvey slowly progressed around southeast Texas, where it produced heavy precipitation over the region. This caused heavy flooding in residential areas such as Colorado City, Liberty, and Montgomery, Texas. Harvey was the first of a series of hurricanes and tropical storms to affect the United States between August and September 2017.

Hurricane Katrina

KatrinaHurricanes Katrinahurricane
Over 3 in of rain fell in portions of West Virginia, causing localized flooding in several counties. At least 103 homes and 7 buildings suffered some degree of water damage. A number of roads and bridges were inundated or washed out. The remnants of Katrina produced locally heavy precipitation in northeast Ohio, ranging from about 2 to 4 in. Numerous streams and rivers overflowed their banks, forcing the closure of several roads, including Interstate 90 in Cleveland. Two deaths occurred due to a flood-related automobile accident in Huron County. Additionally, hundreds of homes and businesses suffered flood damage.

T. C. Boyle

T.C. BoyleT. Coraghessan BoyleT.C.Boyle
They have three children and live in Montecito near Santa Barbara, California. Their home was imperiled in the 2017 Thomas Fire which consumed 440 square miles and over 1,000 structures in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, killing a firefighter in the latter. The fires denuded drought-stricken hillsides of vegetation and torrential rains in January 2018 subsequently dislodged immense boulders and precipitated mudslides which destroyed over one hundred homes and killed almost two dozen of his neighbors. Over 10,000 people were evacuated from Montecito as a result of the sequence of natural disasters.

St. Francis Dam

a dam failedhave happened in California killing 600 peopleSt. Francis Dam Disaster
St Francis Dam Flood, image gallery at USGS. Complete List of St. Francis Dam Disaster Victims, compiled by Ann C. Stansell, California State University–Northridge.


vegetativevegetatedvegetative cover
Abrupt changes are generally referred to as disturbances; these include things like wildfires, high winds, landslides, floods, avalanches and the like. Their causes are usually external (exogenous) to the community—they are natural processes occurring (mostly) independently of the natural processes of the community (such as germination, growth, death, etc.). Such events can change vegetation structure and composition very quickly and for long time periods, and they can do so over large areas. Very few ecosystems are without some type of disturbance as a regular and recurring part of the long term system dynamic.

List of California locations by income

Californiahighest income cities in Californialowest median household income
The following is a list of California locations by income. California had a per capita income of $29,906 during the five-year period comprising years 2010 through 2014. About every third county and every third place in California had per capita incomes above the state average. Though somewhat counterintuitive, this implies that counties and places with per capita incomes even slightly exceeding that of the state can be classified as "high income" given the natural division of places into a top third (high), middle third (medium), and lower third (low) when ranked by per capita income.

List of countries by natural disaster risk

15th highest natural disaster riskNatural disaster riskWorld Risk Index
This is a list of countries by natural disaster risk, as measured in the World Risk Index, calculated by the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) and featured in the 2016 World Risk Report (WRR 2016) published by the Alliance Development Works/Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft (BEH). The report systematically considers a country's vulnerability and its exposure to natural hazards to determine a ranking of countries around the world based on their natural disaster risk.

Yosemite Valley

Influential figures such as Galen Clark, clergyman Thomas Starr King and leading landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted were among those who urged Senator John Conness of California to try to preserve Yosemite. President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill on June 30, 1864 granting Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias to the State of California "for public use, resort and recreation," the two tracts "shall be inalienable for all time". This was the first time in history that a federal government had set aside scenic lands simply to protect them and to allow for their enjoyment by all people. Simply designating an area a park isn't sufficient to protect it.

Flood alert

flood watchred alertwatches
Flood alerts are issued by weather agencies to alert residents that flood conditions are a possibility. In the United States, a flash flood watch is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) when weather conditions are favorable for very heavy rain that could cause flooding or flash flooding. A watch does not mean that flooding is occurring, only that weather conditions have created or will create a significant risk for it. If flooding occurs, a flood warning or flash flood warning would be issued and immediate action should be taken. A flood warning or flash flood warning is issued when flooding is imminent or already occurring.

Vargas tragedy

1999 Vargas mudslideVargas mudslides1999 mud slides
The Vargas tragedy was a natural disaster that occurred in Vargas State, Venezuela on 14–16 December 1999, when torrential rains caused flash floods and debris flows that killed tens of thousands of people, destroyed thousands of homes, and led to the complete collapse of the state's infrastructure. According to relief workers, the neighborhood of Los Corales was buried under 3 m of mud and a high percentage of homes were simply swept into the ocean. Entire towns including Cerro Grande and Carmen de Uria completely disappeared. As much as 10% of the population of Vargas died during the event. The coastal area of Vargas State has long been subject to mudslides and flooding.

January 2011 Rio de Janeiro floods and mudslides

Brazilian floods2011 Brazilian floods2011 Rio de Janeiro landslide
While local media claims that the combination of floods, mudslides and landslides in Rio de Janeiro became the worst weather-related natural disaster in Brazilian history, some contend that a similar weather-related tragedy that took place in the same state in 1967 was much deadlier, and that an estimated 1,700 people lost their lives on that occasion. The cities that reported human casualties are located in a mountainous area, in the neighborhood of the Serra dos Órgãos national park. The area is a tourist hotspot due to its geographic features, historical landmarks and mild temperatures. Many buildings, however, are directly exposed to landslide hazards because of the steep terrain.

Devil's Slide (California)

Devil's SlideDevil's Slide Rock
California landslides. Biological Assessment, Species of Concern, Proposed Route 1 Devil's Slide Tunnel Bypass Project, San Mateo County, California Prepared by; Caltrans, Office of Environmental Planning, South. July, 1998. Michael Hogan and Ballard George, Air Quality and Noise Analyses for the Bypass Alternative, Devil's Slide Improvement Project, Caltrans District 4, prepared by Earth Metrics Inc., Burlingame, CA (1984). Devil's Slide Improvement Project, San Mateo County, California, Draft Second Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, Caltrans District 4 (1999).

List of natural disasters by death toll

21st deadliest earthquake of all time19th deadliest earthquake of all time23rd most deadly
A natural disaster is a sudden event that causes widespread destruction, major collateral damage or loss of life, brought about by forces other than the acts of human beings. A natural disaster might be caused by earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruption, landslide, hurricanes etc. In order to be classified as a disaster, it will have profound environmental effect and/or human loss and frequently incurs financial loss. ''Notes: The list does not include several volcanic eruptions with uncertain death tolls resulting from collateral effects (crop failures, etc.), though these may have numbered in the millions; see List of volcanic eruptions by death toll.

Geotechnical engineering

geotechnicalgeotechnical engineergeotechnical engineers
Investigations can include the assessment of the risk to humans, property and the environment from natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction, debris flows and rockfalls. A geotechnical engineer then determines and designs the type of foundations, earthworks, and/or pavement subgrades required for the intended man-made structures to be built. Foundations are designed and constructed for structures of various sizes such as high-rise buildings, bridges, medium to large commercial buildings, and smaller structures where the soil conditions do not allow code-based design. Foundations built for above-ground structures include shallow and deep foundations.

Civil defense

civil defencecivil protectiondefense
Natural disasters and the emergence of new threats such as terrorism have caused attention to be focused away from traditional civil defense and into new forms of civil protection such as emergency management and homeland security. Many countries still maintain a national Civil Defence Corps, usually having a wide brief for assisting in large scale civil emergencies such as flood, earthquake, invasion, or civil disorder. After the September 11 attacks in 2001, in the United States the concept of civil defense has been revisited under the umbrella term of homeland security and all-hazards emergency management. In Europe, the triangle CD logo continues to be widely used.

Val Pola landslide

Valtellina flood disaster
The debris from the Val Pola rock avalanche and landslide impounded on the Adda River creating a lake with 6 million cubic meters of water. The landslide itself obliterated 5 villages and six hamlets with 43 people died of various disaster-related causes. The total cost of the disaster and several months of its mitigation was about 400 million euros. The resulting lake created the floodability threat, because the accumulated huge amount of water threatened to breach the debris dam and flood the Adda valley.

Disaster response

disaster reliefrehabilitationdisaster assistance
In India, the National Disaster Management Authority is responsible for planning for mitigating effects of natural disasters and anticipating and avoiding man-made disasters. It also coordinates the capacity-building and response of government agencies to crises and emergencies. The National Disaster Response Force is an inter-government disaster response agency that specializes in search, rescue and rehabilitation.

Slot canyon

In California, several slot canyons are located within Death Valley National Park. Local as well as distant storms can cause dangerous flash flooding in slot canyons, and hikers should not enter them if there is any sign of rain in the surrounding area. In many slot canyons, it can be miles before a safe exit or rescue is possible. On August 12, 1997, eleven tourists, including seven from France, one from the United Kingdom, one from Sweden and two from the United States, were killed in Lower Antelope Canyon by a flash flood. Very little rain fell at the site that day, but an earlier thunderstorm had dumped a large amount of water into the canyon basin, seven miles upstream.

Santa Barbara Vedanta Temple

Vedanta Society of Southern California, Santa Barbara Temple
The temple was built on a mostly undeveloped estate donated by Spencer Kellogg to the Vedanta Society of Southern California in 1944. The property was largely covered with thick chaparral shrub, and included a house, a small shrine building, and an art room. It has been published that Spencer Kellogg offered the property on two occasions to Swami Prabhavananda (founder of the Vedanta Society of Southern California), but was turned down due to the Swami's concern for possible financial imprudence or solecism.

Area codes 805 and 820

805area code 805805/820
Montecito. New Cuyama. Orcutt. Santa Barbara. Santa Maria. Santa Ynez. Sisquoc. Solvang. Summerland. Toro Canyon. Vandenberg AFB. Vandenberg Village. Ventucopa. Bardsdale. Buckhorn. Camarillo. Casa Conejo. Channel Islands Beach. El Rio. Fillmore. La Conchita. Lake Sherwood. Meiners Oaks. Mira Monte. Montalvo. Moorpark. Newbury Park. Oak View. Ojai. Oxnard. Piru. Point Mugu. Port Hueneme. Santa Paula. Saticoy. Simi Valley. Somis. Thousand Oaks. Ventura. Westlake Village. List of California area codes. List of North American Numbering Plan area codes. North American Numbering Plan.

Ty Warner

H. Ty WarnerTy Warner Inc.
Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts include the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, the Sandpiper golf course, the Four Seasons Resort and San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California, the Kona Village resort in Hawaii (purchased in July 2004), the Montecito Country Club and the Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico (acquired in September 2004). In 2005, Warner also bought the beachfront Miramar resort and Rancho San Marcos golf course but sold the Miramar hotel in 2007 to Caruso Affiliated. He has donated in excess of $6 million to the Andre Agassi Foundation for underprivileged children in Las Vegas and $3 million for the creation of Ty Warner Park in Westmont, Illinois.

Robert Preston (actor)

Robert Preston
The story chronicled how the Chisholm family lost their land in Virginia by fraud and migrated to California to begin a new life. Although he was not known for his singing voice, Preston appeared in several other stage and film musicals, notably Mame (1974) and Victor/Victoria (1982), for which he received an Academy Award nomination. His other film roles include Ace Bonner in Sam Peckinpah's Junior Bonner (1972), "Big Ed" Bookman in Semi-Tough (1977), and Dr. Irving Finegarten in Blake Edwards' 1981 Hollywood satire, S.O.B.. His last theatrical film role was in The Last Starfighter (1984), as an interstellar con man/military recruiter called "Centauri".

Cold drop

cut-off lowheavy rain
The torrential rain caused by cold drop can result in devastation caused by torrents and flash floods. For instance, the great Valencia flood of 1957 was the result of a 3-day-long cold drop. A sudden rain over Valencia is a plot element in the 2016 Spanish thriller Cien años de perdón. * Flood * [http://www.aemet.es/documentos/es/divulgacion/estudios/dana_ext.pdf Las gotas frías/DANAs. Ideas y conceptos básicos.] Francisco Martín León, INM. ko:일기도 ja:天気図

Shaun Tomson

Shaun Thomson
Tomson lives with his wife in Santa Barbara, California. And surfs daily. Mark Richards. Ian Cairns. Bustin' Down The Door. Tomson's official website. Tomson's official facebook page. Surfline.com biography. Surfhistory.com biography. Surfrider Foundation. Tomson on Channel24. learnfrommylife feature. International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame - Shaun Tomson. Tomson profile page on BigSpeak.com.


freshetsice freshetrising water levels due to melting snow and ice
A flood resulting from heavy rain or a spring thaw. Whereas heavy rain often causes a flash flood, a spring thaw event is generally a more incremental process, depending upon local climate and topography. A stream, river or flood of fresh water which empties into the ocean, usually flowing through an estuary. A small stream of fresh water, irrespective of its outflow. A pool of fresh water, according to Samuel Johnson and followed in Thomas Sheridan's dictionary, but this might have been a misinterpretation on Johnson's part, and it is at best not a common usage.