List of EgyptAir destinations

This is a list of destinations served by EgyptAir as of november 2018. The list includes terminated destinations some of which were operated as Misr Airwork, Misr Airlines, Misr Air and United Arab Airlines (UAA). For additional destinations see EgyptAir Express, for freighter destinations EgyptAir Cargo and Air Sinai for Tel Aviv service.

List of Alitalia destinations

As of August 2017, Alitalia operate to 26 domestic and 68 international scheduled destinations. This list includes both Alitalia and Alitalia CityLiner destinations, excluding charter routes.

List of Air Italy destinations

As of December 2018, Air Italy operates to 26 destinations in 13 countries from its hub in Milan and its focus city in Olbia.

List of Air France destinations

This list of Air France destinations includes the city, country, and the airport's name, with the airline's hubs marked. The list also contains the beginning and end year of services, with destinations marked if the services was not continual and if they are seasonal, and for dates which occur in the future.

List of Iberia destinations

As of January 2019, Iberia flies to 26 domestic and 63 international destinations across Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. This list does not include irregular charters and destinations served by Air Nostrum operating as Iberia Regional or Iberia Express.

List of Austrian Airlines destinations

Austrian Airlines flies to 6 domestic and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations in 55 countries as of July 2016.

List of Royal Jordanian destinations

Royal Jordanian serves the following destinations as of June 2018. Not included are charter services operated by its subsidiary Royal Wings.

List of railway electrification systems

1.5 kV DC1,500 V DC750V DC
London County Council Tramways, later operated by London Transport. streetcars in New York City (Manhattan), New York. Washington, D.C. streetcars. Panama Canal locks' ship handlers (called mules). Wolverhampton Corporation Tramways, England (stud contact) (1902–1921). Bordeaux Tramway, France (conductor rail). Sydney Light Rail (tramway)(Under construction). Greenwich, England. Previously used by trams when in the vicinity of Greenwich Observatory; separate from trolleybus supply. Cincinnati, Ohio, US. Tram (streetcar) system used this arrangement throughout, probably due to legal constraints on ground return currents. Havana and Guanabacoa, Cuba.

Busiest airports by continent

The busiest airports by continent is based on the busiest airports in all continents except Antarctica and Oceania. The rankings are judged on 2014, 2015 and 2016 statistics.

Taiwan External Trade Development Council

China External Trade Development Council (CETRA)China External Trade Development CouncilTaiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA; ) is a non-profit government co-sponsored trade promotion organization in Taiwan.

Projections of population growth

estimated to reachfuture developmentsfuture population
Currently, 757 million humans live in the 101 largest cities; these cities are home to 11% of the world’s population. By the end of the century, the world population is projected to grow, with estimates ranging from 6.9 billion to 13.1 billion; the percentage of people living in the 101 largest cities is estimated to be 15% to 23%. The following 101 cities with the largest population projections for the years 2025, 2050, 2075, and 2100 are listed below. Population projection. Population growth. World population estimates. Human overpopulation. Pledge two or fewer (campaign for smaller families). List of countries and territories by fertility rate. List of countries by number of births.


The aircraft with 74 people on board had been on approach of the airport completing a flight from Moscow, when it crashed into the runway because of an excessive sink rate (which had occurred due to a wrong handling of the autopilot). On 11 February 1991, Interflug's scheduled Berlin-Moscow flight was involved in a go-around incident at Sheremetyevo Airport. The captain of the Airbus A310 (registered D-AOAC) disagreed with the flight computer settings for the go-around, and the resultant opposite control inputs from the flight computer caused a total of four stalls, including one that pitched up the aircraft to 88 degrees (nearly vertical).

List of Royal Air Maroc destinations

Royal Air Maroc (RAM), Morocco's national airline, was founded in July 1953 from the merger of Air Maroc and Air Atlas.

List of Goethe-Institut locations

This list gives a geographical overview of all the worldwide locations of the Goethe-Institut.

List of Afriqiyah Airways destinations

This is a list of current and former destinations of Afriqiyah Airways from Libya.

Agri-Energy Roundtable

Agri-Energy Roundtable (AER)
in the Caribbean (Jamaica and Dominican Republic). in Europe (planning for the Tenth Annual International Agriculture Forum in Vienna, Austria. by attending the World Food Council ministerial conference in Cairo, Egypt, where AER conducted a parallel workshop for Egyptian agro-enterprise professionals interested in establishing an affiliated counterpart association. in East Africa (Nairobi) providing ideas/training for the local Kenyan start-up. and in Zimbabwe where Hollis addressed the Ninth UNIDO African Industry Ministers Conference. AER page at Report on the 10th Annual AER Conference, Vienna, Austria, October 1989.