Air pollution

air qualityemissionsair
However, even populated areas in developed countries attain unhealthy levels of pollution, with Los Angeles and Rome being two examples. Between 2002 and 2011 the incidence of lung cancer in Beijing near doubled. While smoking remains the leading cause of lung cancer in China, the number of smokers is falling while lung cancer rates are rising. Another project focusing on the effects on pollution in vegetation has been researched by the local university in Sheffield, UK.


photochemical smogair quality remediation effortssummer smog
Los Angeles was one of the best known cities suffering from transportation smog for much of the 20th century, so much so that it was sometimes said that Los Angeles was a synonym for smog. In 1970, when the Clean Air Act was passed, Los Angeles was the most polluted basin in the country, and California was unable to create a State Implementation Plan that would enable it to meet the new air quality standards.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection AgencyEPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
On April 28, 2017, multiple climate change subdomains at began redirecting to a notice stating "this page is being updated." The EPA issued a statement announcing the overhaul of its website to "reflect the agency's new direction under President Donald Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt." The removed EPA climate change domains included extensive information on the EPA's work to mitigate climate change, as well as details of data collection efforts and indicators for climate change.


CAState of CaliforniaCalifornia, USA
Shasta to Los Angeles. Time-Lapse Tilt-Shift Portrait of California by Ryan and Sheri Killackey. Sixty Years in Southern California 1853–1913... Early City Views (los Angeles).

Pollution in California

CaliforniaCalifornia Smog
Climate change in California. Environmental impact of shipping. Pollution in Long Beach, California. California Air Resources Board. California Environmental Protection Agency. Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. List of Superfund sites in California. BurningIssues/Clean Air Revival An educational California site on air pollution. Breathe California. AirNow live air quality index for California Displays map and table of AQI for all major California cities.

El Niño

El NinoEl Niño Southern OscillationEl Niño-Southern Oscillation
Climate Prediction Center: ENSO Diagnostic Discussion. Weather maps - Southeast Asia - meteoblue.

Mediterranean climate

warm-summer Mediterranean climateMediterraneanCsb
In places where evapotranspiration is higher, steppe climates tend to prevail, but still follow the weather pattern of the Mediterranean climate. The majority of the regions with Mediterranean climates have relatively mild winters and very warm summers. However winter and summer temperatures can vary greatly between different regions with a Mediterranean climate. For instance, in the case of winters, Valencia and Los Angeles experience mild temperatures in the winter, with frost and snowfall almost unknown, whereas Tashkent has colder winters with annual frosts and snowfall.

San Diego

San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego, CACity of San Diego
In 2017, they moved to Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Chargers. In two separate stints, the National Basketball Association had a franchise in San Diego, the San Diego Rockets from 1967 to 1971 and the San Diego Clippers from 1978 to 1984. The franchises moved to Houston and Los Angeles respectively. From 1972 to 1975, San Diego was home to an American Basketball Association team. First named the Conquistadors ( "The Q's") the name was changed to the San Diego Sails for the 1975–76 season, but the team folded before completing that campaign. In 2017 the San Diego 1904 FC club was organized as a proposed American professional Division II soccer team.

Cool California
Excellence awards were also given out to organizations and businesses. * Climate change in California. Environment of California.


wetlandscoastal wetlandwetland habitat
Some types of wetlands can serve as fire breaks that help slow the spread of minor wildfires. Larger wetland systems can influence local precipitation patterns. Some boreal wetland systems in catchment headwaters may help extend the period of flow and maintain water temperature in connected downstream waters. Pollination services are supported by many wetlands which may provide the only suitable habitat for pollinating insects, birds, and mammals in highly developed areas. It is likely that wetlands have other functions whose benefits to society and other ecosystems have yet to be discovered. Wetlands perform two important functions in relation to climate change.

Mono Lake

The City of Los Angeles diverted water from the Owens River into the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913. In 1941, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power extended the Los Angeles Aqueduct system farther northward into the Mono Basin with the completion of the Mono Craters Tunnel between the Grant Lake Reservoir on Rush Creek, and the Upper Owens River. So much water was diverted that evaporation soon exceeded inflow and the surface level of Mono Lake fell rapidly. By 1982 the lake was reduced to 37688 acre 69 percent of its 1941 surface area. "[By 1990, the lake had dropped 45 vertical feet and had lost half its volume]" relative to the 1941 pre-diversion water level.

Central Valley (California)

Central ValleyCentral Valley of CaliforniaCalifornia's Central Valley
Many people from Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area relocated to growing San Joaquin Valley suburbs in search of more affordable housing while retaining employment outside the Valley. This has led to traffic congestion between their Valley residences and their Bay Area employment with accompanying air pollution. Air pollution became a principal environmental and health concern as long ago as the 1960s, and resulted in the establishment of the California Air Resources Board in 1967. Highways Interstate 5 and CA 99 run, roughly parallel, north-south through the valley, meeting at only its south end. The Interstate 80 Business Loop connects the two highways at their closest point.

Fran Pavley

PavleyPavley Act (AB 1493)
She also chaired a Select Committee on Climate Change and AB 32 Implementation, and served on the Select Committee on Autism. Pavley's role in establishing California's nation-leading policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions led syndicated columnist Joe Mathews to describe her in 2016 as "the mother of California climate change policy". Following passage of California's clean car law in 2002, which was later adopted by 13 other states, Pavley was named by Governing magazine as one of the United States' top public officials of the year.

Yosemite National Park

YosemiteYosemite ValleyYosemite Grant
Climate change has reduced the number and size of glaciers around the world. Many Yosemite glaciers, including Merced Glacier, which was discovered by John Muir in 1871 and bolstered his glacial origins theory of the Yosemite area, have disappeared and most of the others have lost up to 75% of their surface area. Yosemite has a Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa), meaning most precipitation falls during the mild winter, and the other seasons are nearly dry (less than 3% of precipitation falls during the long, hot summers). Because of orographic lift, precipitation increases with elevation up to 8000 ft where it slowly decreases to the crest.

Tropical cyclones and climate change

tropical cyclones
Gelbspan did not single out Katrina from other recent storms in that regard; in the article he went on to attribute other major weather events over the preceding year to global warming, including a blizzard in Los Angeles, high winds in Scandinavia, wildfires in Spain, and a drought centered in Missouri. Britain's then deputy prime minister, John Prescott, has linked Katrina with global warming, and statements made shortly after the hurricane by Germany's environment minister, Jürgen Trittin, indicate he believes that global warming is responsible for an increase in the frequency of destructive natural events.

Margaret Wertheim

Wertheim Twins Crochet A Coral Reef from The Los Angeles Times. Scientia Medal for science communication, awarded by the University of New South Wales, November 2017. How to Play Mathematics, Wertheim article on mathematics as material play, from Aeon magazine, 2017. Radical Dimensions, Wertheim article about the history of the concept of dimensions in math and physics, from Aeon magazine, 2017. The Grandeur and Limits of Science Interview with Krista Tippett on NPR's On Being, 2015. Is the Universe A Number? Interview with Anne Strainchamps on NPR's To The Best Of Our Knowledge, 2017. Best Writing on Mathematics 2018 Princeton University Press, 2018.

2016 in aviation

2016April 2016August 2016
Kennedy International Airport in New York City; Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California; Miami International Airport in Miami-Dade County, Florida, California; Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey; and O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois).

Camp Fire (2018)

Camp Fire2018 Camp FireCamp
The Los Angeles Times reported that the Camp Fire burned across an area that had been burned to bare dirt by a hot burning wildfire ten years earlier and then salvage-logged; fire ecologist Chad Hanson suggested that brush piles and young trees left over after the salvage logging may have provided fast-burning fuels that aided the fire's rapid spread. The Camp Fire was initially fueled by dry grass amid sparse pine and oak woodlands. This has driven most of the post-event discussion away from timber management as a future fire prevention solution.

2013 in science

Michigan State University reports that climate change is fueling larger and more destructive wildfires in the United States, a trend that is set to continue. Efficient chemical synthesis of ingenol mebutate is achieved for the first time. This compound – found in the plant genus Euphorbia – is of great interest to drug developers for its anticarcinogenic properties. 2 August. The American Meteorological Society releases its peer-reviewed State of the Climate report, showing how the impacts of global warming are worsening. A new "super-glass" coating produced by Harvard University researchers could lead to self-cleaning, scratch-resistant windows and other surfaces. 5 August.

Urban heat island

heat island effecturban heat islandsheat island
A hypothetical "cool communities" program in Los Angeles has projected that urban temperatures could be reduced by approximately 3 C-change after planting ten million trees, reroofing five million homes, and painting one-quarter of the roads at an estimated cost of US$1 billion, giving estimated annual benefits of US$170 million from reduced air-conditioning costs and US$360 million in smog related health savings. Mitigation strategies include: AB32 required the California Air Resources Board to create a scoping plan. This plan is California's approach on how to carry out their goal of combatting climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions by 2020 to levels from the 1990s.

List of American non-fiction environmental writers

List of authors of Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. List of environmental books. List of non-fiction environmental writers. Environmental Writers. How Writers Created the Environmental Movement - US News and World Report.

Droughts in the United States

drought1934 drought1950s
Wildfires, forest fires, and brush fires were very prevalent in association with the 2000s (decade) drought in the Southeastern United States. The drought of 2006–07 in California contributed to the extreme severity of the 2007 California wildfires. Missouri, Arkansas, (portions of) Louisiana, Tennessee, southeast Iowa and northern Illinois were hit with severe droughts and heat during 2005. The conditions caused $1 billion in overall damage, there were no deaths attributed to the drought and associated heat spells. The Quad Cities themselves received only 17.88 in of precipitation during 2005. In 2008 and 2009, much of south and south-central Texas were in a state of exceptional drought.


humanshuman beinghumanity
Currently, through land development, combustion of fossil fuels, and pollution, humans are thought to be the main contributor to global climate change. If this continues at its current rate it is predicted that climate change will wipe out half of all plant and animal species over the next century. Most aspects of human physiology are closely homologous to corresponding aspects of animal physiology. The human body consists of the legs, the torso, the arms, the neck, and the head. An adult human body consists of about 100 trillion (10 14 ) cells.

Global warming

climate changeglobal climate changeanthropogenic climate change
NOAA State of the Climate Report – U.S. and global monthly state of the climate reports. Climate Change at the National Academies – repository for reports. Met Office: Climate Guide – UK National Weather Service. Educational Global Climate Modelling (EdGCM) – research-quality climate change simulator. Climate Science Special Report United States 2017. NASA: Climate change: How do we know?. Global Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth – NASA, JPL, Caltech. Global Climate Change Indicators – NOAA. NOAA Climate Services – NOAA. Skeptical Science: Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism. Understanding Climate Change – Frequently Asked Questions – UCAR.


Carboniferous PeriodCarbEarly Carboniferous
Vast tropical rainforests collapsed suddenly as the climate changed from hot and humid to cool and arid. This was likely caused by intense glaciation and a drop in sea levels. The new climatic conditions were not favorable to the growth of rainforest and the animals within them. Rainforests shrank into isolated islands, surrounded by seasonally dry habitats. Towering lycopsid forests with a heterogeneous mixture of vegetation were replaced by much less diverse tree-fern dominated flora.