Silent film

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A silent film is a film with no synchronized recorded sound (and in particular, no audible dialogue). In silent films for entertainment, the plot may be conveyed by the use of title cards, written indications of the plot and key dialogue lines. The idea of combining motion pictures with recorded sound is nearly as old as film itself, but because of the technical challenges involved, the introduction of synchronized dialogue became practical only in the late 1920s with the perfection of the Audion amplifier tube and the advent of the Vitaphone system.

Lost film

lostsurviveslost films
A lost film is a feature or short film that is no longer known to exist in any studio archives, private collections, or public archives, such as the U.S. Library of Congress.

Boris Karloff

KarloffB. KarloffKarlos Borloff
Karloff went on to be in The Greater Glory (1926), Her Honor, the Governor (1926), The Bells (1926) (as a mesmerist), The Nickel-Hopper (1926), The Golden Web (1926), The Eagle of the Sea (1926), Flames (1926), Old Ironsides (1926), Flaming Fury (1926), Valencia (1926), The Man in the Saddle (1926), Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927) (as an African), Let It Rain (1927), The Meddlin' Stranger (1927), The Princess from Hoboken (1927), The Phantom Buster (1927), and Soft Cushions (1927). Karloff had roles in Two Arabian Knights (1927), The Love Mart (1927), The Vanishing Rider (1928) (a serial), Burning the Wind (1928), Vultures of the Sea (1928), and The Little Wild Girl (1928).

Lucy Beaumont

Some of her films are The Greater Glory (1926), with Conway Tearle, The Man Without A Country (1925), with Pauline Starke, Torrent (1926), with Ricardo Cortez, The Beloved Rogue, with John Barrymore, Resurrection (1927), with Dolores del Río, The Crowd (1928), with Eleanor Boardman and Maid of Salem (1937), her final motion picture, with Claudette Colbert. Her final professional appearance was in April 1937 on the Robert L. Ripley radio programme. Beaumont was married to Captain Douglas Vigors until his death. She had no children. She died in 1937 at the Royalton Hotel in New York City.

One More American

Marcia Manon as Maria Riccardo (credited as Camille Ankewich). Mae Giraci as Tessa Riccardo. Helen Jerome Eddy as Lucia. Raymond Hatton as Bump Rundle. Jack Holt as Sam Potts. Horace B. Carpenter as Mike Regan. Hector Dion as Dr. Ross. May Palmer as Mrs. Ross. Ernest Joy as Mr. Fearing. Pietro Buzzi as Piano Player (credited as Signor Buzzi).

Robert Ellis (actor, born 1892)

Robert EllisRobert Ellis Robert Ellis du Reel
Ladies Must Live (1921). Wild Honey (1922). The Infidel (1922). Hurricane's Gal (1922). Anna Ascends (1922). Dark Secrets (1923). The Flame of Life (1923). The Wanters (1923). The Wild Party (1923). Silk Stocking Sal (1924). A Cafe in Cairo (1924). Capital Punishment (1925). Forbidden Cargo (1925). Lady Robinhood (1925). S.O.S. Perils of the Sea (1925). Whispering Canyon (1926). Brooding Eyes (1926). Devil's Dice (1926). The Girl from Montmartre (1926). Ladies of Leisure (1926). Varsity (1928). Restless Youth (1928). Broadway (1929). The Love Trap (1929). Caught Cheating (1931). The Devil Plays (1931). Murder at Midnight (1931). American Madness (1932). Come on Danger! (1932).

George Loane Tucker

Shortly before his death, Tucker completed direction on the drama Ladies Must Live. The film was released in October 1921, approximately four months after his death. On June 20, 1921, Tucker died after a year long illness at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 41. He was survived by his wife, actress Elisabeth Risdon. Tucker is buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. * Portrait of Tucker on lantern slide of Ladies Must Live (1921)

Ian Keith

The Greater Glory (1926) - Pauli Birbach. The Lily (1926) - George Arnaud. Prince of Tempters (1926) - Mario Ambrosio, later Baron Humberto Giordano. The Truthful Sex (1926) - Tom Barnes. The Love of Sunya (1927) - Louis Anthony. What Every Girl Should Know (1927) - Arthur Graham. Convoy (1927) - Smith. Two Arabian Knights (1927) - Shevket. A Man's Past (1927) - Dr. Fontaine. The Street of Illusion (1928) - Edwin Booth Benton. The Lookout Girl (1928) - Dean Richardson. The Divine Lady (1929) - Honorable Charles Greville. Prisoners (1929) - Nicholas Cathy. Light Fingers (1929) - Light Fingers. The Great Divide (1929) - Steven Ghent. Prince of Diamonds (1930) - Rupert Endon.

Old Wives for New

Marcia Manon as Viola Hastings. Julia Faye as Jessie. J. Parks Jones as Charley Murdock. Edna Mae Cooper as Bertha. Gustav von Seyffertitz as Melville Bladen. Tully Marshall as Simcox. Lillian Leighton as Maid. Mayme Kelso as Housekeeper. Alice Terry as Saleslady (as Alice Taafe). Noah Beery as Doctor (uncredited). William Boyd as Extra (uncredited). Edythe Chapman as Mrs. Berkeley (uncredited). Raymond Hatton as Beautician (uncredited). Lloyd Hughes as Reporter (uncredited). Charles Ogle as Bit Role (uncredited). Guy Oliver as Berkeley's Butler (uncredited). Larry Steers as Nightclub Patron (uncredited). Madame Sul-Te-Wan as Viola's Maid (uncredited). allmovie/Synopsis.

Conway Tearle

The Greater Glory (1926). The Sporting Lover (1926). My Official Wife (1926). Altars of Desire (1927). Flirting with Love (1927). The Isle of Forgotten Women (1927). Enemies of Society (1927). Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929). Evidence (1929). The Lost Zeppelin (1929). Smoke Bellew (1929). The Truth About Youth (1930). Captivation (1931). Morals for Women (1931). The False Madonna (1931). The Lady Who Dared (1931). Pleasure (1931). The False Idol (1931). The Hurricane Express (1932). Vanity Fair (1932). The King Murder (1932). Her Mad Night (1932). Man About Town (1932). Day of Reckoning (1933). Should Ladies Behave (1933). Stingaree (1934). Fifteen Wives (1934). Sing Sing Nights (1934).

Leatrice Joy

Leatrice Joy (born Leatrice Johanna Zeidler, November 7, 1893 – May 13, 1985) was an American actress most prolific during the silent film era.

The Hostage (1917 film)

The HostageThe Hostage'' (1917 film)
The film stars Wallace Reid, Dorothy Abril, Gertrude Short, Clarence Geldart, Guy Oliver, and Marcia Manon. The film was released on September 10, 1917, by Paramount Pictures. Like many American films of the time, The Hostage was subject to cuts by city and state film censorship boards. The Chicago Board of Censors ordered cut the first two torture scenes and the flashing of four additional torture scenes. Wallace Reid as Lieutenant Kemper. Dorothy Abril as Nathalia. Gertrude Short as Sophia. Clarence Geldart as Brigadier. Guy Oliver as Vanvoyd. Marcia Manon as Eunice. Noah Beery, Sr. as Boyadi. George Spaulding as Ragnor. Lillian Leighton as Marienka. Lucien Littlefield as Paul.

The Prison Without Walls

The film stars Wallace Reid, Myrtle Stedman, William Conklin, William Elmer, Marcia Manon and James Neill. The film was released on March 15, 1917, by Paramount Pictures. Wallace Reid as Huntington Babbs. Myrtle Stedman as Helen Ainsworth. William Conklin as Norman Morris. William Elmer as Horse Gilligan. Marcia Manon as Felice Rossa. James Neill as John Havens. Lillian Leighton. Clarence Geldart.

Anna Q. Nilsson

The Greater Glory (1926) as Fanny. Miss Nobody (1926) as Barbara Brown. Midnight Lovers (1926) as Diana Fothergill. The Masked Woman (1927) as Diane Delatour. Easy Pickings (1927) as Mry Ryan. Babe Comes Home (1927) (with Babe Ruth) as Vernie. Lonesome Ladies (1927) as Polly Fosdick. The Thirteenth Juror (1927) as Helen Marsden. Sorrell and Son (1927) as Dora Sorrell. The Whip (1928) as Iris d'Aquila. Blockade (1928) as Bess. The World Changes (1933) as Mrs. Peterson. School for Girls (1934) as Dr. Anne Galvin. The Little Minister (1934) as Villager (uncredited). Wanderer of the Wasteland (1935) as Mrs. Virey. Paradise for Three (1938) as First Bridge Player (uncredited).

John St. Polis

John Sainpolis
The Greater Glory (1926). The Lily (1926). The Return of Peter Grimm (1926). Too Many Crooks (1927). The Unknown (1927). A Woman's Way (1928). The Grain of Dust (1928). The Power of Silence (1928). Marriage by Contract (1928). The Gun Runner (1928). The Diplomats (1929). Why Be Good? (1929). Coquette (1929). Fast Life (1929). Party Girl (1930). The Melody Man (1930). In the Next Room (1930). The Three Sisters (1930). The Bad One (1930). A Devil with Women (1930). Kismet (1930). Captain Thunder (1930). Guilty? (1930). The Criminal Code (1931). Beau Ideal (1931). Doctors' Wives (1931). Men of the Sky (1931). Transgression (1931). Their Mad Moment (1931). The Gay Diplomat (1931).

Mahlon Hamilton

Ladies Must Live (1921). The Green Temptation (1922). Peg o' My Heart (1922). Paid Back (1922). The Heart Raider (1923) (with Agnes Ayres). His Children's Children (1923). Little Old New York (1923). The Recoil (1924). Playthings of Desire (1924). Idaho (1925). Morganson's Finish (1926). The Single Standard (1929). Rich People (1929). Western Limited (1932). Mississippi (1935). Madame X (1937).

Stella Maris (1918 film)

Stella Maris1918 versionStella Maris'' (1918 film)
Marcia Manon as Louise Risca. Josephine Crowell as Aunt Gladys Linden. Teddy the Dog as The Mack Sennett Dog (uncredited). Lou Conley as The Nurse (uncredited). Gustav von Seyffertitz as The Surgeon (uncredited).

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley

Marcia Manon as Woman in Dance Hall. Antrim Short as Amarilly's Brother. Gertrude Short as Gossip. Herbert Standing as Father Riordan. Larry Steers as One of Gordon's Friends. Gustav von Seyffertitz as Surgeon. Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley, available for free download at the Internet Archive. Maniates, Belle Kanaris (1915), Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley, Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, on the Internet Archive.

Gibson Gowland

Ladies Must Live (1921). Hutch Stirs 'em Up (1923). The Harbour Lights (1923). The Border Legion (1924). The Red Lily (1924). Greed (1924). The Prairie Wife (1925). The Phantom of the Opera (1925). The Outsider (1926). Don Juan (1926). The Night of Love (1927). The Broken Gate (1927). The First Auto (1927). The Land Beyond the Law (1927). Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) (uncredited). The Isle of Forgotten Women (1927). Rose-Marie (1928). The Mysterious Island (1929). Land of Wanted Men (1931). Without Honor (1932). S.O.S. Eisberg (1933). North Pole, Ahoy (1934). The Private Life of Don Juan (1934). King of the Damned (1935). The Stoker (1935). The House of the Spaniard (1936).

Edward Earle

Edward Earle (16 July 1882 – 15 December 1972) was a Canadian-American stage, film and television actor. In a career which lasted from the early 1900s to 1966, he appeared in almost 400 films between 1914 and 1956. He was born in Toronto and died in Los Angeles, aged 90.

Maggie Pepper

film of the same name
Marcia Manon - Alice Keane. Clyde Benson - John Hargen. Billy Elmer - Dud Corey. Bud Duncan - Delivery Boy. C. H. Geldart - Detective (aka Clarence Geldart). Fay Holderness - Mrs. Thatcher.

Hale Hamilton

The Greater Glory (1926). The Great Gatsby (1926). Tin Gods (1926). Summer Bachelors (1926). The Telephone Girl (1927). Girl in the Rain (1927). Common Clay (1930). Paid (1930). Beau Ideal (1931). Dance, Fools, Dance (1931) as Selby. The Drums of Jeopardy (1931). Strangers May Kiss (1931). Never the Twain Shall Meet (1931). Rebound (1931). Murder at Midnight (1931). New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (1931). Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) (1931) as Mike Kelly. The Champ (1931) as Tony. The Cuban Love Song (1931). A Fool's Advice (1932). Love Affair (1932). Those We Love (1932). Three on a Match (1932). I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932). Call Her Savage (1932).

William V. Mong

William Mong
Ladies Must Live (1921) - Max Bleeker. Shattered Idols (1922). The Winding Trail (1922). Monte Cristo (1922). Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (1923) - Skinner. Drifting (1923) - Dr. Li. Wandering Daughters (1923). Thy Name Is Woman (1924) - Pedro the Fox (Garita's husband). Why Men Leave Home (1924). Welcome Stranger (1924). Excuse Me (1925). Oh Doctor! (1925) - Mr. McIntosh. Alias Mary Flynn (1925) - John Reagan. Fine Clothes (1925). The Unwritten Law (1925). Shadow of the Law (1926). Crazy Like a Fox (1926). The Silent Lover (1926). Brooding Eyes (1926). Fifth Avenue (1926). The Old Soak (1926) - Cousin Webster. What Price Glory? (1926). Taxi! Taxi! (1927) - Nosey Ricketts.

The Test of Honor

filmed 1919
Marcia Manon - Ruth Curtis. Robert Schable - Doctor George Lumley. J. W. Johnston - Mr. Curtis. Bigelow Cooper - Judge Ferris. Ned Hay - Lovell. Alma Aiken - Mrs. Farrell. Fred Miller - Zeke. The Test of Honor at SilentEra. Synopsis to The Test of Honor at AllMovie. The Bennington Evening Banner., February 11, 1920, Page Six.

John Gilbert (actor)

John GilbertJack Gilbert
John Gilbert (born John Cecil Pringle; July 10, 1897 – January 9, 1936) was an American actor, screenwriter and director. He rose to fame during the silent film era and became a popular leading man known as "The Great Lover". At the height of his career, Gilbert rivaled Rudolph Valentino, another silent film era leading man, as a box office draw.