Jermaine Jackson

JermaineAutumn Joy JacksonJackson, Jermaine
Jackson was born December 11, 1954, in Gary, Indiana, after his brother Tito Jackson. He is the fourth child born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson. His siblings are Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy, and Janet. His father Joseph had musical aspirations, playing guitar with his brother’s band, The Falcons, and Katherine was a passionate pianist and singer, but their large family and lack of money ended their dreams with Katherine becoming a housewife, and Joseph, a steel worker at nearby Inland Steel Company in East Chicago, Indiana, (his parents lived there before they moved to Gary in 1950).

La Toya Jackson

La ToyaLaToya JacksonLa Toya Yvonne Jackson
Born on her sister Rebbie's 6th birthday on May 29, 1956, in Gary, Indiana, La Toya Jackson is the fifth of ten children born to Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson and the middle female child between Rebbie and Janet. Growing up, La Toya tended to be shy. After her mother became a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1965, La Toya, along with the rest of her siblings followed. She would spend some of her time alongside her mother preaching door-to-door. "Every morning, Michael and I witnessed, knocking on doors around Los Angeles, spreading the word of Jehovah."

Randy Jackson (The Jacksons)

Randy JacksonRandySteven Randall "Randy" Jackson
Steven Randall Jackson (born October 29, 1961) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and dancer. Jackson is best known as a former member of his family band, the Jacksons. Jackson is the youngest Jackson brother, and the second-youngest Jackson sibling after his sister Janet Jackson. Randy was born in Gary, Indiana to Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson. Nicknamed "Little Randy", Jackson is the ninth child of the Jackson family and youngest of the Jackson brothers. Jackson was only three years old when the Jackson 5 was formed and therefore was not an original member. While his brothers toured, Jackson honed his skills as a musician, mastering piano and the bongos.

Marlon Jackson

MarlonMarlon David Jackson
Marlon David Jackson (born March 12, 1957) is an American entertainer, singer, and dancer. Jackson was a member of the Jackson 5; and he is the sixth child of the Jackson family. Marlon David Jackson was born on March 12, 1957 in Gary, Indiana, to Joseph and Katherine Jackson as the sixth child of the Jackson family. Marlon's twin brother, Brandon, died within 24 hours of their birth. Marlon and his twin brother were several weeks premature. Marlon attended Cal Prep in Encino, California and was graduated in 1975. While Marlon was still a child, his older brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine formed an early incarnation of what would become the Jackson 5.

Rebbie Jackson

RebbieMaureen Reillette "Rebbie" JacksonMaureen "Rebbie" Jackson
In the weeks following Michael's death, it was speculated by media sources that Rebbie would be the primary caregiver for her late brother's children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket. It was stated that even if Michael and Rebbie's mother Katherine were granted custody of the children, Rebbie would care for the siblings on a day-to-day basis at the Jackson family's Encino home. Katherine was named the legal guardian of them in August 2009 after the death of Michael Jackson. In early 2011, Rebbie announced she'd begun recording for a new album, her first in 14 years.

Gary, Indiana

GaryGary, INGary Public Library
Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson (born May 29, 1950). Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson (born May 4, 1951). Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson (born October 15, 1953). Jermaine La Jaune Jackson (born December 11, 1954). La Toya Yvonne Jackson (born May 29, 1956). Marlon David Jackson (born March 12, 1957). Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009). Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson (born October 29, 1961). Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966). Charles Adkins (1932-1993), boxer, gold medalist at 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Forddy Anderson, basketball coach, Michigan State, Drake and Bradley. Orsten Artis, NCAA champion with the historic Texas Western Miners basketball team.


TamlaGordyMotown Records
Notable Motown artists have included Mary Wells, the Supremes, Four Tops, Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Boyz II Men, Commodores, Lionel Richie, Dazz Band, Brian McKnight, 98 Degrees, and Erykah Badu. Motown Records slogan: "The Sound of Young America". Gordy Records: Established 1962, Gordy was also a primary subsidiary for mainstream R&B/soul music. Originally known as Miracle Records (slogan: "If It's a Hit, It's a Miracle"), the name was changed in 1962 to avoid confusion with the Miracles singing group. The label's numbering system was combined with those of Motown and Tamla in 1982, and the label was merged with Motown in 1988.

Encino, Los Angeles

EncinoEncino, CaliforniaEncino, CA
Jackson family, musical group. Samuel L. Jackson, actor and producer. Kelly Johnson, engineer, Lockheed Aircraft executive. Al Jolson, singer and actor. Daren Kagasoff, actor, born in Encino. Lisa Kudrow, actress. Nick Lachey, singer. Tim Laker, professional baseball player. Martin Lawrence, actor and comedian. Carole Lombard, actress. Julie London, actress. Peter Marshall, game show host. Leighton Meester, actress and singer. Michael Milken, financier, born in Encino. Mahbod Moghadam, co-founder of Rapgenius and CEO of Everipedia. Shemar Moore, actor and model. Lori Nelson, actress. Barney Oldfield, race car driver. Gregg Palmer, actor. Kelly Paris, baseball player, born in Encino.

The Jacksons: An American Dream

The Jacksons: An American Dream Original Soundtrack
The miniseries stars Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as the Jacksons' patriarch Joseph Jackson, Angela Bassett as the family matriarch Katherine Jackson, Alex Burrall, Jason Weaver and Wylie Draper played Michael Jackson in different eras, while Bumper Robinson and Terrence Howard played Jackie Jackson in different eras, Shakiem Jamar Evans and Angel Vargas played Tito Jackson, Margaret Avery as Katherine's mother Martha Scruse, Holly Robinson Peete as Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams as Berry Gordy and Vanessa L. Williams as Suzanne de Passe.

Jackie Jackson

JackieBrandi JacksonSigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson
Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson (born May 4, 1951) is an American singer and songwriter best known as a founding member of the Jackson 5. Jackie is the second child of the Jackson family and the oldest Jackson brother. Sigmund Esco Jackson was born on his mother Katherine's 21st birthday in 1951. Nicknamed Jackie by his grandfather, taken from Jackson Boy, he came from a black working-class family. He and his brothers and sisters grew up in a two-room house in Gary, Indiana, an industrial city outside of Chicago. In 1964, Jackie's father, Joseph, formed the Jackson Brothers singing group, which included Jackie and his brothers Tito and Jermaine.

Gordon Keith (producer)

Gordon Keith
He called Joe Jackson, and was invited over to the Jackson home on 2300 Jackson Street (named after President Andrew Jackson) to see the boys perform. As Keith recalls: “They set up right in the living room. The furniture was pushed back. They and their equipment took up pretty much the whole room. The whole family was there; Janet was a babe in arms. They were getting ready and there was a thick chord stretched between two of the amps Michael was near. It came up to his chest. From right where he was standing, without a running start, he jumped straight up from a flat-footed position right over this chord to clear it. He had all my attention from there on.

Control (Janet Jackson album)

ControlControl'' (Janet Jackson album)
Joseph Jackson, patriarch of the Jackson family of musicians, was known for managing the careers of all nine of his children; most notably, the successful career of The Jackson 5. After arranging a recording contract with A&M in 1982 for a then 16-year-old Janet, he oversaw the entire production of her debut album, Janet Jackson, and its follow-up, Dream Street (1984); the latter of which was written and produced by her brothers Marlon and Michael, and Jesse Johnson. Best known as a television actress, she was initially reluctant to begin a recording career. She said, "I was coming off of a TV show that I absolutely hated doing, Fame. I didn't want to do [the first record, Janet Jackson].

Jack Gordon (entertainment manager)

Jack Gordon
From this point forward, Jackson lost all contact with her family and wrote her autobiography, La Toya: Growing up in the Jackson Family, which accused her father of child abuse. Gordon sometimes hired bodyguards to watch La Toya and she claims that he would never allow her to speak to or see her family. La Toya's father Joseph stated in his book The Jacksons that he believed Gordon brainwashed her and made her fearful of her own family. Jackson's mother Katherine also agreed that La Toya had been brainwashed while Gordon claimed that Katherine had tried to kill La Toya.

Northwest Indiana

northwestern IndiananorthwestCalumet
Jackson family. Janet Jackson. Jermaine Jackson. La Toya Jackson. Marlon Jackson. Michael Jackson. Randy Jackson. Tito Jackson. Michael Joiner. Alex Karras. Ron Kittle. Bob Kuechenberg. Rudy Kuechenberg. Barney Liddell. Kenny Lofton. Lloyd McClendon. Karen McDougal. Karl Malden. Dale Messick. E'Twaun Moore. Hal Morris. Betsy Palmer. Mary Lou Piatek. Dan Plesac. Gregg Popovich. Gary Primich. Orville Redenbacher. Frank Reynolds. John Roberts. Glenn Robinson. Jerry L. Ross. Scott Sheldon. Kawann Short. Bobby Skafish. Tim Stoddard. Hank Stram. Dean White. Eugene Wilson. Jeff Samardzija. Jean Shepherd. Jo Anne Worley. Tony Zale. Biesecker Nature Preserve, St. John, Lake County.

La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family

Growing Up In The Jackson Family
La Toya: Growing up in the Jackson Family is an autobiography written by American singer La Toya Jackson, and co-authored by celebrity biography author Patricia Romanowski. The book was originally released on February 7, 1991, around the same time as Jackson's seventh studio album No Relations. In this autobiography, Jackson accuses her father, Joseph, of child abuse, and goes into detail on the personal lives of her superstar siblings Michael and Janet as well as Jermaine, Randy, Tito, and Rebbie Jackson's struggle under the spotlight. The Jackson family denied all of her allegations.

Big Boy (song)

Big BoyBig Boy" (song)
"Big Boy" (also known as "I'm a Big Boy Now") is the debut single by the Jackson 5 and the first song sung by Michael Jackson. "Big Boy" was released by Steeltown Records, a record company in Gary, Indiana, in January 1968. After it was released, the song played on radio stations in the Chicago-Gary area and was a local hit. Beginning in March 1968, Steeltown Records sold thousands of copies of "Big Boy" nationally through a distribution deal with Atlantic Records, but it was neither a critical nor commercial success. The Jackson family were delighted with the outcome nonetheless.

Steeltown Records

The Jacksons moved to Los Angeles, California in 1969. After Ben Brown moved there in 1985, he partnered with Joe Jackson the father of The Jackson 5, and became the president of Jackson Records. In January 2015, Brown's son Dwayne Joseph Brown and his son's business partner, Alicia Barber (songwriter and author whom wrote "Born Rejected"), came together to launch SteelTown Los Angeles. A SteelTown movie is in the works which is set to be released in 2019. List of record labels. List of songs recorded by The Jackson 5. Michael Jackson.

Jackson (name)

JacksonJackson FamilyJohnson
Amy Jackson (born 1992), British actress and model who appears in Indian films. The Jackson family, an American musical family consisting of:. First generation:. Joe Jackson (1928–2018), patriarch and manager. Katherine Jackson (born 1930), matriarch. Second generation:. Rebbie Jackson (born 1950). Jackie Jackson (born 1951), member of the Jackson 5. Tito Jackson (born 1953), guitarist/vocalist of Jackson 5. Jermaine Jackson (born 1954), member of the Jackson 5. La Toya Jackson (born 1956). Marlon Jackson (born 1957), member of the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson (1958–2009), singer-songwriter, member of the Jackson 5, widely referred to as the "King of Pop".

List of show business families

Show business familiesWayans BrothersWayans Family
Jackson. Joseph Jackson, who had a brief and unsuccessful music career, and his wife Katherine Jackson founded an extremely successful musical family. Their first five sons (respectively their second, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth children in all)—Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon & Michael—formed the singing group The Jackson 5. Michael went on to even greater success as a solo artist, and was briefly married to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of musical icon Elvis Presley. Jermaine is linked to the Gordy family through his former marriage to Hazel Gordy, the daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy. Jackie is the father of rapper DealZ.


ScreamChildhoodsame name
In one altercation—later recalled by Marlon JacksonJoseph held Michael Jackson upside down by one leg and "pummelled him over and over again with his hand, hitting him on his back and buttocks". Joseph would allegedly often trip up or push his sons into walls. One night, while Jackson was asleep, Joseph climbed into his room through the bedroom window. Wearing a fright mask, he entered the room screaming and shouting. Joseph said he wanted to teach his children not to leave the window open when they went to sleep. For a number of years afterward, Jackson suffered nightmares about being kidnapped from his bedroom.

Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story

a film
*The Jacksons: An American Dream * Audio-description script Flex Alexander as Michael Jackson. Eugene Clark as Bobby. Theresa Browning as Woman. Marty Antonini as Detective #2. Tom Carey as Director. Brian Copping as Elder. Lynne Cormack as Elizabeth Taylor. Hugh Delaney as Judge. Cedric De Souza as Martin Bashir. Talon Dunbar as Little Boy. Greg Farkas as Male Dancer. Brennan Gademans as Young Michael Jackson. Jason Griffith as Jermaine Jackson. Patricia Idlette as Katherine Jackson. Samantha Kaine as Diana Ross. Liberty Kee as Nanny. Margaret Avery as Martha Upshaw. Greg Lawson as Detective #1. Daniel Libman as Dr. Goodman. Barbara Mamabolo as Janet Jackson. Brian Martell as Thomas.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's WitnessJehovah's Witness MovementJehovah’s Witnesses
Biblical references to the Archangel Michael, Abaddon (Apollyon), and the Word are interpreted as names for Jesus in various roles. Jesus is considered to be the only intercessor and high priest between God and humanity, and appointed by God as the king and judge of his kingdom. His role as a mediator (referred to in 1 Timothy 2:5) is applied to the 'anointed' class, though the 'other sheep' are said to also benefit from the arrangement. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Satan was originally a perfect angel who developed feelings of self-importance and craved worship.