Jenni Sidey

Jennifer SideyJennifer Sidey-Gibbons
Sidey-Gibbons was selected by the Canadian Space Agency to undergo training as an astronaut as part of the 2017 CSA Group, the fourth Canadian astronaut recruitment campaign. Sidey-Gibbons and Joshua Kutryk were selected among a large field of qualified candidates. As of July 2017, Sidey-Gibbons has relocated to Houston, Texas, to start the two-year NASA Astronaut Candidate Training Program at the Johnson Space Center. She is a member of the 2017 NASA astronaut class. CSA profile. Instagram Profile. Twitter Profile. CSA Video Gallery. CSA Photo Gallery.

Frank Fredrickson

Frank FredericksonFredrickson, Frank
On December 21, 1928 Fredrickson was traded from the Boston Bruins to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Mickey MacKay. When the Stanley Cup was redone during the 1957–58 NHL season his name was engraved, contrary to NHL rules, on the Cup with the 1929 Bruins. Fredrickson was a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates the day Boston won the Cup. This made him ineligible to be on the cup with Boston. Fredrickson coached hockey and lacrosse after his retirement. He coached the Pittsburgh Pirates during the 1929–1930 season, when he also played 9 games, but the team went 5-36-3 and moved to Philadelphia the next season before folding.

1923–24 PCHA season

The 1923–24 PCHA season was the 13th and last season of the professional men's ice hockey Pacific Coast Hockey Association league. Season play ran from November 26, 1923, until February 25, 1924. Each team played 30 games, including eight games against Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) teams. The Seattle Metropolitans club would be regular-season PCHA champions, but lost the play-off against the Vancouver Maroons 2-2, 1-2.

Ken Money

Money was selected by the National Research Council of Canada as an astronaut candidate in December 1983, but left the Canadian Astronaut Corps in 1992 without having flown in space. He acted as Spacelab Payload Operations Controller for a Spacelab mission in 1992. During the same mission, Money served as the alternate astronaut, having the capability to fly if needed. He is credited with the invention of an experimental surgical operation called semicircular canal plugging, which is now being used in North America and Europe to treat particular types of dizzy spells.

1921–22 PCHA season

1921–221921–22 PCHA regular season1921–22 season
The 1921–22 PCHA season was the 11th season of the professional men's ice hockey Pacific Coast Hockey Association league. Season play ran from December 5, 1921, until February 24, 1922. The season was enlarged to 24 games per team. The Seattle Metropolitans club would be regular-season PCHA champions, but would lose the play-off with Vancouver Millionaires.

1920–21 PCHA season

1920–211920-211920–21 PCHA regular season
Mickey MacKay returned to play after a year's layoff with a broken jaw. Bernie Morris returned to regular-season play after missing the previous season due to his arrest in the United States for alleged draft dodging. Morris spent nearly a year at Alcatraz before he was freed. On March 4, a special "Moose Johnson Night" was held to honour Moose Johnson who had played ten years in the league. Presentations to Johnson were made before the game. The game itself went to sixty minutes of overtime before the teams agreed to leave the score a draw. Cyclone Taylor scored the final goals of his career in the final game on March 11. He scored a hat-trick in an 8–11 loss to Victoria.

BC Sports Hall of Fame

British Columbia Sports Hall of FameB.C. Sports Hall of FameBC Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
Mackay, Duncan "Mickey" was inducted as a Athlete in 1989. Maniago, Cesare was inducted as a Athlete in 1996. Martin, Seth was inducted as a Athlete in 1988. McLelland, Ivan was inducted as a Athlete in 2005. Moog, Andy was inducted as a Athlete in 2003. Morris, Jim was inducted as a Athlete in 1974. Neely, Cam was inducted as a Athlete in 2000. Niedermayer, Scott was inducted as a Athlete in 2014. Nicholson, Bob was inducted as a Builder in 2014. Page, Fred was inducted as a Builder in 2001. Patrick, Frank was inducted as a Builder in 1966. Patrick, Joseph was inducted as a Pioneer in 1998. Patrick, Lester was inducted as a Builder in 1966. Patrick, Lynn was inducted as a Athlete in 1968.

1919 PCHA season

Vancouver was missing Mickey MacKay due to injury and coaxed Si Griffis out of retirement for the last two games of the season and the playoffs. Foyston was the star of the first game, scoring three goals for Seattle. The 6–1 win was enough to hold the series, as they dropped the return game in Vancouver, where Harris scored two in a losing cause. Seattle Metropolitans vs. Vancouver Millionaires Seattle wins two-game total-goals series 7 to 5 The Mets then played against the Montreal Canadiens, NHL champions. Due to the outbreak of flu at the time, the series was not completed. Montreal Canadiens vs.

Tom Bethel

. * American Maritime Officers website Michael McKay. Michael Sacco. American Maritime Officers. Seafarers International Union.

1922–23 PCHA season

The 1922–23 PCHA season was the 12th season of the professional men's ice hockey Pacific Coast Hockey Association league. Season play ran from November 13, 1922, until March 2, 1923. The Vancouver Maroons club would be regular-season PCHA champions, and won the play-off with Victoria Aristocrats.

1929–30 NHL season

1929–3019301929–30 season
Mickey MacKay, Boston Bruins. Jimmy Herbert, Detroit Cougars. Clint Benedict, Montreal Maroons. Frank Nighbor, Toronto Maple Leafs. List of Stanley Cup champions. 1929 in sports. 1930 in sports.

Ymir, British Columbia

Mickey MacKay: professional ice hockey player, died in a car crash near Ymir. Pablo Schreiber: actor, born in Ymir.

1917–18 PCHA season

1917–181917-18 PCHA season1918
The 1917–18 PCHA season was the seventh season of the professional men's ice hockey Pacific Coast Hockey Association league. Season play ran from December 28, 1917, until March 8, 1918. The season was reduced to 18 games per team. The Seattle Metropolitans club would be regular-season PCHA champions, but lost the play-off to the Vancouver Millionaires. The Millionaires then played in the Stanley Cup finals series against Toronto, the NHL champions. Toronto won the best-of-five series 3-2 to win the Cup.


Mackay (disambiguation)
McKay. Mackay Trophy, named in honour of Clarence Mackay, awarded annually by the US Air Force for the "Most Meritorious Flight". Mackays, now known as M&Co., a United Kingdom chainstore. Mackay Pianos, see John Mackay (industrialist). Mackey (disambiguation). Mackeys (disambiguation). McKay (disambiguation). McKey (disambiguation). All pages beginning with Mackay. All pages beginning with Mckay.

1915–16 PCHA season

The 1915–16 PCHA season was the fifth season of the professional men's ice hockey Pacific Coast Hockey Association league. Season play ran from December 7, 1915, until February 25, 1916. Each team would play 18 games. The Portland Rosebuds club would be PCHA champions. After the season the club would play the Stanley Cup finals series against the Montreal Canadiens, NHA champions. Montreal would win the best-of-five series 3–2 to win the Cup.

1926–27 NHL season

1926–2719261926–27 season
Mickey MacKay, Chicago Black Hawks. Dick Irvin, Chicago Black Hawks. Frank Foyston, Detroit Cougars. Jack Walker, Detroit Cougars. Frank Fredrickson, Detroit Cougars. George Hainsworth, Montreal Canadiens. Art Gagne, Montreal Canadiens. Herb Gardiner, Montreal Canadiens. Hap Emms, Montreal Maroons. Red Dutton, Montreal Maroons. Norman Himes, New York Americans. Paul Thompson, New York Rangers. Bill Cook, New York Rangers. Bun Cook, New York Rangers. Murray Murdoch, New York Rangers. Lorne Chabot, New York Rangers. Clarence Abel, New York Rangers. Ching Johnson, New York Rangers. Ace Bailey, Toronto St. Patricks. Butch Keeling, Toronto St. Patricks. Carl Voss, Toronto St. Patricks.

Jamaica at the 1992 Summer Olympics

Jamaican Olympic team
Michael McKay. Arthur Tenn. Men's sprint. Andrew Myers. Men's 1 km time trial. Andrew Myers. Jamaica at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Jamaica at the 1991 Pan American Games. Jamaica at the 1994 Commonwealth Games. Official Olympic Reports. International Olympic Committee results database.

NASA Astronaut Corps

Astronaut OfficeNASA astronautASCAN
Canadian Astronaut Corps. European Astronaut Corps. List of astronauts by selection. Human spaceflight. History of spaceflight. NASA Astronaut Candidate Program Brochure. Current NASA Astronaut Corps Members. Former NASA Astronaut Corps Members.


Mackey (disambiguation)
McKay (disambiguation). McKay (given name). McKay. McKey (disambiguation).

Irish name

Irish surnameIrishIrish surnames
A formal Irish-language personal name consists of a given name and a surname. Surnames in Irish are generally patronymic in etymology, although they are no longer literal patronyms, as most Icelandic names are. The form of a surname varies according to whether its bearer is male or female and in the case of a married woman, whether she chooses to adopt her husband's surname.

Scottish surnames

Scottish surnameScottishsurname
Scottish surnames are surnames currently found in Scotland, or surnames that have a historical connection with the country.

Ice hockey

hockeywomen's ice hockeyice-hockey
Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points. The sport is known to be fast-paced and physical, with teams usually consisting of six players each: one goaltender, and five players who skate up and down the ice trying to take the puck and score a goal against the opposing team.

Adam McKay

Shira Piven
McKay was born in 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a cocktail waitress mother, Sarah, and a bassist father. He graduated from Great Valley High School in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and attended Penn State and Temple University. McKay dropped out from the university a semester-and-a-half before he was set to earn his bachelor's degree. He described it as "settling with an imaginary degree".

Centre (ice hockey)

The centre (or center in the United States) in ice hockey is a forward position of a player whose primary zone of play is the middle of the ice, away from the sideboards. Centres have more flexibility in their positioning and are expected to cover more ice surface than any other player. Centres are ideally stronger, faster skaters who can back-check quickly from deep in the opposing zone. Generally, centres are expected to be gifted passers more than goal scorers, although there are exceptions. They are also expected to have exceptional "ice vision", intelligence, and creativity. They also generally are the most defensively oriented forwards on the ice.

Aeneas Mackay Jr.

Aeneas MackayÆneas MackayÆneas, Baron Mackay
Aeneas, Baron Mackay Jr. (29 November 1838 – 13 November 1909) was a Dutch Anti-Revolutionary politician who served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1888 to 1891. Born into a noble family from Gelderland, he studied Law in Utrecht and worked as lawyer and a judge. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 1876, and retained his seat for twelve years before his premiership. In his cabinet, he served as minister of the Interior and minister of Colonial Affairs. After another thirteen years in the House, he became a member of the Council of State, receiving the honorary title Minister of State.