Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor

Worst ActorRazzie Award for Worst ActorWorst Actor of the Decade
Andrew Dice Clay. Jamie Dornan. Cuba Gooding Jr. Larry the Cable Guy. Taylor Lautner. Mike Myers. Judd Nelson. Ryan O'Neal. Al Pacino. Robert Pattinson. Prince. Rob Schneider. Pauly Shore. Ben Stiller. Mark Wahlberg.

Sylvester Stallone

StalloneBalboa ProductionsSylvester
Joining him in the film were fellow action stars Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren, as well as Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and cameos by fellow '80s action icons Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie took US$34,825,135 in its opening weekend, going straight in at No. 1 in the US box office. The figure marked the biggest opening weekend in Stallone's career. In summer 2010, Brazilian company O2 Filmes released a statement saying it was still owed more than US$2 million for its work on the film.

Dice (TV series)

DiceDice'' (TV series)
Mickey Rourke as himself ("Fingerless"). Yakov Smirnoff as himself ("The Trial").

Desperate Hours

Mickey Rourke earned a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Actor for his performance in the film (also for Wild Orchid), but lost to Andrew Dice Clay for The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. According to some official sources, Michael Cimino's original cut of Desperate Hours was mutilated by the film's producers, resulting in a very badly edited film filled with plot holes. The only known proof of any deleted scenes are some stills which seemingly show a few of them. * List of films featuring home invasions * Desperate Hours at Unofficial french website Mickey Rourke as Michael Bosworth. Anthony Hopkins as Tim Cornell. Mimi Rogers as Nora Cornell. Kelly Lynch as Nancy Breyers.

Donald Trump

TrumpPresident TrumpPresident Donald Trump
Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

E! True Hollywood Story

The E! True Hollywood StoryTrue Hollywood StoryE! The True Hollywood Story
Andrew Dice Clay (July 4, 1999). Andy Dick (September 15, 2002). Phyllis Diller (January 28, 2001). Chris Farley (January 10, 1999). Redd Foxx (April 25, 1999). Gallagher (April 4, 2001). Kathy Griffin (October 20, 2007). Phil Hartman (September 6, 1998). Andy Kaufman (October 25, 1998). Sam Kinison (August 31, 1996). Martin Lawrence (July 27, 2003). Jerry Lewis (May 18, 2003). Joe Piscopo (December 19, 2000). Paula Poundstone (December 12, 2001). Richard Pryor (February 2, 2003). Gilda Radner (October 19, 1997). Joan Rivers (A parody on her career) (February 22, 2001) (April 1, 2001). The Baldwin Brothers (January 8, 2006). Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson (March 8, 2004).

11th Golden Raspberry Awards

11th19901990 Golden Raspberry Awards
The 11th Golden Raspberry Awards were held on March 24, 1991, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to recognize the worst the movie industry had to offer in 1990. A list of nominees follows, with recipients marked in bold.

1990 in film

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, starring Andrew Dice Clay. After Dark, My Sweet, starring Jason Patric, Rachel Ward, Bruce Dern. Air America, directed by Roger Spottiswoode, starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr. Alice, directed by Woody Allen, starring Mia Farrow. The Ambulance, starring Eric Roberts. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation. Angel Town. Another 48 Hrs., starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. Arachnophobia, starring Jeff Daniels. Avalon, directed by Barry Levinson, starring Aidan Quinn, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Pollak. Awakenings, directed by Penny Marshall, starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Back to the Future Part III, starring Michael J.

2013 in film

20132012/13films of 2013
The following tables list films released in 2013. Three popular films (Top Gun, Jurassic Park, and The Wizard of Oz) were all re-released in 3D and IMAX.

1985 in film

19851985 film1984/85
Private Resort, starring Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, Andrew Dice Clay. Prizzi's Honor, directed by John Huston, starring Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner, Anjelica Huston, Robert Loggia, William Hickey - Golden Globe for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy). The Protector, starring Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello - (Hong Kong/United States). The Purple Rose of Cairo, directed by Woody Allen, starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello. Radioactive Dreams, starring Michael Dudikoff and Lisa Blount - (United States/Mexico). ''Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer - (United States/Japan). Rambo: First Blood Part II, starring Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Charles Napier, Julia Nickson.

1984 in film

19841983/841984 film
The Pope of Greenwich Village, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth McMillan, Geraldine Page. A Private Function, directed by Malcolm Mowbray, starring Michael Palin and Maggie Smith - (U.K.). Protocol, starring Goldie Hawn, Chris Sarandon, Gail Strickland. Purple Hearts, directed by Sidney J. Furie, starring Ken Wahl and Cheryl Ladd. Purple Rain, starring Prince. Quilombo - (Brazil). Raaj Tilak, starring Raaj Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Dharmendra - (India). The Razor's Edge, starring Bill Murray, Theresa Russell, Catherine Hicks, Denholm Elliott. Reckless, starring Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah.

Rumble Fish

adapted to filmfilm adaptationRumble Fish Soundtrack
Mickey Rourke as the Motorcycle Boy. Diane Lane as Patty. Dennis Hopper as Father. Diana Scarwid as Cassandra. Vincent Spano as Steve. Nicolas Cage as Smokey. Chris Penn as B.J. Jackson. Laurence Fishburne as Midget. William Smith as Officer Patterson. Glenn Withrow as Biff Wilcox. Tom Waits as Benny.

Angel Heart

Epiphany Proudfoot Angel Heart (Soundtrack)
Written and directed by Alan Parker, the film stars Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro and Lisa Bonet. Harry Angel (Rourke), a New York City private investigator, is hired to solve the disappearance of a man known as Johnny Favorite. Angel's investigation takes him to New Orleans, where he becomes embroiled in a series of brutal murders. Following publication of the novel, Hjortsberg began developing a screenplay for a film adaptation, but found that no film studio was willing to produce his script. The project resurfaced in 1985, when producer Elliott Kastner brought the book to Parker's attention. Parker began work on a new script, and in doing so, made several changes from Hjortsberg's novel.

Barfly (film)

BarflyBarfly'' (film)movie of the same name
Charles Bukowski had mixed reactions about the lead performance by Mickey Rourke. In an interview in the documentary film Born into This, Bukowski says, "[Rourke] didn't get it right... He had it all kind of exaggerated, untrue. A little bit show-off about him. So, no, it was kind of mis-done". Although in a letter written apropos the film, titled "A Letter from a Fan", the writer states "[...]Part of my luck was the actor who played Henry Chinaski. Mickey Rourke stayed with the dialogue to the word and the sound intended. What surprised me was that he added another dimension to the character, in spirit.

The Pope of Greenwich Village

Mickey Rourke: High and Low. London, England: Plexus Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-85965-386-2. *Ebert, Roger (March 6, 1986). "Eric Roberts: Star 86". Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved 2011-04-21. * Eric Roberts as Paulie. Mickey Rourke as Charlie. Daryl Hannah as Diane. Geraldine Page as Mrs. Ritter. Kenneth McMillan as Barney. Tony Musante as Pete. M. Emmet Walsh as Burns. Burt Young as Bed Bug Eddie. Jack Kehoe as Bunky. Philip Bosco as Paulie's Father. Val Avery as Nunzi. Joe Grifasi as Jimmy the Cheese Man. Tony DiBenedetto as Ronnie. Ronald Maccone as Nicky. Betty Miller as Nora. Tony Lip as Frankie. Frank Vincent as 1st Crew Chief. Jacques Sandulescu as Chef. Leonard Termo as Fat Waldo.

9½ Weeks

9 1/2 WeeksNine 1/2 Weeks9 1⁄2 Weeks
Mickey Rourke as John Gray. Margaret Whitton as Molly. David Margulies as Harvey. Christine Baranski as Thea. Karen Young as Sue. William DeAcutis as Ted. Dwight Weist as Farnsworth. Roderick Cook as Sinclair. Victor Truro as Gallery Client. The film was the inspiration behind rock band Soda Stereo’s 1986 song "Persiana Americana". The film was also the inspiration behind J-pop singer Akina Nakamori's 1986 album "Cross My Palm" and K-pop singer Sunmi’s 2018 release "Heroine".

The Wrestler (2008 film)

The Wrestler2008film by the same name
Mickey Rourke as Robin Ramzinski / Randy "The Ram" Robinson. Marisa Tomei as Pam / Cassidy. Evan Rachel Wood as Stephanie Ramzinski. Mark Margolis as Lenny. Todd Barry as Wayne. Judah Friedlander as Scott. Ernest Miller as Bob / "The Ayatollah". Ajay Naidu as Medic. Wass Stevens as Nick. John D'Leo as Adam.

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlanemovie adaptationThe Adventures of Ford Fairlane – Original Soundtrack
Kurt Loder as Himself. 1) "Cradle of Love" — Billy Idol. 2) "Sea Cruise" — Dion. 3) "Funky Attitude" — Sheila E. 4) "Glad to Be Alive" — Lisa Fischer, Teddy Pendergrass. 5) "Can't Get Enough" — Tone Loc. 6) "Rock 'N Roll Junkie" — Mötley Crüe. 7) "I Ain't Got You" — Andrew Dice Clay. 8) "Last Time in Paris" — Queensrÿche. 9) "Unbelievable" — Yello. 10) "Wind Cries Mary" — Richie Sambora.

A Star Is Born (2018 film)

A Star Is Born2018A Star Is Born (2018)
Andrew Dice Clay as Lorenzo, Ally's father. Anthony Ramos as Ramon, Ally's friend. Rafi Gavron as Rez Gavron, a music producer and Ally's manager. Greg Grunberg as Phil, Jackson's driver. Lady Gaga videography. List of Bradley Cooper performances. List of directorial debuts. List of films featuring the deaf and hard of hearing. Aashiqui 2.

Diner (film)

DinerDiner'' (film)
Mickey Rourke as Robert "Boogie" Sheftell. Kevin Bacon as Timothy Fenwick, Jr. Tim Daly as William "Billy" Howard. Ellen Barkin as Beth. Paul Reiser as Modell. Kathryn Dowling as Barbara. Michael Tucker as Bagel. Colette Blonigan as Carol Heathrow. Jessica James as Mrs. Simmons. Clement Fowler as Eddie's father. Kelle Kipp as Diane.

Buffalo '66

Buffalo 66Buffalo ’66
Gallo and Christina Ricci star in the lead roles and the supporting cast includes Mickey Rourke, Rosanna Arquette, Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Huston. Gallo also composed and performed much of the music for the film. The film was generally well-received; Empire listed it as the 36th-greatest independent film ever made. It was filmed in and around Gallo's native Buffalo, New York, in winter. The film uses British progressive rock music in its soundtrack, notably King Crimson and Yes.