Central African Republic

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Europeans, primarily the French, Germans, and Belgians, arrived in the area in 1885. France created Ubangi-Shari territory in 1894. In 1911 at the Treaty of Fez, France ceded a nearly 300,000 km² portion of the Sangha and Lobaye basins to the German Empire which ceded a smaller area (in present-day Chad) to France. After World War I France again annexed the territory. Modeled on King Leopold's Congo Free State, concessions were doled out to private companies that endeavored to strip the region's assets as quickly and cheaply as possible before depositing a percentage of their profits into the French treasury.

Papillon dog

Papillonpapillon (dog)
The straight, long, fine, single coat has extra frill on the chest, ears, back of the legs, and tail. Coat color is white with patches of any color. A mask of a color other than white covers both ears and eyes from back to front. Papillons are very intelligent and self-assured dogs that have a very easy time learning new tricks. These dogs can be sociable with children and strangers, but are generally reserved around new people. They can also be socialized to get along well with other pets, but care should be taken with rambunctious pets or cats with claws, as they may injure them.


Hindus are persons who regard themselves as culturally, ethnically, or religiously adhering to aspects of Hinduism. Historically, the term has also been used as a geographical, cultural, and later religious identifier for people indigenous to the Indian subcontinent.

Basketball at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's tournament

2012 Summer Olympics20122012 Summer Olympic Games
Qualifiers Fiba World Olympic Qualifying Tournament Fields: Russia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, New Zealand, Angolia, Nigeria, Jordan, and Korea Qualified Teams: Spain and France (via Eurobasket), Argentina and Brazil (via FIBA Americas Championship), Australia (via FIBA Oceania Championship), China (via FIBA Asian Championship), Tunisia (via FIBA Africa Championship), United States (via 2010 FIBA World Championship) and Great Britain (automatic qualification) http://www.sportingnews.com/us/athletics-news/2935955-london-2012-summer-olympics-current-mens-basketball-teams-schedule-qualifiers Twelve qualified nations were drawn into two groups, each

Kennel club

kennel clubsNational Kennel Clubregistry body
In 1882, the French Société Centrale Canine and the Italian Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana (ENCI) were founded, followed a year later by the American Kennel Club. The United Kennel Club was established in 1898. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale was formed in 1911, under the auspices of the Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, French and German canine societies. The new kennel club rules reflected that pedigrees must be registered with their respective club. Clubs acted as a court of appeal so that wrongs could be set right and dishonesty was made both difficult and dangerous.

Master's degree

In France, the master's degree (diplôme de master) takes two years and is worth 120 ECTS credits. The French master's degree is the combination of two individual years : the master 1 (M1) and master 2 (M2), following the Bologna Process. Depending on the goal of the student (a doctorate or a professional career) the master 2 can also be called a "Master Recherche" (research master) and a "Master Professionnel" (professional master), each with different requirements. To obtain a national diploma for the master 2 requires a minimum of one year of study after the master 1.

Culture of the United States

American cultureAmericanculture
This has changed; white flight has reversed, as Yuppies and upper-middle-class, empty nest Baby Boomers return to urban living, usually in condominiums, such as in New York City's Lower East Side, Chicago's South Loop and Miami's Brickell Neighborhood. The result has been the displacement of many poorer, inner-city residents. American cities with housing prices near the national median have also been losing the middle income neighborhoods, those with median income between 80% and 120% of the metropolitan area's median household income.


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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

STEMSTEM educationscience, technology, engineering and mathematics
Canada ranks 12th out of 16 peer countries in the percentage of its graduates who studied in STEM programs, with 21.2%, a number higher than the United States, but lower than France, Germany, and Austria. The peer country with the greatest proportion of STEM graduates, Finland, has over 30% of their university graduates coming from science, mathematics, computer science, and engineering programs. SHAD is an annual Canadian summer enrichment program for high-achieving high school students in July. The program focuses on academic learning particularly in STEAM fields. Scouts Canada has taken similar measures to their American counterpart to promote STEM fields to youth.


millennialmillennial generationGeneration Y
The University of Michigan's "Monitoring the Future" study of high school seniors (conducted continually since 1975) and the American Freshman survey, conducted by UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute of new college students since 1966, showed an increase in the proportion of students who consider wealth a very important attribute, from 45% for Baby Boomers (surveyed between 1967 and 1985) to 70% for Gen Xers, and 75% for millennials. The percentage who said it was important to keep abreast of political affairs fell, from 50% for Baby Boomers to 39% for Gen Xers, and 35% for millennials.

Manès Sperber

Manes Sperber
Manès Sperber (12 December 1905 – 5 February 1984) was an Austrian-French novelist, essayist and psychologist. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Jan Heger and N.A. Menlos. Sperber was born on 12 December 1905 in Zabłotów near Kolomea, in the Austrian Galicia (today Zabolotiv, Ukraine). Sperber grew up in the shtetl of Zabłotów in a Hasidic family. He was the son of David Mechel Sperber and the older brother of Milo Sperber born 1911, who was to become an actor in Britain. In the summer of 1916 the family fled from war to Vienna, where Sperber who, having lost faith, at 13 had refused to do his bar mitzvah, joined the Jewish Hashomer Hatzair youth movement.

René Zazzo

Biography at Upsy.net (in French). Biography at Doctissimo.fr (in French).

American Legion

The American LegionAmerican Legion HallAmerican Legion baseball
The preamble of the constitution adopted in St.

History of the Brazil national football team

Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame
Entering the tournament as defending champions, Brazil finished runner-up in the 1998 World Cup in France. After a very respectable campaign during which they beat the Netherlands on penalties in the semi-final following a 1–1 draw with goals from Ronaldo and Patrick Kluivert, the team lost to the host France 3–0 in the final played at the new Stade de France, just outside Paris in Saint-Denis. Brazilian marking at defensive set pieces was poor, and Zinedine Zidane was able to score two headed goals from France's corner kicks. Also, Brazil star Ronaldo suffered an epileptic seizure a few hours before the match.

Social exclusion

marginalizedmarginalizationsocial inclusion
An example is the exclusion of single mothers from the welfare system prior to welfare reforms of the 1900s. The modern welfare system is based on the concept of entitlement to the basic means of being a productive member of society both as an organic function of society and as compensation for the socially useful labor provided. A single mother's contribution to society is not based on formal employment, but on the notion that provision of welfare for children is a necessary social expense. In some career contexts, caring work is devalued and motherhood is seen as a barrier to employment.

Anne-Claire Coudray

Anne-Claire Coudray (born 1 February 1977) is a French journalist and television presenter. Anne-Claire Coudray was born in Rennes in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, and spent a part of her childhood in Locmariaquer, Morbihan, the native town of her maternal grandparents. Her father is a psychologist and her mother is an English teacher. She pursued a Catholic education at the Lycée Saint-François-Xavier in Vannes and then preparatory classes at the Lycée Guist'hau in Nantes for two years in both hypokhâgne and khâgne. She then graduated in both Bachelor of Arts degree and master's degree of history at the University of Rennes 2 – Upper Brittany.