The Walt Disney Company

DisneyWalt DisneyWalt Disney Productions
Disney ranked No. 55 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. * YouTube channel Walt Disney (1923–1945). Roy O. Disney (1945–1966). Donn Tatum (1966–1971). Card Walker (1971–1977). Ron W. Miller (1978–1983). Frank Wells (1984–1994). Michael Ovitz (1995–1997). Robert A. Iger (2000–2012). Roy O. Disney (1929–1971). Donn Tatum (1971–1976). Card Walker (1976–1983). Ron W. Miller (1983–1984). Michael Eisner (1984–2005). Robert A. Iger (2005–present). Walt Disney (1945–1960). Roy O. Disney (1964–1971). Donn Tatum (1971–1980). Card Walker (1980–1983). Raymond Watson (1983–1984). Michael Eisner (1984–2004). George J. Mitchell (2004–2006). John E.


AT&T Inc.AT&T Latin AmericaSBC
Three months after completing the acquisition, AT&T reorganized into four main units: Communications, including consumer and business wireline telephony, AT&T Mobility, and consumer entertainment video services; WarnerMedia, including Turner cable television networks, Warner Bros. film and television production, and HBO; AT&T Latin America, consisting of wireless service in Mexico and video in Latin America and the Caribbean under the Vrio brand; and Advertising and Analytics, since renamed Xandr. AT&T Latin America (formerly AT&T International, Inc.) is a wholly owned division of AT&T which operates in Mexico and 11 countries in South America.

TBS (U.S. TV channel)

TBSWTBSTBS Superstation
With this move, WTCG would become one of the first television stations, and only the second U.S. broadcaster – following premium cable network Home Box Office (HBO) (an eventual sister property to channel 17 as a result of Time Warner's 1996 acquisition of the Turner Broadcasting System), which began to transmit its signal nationally via satellite on September 30, 1975 – to be transmitted via satellite, instead of the then-standard method of using microwave relay to distribute a programming feed. SSS initially charged prospective cable systems 10¢ per subscriber to transmit the WTCG signal as a 24-hour channel and 2¢ per subscriber to carry it as a part-time, overnight-only service.

High-definition television

HDTVhigh definitionHD
Sony's PlayStation 3 has extensive HD compatibility because of its built in Blu-ray disc-based player, so does Microsoft's Xbox 360 with the addition of Netflix and Windows Media Center HTPC streaming capabilities. On November 18, 2012, Nintendo released a next generation high definition gaming platform, The Wii U, which includes TV remote control features in addition to IPTV streaming features like Netflix. The HD capabilities of the consoles has influenced some developers to port games from past consoles onto the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, often with remastered or upscaled graphics.


Nevertheless, the Supreme Federal Tribunal was the first court in the world to transmit its sessions on television, and also via YouTube. More recently, in December 2009, the Supreme Court adopted Twitter to display items on the day planner of the ministers, to inform the daily actions of the Court and the most important decisions made by them. The armed forces of Brazil are the largest in Latin America by active personnel and the largest in terms of military equipment. It consists of the Brazilian Army (including the Army Aviation Command), the Brazilian Navy (including the Marine Corps and Naval Aviation), and the Brazilian Air Force.

TNT (U.S. TV network)

TNTTurner Network TelevisionTNT Network
Under the terms, Turner would acquire an approximate 10% interest in Time Warner as well as oversee its subscription network group – comprising the Turner and Home Box Office units and its minority interests in Comedy Central and E! – and hold a position on the company's board of directors (which he retained until he stepped down from the company in February 2006) upon the merger's closure. The merger received regulatory approval on September 12, 1996; the Turner–Time Warner deal was finalized one month later on October 10, forming what at the time was the largest media company in the world. The channel was also known for its late night programming.

United Arab Emirates

In 2013, police arrested a US citizen and some UAE citizens, in connection with a YouTube parody video which allegedly portrayed Dubai and its residents in a bad light. The video was shot in areas of Satwa, Dubai, and featured gangs learning how to fight using simple weapons, including shoes, the aghal, etc. In 2015, nationals from different countries were put in jail for offences. An Australian woman was accused of 'writing bad words on social media', after she had posted a picture of a vehicle parked illegally. She was later deported from the UAE.

Primetime Emmy Award

Emmy AwardEmmyEmmy Awards
HBO – 126 (2015). Most nominations for a Television Program. Saturday Night Live – 252. Most nominations for a Comedy Series. Cheers – 117. Most nominations for a Drama Series. Game of Thrones – 128. Most nominations for a Limited Series. American Horror Story – 89. Most nominations for a Television Movie. Grey Gardens – 17. Eleanor and Franklin – 17. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee – 17. Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years – 17. Most nominations for an Animated Program. The Simpsons – 89. Most nominations for a Reality-Competition Program. Dancing with the Stars – 101. Most nominations for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Series. Saturday Night Live – 252.

United States

Aside from web portals and search engines, the most popular websites are Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, and Twitter. More than 800 publications are produced in Spanish, the second most commonly used language in the United States behind English. Internet sources * Measure of America A variety of mapped information relating to health, education, income, and demographics for the U.S. Legislative: The bicameral Congress, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, has the power of the purse, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.


NBC UniversalUniversalNBC
On January 14, 2019, NBCUniversal announced that it will launch an over-the-top streaming service in early 2020 to compete with Netflix, Amazon Video, WarnerMedia and Disney+. A reorganization of the major direct reporting division was made. Bonnie Hammer was appointed chairman of [[NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group#NBCUniversal Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises|NBCU Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises]] over the streaming services and the Digital Enterprises unit. Her former unit, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group, was given to Mark Lazarus as chairman, NBCUniversal Broadcast, Cable, Sports and News.

New York City

New YorkNew York, New YorkNew York City, New York
Many cable networks are based in the city as well, including MTV, Fox News, HBO, Showtime, Bravo, Food Network, AMC, and Comedy Central. The City of New York operates a public broadcast service, NYC Media, that has produced several original Emmy Award-winning shows covering music and culture in city neighborhoods and city government. WBAI, with news and information programming, is one of the few socialist radio stations operating in the United States. New York is also a major center for non-commercial educational media. The oldest public-access television channel in the United States is the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, founded in 1971.

North Korea

🇰🇵NorthDemocratic People's Republic of Korea
Uriminzokkiri and its associated YouTube and Twitter accounts distribute imagery, news and video issued by government media. The Associated Press opened the first Western all-format, full-time bureau in Pyongyang in 2012. Bias in reporting on North Korea has occurred in international media as a result of the country's isolation. Stories like Kim Jong-un undergoing surgery to look like his grandfather, executing his ex-girlfriend or feeding his uncle to a pack of hungry dogs have been circulated by foreign media as truth despite the lack of a credible source. Many of the claims originate from the South Korean right-wing newspaper The Chosun Ilbo.


'''HBO Now'''
HBO Now is a subscription video on demand service operated by American premium cable and satellite television network HBO. Officially unveiled on March 9 and launched on April 7, 2015 the service allows subscribers on-demand access to HBO's library of original programs, films and other content on personal computers, smartphones, tablet devices and digital media players. Unlike HBO Go, HBO's online video on demand service for existing subscribers of the linear television channel, HBO Now is available as a standalone service and does not require a television subscription to use, targeting cord cutters who use competing services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Net neutrality

network neutralityinternet neutralityopen internet
However, utilizing other television streaming apps, such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu, counted towards the limit. Comcast denied that this infringed on net neutrality principles since "it runs its Xfinity for Xbox service on its own, private Internet protocol network". There is some disagreement about whether "peering" is a net neutrality issue. In the first quarter of 2014, streaming website Netflix reached an arrangement with ISP Comcast to improve the quality of its service to Netflix clients.


Netflix, after a large test in August 2016, concluded that libvpx was 20% less efficient than x265, but by October the same year also found that tweaking encoding parameters could "reduce or even reverse gap between VP9 and HEVC". At NAB 2017, Netflix shared that they had switched to the EVE encoder, which according to their studies offered better two-pass rate control and was 8% more efficient than libvpx.

Entourage (U.S. TV series)

Entourageof the same nameTV series of the same name
Entourage is syndicated in many other countries around the world, often broadcast on HBO, and is also carried in full through HBO Now and HBO Go; two cuts were created, the original aired by HBO, and a syndicated cut with nudity, sexual content and profanity removed, which was aired in some countries to meet local mores. In the United States, the series was syndicated on local stations and WGN America, but was removed from both outlets due to low ratings. The series was also syndicated on Spike TV in an attempt to improve their late night ratings. Spike quickly reduced, then ended the contract to carry the series due to low ratings.

TwitchELEVEN PrimeTwitchTV
Competing video services, such as YouTube and Dailymotion, began to increase the prominence of their gaming content to compete, but have had a much smaller impact so far. As of mid-2013, there were over 43 million viewers on Twitch monthly, with the average viewer watching an hour and a half a day. As of February 2014, Twitch is the fourth largest source of Internet traffic during peak times in the United States, behind Netflix, Google, and Apple. Twitch makes up 1.8% of total US Internet traffic during peak periods. In late 2013, particularly due to increasing viewership, Twitch had issues with lag and low frame rates in Europe. Twitch has subsequently added new servers in the region.


HBO '''HBO Go''' HBO's online service
The decision marks a significant change to HBO's business model, as the service will be marketed directly to consumers rather than through television providers. The new offering will primarily target "cord cutters" and "cord nevers", who primarily use online video services, such as Netflix or Hulu, to stream video content and television programming rather than subscribing to a cable television or satellite provider. The new service, HBO Now, was officially unveiled on March 9, 2015 for a launch in April of that year, with mobile and digital media player support exclusive to Apple devices at launch.

List of original programs distributed by Netflix

Netflix OriginalNetflix original seriesoriginal series
They may be available on Netflix in their home territory and other markets where Netflix does not have the first run license, without the Netflix Original label, some time after their first-run airing on their original broadcaster. * Netflix Originals current list on Netflix (based on geolocation)


full HD1080p301080p HD
Several websites, including YouTube, allow videos to be uploaded in the 1080p format. YouTube streams 1080p content at approximately 4 megabits per second compared to Blu-ray's 30 to 40 megabits per second. Digital distribution services also deliver 1080p content, such as movies available on Blu-ray Disc or from broadcast sources. This can include distribution services like peer-to-peer websites and public or private tracking networks. Netflix has been offering high quality 1080p content in the US and other countries through select internet providers since 2013.

Nintendo 3DS

3DS3DS XLNintendo 3DS Ambassadors
The Netflix streaming video service was released in North America on July 14, 2011. Netflix users are able to pause streaming video on the Nintendo 3DS and resume it on other Netflix-enabled devices. Only 2D content is available through the service. Nintendo announced on October 21, 2011, that Hulu Plus would be released on the Nintendo 3DS by the end of the year. On February 16, 2012, following the debut of Hulu on the Wii, Nintendo reiterated the announcement this time claiming it would be available on the 3DS sometime in 2012.