Fark.comFARK cliché
Other defendants sued in the case include Reddit, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Digg, Geeknet (owner of Slashdot), TechCrunch, Newsvine, and Yahoo. Drew Curtis argued that Fark does not produce "news releases" or "press releases", as the lawsuit stated, and instead provides a forum for humorous links to stories on other websites. The case was settled in August 2011, for the sum of $0. Curtis later described the entire ordeal as, "a nightmare", saying, "Imagine someone breaking into your home, then being forced to sit on the couch while their lawyers file motions over how much stuff they can take."

Denial-of-service attack

DDoSdenial of servicedistributed denial of service
The canonical example is the Slashdot effect when receiving traffic from Slashdot. It is also known as "the Reddit hug of death" and "the Digg effect". Routers have also been known to create unintentional DoS attacks, as both D-Link and Netgear routers have overloaded NTP servers by flooding NTP servers without respecting the restrictions of client types or geographical limitations. Similar unintentional denials-of-service can also occur via other media, e.g. when a URL is mentioned on television.


Digg. Fark. Reddit. Solidot, a Chinese clone of Slashdot, whose name comes from "solidus" (alternate name of slash) and "dot". Hacker News.

Unsealed World News

Like Drudge Report, Unsealed is a news aggregation website, but like traditional news organizations features significant original content and editorial pieces. Its service provides freely accessible news, features, commentary and video updates to a global readership. Articles are often disseminated via user-submitted news aggregation sites such as Reddit, Digg, and Del.icio.us. Unsealed accused third-party U.S. presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan of being an "Antichrist Candidate," a claim to which Istvan responded.

Breitbart News

BreitbartBigGovernment.comBreitbart London
Andrew Breitbart launched Breitbart.com as a news aggregator in 2005. The website featured direct links to wire stories at the Associated Press, Reuters, Fox News, the New York Post, TMZ as well as a number of other outlets. The website's initial growth was largely fueled by links from the Drudge Report. In 2007, Breitbart.com launched a video blog, Breitbart.tv. According to the site, the current incarnation of the website was conceived by Breitbart during a visit to Israel in mid-2007 as a website that would, in his own words, be "unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel".

Social news website

social newsnewssocial news site
;Slashdot Slashdot, started in 1997, was one of the first social news websites. It focuses mainly on science and technology-related news. Users can submit stories and the editors pick out the best stories each day for the front page. Users can then post comments on the stories. The influx of web traffic that resulted from Slashdot linking to external websites led to the effect being called the Slashdot effect ;Digg Digg, started in December 2004, introduced the voting system. This system allows users to "digg" or "bury" articles. "Digging" is the equivalent of voting positively, so that popular articles are displayed first. "Burying" does not lower an article's score.


Designed to be a gift to the online community of Reddit, it took off almost instantly, jumping from a thousand hits per day to a million total page views in the first five months. Imgur became widely recognized following its rise to popularity on social media websites such as Facebook, Reddit, and Digg. In October 2012, Imgur expanded its functionality to allow users to directly share images to Imgur instead of requiring images to gain enough attraction through other social media sites like Reddit to show up on the popular image gallery. In the beginning, Imgur relied on donations to help with the web hosting costs.


The Huffington PostHuffington PostHuffington Post UK
The Huffington Post was launched on May 9, 2005, as a commentary outlet, blog, and an alternative to news aggregators such as the Drudge Report. It was founded by Arianna Huffington, Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti. Prior to The Huffington Post, Huffington hosted the website Ariannaonline.com. Her first foray into the Internet was the website Resignation.com, which called for the resignation of President Bill Clinton and was a rallying place for conservatives opposing Clinton.


web sitewebsitesonline
A website or web site is a collection of related network web resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are wikipedia.org, google.com, and amazon.com.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, DCWashington D.C.District of Columbia
Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington; D.C.; or the district, is the capital of the United States. Founded after the American Revolution as the seat of government of the newly independent country, Washington was named after George Washington, the first president of the United States and a Founding Father. As the seat of the United States federal government and several international organizations, Washington is an important world political capital. The city, located on the Potomac River bordering Maryland and Virginia, is one of the most visited cities in the world, with more than 20 million tourists annually.


Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets". Tweets were originally restricted to 140 characters, but on November 7, 2017, this limit was doubled to 280 for all languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through its website interface, through Short Message Service (SMS) or its mobile-device application software ("app"). Twitter, Inc. is based in San Francisco, California, and has more than 25 offices around the world.

United States

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or simply America, is a country comprising 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million km 2 ), it is the world's third or fourth largest country by total area and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe. Most of the country is located in central North America between Canada and Mexico. With an estimated population of over 327 million people, the U.S. is the third most populous country. The capital is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city is New York City.

The Washington Post

Washington Postwashingtonpost.comWashington Post Magazine
The Washington Post (sometimes abbreviated to WaPo) is a major American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C. It has the largest circulation in the Washington metropolitan area. Daily broadsheet editions are printed for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Hillary Clinton

ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonHillary
Crowdpac, which does a data aggregation of campaign contributions, votes and speeches, gives her a 6.5L rating on a one-dimensional left-right scale from 10L (most liberal) to 10C (most conservative). Through 2008, she had an average lifetime 90 percent "Liberal Quotient" from Americans for Democratic Action, and a lifetime eight percent rating from the American Conservative Union. In March 2016, Clinton laid out a detailed economic plan, which The New York Times called "optimistic" and "wide-ranging".

Virato Social News

Virato is a search engine and aggregator for current news in Germany, which have achieved a high level of reach on the social web. The service bundles news from thousands of sources across the web (this includes blogs and webzines). All articles are weighted and scored based on their distribution across social networking platforms; which is how this service is categorized as a social news service. Additional services in this category include, but are not limited to, Reddit oder Digg. The name is an acronym for „Viral trends online“. Bjoern Schumacher introduced an alpha version of the site in 2011.


Google Inc.Google, Inc.Google LLC
A major hub for critics of Google in order to organize to abstain from using Google products is the Reddit page for the subreddit /r/degoogle. In July 2018, Mozilla Program Manager Chris Peterson accused Google of intentionally slowing down YouTube performance on Firefox. In April 2019 former Mozilla executive Jonathan Nightingale accused Google of intentionally and systematically sabotaging the Firefox browser over the past decade in order to boost Chrome's adoption.


Employees of FriendFeed created the Simple Update Protocol to reduce the load put on sites by aggregators such as theirs. On August 10, 2009, Facebook agreed to acquire FriendFeed. FriendFeed was bought for $15 million in cash, and $32.5 million in Facebook stock. Facebook, along with a small but active community of users, kept the service going until its pre-announced closure on April 9, 2015. A user could configure their FriendFeed account to aggregate content from the following services: * Locker, an open source alternative that aimed to provide a similar, but more ambitious service. FriendFeed. FriendFeed Is This Years Twitter, But Why?. Friendfeed.com raises $5m VC.

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

Mr. X (''Simpsons'')
Originally, the episode was about Homer becoming Matt Drudge, the creator and an editor of the news aggregation website the Drudge Report, of which Swartzwelder is a fan. At that point, the episode was called "Homer the Drudge". The chalkboard gag was written by staff writer Don Payne, and the couch gag was conceived by producer Laurie Biernackie. The third act of "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" is a pastiche of the 1967 science fiction television series The Prisoner. In order to "get the feel" of The Prisoner, the writers watched its opening sequence, which summarizes the story of the series.

Hurricane Matthew

MatthewHurricane Mathewfollowing its usage in 2016
On October 6, the conservative news aggregator Drudge Report—run by Matt Drudge—headlined a five-word comment on Matthew: "Storm Fizzle? Matthew Looks Ragged!" which linked to a Miami Herald article. Drudge later used Twitter to claim that the National Hurricane Center was lying to the public about the intensity of the storm, stating that measurements from Nassau, Bahamas, did not match the 165 mph (270 km/h) gusts listed in public advisories. The tweets implied that the hurricane was not as dangerous as it seemed and that politicians were trying to "blame mankind," referring to a blog posting about Hillary Clinton.

Social media marketing

social mediasocial media marketerInteractive PR
Websites such as Delicious, Digg, Slashdot, Diigo, Stumbleupon, and Reddit are popular social bookmarking sites used in social media promotion. Each of these sites is dedicated to the collection, curation, and organization of links to other websites that users deem to be of good quality. This process is "crowdsourced", allowing amateur social media network members to sort and prioritize links by relevance and general category. Due to the large user bases of these websites, any link from one of them to another, the smaller website may in a flash crowd, a sudden surge of interest in the target website.

Index of Internet-related articles

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List of free and open-source web applications

List of free software for Web 2.0 ServicesFree web application software
All web applications, both traditional and Web 2.0, are operated by software running somewhere. This is a list of free software which can be used to run alternative web applications. Also listed are similar proprietary web applications that users may be familiar with. Most of this software is server-side software, often running on a web server.

Glossary of blogging

blogrollfood blogblawg
Slashdot effect : The Slashdot effect can hit blogs or other website, and is caused by a major website (usually Slashdot, but also Digg, Metafilter, Boing Boing, Instapundit and others) sending huge amounts of temporary traffic that often slow down the server. Subscribe : The term used when a blogs feed is added to a feed reader like Bloglines or Google. Some blogging platforms have internal subscriptions, this allows readers to receive notification when there are new posts in a blog. A subscriber is a person who is willing to receive blogger's news and updates. Templates : Templates, used on the "back end" of a blog that work together to handle information and present it on a blog.

Something Awful

Richard KyankaSomething Awful ForumsSomethingAwful
Digg. Fark.com. News aggregator. Reddit. Slashdot. Fuck You And Die: An Oral History of Something Awful, a 2017 oral history conducted by Vice.

Andrew Breitbart

Big Hollywood at BreitbartBigGovernmentBreitbart TV
In 1995, Breitbart saw The Drudge Report and was so impressed that he e-mailed Matt Drudge. Breitbart said, "I thought what he was doing was by far the coolest thing on the Internet. And I still do." Breitbart described himself as "Matt Drudge's bitch" and selected and posted links to other news wire sources. Later, Drudge introduced him to a still-Republican Arianna Huffington and Breitbart subsequently assisted in the creation of The Huffington Post. Breitbart wrote a weekly column for The Washington Times, which also appeared at Real Clear Politics.