Nick Jr.

NogginNick JrNick Junior
The channel continued to carry classic Sesame Workshop series until September 12, 2005, when Jack's Big Music Show premiered on the channel. Around this time, Noggin began to air versions of classic shows from the Sesame Workshop library (such as The Electric Company), that were edited for running time. In 2006, Noggin began to decrease its reliance on foreign children's programs; Tweenies was removed from the schedule in January, with Tiny Planets being dropped that April. Tiny Planets was previously shown intermittently (i.e. not on a daily basis, at 6:00 a.m. ET, as Tweenies was for a year until it was removed.

Laurie Berkner

The Laurie Berkner BandLaurie Berkner BandLet's Hear It For the Laurie Berkner Band!
Jack's Big Music Show (2005-2008) - herself (regular performer). Sing it Laurie (2013) - herself. LazyTown (2013) – herself – Fix a Popstar (Season 3, Episode 14).

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird & the Hands of GloryAndrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
In January 2007, Bird made an appearance on the Noggin television network's Jack's Big Music Show, playing the part of Dr. Stringz and appearing in order to mend a character's broken dulcimer. Bird sang a brief song called "Dr. Stringz", written specially for the show. He now often plays it live as an introduction to the song "Fake Palindromes". On May 20, 2007, National Public Radio aired a live concert by Bird from Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club He also worked with Reverb, a non-profit environmental organization, for his 2007 spring tour.

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

Since 2005, DSFB has been heavily featured on the Noggin TV program Jack's Big Music Show, with four videos running on the popular kids' music show. They are the 2nd most represented group on the program, behind Laurie Berkner The group's most popular songs are "Dino-Soaring", "Music Everywhere", "SuperSpies", and "No Good Reason Party" They were invited to compose music for a Nick Jr. recycling PSA titled "Playful Parent", and Band member Mike Messer sang a rocked up version of the WONDERPETS theme for a commercial promoting the show's new season. The Members of the band come from The United States, Germany, and Australia.

Milkshake (band)

Milkshake videos could be seen on the program Jack's Big Music Show on the Noggin TV network, the Miss Lori and Hooper block of programs on PBS Kids affiliates and in the cartoon ToddWorld on Discovery Kids. Their 2007 CD release, PLAY!, featured Baseball Hall of Fame member Cal Ripken on a song called "Baseball" as well as songs from the ToddWorld cartoon. A DVD compilation of videos called Screen Play, and a comic book featuring the band in various adventures based on their songs were released in 2008. The 2009 release Great Day CD, was nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award for "Best Musical Recording for Children". Happy Songs (2002). Bottle of Sunshine (2004). Play! (2007).

Nuttin' But Stringz

Nuttin But Stringz
Jack's Big Music Show. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Tavis Smiley. Last Call with Carson Daly. The Fresh Beat Band. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The Mo'Nique Show. Today Show with Katie Couric. The Tyra Banks Show. The ESPY Awards.

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb & Nine StoriesLisa Loeb and Nine Stories
In 2007, Loeb appeared on an episode of Jack's Big Music Show singing the song "Jenny Jenkins." In 2008, she made a guest appearance on Gossip Girl, followed by a cameo on an episode of The Sarah Silverman Program in which the cast formed a mock band called "The Loeb Trotters." On the final episode of Gossip Girl on Monday, 17 Dec 2012, Lisa ended up with the character Rufus Humphrey in the five years after glimpse. In addition to television shows, Loeb has also appeared in the horror films House on Haunted Hill (1999), Serial Killing 4 Dummys (1999), and Fright Night (2011).

Jamia Simone Nash

JamiaJamia Nash
Jack's Big Music Show (2005) - Jamia. Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story (2006) - Young Fantasia Barrino. August Rush (2007) - Hope. The Young and the Restless (2008-2012) - Ana Hamilton. Official website.

Blue's Clues

Blue’s CluesBlueBlues Clues
Blue's Clues is an American live-action/animated educational children's television series that premiered on Nickelodeon on September 8, 1996. Producers/creators Angela Santomero, Todd Kessler, and Traci Paige Johnson combined concepts from child development and early-childhood education with innovative animation and production techniques that helped their viewers learn. The show was originally hosted by Steve Burns, who left in 2002 and was replaced by Donovan Patton until 2006. The show follows an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue as she leaves a trail of clues/paw prints for the host and the viewers, in order to figure out her plans for the day.

Dora the Explorer

Alexandria SuarezBoots The MonkeyDora
On August 31, 2017, the first five seasons of the show were added to the NOGGIN app. In 2013, Nickelodeon announced that it was making a sequel to Dora the Explorer titled as Dora and Friends: Into the City!. It stars Dora as a 10-year-old who goes on city adventures with the Explorer Girls, accompanied by a male pal named Pablo. The series had two seasons (20 episodes each) and aired on Nickelodeon from August 8, 2014 to February 5, 2017. On October 23, 2017, it was announced that a live-action film adaptation, titled Dora and the Lost City of Gold, was in the works at Paramount Players and was slated for an August 9, 2019 release.

Jerry Lawson (musician)

Jerry LawsonJerry Lawson & Talk of the TownJerry Lawson Talk of the Town
Since 2007, one of the most requested videos on children's television network Noggin has been Jerry's video of "I'm Glad", which he first recorded with the Persuasions, and performed for Noggin with Talk of the Town. In 2008, during the US presidential campaign, Lawson teamed up again with Talk of the Town to record a re-working of the Dixie Chicks' song I Hope (a song which had appeared with the song's original lyrics on the Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town album) as a tribute to then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Steven Drozd

Drozd has appeared on Noggin's Jack's Big Music Show, with Jon Stewart and Steve Burns. Official Twitter page. Drozd fansite. Drozd's Maritime Mixtape.

Pop culture influenced by Sesame Street

Pop culture influenced by ''Sesame Street
Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin is produced by David and Adam Rudman, with puppeteering by David, Alice Dinnean, and John Kennedy, all Sesame employees or alumni. Between the Lions often draws comparisons to Sesame Street. This reading program on PBS used puppet characters and animation to explain literacy concepts to slightly older children than Sesame’s audience. Christopher Cerf and Norman Stiles are among the show's Sesame-alumni. Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie and Bert have made a cameo appearance. A Lot Like Birds performed a song named: Sesame Street Is No Place For Me. Fimbles was based on the children’s television series, it’s the parody of Sesame Street.

2005 in American television

The following is a list of events affecting American television during 2005. Events listed include television series debuts, finales, cancellations, and new channel initiations.

Michael Rubin (composer)

Michael Rubin
’s Big Music Show. 2004 Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for (better yet) Blue's Clues.

35th Daytime Emmy Awards

Jack's Big Music Show (Noggin). Sesame Street (PBS). Super Why! (PBS). Arthur (PBS). Charlie and Lola (Disney). Curious George (PBS). Little Einsteins (Disney). Peep and the Big Wide World (Discovery Kids). Kevin Michael Richardson (Joker, The Batman) (Kids' WB). Christopher Lloyd (The Hacker, Cyberchase) (PBS). Eartha Kitt (Yzma, The Emperor's New School) (Disney). Jessica DiCicco (Malina, The Emperor's New School) (Disney). Danica Lee (Ming-Ming Duckling The Wonder Pets) (Nick Jr.). Cause Effect (mtvU). Instant Beauty Pageant (Style). Made (MTV). Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America (Travel). Split Ends (Style). Design Squad (PBS). Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye (Discovery).

List of programs broadcast by Nickelodeon

NicktoonsList of Nickelodeon ShowsList of programming blocks by Nickelodeon
Noggin on Nickelodeon (2000–01). SLAM! (August 2002 – March 2003). Nick's Saturday Morning (May 21, 2005 – June 14, 2008). Nick in the Afternoon (1995–98). The O Zone (1991–93). Saturday Morning Hang Zone with Lincoln Loud (February 25 – March 25, 2017). Saturday Morning Nicktoons (2002 – August 27, 2004). Slime Time Live (2000–03). Friday Night Slimetime (October 12, 2005). Slime Across America. Summer Slime Live. SNICK (August 15, 1992 – August 28, 2004). Special Delivery (1980–93). TEENick (March 6, 2001 – February 2, 2009, name currently used on the channel formerly known as The N). TEENick Saturday Night (2004–06). Throwback Thursday (June – August 2014).

Toni Seawright

Seawright's younger son, Khalil, starred in Noggin's Jack's Big Music Show. Qaasim was a finalist on Season 14 of American Idol. * "Everybody's Cried at Least Once" (The Naked Brothers Band) (2008). "Mystery Girl" (The Naked Brothers Band) (2008).

David Rudman

Spiffy PicturesDavidSpiffy Productions
Play with Me Sesame (Noggin) Cookie Monster, Ernestine, and Chicago the Lion. Elmo's World: Happy Holidays: Orange Gold Caroler, Cookie Monster and Baby Bear. Sesame Street: The Street We Live On (PBS) Cookie Monster, Baby Bear and Two Headed Monster (right head). Sesame Street: A Magical Halloween Adventure: Pumpkin, Surprise Monster. Sesame Street: Happy Healthy Monsters Cookie Monster. Jack's Big Music Show (Noggin): Jack. Pinky Dinky Doo (Noggin): Various Voices. Elmo's Christmas Countdown (ABC) Cookie Monster and Baby Bear. Studio DC: Almost Live (Disney Channel). Abby in Wonderland Cookie Monster.

The Jim Henson Company

Jim Henson ProductionsJim Henson CompanyHenson Associates
By the end of 2000, after EM.TV subsequently experienced major financial problems, EM.TV sold the company's ownership of the Sesame Street Muppets and Henson's small interest in the Noggin television network to Sesame Workshop, and by early 2001, Henson itself was marked for sale. The Walt Disney Company, Viacom, HIT Entertainment, Aol Time Warner, Haim Saban, Classic Media, as well as Henson management, among others, were all parties reportedly interested in acquiring the company. In December 2002, a deal was announced in which EM.TV would sell a 49.9% stake in Henson to an investment group led by Dean Valentine, a former executive at Disney and UPN.

Sesame Workshop

Children's Television WorkshopChildren’s Television WorkshopCTW
Also in 1998, the Workshop invested $25 million in the cable channel Noggin, initiated in 1999 by the Workshop and Viacom's Nickelodeon. In 2000, the profit the CTW earned from the deal, along with its 1998 revenue caused partly by the "Tickle Me Elmo" craze, enabled the CTW to purchase The Jim Henson Company's rights to the Sesame Street Muppets from the German media company EM.TV, which had acquired Henson earlier that year. The transaction, valued at $180 million, also included a small interest Henson had in the Noggin cable channel. Gary Knell stated, "Everyone, most especially the puppeteers, were thrilled that we were able to bring them home.

Alice Dinnean

Alice Dinnean-Vernon
Jack's Big Music Show - Mary. Sid the Science Kid - Gabriela Cordova. The Muppets (TV series) - Alynda. The Happytime Murders - Sheila. Pajanimals - Cowbella. Muppet Babies Play Date - Summer Penguin (puppeteer only). The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - The Ornamentalist (skekEkt) (voice).


Nickelodeon ProductionsNickNick Radio
TeenNick is a pay television network that is aimed at adolescents and young adults, which originated as a nighttime block called "The N" on Noggin (in a similar scheduling structure as Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite) on April 1, 2002, and was spun off into a standalone channel on December 31, 2007, when it took over the satellite transponder of Nickelodeon Games and Sports. On September 28, 2009, the network was rebranded as TeenNick, named after the former TEENick block that aired on Nickelodeon from July 2000 to February 2009.

Eric Jacobson

Outside of Henson, Jacobson has worked on The Puzzle Place, Jack's Big Music Show, and Disney's The Book of Pooh (plus a TV show called Once Upon a Tree, in which he performed Billy Bob the Bobcat). He also has performed on stage performing live puppet theater in New York City with The Puppet Company, The Cosmic Bicycle Theater, and The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater in Central Park. In 2013, Jacobson served as puppeteer for Shaggy Rogers (with Matthew Lillard serving as Shaggy's voice) for the DVD movie, Scooby Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map.

Block programming

programming blockblockprogram block
Current channels which started as program blocks include TeenNick (originally a program block on Nickelodeon and Noggin); Disney Junior (which is still a program block on the Disney Channel); Nick Jr. (which still airs on Nickelodeon); Boomerang (which was once a program block on Cartoon Network); and PBS Kids, a 24/7 channel, which PBS member stations are able to provide in addition to their current children's programming on the primary PBS channel. In addition, TV Land airs older shows that were once aired on sister channel Nickelodeon's Nick at Nite program block.