Saturday Night Live cast members

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Although SNL is best known as the launchpad for many successful careers, nine former cast members have died before the age of 60. This has given rise to a superstition known as the "Saturday Night Live Curse". Saturday Night Live Band. List of Saturday Night Live guests. List of Saturday Night Live writers.

Lorne Michaels

MichaelsLorne Michaels’
The Museum of Broadcast Communications – Encyclopedia of Television "Saturday Night Live". Audio of Lorne Michaels 1967 comedy act with Hart Pomerantz. in 2005. Audio of Lorne Michaels 1967 comedy act with Hart Pomerantz. in 2005.

List of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches

Recurring ''Saturday Night Live'' characters and sketchesRecurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketchesDog Show
The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live sketches, organized by the season and date in which the sketch first appeared. For an alphabetical list, see Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches (listed alphabetically). Weekend Update (Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, et al.) – October 11, 1975. [[Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 1975–1976#The Killer Bees|The Killer Bees]] (John Belushi, Bill Murray, Garrett Morris, Dan Aykroyd and others) – October 11, 1975. The Land of Gorch (Jim Henson's Muppets) – October 11, 1975. Land Shark (Chevy Chase) – November 8, 1975.

List of Saturday Night Live incidents

List of ''Saturday Night Live'' incidentsSinéad O'Connor tore a photographthe controversial 2004 performance of Ashlee Simpson
In the following weeks on SNL, Catholic guests Joe Pesci and Madonna both voiced their opposition to O'Connor. The show also aired several sketches mocking O'Connor. She has not appeared on Saturday Night Live since.

Don Ohlmeyer

Ohlmeyer Communication Company
In early 1998, Ohlmeyer had Norm Macdonald removed from his role as anchor of Saturday Night Lives popular Weekend Update segment, citing declining ratings and a drop-off in quality. Macdonald and others believed that the real reason for his dismissal was the inclusion of a series of jokes calling O. J. Simpson a murderer during and after the murder case and trial (1994-95). The jokes were written primarily by Macdonald and longtime SNL writer Jim Downey, who was fired from SNL outright at the same time (but he was rehired in 2000). Downey said later that Ohlmeyer and Simpson were good friends and that the former had thrown a party for the jurors who acquitted Simpson.

Jim Downey (comedian)

Jim DowneyJames Downey
Former SNL Weekend Update anchor Dennis Miller has called him the second most important person in the history of Saturday Night Live, behind only creator Lorne Michaels. In 2013, he retired from Saturday Night Live after the end of 38th season after working part-time, commuting from Upstate New York. Although he was only a credited actor on Saturday Night Live for one season, Downey appeared in over 40 sketches from 1977 to 2005, his most notable being parody commercials such as Craig's Travellers Checks, First CityWide Change Bank, and Grayson Moorhead Securities.

Dennis Miller

The Dennis Miller ShowDennis Miller Show
The show remained faithful to the classic talk-show format with a desk and three or four guests a night, while Miller carried forward the spirit of his SNL Weekend Update with a newscast segment that aired on Fridays. The show's staff boasted a mix of past and future performers, writers, and producers of note including Mark Brazill (That '70s Show), Eddie Feldmann, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick (creators of Will & Grace), Norm Macdonald, Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show), John Riggi, Kevin Rooney, Herb Sargent (Saturday Night Live), Drake Sather, and Dave Thomas (Second City TV).

Michael Che

He is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he serves as co-anchor on Weekend Update and co-head writer. Che and Colin Jost were named co-hosts of the 70th Emmy Awards for 2018. He was briefly a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and has previously worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live. At the end of September 2014, he became a Weekend Update co-anchor for the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, alongside Colin Jost and replacing Cecily Strong. Michael Che Campbell was born in Manhattan, New York City, New York, the youngest of seven children of Rose and Nathaniel Campbell. His father, a history buff, named Michael after the revolutionary Che Guevara.

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday

Weekend Update ThursdaySESNL Weekend Update Thursday
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday is an American limited-run series broadcast on NBC. It is a political satire news show spin-off from Saturday Night Live, featuring that show's Weekend Update segment. It initially ran for three 30-minute episodes in October 2008, during the lead-up to the 2008 United States presidential election. On March 14, 2017, NBC ordered a three-episode fourth iteration to be hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost, premiering August 10, 2017, and going by the title Weekend Update Summer Edition. It premiered on Thursday, October 9, 2008, at 9:30 p.m. ET, after The Office. The remaining episodes aired in the same timeslot on October 16 and 23.

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special

40th Anniversary SpecialSNL'' 40th anniversary special40th anniversary
Emma Stone (as Roseanne Roseannadanna), Edward Norton (as Stefon), Bill Hader (also as Stefon), Seth Meyers, Melissa McCarthy (as Matt Foley), and Bobby Moynihan (as the Land Shark) appeared during "Weekend Update", which was anchored by Jane Curtin, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. Norm Macdonald, Seth Meyers, Kevin Nealon, and Colin Quinn introduced a tribute to Chevy Chase, which also featured an appearance from Garrett Morris.

Tina Fey

Elizabeth Stamatina (Tina) FeyElizabeth Stamatina FeyLittle Stranger, Inc.
While performing shows with The Second City in 1997, Fey submitted several scripts to NBC's variety show Saturday Night Live (SNL), at the request of its head writer Adam McKay, a former performer at Second City. She was hired as a writer for SNL following a meeting with SNL creator Lorne Michaels, and moved to New York from Chicago. Fey told The New Yorker, "I'd had my eye on the show forever, the way other kids have their eye on Derek Jeter." Originally, Fey "struggled" at SNL. Her first sketch to air starred Chris Farley in a Sally Jessy Raphael satire. Fey went on to write a series of parodies, including one of ABC's morning talk show The View.

Chris Farley

Sandler later played the song live on an episode of Saturday Night Live that he hosted on May 4, 2019. * * Chris Farley page at Find-A-Grave Chris Farley SNL video archive at Yahoo! Screen. Chris Farley page at Find-A-Grave.

Seth Meyers

Meyers joined the Saturday Night Live cast in 2001. In 2005, he was promoted to writing supervisor, and in January 2006 he became co-head writer, sharing the role with Tina Fey and Andrew Steele. In 2004, he auditioned to co-anchor Weekend Update with Fey, but lost to Amy Poehler. With Fey's departure, Meyers became head writer for the 2006–2007 season and also assumed the role of Weekend Update co-anchor with Amy Poehler. After Poehler's departure, Meyers anchored solo between 2008 and 2013. In the 2013–2014 season, Cecily Strong joined Meyers as co-anchor. In fall 2009, Meyers co-anchored two episodes of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday with Poehler.

Al Franken

Senator Al FrankenSen. Al FrankenAl Franken (D-Minn.)
In 1995 Franken left the show in protest over losing the role of Weekend Update anchor to Norm Macdonald. In 1995 Franken wrote and starred in the film Stuart Saves His Family, which was based on his SNL character Stuart Smalley. The film was a critical and commercial failure, and Franken later became depressed as a result. Despite its aggregate rating of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film received favorable reviews from The Washington Post and Gene Siskel. Franken is the author of four books that made The New York Times Best Seller list.

Colin Quinn

The Colin Quinn ShowColin Quinn: Red State Blue State
Quinn was hired as a writer and featured player on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1996 and became a full cast member during the 1997–1998 season. He established himself on the show with recurring characters and segments such as "Lenny the Lion", "Joe Blow", "Colin Quinn Explains The New York Times", and "Weekend Update". Quinn began hosting "Weekend Update" in January 1998 after Norm Macdonald was fired, and anchored the segment until his departure from SNL in 2000. He commented on a number of highly publicized media circuses, including the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal and the Microsoft anti-trust trial.

Amy Poehler

Amy PohlerJennyPolka Dot Pictures
Poehler would also take it upon herself to welcome guest hosts during rehearsals and try to make them feel comfortable during their stint SNL. Poehler returned to the "Weekend Update" desk in the fall of 2009 with Meyers, for two "WU" Thursday episodes, which led directly into Parks and Recreation. She also returned to Saturday Night Live for a special Mother's Day episode on May 8, 2010, hosted by Betty White. Poehler returned to Saturday Night Live on September 25, 2010, to host the Season 36 opening episode with musical guest Katy Perry. She returned once again for the Saturday Night Live special, "The Women of SNL" in November of that year.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late NightLate Night with Seth Myers... with Seth Meyers
The second live episode featured guests Colin Jost, Michael Che, and Jessi Klein. The episode also featured a live "Jokes Seth Can't Tell" segment, in which writer Amber Ruffin used the phrase "bigger dicks though" as the punchline of a joke. Meyers appeared caught off-guard and chastised her for the use of the word, to which she responded by reminding him that the show is live so the network cannot stop them from saying it. Meyers repeated the line offhand later in the segment. The third live episode followed the first presidential debate of the 2016 general election. Will Forte, Mandy Moore, and David Ortiz were the guests, with a special appearance by Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost.

Cecily Strong

Strong debuted as a featured player on Saturday Night Live on September 15, 2012. The next season, Strong became a repertory player and co-anchored the recurring Weekend Update segment with Seth Meyers, beginning with the season 39 premiere. Strong later co-anchored with Colin Jost, and was replaced on Weekend Update with writer Michael Che, beginning with the season 40 premiere in September 2014, partly at her own request to focus on doing sketches as a part of the regular cast.

Frank Stallone

FrankFrank P. Stallone, Jr.Frank Stallone Jr.
In the mid-1990s, Stallone became the subject of a running gag on Saturday Night Live, during its "Weekend Update" segment hosted by Norm Macdonald. During each episode, Macdonald (at some point in the mock-newscast) would read a legitimate news headline, then would propose a question asking the cause of that news, which would always be answered by, "You guessed it—Frank Stallone." At that moment, a publicity photo of Stallone would appear on the screen. For example, Macdonald would say: "In economic news, unemployment figures rose slightly for the month of October, with declines in the Dow Jones and NASDAQ. The reason for the sudden downturn? You guessed it—Frank Stallone."

Saturday Night Live (season 39)

39season 3939th season
On May 12, 2013, NBC announced that Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers would be the new host of Late Night in 2014 succeeding Jimmy Fallon as Fallon was taking over as the new host of The Tonight Show. Meyers remained Weekend Update anchor up until his departure from the show on February 1, 2014. Cecily Strong was brought up to co-anchor with Meyers. Colin Jost, a writer for the show (and head writer for season 38 and 39), joined the cast on March 1, 2014, as a featured player and as Meyers' successor on Weekend Update. This is the third time a featured player was also a Weekend Update anchor. The first two were Tina Fey and Brian Doyle-Murray.

Saturday Night Live (season 45)

45Saturday Night Liveseason 45
Repertory players Featured players bold denotes "Weekend Update" anchor During the credits of the premiere episode, it was revealed the show added Dan Bulla, Emma Clark, Dan Licata, and Jasmine Pierce as new writers. Michael Che, Colin Jost, and Kent Sublette remain as head writers. Beck Bennett. Aidy Bryant. Michael Che. Pete Davidson. Mikey Day. Heidi Gardner. Colin Jost. Kate McKinnon. Alex Moffat. Kyle Mooney. Chris Redd. Cecily Strong. Kenan Thompson. Melissa Villaseñor. Chloe Fineman. Ego Nwodim. Bowen Yang.


National Broadcasting CompanyNBC-TVNBC Television
Saturday Night Live writer and occasional performer Al Franken satirized Silverman in a sketch on the program titled "A Limo For A Lame-O", where he presented a chart with the top-10 rated programs for that season and commented that there was "not one N" on the list. Silverman later admitted he "never liked Al Franken to begin with", and the sketch ruined Franken's chance of succeeding Lorne Michaels as executive producer of SNL following his 1980 departure (with the position going to Jean Doumanian, who was fired after one season following declining ratings and negative critical reviews. Michaels would later return to the show in 1985).

Chris Kattan

He moved to New York City to work on Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003. His recurring characters included Mr. Peepers, Mango, Azrael Abyss, Kyle DeMarco from The DeMarco Brothers, Gay Hitler, Suel Forrester (known for the term "dagitybo") and, most notably, one half of the [[Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 1995–1996#The Roxbury Guys|Butabi Brothers]] with fellow SNL (and Groundlings) cast member Will Ferrell, known for their trademark head-bobbing. Kattan and Ferrell continued the characters in the 1998 film A Night at the Roxbury. Kattan was to play Xanthias in the Broadway theatre production of Stephen Sondheim's The Frogs.

Family Guy

QuahogQuahog, Rhode IslandFamily Guy: It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One
The show has become a hit on Hulu; it is the second-highest viewed show after Saturday Night Live. IGN called Family Guy a great show, and commented that it has gotten better since its revival. They stated that they cannot imagine another half-hour sitcom that provides as many laughs as Family Guy. Empire praised the show and its writers for creating really hilarious moments with unlikely material. They commented that one of the reasons they love the show is because nothing is sacred—it makes jokes and gags of almost everything. Robin Pierson of The TV Critic praised the series as "a different kind of animated comedy which clearly sets out to do jokes which other cartoons can't do."