Saturday Night Live (season 42)

season 424242nd season
Colin Jost. Kate McKinnon. Kyle Mooney. Bobby Moynihan. Cecily Strong. Kenan Thompson. Sasheer Zamata. Mikey Day. Alex Moffat. Melissa Villaseñor.

2010 Tonight Show conflict

2010 ''Tonight Show'' conflict2010 ''Tonight Show'' host and timeslot conflictthe controversy
uestlove" Thompson, Alyssa Milano, Chris Parnell, Marlee Matlin, Judd Apatow Ben Stiller, Ice-T, Matthew Perry, Norm Macdonald, Howard Stern, and Ricky Gervais. Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers addressed the controversy on the program's Weekend Update segment, joking that the conflict showed that "you don't need Cinemax to see someone get screwed on TV", and then proceeding to defend O'Brien. Meyers went on to sarcastically point out that if they did end up moving The Tonight Show, it would mean Late Night would end and host Jimmy Fallon would likely end up coming back to Update (and presumably reclaim his job from Meyers).

Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 2016–2017

Debette Goldry
(Mikey Day) talk to Colin Jost on Weekend Update to discuss their father's actions, but Eric's cluelessness interrupts his brother's arguments. The brothers have also appeared outside of Weekend Update. A woman (Melissa Villasenor) attempts to talk dirty with her boyfriend (played by the host), but ends up unintentionally turning him off with inappropriate methods.

White House Correspondents' Association

White House correspondentWhite House Correspondents' DinnerWhite House Correspondents Dinner
The White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) is an organization of journalists who cover the White House and the President of the United States. The WHCA was founded on February 25, 1914 by journalists in response to an unfounded rumor that a United States congressional committee would select which journalists could attend press conferences of President Woodrow Wilson.

The Puttermans

Zack Putterman
On the December 3, 1994 episode of the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, as part of Weekend Update, anchor Norm Macdonald joked, "The new ad campaign for Duracell batteries is already having a dramatic effect. Over seventy percent of consumers say they now find the batteries, quote, 'creepy and disturbing'." Herb, the father (Keith Langsdale). Flo, his wife, the mother (Marla Frees). Son, Zack (Debi Derryberry). Daughter, Trish (Krystee Clark). Grandma Putterman, who was actually played by a male actor (K.W. Miller). Aunt Gert (Lanie Zera). Larry. Todd. Trish's two boyfriends. The Puttermans attend a family reunion barbecue.

Saturday Night Live (season 21)

21season 211995
Repertory players Featured players bold denotes "Weekend Update" anchor Steve Higgins, Adam McKay, Paula Pell, Frank Sebastiano, and Colin Quinn join the writing staff. main Jim Breuer. Will Ferrell. Darrell Hammond. David Koechner. Norm Macdonald. Mark McKinney. Tim Meadows. Cheri Oteri. Molly Shannon. David Spade. Nancy Walls. Chris Kattan (first episode: March 16, 1996). Colin Quinn (first episode credited: March 16, 1996). Fred Wolf (first episode: April 13, 1996).

History of Saturday Night Live (1990–1995)

1994–19951994–1995 seasonBad Boys of SNL
Norm Macdonald (debut: October 2, 1993). Jay Mohr (debut: October 9, 1993). Sarah Silverman (debut: October 9, 1993). Ellen Cleghorne, Melanie Hutsell, Tim Meadows, Adam Sandler and David Spade were all promoted to full-time cast member status. Nealon ends the season by handing "Weekend Update" over to Norm Macdonald and kissing him on the mouth. Phil Hartman and Julia Sweeney left at the end of the season, while Melanie Hutsell, Rob Schneider, and Sarah Silverman were fired. Morwenna Banks (debut: April 8, 1995). Ellen Cleghorne. Chris Elliott. Chris Farley. Janeane Garofalo (final: February 25, 1995). Norm Macdonald. Michael McKean. Mark McKinney (debut: January 14, 1995). Tim Meadows.

Saturday Night Live (season 40)

season 404040th season
Repertory players bold denotes Weekend Update anchors Featured players Prior to the start of the season, five new writers were hired: This was the final season for Mike O'Brien, who joined the writing staff in 2009 and Claire Mulaney, who joined the staff in 2013, as well as the only season for writers Natasha Rothwell, Nick Rutherford, and Alison Rich. main main Vanessa Bayer. Aidy Bryant. Taran Killam. Kate McKinnon. Bobby Moynihan. Jay Pharoah. Cecily Strong. Kenan Thompson. Beck Bennett. Michael Che. Pete Davidson. Leslie Jones (first episode: October 25, 2014). Colin Jost. Kyle Mooney. Sasheer Zamata. Alison Rich, a performer with the Upright Citizen's Brigade in New York.

List of Saturday Night Live writers

List of ''Saturday Night Live'' writerswritersupervising writer
NOTE: beginning with Season 43, the Weekend Update writers were credited separately from the rest of the staff. For clarity, this chart omits writers credited on fewer than five consecutive episodes. *

Saturday Night Live (season 43)

43Season 432017
Repertory players Featured players bold denotes "Weekend Update" anchor Prior to the start of the season, the show added Liam Balaska, Steven Castillo, Andrew Dismukes, Claire Friedman, Sam Jay, Erik Marino, Nimesh Patel, and Gary Richardson to the writing staff. Also prior to the season, head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider departed the show. On December 12, 2017, Jost and Che were named co-head writers, making Che the first African American head writer. Jost was previously the head writer for 3 years from 2012 to 2015. main main Beck Bennett. Aidy Bryant. Michael Che. Pete Davidson. Leslie Jones. Colin Jost. Kate McKinnon. Kyle Mooney. Cecily Strong. Kenan Thompson. Mikey Day.

Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 2009–2010

Garth & KatBedeliaBedelia (''Saturday Night Live'')
;Appearances Bobby Moynihan appears on Weekend Update as a "second-hand news correspondent", offering the latest headlines, each of which he's slightly misunderstood (for example, that President Obama is "going to repeal the Bush haircuts"). ;Appearances

2018 in American television

20182018 in the United States2018–2019
The following is a list of events affecting American television in 2018. Events listed include television show finales and cancellations and information about controversies and carriage disputes.

History of Saturday Night Live (2010–2015)

Colin Jost (first episode: March 1, 2014). John Milhiser. Kyle Mooney. Mike O'Brien. Noël Wells. Brooks Wheelan. Sasheer Zamata (first episode: January 18, 2014). On May 12, 2013, NBC announced that Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers (who had been a cast member since 2001, and Weekend Update anchor since 2006), would be the new host of Late Night in 2014, succeeding Jimmy Fallon as he takes over as the new host of The Tonight Show. Meyers remained as Update anchor for the first half of the season, then left in February 2014, to host his incarnation of Late Night. On September 16, 2013, it was announced that Cecily Strong would be Meyers' co-anchor on Weekend Update.

Saturday Night Live (season 22)

22season 221996
Repertory players Featured players bold denotes Weekend Update anchor Robert Carlock and Stephen Colbert join the writing staff in this season. main Jim Breuer. Will Ferrell. Ana Gasteyer. Darrell Hammond. Chris Kattan. Norm Macdonald. Mark McKinney. Tim Meadows. Tracy Morgan. Cheri Oteri. Molly Shannon. Colin Quinn. Fred Wolf (final episode: October 19, 1996).

Saturday Night Live (season 44)

44Season 4444th season
Repertory players Featured players bold denotes "Weekend Update" anchor Prior to the start of the season, the show added Alison Gates, Alan Linic, Eli Mandel, and Bowen Yang to the writing staff, while co-head writer Bryan Tucker was designated a senior writer, leaving Colin Jost, Michael Che, and Kent Sublette as the show's remaining head writers. main Beck Bennett. Aidy Bryant. Michael Che. Pete Davidson. Mikey Day. Leslie Jones. Colin Jost. Kate McKinnon. Alex Moffat. Kyle Mooney. Cecily Strong. Kenan Thompson. Melissa Villaseñor. Heidi Gardner. Ego Nwodim. Chris Redd.

Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 1999–2000

Jacob SiljNick Burns, Your Company's Computer GuyJasper Hahn
Season 25, Episode 7 with Weekend Update Correspondent Colin Quinn. Apr. 8, 2000: Host Christopher Walken. Season 25, Episode 16 with Weekend Update Correspondent Colin Quinn. Jan. 20, 2001: Host Mena Suvari. Season 26, Episode 10 with Weekend Update Correspondents Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey. Apr. 14, 2001: Host Renee Zellweger. Season 26, Episode 17 with Weekend Update Correspondents Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey. Jan. 27, 2018: Host Will Ferrell. Season 43, Episode 12 with Weekend Update Correspondents Colin Jost & Michael Che. Dec. 11, 1999 Host Danny DeVito. Sally auditions for The Rockettes. Feb 19, 2000 Host Ben Affleck. Sally enrolls in the police academy.

Saturday Night Live (season 7)

7season 71981–1982
Ebersol also revamped Weekend Update. The segment went through its first name change (aside from the temporary change to "Saturday Night Newsline" in the final Doumanian episode from March 1981) and became "SNL Newsbreak". At the newsdesk was featured player Brian Doyle-Murray with Christine Ebersole and Mary Gross alternating as co-anchor. Brian Doyle-Murray also became the first Weekend Update anchor to be a featured player while serving as anchor. The only other anchors to do this were Michael Che, Tina Fey and Colin Jost. Additionally, this was the first season without Don Pardo (season 40 would become the next due to Don Pardo's death in 2014) as the show announcer.

Saturday Night Live (season 31)

season 312005–2006 season2005–06 season
Repertory players Featured players bold denotes Weekend Update anchor There were three head writers for the 31st season: Andrew Steel, Tina Fey, and Seth Meyers. Future cast member Colin Jost joined the writing staff this season. main main Fred Armisen. Rachel Dratch. Tina Fey. Will Forte. Darrell Hammond. Seth Meyers. Finesse Mitchell. Chris Parnell. Amy Poehler. Maya Rudolph. Horatio Sanz. Kenan Thompson. Bill Hader. Andy Samberg. Jason Sudeikis. Kristen Wiig (first episode: November 12, 2005).

Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

Mark Twain AwardsMark Twain PrizeThe Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor is an American award presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts annually since 1998. Named after the 19th-century humorist Mark Twain, it is presented to individuals who have "had an impact on American society in ways similar to" Twain. The JFK Center chose Twain due to his status as a controversial social commentator and his "uncompromising perspective of social injustice and personal folly." A copy of Karl Gerhardt's 1884 bust of Twain is presented in an autumn ceremony taped in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall in Washington, D.C., during which the honoree is celebrated by his or her peers.

Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Walter WhiteWaltWalter
On December 10, 2016, Cranston appeared as Walt on Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update segment to announce that President-elect Donald Trump had selected him to be head of the DEA. VICE - The Real Walter White.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C.Stuff
Chase was the original anchor for the Weekend Update segment of SNL, and his catchphrase introduction, "I'm Chevy Chase… and you're not" became well known. His trademark conclusion, "Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow" was later resurrected by Jane Curtin and Tina Fey. Chase also wrote comedy material for Weekend Update. For example, he wrote and performed "The News for the Hard of Hearing." In this skit, Chase read the top story of the day, aided by Garrett Morris, who repeated the story by loudly shouting it. Chase claimed that his version of Weekend Update was the inspiration for later news satire shows such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

The Norm Show

The series starred Norm Macdonald, who created the series with Bruce Helford. The show focused on the life of Norm Henderson (Norm Macdonald), a former NHL hockey player who is banned for life from the league because of gambling and tax evasion. To avoid jail time for these crimes, Norm must perform five years of community service as a full-time social worker. Other characters in the show included fellow social workers Laurie Freeman (Laurie Metcalf), Danny Sanchez (Ian Gomez), and Danny's sometime girlfriend and former prostitute Taylor Clayton (Nikki Cox). Norm's boss on the program for the first several episodes was named Anthony Curtis (Bruce Jarchow).

Staten Island Summer

Colin Jost as Officer Callahan. Jim Gaffigan as Danny's Dad. Method Man as Konko. Mary Birdsong as Bianca Manicucci. Jackson Nicoll as Wendell. Kate McKinnon as Mrs. Bandini Jr. Penny Marshall as Swim Club Worker.

Neil Macdonald

His brother is comedian/actor Norm Macdonald. He is married to Joyce Napier, a parliamentary bureau chief for CTV News. After graduating from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Macdonald worked first as a print journalist. He joined the CBC in 1988 and covered Canadian Parliament for approximately a decade. He then served for five years (1998–2003) as the network's chief Middle East correspondent. Macdonald was involved in a public dispute with Canadian media mogul Leonard Asper in 2003. Asper had accused Macdonald of being "anti-Israeli" after taking exception to some of the CBC's Middle East coverage.

Herb Sargent

Herbert Sargent
During his tenure at Saturday Night Live, he and Chevy Chase created Weekend Update, the longest-running sketch in the show's history, and one of the longest running sketches on television. He was born Herbert Supowitz in Philadelphia on July 15, 1923. He was the older brother of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Alvin Sargent. Raised in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, he studied architecture at Penn State University before serving with the United States Army Air Forces Air Transport Command in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He moved to Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA. Sargent then moved to New York City and began his career in radio.