The concept has been used in a wide range of historical and philosophical systems, ranging from early Greek philosophy to modern religious stories, occultism and magic. The concept of bilocation has appeared in early Greek philosophy, shamanism, paganism, folklore, occultism, magic, the paranormal, Hinduism (as one of the siddhis), spiritualism, Theosophy, the New Age and mysticism in general, as well as Christian mysticism and Jewish mysticism. Several Christian saints, monks and Muslim sufis are said to have exhibited bilocation. Among the earliest is the apparition of Our Lady of the Pillar in the year 40.

Gerina Dunwich

Dunwich, Gerina
Gerina Dunwich (born December 27, 1959, Illinois, United States) is a professional astrologer, occult historian, and New Age author, best known for her books on Wicca and various occult subjects. She is also involved in paranormal research and is the founder of the Paranormal Animal Research Group, which investigates cases of alleged hauntings by animal spirits. Her first newspaper article was published in October 1976. It was an interview with singer/songwriter Jim Peterik from the local Chicago band, the Ides of March (and later, Survivor).

Francis Barrett (occultist)

Francis BarrettBarrettFrancis Barrett's ''The Magus
Francis Barrett (born probably in London around 1770–1780) was an English occultist. Barrett, an Englishman, claimed himself to be a student of chemistry, metaphysics and natural occult philosophy. He was known to be an extreme eccentric who gave lessons in the magical arts in his apartment and fastidiously translated Kabbalistic and other ancient texts into English, such as von Welling's work, 'Philosophy of The Universe' circa 1735, from German (1801). According to his biographer Francis X. King, Barrett's parents were humble folk married in the parish of St. Martin's in the Fields on September 29, 1772.

Religious debates over the Harry Potter series

Laura MalloryReligious debates over the ''Harry Potter'' seriesJoseph Ratzinger
They are a New Age phenomenon.' Regardless, statements such as those in Witchcraft Repackaged that the books depict actual occultist practices of any kind have been roundly criticised. Christian writer Stephen D. Greydanus writes that the magic of the Harry Potter novels is not the ritualistic, invocative magic of Wicca or occultism but the same "fantasy" magic practised in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis; "If anything, the magic in Rowling's world is even more emphatically imaginary, even further removed from real-world practices, than that of Tolkien or Lewis; and, like theirs, presents no appreciable risk of direct imitative behaviour."

St. Germain (Theosophy)

St. GermainSaint GermainMaster R.
An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural: Saint Germain at the James Randi Educational Foundation. Comte Saint-Germain: The Immortal. Introduction to Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy.

Mircea Eliade

Eliade, MirceaEliadeAllan
A doctor in the Kabbalah and future Romanian Orthodox cleric, Avramescu joined Eliade in editing the short-lived esoteric magazine Memra (the only one of its kind in Romania). Among the intellectuals who attended his lectures were Mihai Şora (whom he deemed his favorite student), Eugen Schileru and Miron Constantinescu—known later as, respectively, a philosopher, an art critic, and a sociologist and political figure of the communist regime. Mariana Klein, who became Șora's wife, was one of Eliade's female students, and later authored works on his scholarship.

Dane Rudhyar

Daniel Chennevière (Dane Rudhyar)
He also began to reflect upon the New Age movement and wrote several of the more sophisticated volumes on planetary consciousness and New Age philosophy. Dane Rudhyar died September 13, 1985, in San Francisco, California. Most of Rudhyar's more than forty books and hundreds of articles concern astrology and spirituality. The book that established his reputation in the astrological field was his first on the subject, The Astrology of Personality (1936).

Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi Mukherji
Her writings have influenced neo-Nazism and Nazi occultism. Among Savitri Devi's ideas was the classifications of "men above time", "men in time" and "men against time". Rejecting Judeo-Christianity, she believed in a form of pantheistic monism; a single cosmos of nature composed of divine energy-matter. She is credited with pioneering neo-Nazi interest in occultism, deep ecology and the New Age movement, and more contemporaneously has influenced the alt-right. She also influenced the Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano.

Behenian fixed star

Behenian starsfixed stars
Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa discussed them in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Book II, chapters 47 & 52) as the Behenii (singular Behenius), describing their magical workings and kabbalistic symbols. He attributed these to Hermes Trismegistus, as was common with occult traditions in the Middle Ages. Their true origin remains unknown, though Sir Wallis Budge suspects a possible Sumerian source. The following table uses symbols from a 1531 quarto edition of Agrippa, but other forms exist.

Julius Evola

EvolianEvolian TraditionalismRide the Tiger
Many of Evola's theories and writings were centered on his hostility toward Christianity and his idiosyncratic mysticism, occultism, and esoteric religious studies, and this aspect of his work has influenced occultists and esotericists. Evola also justified rape (among other forms of male domination of women) because he saw it "as a natural expression of male desire." This misogynistic outlook stemmed from his extreme right views on gender roles, which demanded absolute submission from women.

Lon Milo DuQuette

DuQuette, Lon Milo
He is perhaps best known as "an author who injects humor into the serious subjects of magick and the occult." His autobiography, My Life with the Spirits, is currently a required text for two classes at DePaul University, Chicago. Many of DuQuette's books have been dedicated to analyzing and exploring the works of Aleister Crowley (1875–1947), an English occultist, author, poet and philosopher. DuQuette occasionally appears on radio and television as a guest expert on subjects involving the occult. He is on the faculty of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York where he teaches The Western Magical Tradition.

Anselm Kiefer

KieferThe Renowned Orders of the Night
The poems of Paul Celan have played a role in developing Kiefer's themes of German history and the horror of the Holocaust, as have the spiritual concepts of Kabbalah. In his entire body of work, Kiefer argues with the past and addresses taboo and controversial issues from recent history. Themes from Nazi rule are particularly reflected in his work; for instance, the painting "Margarethe" (oil and straw on canvas) was inspired by Paul Celan's well-known poem "Todesfuge" ("Death Fugue").

Religion in Russia

Russiacountry's traditional religiondetails
Nevertheless, it has been noted that different people often give different meanings to the same identity markers; for instance, large percentages of people who self-identify as "Orthodox" have been found to believe that God is a "life force", to believe in reincarnation, astral connections, and other New Age ideas. Another method that has sometimes been used to determine the magnitude of religions in Russia is to count the number of their officially registered organisations. Such criterion, however, leads to inaccurate assumptions for various reasons.

James Herbert Brennan

Herbie BrennanJ. H. BrennanBarmy Jeffers and the Quasimodo Walk
The Occult Reich (1974). An Occult History of the World (1976). Getting What You Want (1977). Good Con Guide (1978). Reincarnation (1981). A Guide to Megalithic Ireland (1982). ''Discover Your Past Lives: A Practical Course (1984). Mindreach (1985). The Reincarnation Workbook: A Complete Course in Recalling Past Lives (1989). The Astral Projection Workbook: How to Achieve Out-of-Body Experiences (1989). Mindpower : Succeed at School (1990). Mindpower: Secrets to Improve Your Image (1990). Aquarian Guide to the New Age (1990) (with Eileen Campbell). The Young Ghost Hunter's Guide (1990). Understanding Reincarnation: Effective Techniques for Investigating Your Past Lives (1990).

Maitreya (Theosophy)

MaitreyaWorld TeacherTheosophical Maitreya
However the concepts of World Teacher, of a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, and of Masters of Occult Wisdom as described in Theosophical literature, continued to have vocal supporters. These were found among Theosophical Society members and increasingly, among near-theosophical and non-theosophical New Age adherents. A major proponent was Alice Bailey (1880–1949), who left the Theosophical Society in the 1920s to establish the quasi-theosophical Arcane School. She expanded Leadbeater's work and his Christology, and referred to Maitreya as the Cosmic Christ, claiming his Second Coming would occur sometime after the year 2025.

The Occult: A History

The Occult: A History is a 1971 nonfiction occult book by English writer, Colin Wilson. Topics covered include Aleister Crowley, George Gurdjieff, Helena Blavatsky, Kabbalah, primitive magic, Franz Mesmer, Grigori Rasputin, Daniel Dunglas Home, Paracelsus, P. D. Ouspensky, William Blake, Giacomo Casanova, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, and various others. The Occult: A History is divided into three sections. Part one is entitled "A Survey of the Subject" and covers topics such as "Magic-The Science of the Future". Part two is titled "A History of Magic" and covers occult in history.

Edna Anne Wheeler Ballard

Edna Anne Wheeler Ballard (also known as Lotus Ray King ) (June 25, 1886 - February 10, 1971) was an American occultist who co-founded the Saint Germain Foundation and served a co-leader of the I AM Movement with her husband, Guy Ballard. In 1944, Ballard and her son, Donald Ballard, were charged with mail fraud and their court case would eventually be ruled by the US Supreme Court as United States v. Ballard. Ballard's work with the I AM Movement is considered a predecessor to the current new age movement. Edna Anne Wheeler was born in 1886 in Burlington, Iowa. Her mother was Anna Hewitt Pearce and her father was Edward G. Wheeler, a railway clerk. Ballard became a concert harpist in 1912.


evil spiritdemonicevil spirits
In Kabbalah demons are regarded a necessary part of the divine emanation in the material world and a byproduct of human sin (Qliphoth). However spirits such as the shedim may also be benevolent and were used in kabbalistic ceremonies (as with the golem of Rabbi Yehuda Loevy) and malevolent shedim (mazikin, from the root meaning "to damage") were often credited with possession. Aggadic tales from the Persian tradition describe the shedim, the mazziḳim ("harmers"), and the ruḥin ("spirits").

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

AgrippaCornelius AgrippaHeinrich Agrippa
It is likely that Agrippa's interest in the occult came from this Albertist influence. Agrippa himself named Albert’s Speculum as one of his first occult study texts. He later studied in Paris, where he apparently took part in a secret society involved in the occult. In 1508 Agrippa traveled to Spain to work as a mercenary. He continued his travels by way of Valencia, the Baleares, Sardinia, Naples, Avignon, and Lyon. He served as a captain in the army of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, who awarded him the title of Ritter or knight.

Llewellyn Worldwide

LlewellynLlewellyn PublicationsFlux
Llewellyn Worldwide (formerly Llewellyn Publications) is a New Age publisher, currently based in Woodbury, Minnesota. Llewellyn's mission is to "serve the trade and consumers worldwide with options and tools for exploring new worlds of mind & spirit, thereby aiding in the quests of expanded human potential, spiritual consciousness, and planetary awareness." Llewellyn Publications was formed in 1901 by Llewellyn George in Portland, Oregon. At first the company concentrated exclusively on astrology, in the form of both books and annuals. Later, Llewellyn began to branch out into other New Age topics such as alternative healing, psychic development, and earth-centered religions, among others.