Ukrainian First League

Persha LihaFirst League1L
The Persha Liha or Ukrainian First League is a football league in Ukraine and the second tier of national football competitions. Members of the league also participate in the Ukrainian Cup. Unlike the Ukrainian Premier League, Persha Liha does not conduct a parallel tournament for junior teams of its clubs. The league was set up by the newly reorganized Football Federation of Ukraine (a successor of the Football Federation of the Ukrainian SSR) with the falling apart Soviet Union as a second tier, lower than Ukrainian Higher League (Vyshcha Liha) and higher that Ukrainian Transitional League (Perekhidna Liha).

2015–16 Ukrainian First League

2015–16162015-16 Ukrainian First League
The 2015–16 Ukrainian First League was the 25th since its establishment. The competition commenced on 26 July 2015 with eight matches. The competition had a winter break which began after Round 18 on November 22. The competition resumed on 26 March 2016 and completed on 1 June 2016. The number of teams for the competition was confirmed on 19 June 2015. Two teams were promoted from the 201415 Ukrainian Second League.

Ternopilsky Misky Stadion

City StadiumTernopil City StadiumCentral City Stadium
Ternopilsky Misky Stadion (Тернопільський міський стадіон, literally Ternopil City Stadium) is a multi-use stadium in Ternopil, Ukraine. It is currently used mostly for football matches, and is the home of clubs FC Ternopil and FC Nyva Ternopil. The stadium is mentioned as a sports field "Kolo parku" (Near the park) in 1909 when Tarnopol (today Ternopil) was part of Austria-Hungary. It was a home to local Polish club Kresy and Ukrainian team of Podillya Sports Society. In Soviet times it was known as Avanhard Stadium and belonged to another football team FC Avanhard Ternopil.

Vasyl Ivehesh

Vasyl Ivehesh (Василь Петрович Івегеш; born 3 March 1961 in Vynohradiv, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian professional football coach and a former player. Ivehesh after retiring as footballer became a manager in some amateur clubs. Also was a manager in the Czech Republic. From July 2012 he is the manager in the FC Ternopil, and in 2014 was promoted with club to the Ukrainian First League. His two sons, Andriy Ivehesh (born 1985) and Viktor Ivehesh (born 1987), are football players. Profile at Official FFU site (Ukr). Profile at Soccerway.

Ukrainian Amateur Football Championship

Ukrainian Football Amateur LeagueUkrainian football championship among amateursAmateur League
There is also an idea to reform the competition as a semi-pro regional league competitions, possibly combining with the existing professional Druha Liha (Ukrainian Second League). As the effort to reintegrate the competition into the national league system, the competitions changed back again to fall-spring calendar in 2016 synchronizing the competition's calendar with professional-level championship. All participating teams may apply to be admitted to Druha Liha (Ukrainian Second League) irrelevant to their placement in a given season of the amateur championship.

1992–93 Ukrainian Cup

1992-93 Ukrainian Cup1992–931992-93
Dynamo won 4–1 on aggregate. . 1992–93 Ukrainian Premier League. 1992–93 Ukrainian First League.

2012–13 Ukrainian Second League

2012–132012/13 season2012–13 season
Notes: * UkrAhroKom Holovkivka moved their home match to the larger CSC Nika Stadium in Oleksandriya. (12 June 2013) A promotion/relegation home and away play-off were played by the 2nd team in Group 1 and 2 of 2012–13 Ukrainian Second League against the 15th and 16th placed teams of the 2012–13 Ukrainian First League competition. Dynamo-2 Kyiv and FC Odesa qualified for the play-off. The draw for the play-off matches was held on 7 June. ''6–1 on aggregate. Nyva Ternopil promoted to First League'' ''2–1 on aggregate. Shakhtar Sverdlovsk remain in Second League.''

2017–18 Ukrainian Second League

2017–18Second League23
Fair Play award: Ahrobiznes Volochysk. 2017–18 Ukrainian Premier League. 2017–18 Ukrainian First League. 2017–18 Ukrainian Cup.

Bohdan Semenets

Bohdan Semenets (born 27 November 1990) is a professional Ukrainian football forward who currently plays for FC Ternopil in the Ukrainian First League. Semenets is product of the Ternopil regional football youth system playing for the Ternopil city sports school and the youth club Inter-Hol Berezhany. Semenets became the highest scorer along with two other players (Vladyslav Korobkin and Andriy Draholyuk) in one season when he scored 15 goals for FC Ternopil during the 2012–13 Ukrainian Second League season. In 2013 and 2015 Semenets was a member of Ukraine national student team at Summer Universiades.

List of football clubs in Ukraine

Football Championship of the Ukrainian SSR participants in the Soviet Second league and Soviet Second lower league. Football Cup of the Ukrainian SSR finalists. Ukrainian Amateur Championships (Soviet period) medalists. Ukrainian Amateur Cup (Soviet period) finalists. Ukrainian period. Premier Liha (Level 1). First Liha (Level 2). Druha Liha (Level 3). Soviet period. Vysshaya Liga (Level 1, all-Union). Pervaya Liga (Level 2, all-Union). Vtoraya Liga (Level 3, republican). P - professional club. A - amateur club. D - defunct club. 1992 season. second teams: FC Dynamo-2 Kyiv, FC Shakhtar-2 Donetsk, FC Chornomorets-2 Odesa. 1992–93 season. FC Avanhard Zhydachiv (dissolved in 1996).

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Ivano-FrankivskIvano-Frankivsk regionStanislav Oblast
Ivano-Frankivs’ka oblast’ or formerly as Stanislavshchyna or Stanislavivshchyna – Ukrainian: Станіславщина or Станиславівщина) is an oblast (region) in western Ukraine. Its administrative center is the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. As is the case with most other oblasts of Ukraine this region has the same name as its administrative center – which was renamed by the Soviet Ukrainian authorities after the Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko on November 9, 1962. Population:.


Chortkiv (Чортків; Czortków; undefined Chortkov) is a city in Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Chortkiv Raion (district), housing the district's local administration buildings. Chortkiv is located in the northern part of the historic region of Galician Podolia on the banks of the Seret River. In the past Chortkiv was the home of many Hasidic Jews; it was a notable shtetl and had a significant number of Jews residing there prior to the Holocaust. Today, Chortkiv is a regional commercial and small-scale manufacturing center.

FSC Bukovyna Chernivtsi

Bukovyna ChernivtsiFC Bukovyna ChernivtsiFC Avanhard Chernivtsi
Ukrainian Druha Liha (Group A). Winners (2): 1999–00, 2009–10. Ukrainian Persha Liha. Runners Up (1): 1995–96.

Ukrainian Premier League

Premier Leaguetop Ukrainian football leagueVyshcha Liha
Ukrainian First League. Ukrainian Second League. Ukrainian derby. Football records in Ukraine. List of foreign Ukrainian Premier League players. Official website. Soccerway. Ukraine - List of Champions, Official Fantasy League Game, Real Manager.

2013–14 Ukrainian Second League

Round 38 match between Makiyivvuhillya Makiyivka and Shakhtar-3 Donetsk will not be played due to the force majeure circumstances that were created due to war conditions in the area, The PFL awarded Makiyivvuhillya Makiyivka a technical victory. 2013–14 Ukrainian Premier League. 2013–14 Ukrainian First League. 2013–14 Ukrainian Cup.

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Ukrainian SSRSoviet UkraineUkraine
Ukraine is the legal successor of the Ukrainian SSR and it stated to fulfill "those rights and duties pursuant to international agreements of Union SSR which do not contradict the Constitution of Ukraine and interests of the Republic" on 5 October 1991. After Ukrainian independence the Ukrainian SSR's parliament was changed from Supreme Soviet to its current name Verkhovna Rada, the Verkhovna Rada is still Ukraine's parliament. Ukraine also has refused to recognize exclusive Russian claims to succession of the Soviet Union and claimed such status for Ukraine as well, which was stated in Articles 7 and 8 of On Legal Succession of Ukraine, issued in 1991.

2013–14 Ukrainian First League

2013–1416First League
Control Disciplinary Committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine award a 3–0 technical victory to Stal. 2013–14 Ukrainian Premier League. 2013–14 Ukrainian Second League. 2013–14 Ukrainian Cup.

2016–17 Ukrainian Football Amateur League

2016–172016-17 Ukrainian Football Amateur League
Conditions to participate in the 2017–18 Ukrainian Second League: On 18 November 2016, a representative of the FFU Executive Committee confirmed receiving applications from SC Tavriya Simferopol, FC Metalist 1925 Kharkiv, FC Hirnyk Sosnivka, FC Nyva Ternopil, FC Ahrobiznes Volochysk, FC Lviv, and MFC Zhytomyr.

Galicia (Eastern Europe)

The nucleus of historic Galicia lies within the modern regions of western Ukraine: the Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts near Halych. In the 18th century, territories that later became part of the modern Polish regions of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Subcarpathian Voivodeship and Silesian Voivodeship were added to Galicia. It covers much of such historic regions as Red Ruthenia (centered on Lviv) and Lesser Poland (centered in Kraków). Galicia became contested ground between Poland and Ruthenia from medieval times, and in the 20th century between Poland and Ukraine.


BrzeżanyBrzezanyBerezhany Municipality
Berezhany (Бережани, Brzeżany, ברעזשאַן, Bzhezhani/Bzhizhani) is a city of regional significance located in the Ternopil Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Berezhanskyi Raion (district), and lies about 100 km from Lviv and 50 km from the oblast capital, Ternopil. The city has a population of about 20,000, and is about 400 m above sea level. The yearly temperature in Berezhany ranges from -35 °C in winter to 40 °C in summer. The first written mention of Berezhany dates from 1374, when the village was granted by the Governor of Galicia and Lodomeria Vladislaus II to Ruthenian boyar Vas'ko Teptukhovych.

Association football

Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven players. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the world's most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field called a pitch with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score by moving the ball beyond the goal line into the opposing goal.


Pidhaitsi (Підгайці, Pidhajci, Podhajce) is a small city in the Ternopil Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Pidhaitsi Raion (district), and is located ca. 15.5 mi south of Berezhany, 43.5 mi from Ternopil and ca. 62 mi south-east of Lviv. In 1939 Pidhaitsi obtained the formal status of a city. During Soviet rule (1945–1991) it was part of the Berezhanskyi Raion. After Ukrainian independence, it was separated into an independent Pidhaitsi district. As of 2001 the estimated population was 3,300. Many of the current residents have the surname Koropetskyi/Koropetska, likely attributable to city's proximity to the Koropets River.

2014–15 Ukrainian Cup

2014–15Ukrainian Cup1⁄16 finals
The competition's top ten goalscorers including qualification rounds. 201415 Ukrainian Premier League. 201415 Ukrainian Premier League Reserves and Under 19. 201415 Ukrainian First League. 201415 Ukrainian Second League. 201415 UEFA Europa League.

Oleg Yashchuk

Oleg IachtchoukIachtchoukOleh Yaschuk
Oleg Yashchuk (Олег Ростиславович Ящук, born 26 October 1977 in Hrybova (Hrynky Rural-rada), Lanivtsi Raion, Ternopil Oblast then Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian professional footballer. He ended his career as a striker for BX Brussels and also holds the Belgian nationality. His last name is sometimes transliterated as Iachtchouk or Jasjtsjoek. He now coaches the U14 division of R.S.C. Anderlecht. Iachtchouk first made a name for himself in the Ukrainian Premier League in the 1995–96 season. Playing for an unfashionable FC Nyva Ternopil side, then a 17-year-old, on matchday 1 he scored a hat trick at Shakhtar Donetsk helping his side to a shock 4-2 away win.

2009–10 Ukrainian First League

2009–102009-102009-10 Ukrainian First League
The 2009–10 Ukrainian First League was the nineteenth since its establishment. There were 18 teams competing. Two teams were relegated from the Ukrainian Premier League 2008-09. Three teams were promoted from the 2008–09 Ukrainian Second League. Due to the 2009 flu pandemic which affected Ukraine in late October the PFL decide to break for winter earlier than they originally scheduled. The second half of the season began March 11, 2010. These three teams were promoted from Druha Liha at the start of the season: Two teams were relegated from the Ukrainian Premier League 2008–09 season The following displays the location of teams.