Park City, Utah

Park CityPark City, UTCity of Park City
The city has two major ski resorts: Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort. Both ski resorts were the major locations for ski and snowboarding events at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Although they receive less snow and have a shorter ski season than do their counterparts in Salt Lake County, such as Snowbird resort, they are much easier to access. In 2015, Park City Ski Resort and Canyons resorts merged creating the largest ski area in the U.S. In all, the resort boasts 17 slopes, 14 bowls, 300 trails and 22 miles of lifts.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UtahSalt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
The Utah Olympic Park, near Park City, features the Olympic ski jumps, as well as bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton runs. Today, the Olympic Park is used for year-round training and competitions. Visitors can watch the various events and even ride a bobsled. The Utah Olympic Oval, in nearby Kearns, was home to the speed skating events and is now open to the public. Other popular Olympic venues include Soldier Hollow, the site of cross-country skiing events, southeast of Salt Lake near Heber City. Salt Lake City is near several world-class ski and summer resorts, including Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, Solitude, Park City Mountain Resort, and Deer Valley.


UTState of UtahUtah, U.S.
Park City is home to the United States Ski Team. Utah's ski resorts are primarily located in northern Utah near Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, and Provo. Between 2007 and 2011 Deer Valley in Park City, has been ranked the top ski resort in North America in a survey organized by Ski Magazine. In addition to having prime snow conditions and world-class amenities, Northern Utah's ski resorts are well liked among tourists for their convenience and proximity to a large city and international airport, as well as the close proximity to other ski resorts, allowing skiers the ability to ski at multiple locations in one day.

Ski resort

ski areaski resortsaprès-ski
A ski resort is a resort developed for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. In Europe, most ski resorts are towns or villages in or adjacent to a ski area – a mountainous area with pistes (ski trails) and a ski lift system. In North America, it is more common for ski areas to exist well away from towns, so ski resorts usually are destination resorts, often purpose-built and self-contained, where skiing is the main activity.


chair liftchairliftschairs
An elevated passenger ropeway, or chairlift, is a type of aerial lift, which consists of a continuously circulating steel cable loop strung between two end terminals and usually over intermediate towers, carrying a series of chairs. They are the primary onhill transport at most ski areas (in such cases referred to as 'skilifts'), but are also found at amusement parks, various tourist attractions, and increasingly in urban transport.

Gondola lift

gondolagondolascable car
An example of these are the Cabriolets at Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec, Canada, and at Blue Mountain Ski Resort (summer only, in the winter it is converted to a six person high-speed chairlift.) in Ontario, Canada, The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah, Mountain Creek, and the new Village Cabriolet at Winter Park Resort in Colorado. Open-air gondolas can also come in a style similar to a pulse gondola, like the Village Gondola at Panorama Ski Resort, British Columbia. The first gondola built in the United States for a ski resort was located at the Wildcat Mountain Ski Area. It was a two-person gondola built in 1957 and serviced skiers until 1999. The lift was later demolished in 2004.

Detachable chairlift

detachablehigh-speed quadshigh-speed quad
They have built detachable lifts at many resorts, such as Grand Targhee, Stevens Pass, Deer Valley, Park City, Snowbird, Alta, Squaw Valley, Stratton, and Attitash. They constructed lifts until 2002 when they merged with Doppelmayr. Some Garaventa designs are used to this day. Leitner-Poma is the present day version of Poma, as joint venture in the United States. In Europe, Poma and Leitner operate as separate ventures. They discontinue to make these types of detachable products such as their Arceaux Carrier, Arceaux version 2 Carrier, Performance Terminal, Challenger Terminal, Competition Terminal, Leitner Grip, Omega Terminal, and Omega grip.

Utah State Route 224

SR-224SR-220State Route 224
The entire route between the I-80 interchange and the seasonal closure point near the Empire Lodge of Deer Valley Resort is included in the National Highway System. The road from Park City north to US-530 (eventually US-40, now I-80) at Kimball Junction was part of the first state road connecting Salt Lake City and Echo, added to the system in 1910. It was numbered US-40 in the 1920s, and in 1927 the short spur connecting Park City Junction (now Kearns Boulevard) to southern Park City was included in the legal definition of US-40, only to be split off in 1945 as State Route 97.


ImmersiVision Interactive Technologies Inc. is a Whistler, British Columbia, Canada based company, founded in early 2004, whose primarily revenue source was the production of immersive virtual reality. The product is similar to Google Streetview. The Immersive media is a mixture of both indoor and outdoor content. In early 2008 it licensed its technology to VTour Interactive and shortly after ceased active production. VTour is currently active in the production of immersive virtual reality under that licensee agreement and has since expanded upon the technology originally developed by ImmersiVision.

Development of skiing in Utah

Utah's skiingdevelopment of several ski resortsUtah
Moreover, the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation also distributed over $120 million in sports related programs and operations at Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns and Utah Olympic Park near Park City. Since hosting the 2002 Winter Games, Utah has hosted over 60 World Cup events as well as 7 world championships and numerous other sporting events. Following the Olympic games, Utah has become a training hub for 38 USA world-class athletes, including 13 athletes from the state. In 2013, Vail Resorts signed a 50-year lease agreement to operate Canyons Resort, the largest ski resort in Utah. In 2014, Vail purchased Canyons Resort's neighbor, Park City Mountain Resort from Powdr Corporation.

2002 Winter Olympics

20022002 Salt Lake City2002 Olympic Winter Games
Olympic Legacy image archives – Utah State Historical Society. 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum in Park City, Utah. 2002 Olympic Cauldron Park in Salt Lake City. 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum in Park City, Utah. 2002 Olympic Cauldron Park in Salt Lake City.

Vail Resorts

Any MountainVail AssociatesVail Resorts, Inc.
Vail Resorts, Inc. is an American mountain resort company. The company is divided into three divisions. The mountain segment owns and operates 37 mountain resorts in three countries, Vail Resorts Hospitality owns or manages hotels, lodging, condominiums and golf courses, and the Vail Resorts Development Company oversees property development and real estate holdings. The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange, symbol MTN. The company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

Alpine skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics

2002Alpine skiing2002 Winter Olympics
The downhill, super-G, and combined events were held at Snowbasin, the giant slaloms at Park City, and the slaloms at adjacent Deer Valley. Source: Source: Source: Snowbasin hosted the downhill, super-G, and combined events; the giant slaloms were at Park City and the slaloms at adjacent Deer Valley Source: *Alpine skiing at the 2002 Winter Paralympics – alpine skiing – 2002 Winter Olympics – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. – Olympische Winterspiele 2002 – Ski Alpin –.

Doppelmayr USA

DoppelmayrDoppelmayr CTECCTEC
CTEC's growing reputation combined with the European ownership and parts supply of Garaventa allowed it to win contracts for large lifts such as the Gold Coast Funitel at Squaw Valley, Placer County, California, gondolas at Telluride Ski Resort and Vail Ski Resort, and Steamboat Springs Ski Resort in Colorado, and Deer Valley, Utah. In 1999, Ballantyne left the company to form a window and door distribution company but Leonard remained president. Doppelmayr was a world-renowned Austrian ropeway manufacturer that began exporting surface lifts to North America in the 1950s under the name "Alpine Lift."

Wasatch Range

Wasatch MountainsWasatchWasatch Mountain Range
The eastern slopes of the Cottonwoods drop to the Snyderville Basin, which contains Park City and its two ski resorts (Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley). Much of the eastern side of the range from north of Salt Lake City to the Bear River Mountains is especially gentle in comparison to the rest of the range. The range widens east of Ogden, sheltering a high mountain valley known as the Ogden Valley. Three more ski resorts lie here, as well as several small towns (such as Huntsville, Liberty, and Eden). North of this, the Wellsville Mountains branch off from the northwest of the range, continuing a line of mountains paralleling the I‑15 corridor.

FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships 2011

20112011 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships2011 World Championships
The 2011 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships were held at Deer Valley Resort, together with Park City Mountain Resort. The 2011 FIS Freestyle World Championships took place from January 30 until February 7, 2011, and included aerials, moguls, dual moguls and ski cross competitions at Deer Valley Resort and the slopestyle and ski halfpipe competitions at Park City Mountain Resort. Deer Valley previously held the World Championships in 2003. 313 athletes representing 36 countries competed. The British Virgin Islands made its debut. 🇦🇩 Andorra (1). 🇦🇷 Argentina. 🇦🇹 Austria. 🇦🇺 Australia. 🇧🇾 Belarus. 🇧🇪 Belgium. 🇧🇷 Brazil.

Stein Eriksen

Stein Erickson
Eriksen celebrated his 80th birthday December 2007 in Deer Valley. He died on 27 December 2015, sixteen days after his 88th birthday, in his Park City, Utah home. From 1948 through 1980, the Winter Olympics were also the World Championships for alpine skiing. * Stein Eriksen Ski Films. Stein Eriksen Ski Films.

FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships 2019

20192019 World Championships2019 Deer Valley
The 2019 FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships was held in Utah, in resorts Park City, Deer Valley and Solitude Mountain, from February 1 to 10, 2019. 19-year-old Loginov became the youngest champion in snowboarding and the only snowboarder to win back-to-back events (parallel slalom and parallel giant slalom) in both junior and senior championships. 28 events were held. * Official website

Alpine skiing

alpine skieralpine ski raceralpine
Alpine skiing, or downhill skiing, is the pastime of sliding down snow-covered slopes on skis with fixed-heel bindings, unlike other types of skiing (cross-country, Telemark, or ski jumping), which use skis with free-heel bindings. Whether for recreation or for sport, it is typically practised at ski resorts, which provide such services as ski lifts, artificial snow making, snow grooming, restaurants, and ski patrol.

Slalom skiing

slalomSLparallel slalom
Slalom is an alpine skiing and alpine snowboarding discipline, involving skiing between poles or gates. These are spaced more closely than those in giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill, necessitating quicker and shorter turns. Internationally, the sport is contested at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, and at the Olympic Winter Games.

Ski cross

Ski cross is a type of skiing competition. Despite its being a timed racing event, it is often considered part of freestyle skiing because it incorporates terrain features traditionally found in freestyle. Ski cross courses have both naturally occurring terrain and artificial features including big-air jumps and high-banked turns. What sets ski cross apart from other alpine skiing disciplines is that there's more than one skier racing down the course. Any intentional contact with other competitors leads to disqualification.

Surface lift

magic carpetplatter liftT-bar lift
A surface lift is a means of cable transport for snow sports in which skiers and snowboarders remain on the ground as they are pulled uphill. Once prevalent, they have been overtaken in popularity by higher-capacity aerial lifts like chairlifts and the gondola lift. Today, surface lifts are most often found on beginner slopes, very small ski areas, and peripheral slopes. They are often utilized at glacier skiing resorts because their supports can be anchored in glacier ice due to the lower forces. These supports may need to be realigned several times each year due to glacier movement.

Venues of the 2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Salt Lake Cityvenue
The Deer Valley Resort is located 36 mi east of downtown Salt Lake City, in Park City, Utah. Deer Valley has been a popular skiing location since the 1930s and was improved by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) who built many of its first ski trails and other facilities during the winter of 1936–1937. In 1946 local citizens built the first ski lifts, and the area became known as Snow Park. In 1981 a private resort officially opened in the same area as Deer Valley and has grown to include six mountains with six bowls, 930 acre of glade skiing and 560 acre of snow-making. The resort totals 2026 acre in size.

2008–09 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup

The 2008/09 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup was the thirtieth World Cup season in freestyle skiing organised by International Ski Federation. The season started on 18 December 2008 and ended on 20 March 2009. This season included four disciplines: moguls, ski cross, aerials and halfpipe.

Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver CreekAvon, ColoradoBachelor Gulch
The resort is owned and operated by Vail Resorts which also operates three other resorts in the state (Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone), three in the Lake Tahoe region (Heavenly Ski Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort and Northstar at Tahoe), and their newest additions, Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort which were combined in 2015. Beaver Creek is a regular host of World Cup events, usually in early December. The valley that houses Beaver Creek Resort lies just south of Avon and was first settled in 1881. Many early pioneers moved to the area under President Abraham Lincoln’s Homestead Act (1862), farming hay and raising cattle to feed local miners.