Johnny and the Sprites

In return, Johnny shows the sprites, named Ginger (Leslie Carrara-Rudolph), Basil (Tim Lagasse), Lily (Carmen Osbahr) and Root (Heather Asch) what it is to be human, teaching them lessons through song, dance, and entertainment. In October 2007, Disney-MGM Studios presented a live version of the show as part of the Playhouse Disney in Concert shows. In the Spanish dubbed version of the program, Johnny's voice is dubbed by the host of Playhouse Disney Latin America, Diego Topa. Beginning on March 23, 2012, the show reran on the Disney Junior channel and was removed sometime later. Johnny and the Sprites premiered as a full 25-minute series on January 13, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time.


puppeteerspuppeteeringpuppet master
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph - Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. Dave Chapman - Dougie Colon from That Puppet Game Show, Otis the Aardvark, Scratch from Nuzzle and Scratch. Kevin Clash - Elmo from Sesame Street, Clifford from The Jim Henson Hour and Muppets Tonight, Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs. Lola Cueto - María Dolores Velázquez Rivas, better known as "Lola" Cueto (1897 – 1978) Mexican painter, printmaker, puppet designer and puppeteer. Mireya Cueto - (born 1922) Mexican puppeteer, writer and dramaturg. Cofounder of the national marionette museum Museo Nacional de Títeres (MUNATI). Paul Currie - Street performer, comedian, and puppeteer for Pajanimals.

Animal Jam (TV series)

Animal Jam
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph – Edi the Zebra. John Kennedy – DJ 1 the Panda. David Maida – Bozark the Elephant. Alison Mork – Additional Puppeteer. Andy Stone – DJ 3 the Leopard. John Tartaglia – DJ 2 the Koala. Pancake the Water Buffalo appears as "Pancake Buffalo" in the Hannah Montana episode "Hannah in the Street with Diamonds" performed by Victor Yerrid and voiced by Susie Geiser. Pancake is the beloved puppet star of the local Malibu kids series called "The Pancake Buffalo Show."

The Book of Pooh

*1Songs from the Book of Pooh
It was repeated on Playhouse Disney until September 4, 2005 (May 2007 in the UK). The show is produced by Shadow Projects and Playhouse Disney. Walt Disney Pictures released the first of two films, a direct-to-video spin-off film based on the puppetry television series titled The Book of Pooh: Stories from the Heart in 2001. The show became available to stream on Disney+ on its launch, November 12, 2019. The series appears to take place some time after the events of Milne's original stories since his son Christopher Robin Milne is clearly a sixth grader and 11 years old.

Splash and Bubbles

Splash e Bubbles
Their voices are squeaky unlike Polly and Bell. * Splash (voiced by John Tartaglia), the protagonist of the series, is an adventurous yellowback fusilier who settles in Reeftown after exploring the world for a new home. Bubbles (voiced by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph), Splash’s best friend who is a tomboyish mandarin dragonet and likes being messy. Dunk (voiced by Raymond Carr) is an intellectual, but extremely nervous Dog-faced Pufferfish who serves as the comic relief of the group. He is also an artist, and can make art out of sand. Ripple (voiced by Aymee Garcia) is a pink Barbour's seahorse who lives with 499 brothers. She loves adventure and trying new things.

Sesame Street

Sesame Sesame Streeta private joke no one under 40 understands
As more female Muppet performers like Camille Bonora, Fran Brill, Pam Arciero, Carmen Osbahr, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Jennifer Barnhart, and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph were hired and trained, stronger female characters like Rosita and Abby Cadabby were created. In 2002, Sesame Street was ranked number 27 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. Sesame Workshop won a Peabody Award in 2009 for its website,, and the show was given Peabody's Institutional Award in 2019 for 50 years of educating and entertaining children globally. in 2013, TV Guide ranked the show number 30 on its list of the 60 best TV series.

Julie's Greenroom

Julie’s Greenroom
Hank (performed by John Tartaglia) – A paraplegic member of the Greenies. Penelope Guadalupe Fitzgerald Sanchez (Fizz) (performed by Dorien Davies) – Member of the Greenies. Peri (performed by Stephanie D'Abruzzo) – A showy and aspiring singer and actress. Riley (performed by Jennifer Barnhart) – a non-binary member who is an aspiring actor and mechanic. Spike (performed by Frankie Cordero) – Hank's friend and a fan of words and rhyming. Toby the Dog (performed by John Kennedy) – A dog. on Netflix.

The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

Little Cat A (performed by Kathryn Mullen in Season 1, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph in Season 2) - Seen as one of the Cat in the Hat's sidekicks. Little Cat B (performed by Stephanie D'Abruzzo) - Seen as one of the Cat in the Hat's sidekicks. Little Cat C (performed by John Kennedy) - Seen as one of the Cat in the Hat's sidekicks. Little Cat F (performed by Pam Arciero) - Seen in Season 2 at the Cat in the Hat's playhouse. Little Cat N (performed by Pam Arciero) - Seen in Season 2 at the Cat in the Hat's playhouse. He/She appears in 'The Cat in the Hat Cleans Up His Act', ending his/her sentences with 'sir'.

PBS Kids

Wild Animal Baby ExplorersPBS Kids ChannelPTV
PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States. Some public television children's programs are not produced by PBS member stations or transmitted by PBS which is produced by independent public television distributors such as American Public Television are not labeled as "PBS Kids" programming, and it is mainly a programming block branding.

Stephen Schwartz (composer)

Stephen Schwartz Stephen SchwartzSchwartz
He has written the theme song for the Playhouse Disney show Johnny and the Sprites, starring John Tartaglia. A recent project is incidental music for his son Scott Schwartz's adaptation of Willa Cather's My Ántonia. On several occasions prior to 2008, Schwartz had reached out to Tim Dang who was the longtime artistic director of Los Angeles based Asian-Pacific Islander theater company, East West Players (EWP). This collaboration led to the conception of a new version of Pippin, aesthetically inspired by Japanese anime and musically inspired by hip-hop.

List of Sesame Street puppeteers

Frankie CorderoLisa BuckleyJames Godwin
Can You Guess, Big Bad Wolf (2007–2013), Super Chicken (2008), Various * Leslie Carrara-Rudolph: (2006–present) Abby Cadabby, Goldilocks (2012–present), Rosa, Rose, Gretel (2006), Mae (2006), Various * Kevin Clash: (1980; 1984–2012) Elmo (1985-2012), Hoots the Owl, Baby Natasha, Benny Rabbit, Wolfgang the Seal, Kingston Livingston III, The Grand High Triangle Lover, Clementine (1985-1987), Dr. Nobel Price (1984–1988), Chip Cat, Ferlinghetti Donizetti (1984–1986), Mel, Big Bad Wolf (1980s-2008), Preposterous, Watson, Segi (puppetry), Mario, Professor D. Rabbit, Dexter (head), J.

Elmo: The Musical

Elmo the Musical
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (as Velvet and various others). Stephanie D'Abruzzo. Eric Jacobson. John Kennedy. Tim Lagasse. Peter Linz. Jim Martin. Joey Mazzarino. Paul McGinnis. Carmen Osbahr. Martin P. Robinson. David Rudman. Caroll Spinney. John Tartaglia. Lance Thirtyacre. Matt Vogel. Steve Whitmire. Elmo's World. List of Sesame Street recurring segments. Stephanie D'Abruzzo's official website. "Sesame Street Adds 'Elmo the Musical. The New York Times. September 13, 2012. 'Sesame Street' Has Best Ratings Since 2007. May 25, 2012.

Elmo's Christmas Countdown

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph - Abby Cadabby. Eric Jacobson - Bert, Grover. Joey Mazzarino - Papa Bear, Stan the Snowball. Jerry Nelson - Count von Count. Martin P. Robinson - Mr. Snuffleupagus. David Rudman - Baby Bear, Cookie Monster. Caroll Spinney - Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch. Matt Vogel - Stiller the Elf (puppeteer). Steve Whitmire - Ernie. Bryant Young - Rear end of Mr. Snuffleupagus. Carmen Osbahr - Rosita. Elmo's Christmas Countdown at Internet Movie Database. Elmo's Christmas Countdown at Muppet Wiki.

Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children's Programming

Outstanding Performer in a Children's SeriesOutstanding Performer in Children's ProgrammingOutstanding Performer in a Children/Youth/Family Special
Leslie Carrara - Sesame Street (PBS). Kevin Clash - Sesame Street (PBS). Jeff Corwin - Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (ABC). Joey Mazzarino - Sesame Street (PBS). David Rudman - Sesame Street (PBS). Jessica Honor Carleton - Green Screen Adventures (MeTV). Katie Douglas - Spooksville (HUB Network). Leslie Carrara - Sesame Street (PBS). Joey Mazzarino - Sesame Street (PBS). David Rudman - Sesame Street (PBS). Margot Kidder - The Haunting Hour: The Series ("Mrs. Worthington") (Discovery Family). Leslie Carrara-Rudolph - Sesame Street (PBS). Jessica Honor Carleton - Green Screen Adventures (MeTV). Mason Cook - R. L.

PB&J Otter

Flick Ducka character fromAnna ('Aunt Nanner')
PB&J Otter is an American animated children's television series which premiered on Disney Channel's preschool block (Playhouse Disney) on March 15, 1998. A total of 65 episodes were produced during the course of its three-season run, with the final episode airing on September 24, 2000 (although a Halloween episode was the last aired episode, on October 15, 2000). The series centered on the Otter family who lived in the rural fishing community of Lake Hoohaw. Most stories revolved around the Otter kids: older brother Peanut, younger sister Jelly and baby sister Butter (named after the peanut butter and jelly sandwich), as well as their friends and neighbors.

Disney Channels Worldwide

Disney ChannelDisney Channel PolandDisney Channels
In the most countries the channel was replaced with Playhouse Disney. On May 26, 2010, Disney–ABC Television Group announced the launch of Disney Junior, which would replace the Playhouse Disney morning block on sister network Disney Channel in February 2011, and extend to a standalone preschooler-oriented channel that would replace Soapnet in January 2012. All 22 Playhouse Disney channels and blocks outside the U.S. also were renamed to "Disney Junior" in 2011. In October 2011, Disney reached a joint venture agreement (49%/51%) with UTH Russia for UTH to turn its broadcasting network Seven TV into a Disney Channel starting in early 2012.

Out of the Box (TV series)

Out of the BoxDisney's Out of the BoxOut of the Box'' (TV series)
Out of the Box is an American children's television series which premiered on Playhouse Disney on October 7, 1998, and ended its run on September 27, 2004, with reruns until June 2005 (December 2006 in the UK). The series takes place in "The Box", a playhouse made entirely of cardboard boxes, where two hosts, Tony James and Vivian Bayubay McLaughlin, make crafts, sing songs, and act out plays. Two special episodes were released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, Out of the Box: Trick or Treat, and Out of the Box: Happy Holidays. Trick or Treat is also available on the DVD entitled Rolie Polie Olie: A Spookie Ookie Halloween.

Disney Channel

The Disney ChannelDisneyDisney 365
The former Playhouse Disney block on Disney Channel was rebranded as Disney Junior on February 14, 2011; the 22 existing Playhouse Disney-branded cable channels and program blocks outside the United States rebranded under the Disney Junior name over the next two years, concluding with the rebranding of the Russian and Chinese versions in September 2013. Disney-ABC Television Group previously planned to launch a domestic Playhouse Disney Channel in the U.S. (which would have served the same target audience as Disney Junior) in 2001, however, this planned network never launched, although dedicated Playhouse Disney Channels did launch outside of the United States.

Allyce Beasley

She also narrated for Playhouse Disney from 2000 until March 30, 2007; previously, she was the narrator for Storytime with Thomas on Fox Family (now FreeForm). She was also the announcer for the safety video with Itchy and Scratchy that plays during The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida. During the summer of 2009, she was seen onstage in The Drowsy Chaperone at Gateway Playhouse on Long Island, playing Mrs. Tottendale. She replaced Veanne Cox in the role of Mme. Renaud/Mme. Dindon in the Tony Award-winning revival of La Cage aux Folles alongside Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge on September 14, 2010.

Disney Junior

Playhouse DisneyDisney Junior ScandinaviaDisney Jr.
., Qubo, and Sprout; in addition, the Playhouse Disney block on Disney Channel would also be renamed under the Disney Junior banner, prior to the launch of the channel of the same name. The announcement also called for the 22 existing programming blocks and pay channels outside of the United States bearing the Playhouse Disney name being rebranded as Disney Junior.


Baby ElmoBaby MonsterI Heart Elmo
John Tartaglia, Matt Vogel, and Jim Martin have all been secondary performers for the character, providing movement for Elmo's arms and legs, particularly in green-screen shots. Alongside Cookie Monster, Elmo has appeared in The Furchester Hotel, where he is taking an extended stay because of his fascination with the Furchester Hotel. His father Louie is the brother of Funella Furchester. After becoming a regular guest on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Elmo began touring the talk-show circuit. He has appeared on Martha Stewart Living and Martha, The Tony Danza Show, Rove Live, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, and The View.

Radio Disney

DisneyDisney RadioRadio Disney Country
Playhouse Disney - Playhouse Disney (originally "Mickey and Minnie's Tune Time" from 1998 to 2001) aired on Radio Disney weekdays during the school year from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. ET and was hosted by Robin, Tina, B. B. Good and Susan Huber from its inception; it was also hosted by Betsy. Playhouse Disney was originally a two-hour block, but was later reduced to one hour; segments featured in the block included Circle Time Story (originally "Mickey and Minnie's Storytime Theatre" from 1998 to 2001), which featured read-along stories from Disney movies and films. Like the now-defunct Playhouse Disney block on Disney Channel, it was targeted towards preschoolers.

Debi Derryberry

Dee Dee GreeneSue Swan
In addition to voicing her best known role of the title character of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Nickelodeon's television series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Derryberry has also provided voice-over for Ice Age: The Meltdown, as the voice of Wednesday Addams in the 1990s animated version of The Addams Family, Weenie and Catrina on Oswald, Taz's little brother Jake on Taz-Mania, Coco Bandicoot in the Crash Bandicoot video game series, and Clay in some Playhouse Disney segments. She has also done voice work for comedic English language adaptations of anime titles such as Zatch Bell!

Handy Manny

Handy Manny's School for ToolsManny Mãozinhas
It first aired on September 16, 2006, originally as part of Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney daily block intended for preschoolers. On February 14, 2011, it was moved to the Disney Junior block, which served as Playhouse Disney's replacement. The series' final episode aired on February 14, 2013. The title character is voiced by Wilmer Valderrama. The show was created by Roger Bollen, Marilyn Sadler and Rick Gitelson. The animation is produced by Toronto-based Nelvana and features the voice performances of Wilmer Valderrama, Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Kenny, Fred Stoller, Nika Futterman, Kath Soucie, Carlos Alazraqui, Grey DeLisle and Nancy Truman. The theme song is performed by Los Lobos.

Stanley (2001 TV series)

StanleyJessica D. StoneJ.D. Stone
Playhouse Disney (English Canada) (November 30, 2007 - May 5, 2011). Playhouse Disney (French Canada) (July 5, 2010 - May 5, 2011). Disney Channel (Playhouse Disney) (September 15, 2001 - May 16, 2008). Disney Junior (March 23, 2012 - September 3, 2013). Stanley on Disney Junior Canada. Stanley on Disney Junior Quebec. Stanley DVDs Disney US site. Playhouse Disney Official Site.