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Michael Alig

Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig
During this time, Alig and other regular clubgoers began creating flamboyant personas, and later became known as "Club Kids". The Club Kids wore outrageous costumes that former Club Kid and celebutante James St. James later described as "part drag, part clown, part infantilism". They were also known for their frequent use of ketamine (known as Special K), Ecstasy, Rohypnol, heroin, and cocaine. Alig's Club Kids included (among others): "Ernie Glam", "Gitsie", "Jennytalia", "Superstar DJ Keoki", Amanda Lepore, Charlie "Dash" Prestano, "Richie Rich", Robert "Freeze" Riggs, RuPaul, and "Walt Paper".

James St. James

James St JamesTransformations with James St. James
James morphed from celebutante to Club Kid while helping Alig create the new scene. Alig and St. James threw many parties together, eventually setting up the Disco 2000 club night at the New York City club The Limelight. St. James wrote several columns, most famously for the short-lived New York City-based gay publication OutWeek during the magazine's two year life span, from 1989–1991. St. James appeared many times on television talk shows to discuss the Club Kids during the 1980s and 1990s, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Phil Donahue Show, The Jerry Springer Show, Geraldo, and the Joan Rivers Show. St.

Amanda Lepore

In the early 1990s, Lepore tried to establish herself as a nightlife figure (including being a member in the Club Kids). She supported herself by working in a nail salon, as a dominatrix, and later as a cosmetics salesgirl for Patricia Field. After meeting photographer David LaChapelle one evening while hosting at Bowery Bar, she began collaborating with him. Lepore has appeared in fashion magazines, including French Playboy, Ponytail, DAMn and TUSH. She is on the cover of Lords of Acid's 1999 album Expand Your Head and on Thighpaulsandra's 2006 album The Lepore Extrusion.

John Roselius

He appeared in numerous films, guest starred on many TV shows, and was the principal actor in over 200 television commercials, including the famed This Is Your Brain on Drugs public service announcement. *

Richie Rich (designer)

Richie Rich
The Club Kid name “Richie Rich” derived from his experience at the hands of childhood classmates from kindergarten who jokingly teased...."Hey Richie Rich, where’s your dog Dollar?” ; and with blonde hair and blue eyes, Richie owned the moniker.” While maintaining straights A’s during the day and unbeknownst to his parents, Richie Rich became synonymous with the San Francisco nightlife scene. In the fall of 1992 club kid diva, Julie Jules, encouraged Rich to enter the “Club Kid Style Summit” contest. Rich entered and won a trip to New York City to host the opening of Club USA on December 17, 1992.

Andre Melendez

Andre "Angel" MelendezAngel MelendezParty Monster: The Shockumentary
Michael Alig, a night club party promoter, known as "King of the Club Kids", became an important customer, leading Melendez into the world of the Club Kids, which group included such members as Alig's mentor/rival James St. James, boyfriend DJ Keoki, and drug dealer/roommate Robert D. "Freeze" Riggs. On Sunday, March 17, 1996, Melendez was killed by Alig and Alig's roommate, Robert D. "Freeze" Riggs, after going to their Riverbank West apartment (at 560 West 43 Street, Apartment 3K, at 11 Avenue) and engaging with Alig in an argument, purportedly about a delinquent debt.

Anthony Marinelli

His work includes critically acclaimed commercials and public service announcements such as the fried egg version of This Is Your Brain on Drugs (1987), which Entertainment Weekly named the 8th best commercial of all time. |1986||Santa Barbara NBC (1986–87)||Daytime Emmy Honors Award Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series ||Won |1993||Flynn (aka My Forgotten Man)|| AACTA Awards Best Original Music Score, with Billy Childs ||Nominated * "...Anthony got very involved with consulting for the development of the Synclavier. A lot of things that are on the instrument are our fault! It's a nice feeling to be involved in the development of a musical instrument.".

Walt Cassidy (artist)

Walt Cassidy
Walt Cassidy, born in Los Alamitos California, is a New York City-based artist, notable for his contemporary art and participation in the New York City Club Kids culture. His exploratory art and design emphasizes narrative abstraction, aestheticism, and conceptualism. In 2014, Walt Cassidy Studio was established as a unisex brand encompassing jewelry, garments and functional objects. The jewelry gained attention through social media platforms, such as Instagram, and was discovered by Mark Holgate and profiled in Vogue in 2015.

DJ Keoki

KeokiSuperstar DJ Keoki
In 2006 and 2007, he toured – dressed extravagantly, wearing makeup, and sporting a number of tattoos – in the United States and Europe on the Club Party Monster Tour, a tribute to the film Party Monster (2003) as well as a nod to the Club Kid scene that shot him into stardom. Franconi still tours, performing at venues such as The Viper Room in Los Angeles, California, Shag in Denver, Colorado, Tantra in Tampa, Florida, VIA Afterhours in Houston, Texas, Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, New York, Hard Rock Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Level II in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Muscle relaxant

skeletal muscle relaxantmuscle relaxantsmuscle relaxation
Other skeletal muscle relaxants of that type used around the world come from a number of drug categories and other drugs used primarily for this indication include orphenadrine (anticholinergic), chlorzoxazone, tizanidine (clonidine relative), diazepam, tetrazepam and other benzodiazepines, mephenoxalone, methocarbamol, dantrolene, baclofen, Drugs once but no longer or very rarely used to relax skeletal muscles include meprobamate, barbiturates, methaqualone, glutethimide and the like; some subcategories of opioids have muscle relaxant properties, and some are marketed in combination drugs with skeletal and/or smooth muscle relaxants such as whole opium products, some ketobemidone, piritramide

Party Monster (film)

Party Monster20032003 feature film
Alig is named "King of the Club Kids" and goes on a cross country journey in search of more club kids. Alig and James pick up Angel Melendez, Gitsie, and Brooke. Gitsie becomes Michael's latest sidekick although the movie implies the relationship was a little more than platonic. However, after Michael descends further into drug abuse, his life starts to spiral out of control, eventually culminating in his involvement in the murder of Angel. Gitsie and Michael decide to go to rehab but ultimately return to NY with the same drug problems as before, causing Michael to lose his job and end up in a motel in New Jersey.

Lisa Edelstein

After being dubbed a "celebutante" by The New York Times magazine during her club kid days, Edelstein used her new-found celebrity to write, compose and star in an original musical called Positive Me in response to the growing AIDS crisis of the 1980s. The play, performed at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York City, received many accolades. After a regrettable experience hosting Awake on the Wild Side for MTV in 1990, she appeared for a few seconds as a backstage make-up artist in the Jim Morrison biography The Doors followed by guest roles on several popular comedies, including Mad About You, Wings, and The Larry Sanders Show.

Adam Jeffries

Jeffries, Adam
Jeffries' first began acting in 1989 in the role of Eddie in the educational short film A Nightmare on Drug Street, which was released on VHS as a teaching tool for schools. After appearing in several television series and television movies, Jeffries landed the role of Lester Freeman in the short-lived 1990 Fox series True Colors. The series was canceled in 1992. The next year, he portrayed Thea Vidale's oldest son, Jarvis Turrell, Jr., in the short-lived ABC series Thea. In 1995, he appeared in an episode of The Client, another short-lived series that was based on the 1994 hit film. In 2000, he had a role in the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Rachael Leigh Cook

Cook first gained national attention in 1997, when she was featured in the famous This Is Your Brain on Drugs PSA television advertisement, in which she proceeds to destroy a kitchen with a frying pan as she lists the important things in life that heroin harms. In 2011, she was selected by the Obama administration as a Champion of Change for Arts Education. In June 2012, she began to award a small scholarship to students between ages 14 and 19. The scholarship helps pay for career classes, mentoring programs, and other school fees.

Jay Nelson

In 1997, Nelson edited the public service announcement “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” for Drug-Free America, featuring actress Rachael Leigh Cook wielding a raw egg and a frying pan. In 1999 Nelson joined editorial company Swietlik, which would eventually become Cut+Run in 2003. Nelson edited the short film, Quantum Project (2000), the first film created expressly for the internet, and the first stateside film shot on the 60 frames-per-second format by Panasonic. The web short had a budget of 10 million dollars, starred Steven Dorff and John Cleese, and was directed by Oscar-winning production designer Eugenio Zanetti.

Balloon effect

cockroach effect
The balloon effect is an often-cited criticism of United States drug policy. The name draws an analogy between efforts to eradicate the production of illegal drugs in South American countries and the phenomenon of the same name when a latex balloon is squeezed: The air is moved, but does not disappear, instead moving into another area of less resistance. Examples of this displacement in drug traffic include: As described in The Economist: Brazil and the Southern Cone (Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina) neglected their respective drug trafficking issues and due to the concentration on the Andean region, these were neglected by the United States as well.

Larry Tee

In 1986, Tee, along with RuPaul, Lady Bunny, and Lahoma Van Zandt, moved to NYC living with nelson Sullivan and quickly became involved with the Club Kids scene with his epic party, Love Machine. He hosted nights at Michael Alig's infamous DISCO 2000, which is featured in the movie Party Monster (2003). He also DJed at the ROXY on a weekly basis. During the 1990s, he became a prominent DJ by playing at highly regarded venues such as Palladium, the ROXY, and Twilo. In 1992, Tee co-wrote RuPaul's top 40-hit "Supermodel (You Better Work)".


Methaqualone (Quaalude). Cloroqualone. Diproqualone. Etaqualone. Mebroqualone. Mecloqualone. Methylmethaqualone. Nitromethaqualone.

Lady Bunny

Jon IngleThe Lady Bunny
In 1984, he moved to New York City, became one of the Club Kids, and in 1985, organized Wigstock, an annual drag queen festival that lasted until 2005. In 2005, he was a roaster on the Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson and released his first DVD, Rated X for X-tra Retarded. Lady Bunny served on the judges' panel on the spinoff show RuPaul's Drag U, which aired on the Logo TV network from 2010 to 2012. Lady Bunny was Dean of Drag and had a role of judge in the first season. In season 2 of RuPaul's Drag U, the Dean of Drag role was expanded into a segment called "Lady Lessons".

Psychoactive drug

[[File:Psychoactive_Drugs_Legend.jpg|thumb|right|300px|An assortment of psychoactive drugs—street drugs and medications: 1. cocaine 2. crack cocaine 3. methylphenidate (Ritalin) 4. ephedrine 5. MDMA (ecstasy) 6. Peyote (mescaline) 7. LSD blotter 8. psilocybin mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis) 9. Salvia divinorum 10. diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 11. Amanita muscaria mushroom 12.

Susanne Bartsch

Susanne Bartch
She also helped launch the careers of young American designers Alpana Bawa and Michael Leva, and was a precursor and influence upon the Club Kids. By the late 1980s, the economy was slowing, and edgy clothing was becoming harder to sell. Bartsch began organizing weekly parties at prominent New York nightclubs, such as Savage, Bentley's, and, finally, the Copacabana. Bartsch created the Love Ball in 1989, which raised $400,000 to fight AIDS. For the first time, elements of Harlem ball culture were introduced to a national audience. Bartsch took part in philanthropic work, running annual holiday toy drives along with her partner David Barton, whom she married in 1995.

Electronic dance music

EDMdanceelectronic dance
Deadmau5 criticized the homogenization of popular EDM, and suggested that it "all sounds the same". During the 2014 Ultra Music Festival, Deadmau5 made critical comments about up-and-coming EDM artist Martin Garrix and later played an edited version of Garrix's "Animals" remixed to the melody of "Old McDonald Had a Farm". Afterwards, Tiësto criticized Deadmau5 on Twitter for "sarcastically" mixing Avicii's "Levels" with his own "Ghosts 'n' Stuff". In May 2014, the NBC comedy series Saturday Night Live parodied the stereotypes of EDM culture and push-button DJs in a Digital Short entitled "When Will the Bass Drop?".

The Limelight

LimelightLimelight (nightclub)Limelight NYC
It earned the media's attention in 1996, when club kid and party promoter Michael Alig was arrested and later convicted for the killing and dismemberment of Angel Melendez, a fellow member of the Club Kids and a drug dealer who frequented the club. The 2003 biopic Party Monster, starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green, was based on this event. The Limelight was closed by the police, and subsequently reopened several times during the 1990s. In September 2003, it reopened under the name "Avalon"; however, it closed its doors permanently in 2007.

Raymond Cruz

Raymond Cruz (born July 9, 1961) is an American actor, best known for his starring role as Detective Julio Sanchez in the series The Closer and his recurring role as the drug lord Tuco Salamanca in the crime drama Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul. He also starred on the series Major Crimes, a spinoff of The Closer, reprising the role of Sanchez.