Video projector

projectorsdigital projectorprojector
Video projectors are used for many applications such as conference room presentations, classroom training, home cinema and concerts. In schools and other educational settings, they are sometimes connected to an interactive whiteboard. In the late 20th century they became commonplace in home cinema. Although large LCD television screens became quite popular, video projectors are still common among many home theater enthusiasts. A video projector, also known as a digital projector, may project onto a traditional reflective projection screen, or it may be built into a cabinet with a translucent rear-projection screen to form a single unified display device.

John F. Dunn

John Dunn
John Francis Dunn (June 6, 1943 - June 27, 2018) was an American music and art software developer. He created several visual art, music, and design software programs, including Lumena, MusicBox, SoftStep, and others. He has also written and performed a variety of electronic music compositions throughout his career. He was a graduate of Sonia Landy Sheridan's Generative Systems program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He also founded Time Arts, Inc. and Algorithmic Arts.


CDOSCromemco Inc.
Cromemco was a Mountain View, California microcomputer company known for its high-end Z80-based S-100 bus computers and peripherals in the early days of the personal computer revolution.

Zoho Corporation

ZohoZoho Corp.
Zoho Corporation is an Indian software development company. The focus of Zoho Corporation lies in web-based business tools and information technology solutions, including an office tools suite, internet of things management platform, and a suite of IT management software. The company was founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in Pleasanton, California, and now has offices in seven countries with its global headquarters in Chennai.

All major document types can be formatted into iPaper including Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, OpenDocument documents, XML documents, and PostScript files. All iPaper documents are hosted on Scribd. Scribd allows published documents to either be private or open to the larger Scribd community. The iPaper document viewer is also embeddable in any website or blog, making it simple to embed documents in their original layout regardless of file format. Scribd iPaper required Flash cookies to be enabled, which is the default setting in Flash.


MacApple MacintoshMacs
To provide a complete office suite, Claris purchased the rights to the Informix Wingz spreadsheet program on the Mac, renaming it Claris Resolve, and added the new presentation software Claris Impact. By the early 1990s, Claris applications were shipping with the majority of consumer-level Macintoshes and were extremely popular. In 1991, Claris released ClarisWorks, which soon became their second best-selling application. When Claris was reincorporated back into Apple in 1998, ClarisWorks was renamed AppleWorks beginning with version 5.0.


A pamphlet is an unbound book (that is, without a hard cover or binding). It may consist of a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides and folded in half, in thirds, or in fourths, called a leaflet, or it may consist of a few pages that are folded in half and saddle stapled at the crease to make a simple book.


Obsolescence is the state of being which occurs when an object, service, or practice is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order; however, the international standard EN62402 Obsolescence Management - Application Guide defines Obsolescence as being the "transition from availability of products by the original manufacturer or supplier to unavailability". Obsolescence frequently occurs because a replacement has become available that has, in sum, more advantages compared to the disadvantages incurred by maintaining or repairing the original. Obsolete also refers to something that is already disused or discarded, or antiquated.

Image file formats

image file formatgraphics file formatimage file
NAPLPS (North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax). ODG (OpenDocument Graphics). !DRAW, a native vector graphic format (in several backward compatible versions) for the RISC-OS computer system begun by Acorn in the mid-1980s and still present on that platform today. Precision Graphics Markup Language, a W3C submission that was not adopted as a recommendation. PSTricks and PGF/TikZ are languages for creating graphics in TeX documents. QCC, used by Quilt Manager by Quilt EZ for designing quilts. ReGIS, used by DEC computer terminals. Remote imaging protocol. VML (Vector Markup Language). Xar format used in vector applications from Xara. XPS (XML Paper Specification).

Clip art

clipartclip-artclip images
These images were used in business presentations, as well as for other types of presentations. It was the Apple Computer, with its GUI which provided desktop publishing with the tools required to make it a reality for consumers. The LaserWriter laser printer (introduced in late 1985), as well as software maker Aldus' PageMaker in 1985, which helped to make professional quality desktop publishing a reality, with consumer desktop computers. After 1986, desktop publishing generated a widespread need for pre-made, electronic images as consumers began to produce newsletters and brochures using their own computers. Electronic clip art emerged to fill the need.


National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)space program
Curiosity successfully landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, and subsequently began its search for evidence of past or present life on Mars. NASA's ongoing investigations include in-depth surveys of Mars (Mars 2020 and InSight) and Saturn and studies of the Earth and the Sun. Other active spacecraft missions are Juno for Jupiter, New Horizons (for Jupiter, Pluto, and beyond), and Dawn for the asteroid belt. NASA continued to support in situ exploration beyond the asteroid belt, including Pioneer and Voyager traverses into the unexplored trans-Pluto region, and Gas Giant orbiters Galileo (1989–2003), Cassini(1997–2017), and Juno (2011–).

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a 2D business technical diagramming software which help create flowcharts, organizational charts, mind map, network diagrams, floor plans, workflow diagrams, business charts, and engineering diagrams. The current version, Edraw Max 9.3 was released on October 22, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

World Economic Forum

WEFDavosWorld Economic Forum (WEF)
In 2014, Winnie Byanyima, the executive director of the anti-poverty confederation Oxfam International, was invited to serve as co-chair for the 2015 meeting, where she presented a critical report of global wealth distribution based on statistical research by the Credit Suisse Research Institute. In this study, the richest one per cent of people in the world own forty-eight per cent of the world’s wealth. At the 2019 meeting, the Oxfam director presented another report claiming that the gap between rich and poor has only increased.


The Justified View is paginated between 72 and 360 photos per page but unpaginated in search result presentation. Tech Radar described the new style Flickr as representing a "sea change" in its purpose. Many users criticized the changes, and the site's help forum received thousands of negative comments. In March 2014, Flickr's New Photo Experience, a user interface redesign, left beta. On May 7, 2015, Yahoo! overhauled the site, adding a revamped Camera Roll, a new way to upload photos and upgraded the site's apps. The new Uploadr application was made available for Macs, Windows and mobile devices.


Google Inc.Google, Inc.Googling
Presently, there are 7 Campus locations in Berlin, London, Madrid, Seoul, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw. Google offers Gmail, and the newer variant Inbox, for email, Google Calendar for time-management and scheduling, Google Maps for mapping, navigation and satellite imagery, Google Drive for cloud storage of files, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for productivity, Google Photos for photo storage and sharing, Google Keep for note-taking, Google Translate for language translation, YouTube for video viewing and sharing, and Google+, Allo, and Duo for social interaction.


UTState of UtahUtah, U.S.
These five groups were present when the first European explorers arrived. The southern Utah region was explored by the Spanish in 1540, led by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, while looking for the legendary Cíbola. A group led by two Catholic priests—sometimes called the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition—left Santa Fe in 1776, hoping to find a route to the coast of California. The expedition traveled as far north as Utah Lake and encountered the native residents. The Spanish made further explorations in the region, but were not interested in colonizing the area because of its desert nature.

Adobe Photoshop

Upon completion of editing, the user is presented with a handful of options of exporting into a few popular formats. CS6 brings the "straighten" tool to Photoshop, where a user simply draws a line anywhere on an image, and the canvas will reorient itself so that the line drawn becomes horizontal, and adjusts the media accordingly. This was created with the intention that users will draw a line parallel to a plane in the image, and reorient the image to that plane to more easily achieve certain perspectives. CS6 allows background saving, which means that while another document is compiling and archiving itself, it is possible to simultaneously edit an image.

O'Reilly Media

O'ReillyO'Reilly & AssociatesO'Reilly and Associates
MySQL Conference and Expo (co-presented by MySQL AB, until 2008, then by Sun Microsystems since 2009, now by Oracle Corporation since 2010.). RailsConf (co-presented by Ruby Central). Where 2.0. Money:Tech. Gov 2.0 Expo and Gov 2.0 Summit (co-produced with TechWeb). O'Reilly school of technology will be discontinued as of January 6, 2016, new enrollments are no longer accepted. O'Reilly Radar.

Adobe Illustrator

IllustratorAIAdobe Illustrator 88
Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. Originally designed for the Apple Macintosh, development of Adobe Illustrator began in 1985. Along with Creative Cloud (Adobe's shift to monthly or annual subscription service delivered over the Internet), Illustrator CC was released. The latest version, Illustrator CC 2019, was released in October 2018 and is the 23rd generation in the product line. Adobe Illustrator was reviewed as the best vector graphics editing program in 2018 by PC Magazine.

Digital photography

digital photodigitaldigital photograph
The new technology and editing programs available to photographers has changed the way photographs are presented to the public. There are photographs that are so heavily manipulated or photoshopped that they end up looking nothing like the original photograph and this changes the way they are perceived. Until the advent of the digital camera, amateur photographers used either print or slide film for their cameras. Slides are developed and shown to an audience using a slide projector. Digital photography revolutionized the industry by eliminating the delay and cost.

Digital video

Digital video is an electronic representation of moving visual images (video) in the form of encoded digital data. This is in contrast to analog video, which represents moving visual images with analog signals. Digital video comprises a series of digital images displayed in rapid succession.