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TinaTina Turner’sAnna Mae Bullock
In February of that year, she embarked on her second world tour supporting the Private Dancer album, where she toured to huge crowds. One show, filmed at Birmingham, England's NEC Arena, was later released on home video. During this time, she also contributed vocals to the USA for Africa benefit song "We Are the World." Turner's success continued when she traveled to Australia to star opposite Mel Gibson in the 1985 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The movie provided her with her first acting role in ten years; she portrayed the glamorous Aunty Entity, the ruler of Bartertown. Upon release, critical response to her performance was generally positive.

Capitol Records

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Capitol Records is an American record label owned by Universal Music Group through its Capitol Music Group imprint. It was founded as the first West Coast-based record label "of note" in the United States in 1942 by Johnny Mercer, Buddy DeSylva, and Glenn E. Wallichs. Capitol was acquired by British music conglomerate EMI as its North American subsidiary in 1955. EMI was acquired by Universal Music Group in 2012 and was merged with the company a year later, making Capitol and the Capitol Music Group both a part of UMG. The label's circular headquarter building in Hollywood is a recognized landmark of California.


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List of awards and nominations received by Tina Turner

Tina Turner's awards
Private Dancer. Album of the Year. Won. Song of the Year. Nominated. Private Dancer. Album of the Year. Won. Won. 1986. Herself. Singer of the Year. Won. 1993. Herself. Chart Achievement Award. Won. Won. 2011. Herself. Best Artists from the Oldies. Won. 2012. Herself. Best Artists from the Oldies. Nominated. Best Artists from the Oldies. Nominated. 1962. It's Gonna Work Out Fine. Nominated. 1970. The Hunter. Nominated. 1972. Proud Mary (Shared with Ike). Won. rowspan="2"|1975. Tina Turns the Country On!. Nominated. The Gospel According To Ike And Tina. Nominated. rowspan="5"| 1985. Private Dancer. Nominated. rowspan="2"| What's Love Got to Do with It. Won. Won. Better Be Good to Me. Won.

Tina Turner discography

What You Hear is What You Get – Live at Carnegie Hall
By this time, Turner had begun work on a full album, Private Dancer, which was released in May 1984 and became a worldwide hit. It spawned a string of hit singles, including "What's Love Got to Do with It", which still stands as Turner's biggest ever hit, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks. The success of the album established Turner as a major solo artist, elevating her to superstar status, and her comeback during this period is widely regarded as one of the most successful of all time. Following her success in 1984, Turner co-starred with Mel Gibson in the 1985 film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Private dancer

Private dancer may refer to: Private Dancer, a 1984 album by Tina Turner. "Private Dancer" (Tina Turner song), a song on the album Private Dancer by Tina Turner. "Private Dancer" (Danny Fernandes song), a 2008 song. A dancer who performs a striptease. A taxi dancer.

Mark Knopfler

MarkKnopflerM. Knopfler
He also wrote the song "Private Dancer" for Tina Turner's comeback album of the same name. Dire Straits' biggest studio album by far was their fifth, Brothers in Arms, recorded at Air Studios Montserrat and released in May 1985. It became an international blockbuster that has now sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, and is the fourth best selling album in UK chart history. Brothers in Arms spawned several chart singles including the US # 1 hit "Money for Nothing", which was the first video played on MTV in Britain. It was also the first compact disc to sell a million copies and is largely credited for launching the CD format as it was also one of the first DDD CDs ever released.

John S. Carter

John CarterCarterCarter (music)
In 1983, despite opposition from within Capitol, Carter signed Turner and supported her throughout the recording of her first Capitol album, Private Dancer—an album that ultimately involved eight different producers. Though many producers contributed to the album, it was Carter who produced the title song. The album went on to sell more than 20 million copies and made Turner a global superstar. He died of cancer on May 10, 2011 in Palm Springs, California.

I Can't Stand the Rain (song)

I Can't Stand the RainCan't Stand the RainI Can't Stand the Rain" (song)
In 1984 Tina Turner recorded "I Can't Stand the Rain" for her fifth solo album, Private Dancer, and released it as a single in early 1985 in Europe. Turner's version would find minor success in the UK, but would be a success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. * 7" single. 1) "I Can't Stand the Rain" – 3:12. 2) "Be Yourself" – 3:43. 7" single. 1) "I Can't Stand the Rain" – 3:40. 2) "Let's Pretend We're Married" (live version) – 4:22. 12" single. 1) "I Can't Stand the Rain" (extended version) – 5:43. 2) "Let's Pretend We're Married" (live version) – 4:22. 3) "Nutbush City Limits" (live version) – 2:56. Tina Turner – lead vocals. Nick Glennie-Smith – keyboards, synthesizers.

Better Be Good to Me

Both Curnin and the guitarist in the video, Jamie West-Oram (also of The Fixx), perform on the Private Dancer album. Paul Rudd lip-synched the song for The Tonight Show. * 7" edit – 3:43. Video edit - 4:05. Album version – 5:10. Extended 12" Remix – 7:47. Extended 12" Remix (fade on Private Dancer EMI Centenary Remaster) – 7:03.


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Rupert Hine

ThinkmanThe Deep EndThe Deep End'' (Rupert Hine album)
Tina Turner – Private Dancer (tracks) (1984). Howard Jones – Human's Lib (album) (1984). Howard Jones – The 12" Album (album) (1984). Chris De Burgh – Man on the Line (album) (1984). Martin Ansell – An Englishman Abroad (album) (1985). Howard Jones – Dream into Action (album) (1985). Rupert Hine and Various Artists – Better Off Dead (soundtrack) (1985). Thinkman – The Formula (album) (1986). The Fixx – Walkabout (album) (1986). Eight Seconds – Almacantar (album) (1986). Howard Jones – Action Replay (album) (1986). Tina Turner – Break Every Rule (tracks) (1986). Thompson Twins – Close to the Bone (album) (1987). Bob Geldof – Deep in the Heart of Nowhere (tracks) (1986).

Alan Clark (keyboardist)

Alan Clark
Throughout his time with Dire Straits, he was also Tina Turner's musical director, and played on and arranged her hit "Private Dancer", and toured and recorded with Eric Clapton (Journeyman) as well as playing in the "Orchestra Nights" performances with the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Michael Kamen during Eric's 24 Nights concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in 1990 and 1991. He co-wrote with Eric Clapton the score for the movie Communion.

Mel Collins

In 1983, Collins played the saxophone solo on the hit single "Private Dancer", the title cut on Tina Turner's album by the same name. His solo was recorded in England at the Wessex Studios. In 1984, Mel Collins toured with Roger Waters to support the album The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking. In 1985 Collins was part of the supergroup 'Willie and the Poor Boys' appearing in their video with Bill Wyman and Jimmy Page. He toured again with Waters on a second leg of the 'Pros and Cons' tour. That same year, he also appeared on the album Songs From The Big Chair by Tears for Fears, playing saxophone on "The Working Hour". In 1986 he was a musician on the animated film When the Wind Blows.

Terry Williams (drummer)

Terry WilliamsWilliams
The New Best of Nick Lowe (2009) compilation ;With Paul Brady Full Moon (1986) ;With The Everly Brothers Phil Everly (1983) EB 84 (1984) Mercury Years (1993) compilation ;With Tina Turner Private Dancer (1984) Simply the Best (1991) compilation ;With Tracey Ullman You Caught Me Out (1984) Takes on the Hits (2002) compilation ;With Willie and the Poor Boys (Bill Wyman) Willie and the Poor Boys (1985) Poor Boy Boogie (2006) compilation ;Also Stiffs Live (1978) Plays with: Nick Lowe's Last Chicken in the Shop, Larry Wallis' Psychedelic Rowdies and Ian Dury & the Blockheads

Peter Ashworth

AshworthLord Peter Ashworth
Private Dancer (Tina Turner, 1984). Sophisticated Boom Boom (Dead Or Alive, 1984). Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer, 1986). The Foolish Thing to Do (Heaven 17, 1986). Saint Julian (Julian Cope, 1987). Holy Water (The Triffids song) (The Triffids, 1987). Outrider (Jimmy Page, 1988). Malafemmina (Gianna Nannini, 1988). Different (Thomas Anders, 1989). And Now the Legacy Begins (Dream Warriors, 1991). Devil Hopping (Inspiral Carpets, 1994). Das Ist Ein Groovy Beat, Ja (Jake Slazenger, 1996). Hearts and Knives (Visage, 2013). Late Night Tales: Röyksopp (various artists, 2013). Peter Ashworth. Peter Ashworth : Mavericks. Facebook. The Guardian illustrated interview.

Foreign Affair (Tina Turner album)

Foreign Affairprevious record
No. 39 & UK No. 13), "I Don't Wanna Lose You" (UK No. 8), "Foreign Affair" (Poland No. 7), "Look Me in the Heart" (U.S. AC No. 4 & UK No. 31) and "Be Tender with Me Baby" (UK No. 28). European promotional-only single Tina Turner – lead vocals (all tracks), background vocals (tracks 3, 7–8, 10). Tony Joe White – guitar (tracks 1, 3–4, 12), harmonica (1, 3), synthesizer (1, 4). Dan Hartman – acoustic guitar (tracks 2, 6, 8, 11), keyboards (2–3, 11), piano (1, 3–4), Hammond organ (1, 4), programming (5, 11), synthesizer (11), background vocals (2, 5). Eddie Martinez – rhythm guitar (tracks 1, 3–4), all guitars (5). Neil Taylor – guitar (track 1).

Dire Straits

Also written by Knopfler during this period was "Private Dancer", which did not appear on the album, but was eventually given to Tina Turner for her comeback album of the same name. Love Over Gold reportedly sold two million copies during the first six weeks after its release. Shortly after the release of Love Over Gold, drummer Pick Withers left the band. His replacement was Terry Williams, formerly of Rockpile and a range of other Welsh bands including Man. In 1983, a four-song EP titled ExtendedancEPlay was released while Love Over Gold was still in the album charts. It featured the hit single "Twisting By the Pool" which reached the Top 20 in the UK and Canada.

Love over Gold

Telegraph Roadtitle trackIt Never Rains
"Private Dancer" was originally planned for the album, with all but the vocal tracks being recorded. Knopfler decided that a female voice would be more appropriate and handed the song to Tina Turner for her comeback album, Private Dancer. "The Way It Always Starts" ended up on Knopfler's soundtrack to the film Local Hero, with vocals sung by Gerry Rafferty. "Badges, Posters, Stickers and T-Shirts" was cut from the album and later released in the UK as a B-side to "Private Investigations." It was subsequently released in the United States as the fourth track on the ExtendedancEPlay EP. Love over Gold was released on 20 September 1982 on vinyl LP and cassette.

The Fixx

Jamie West-OramFixxAdam Woods
Curnin and West-Oram played on "I Might Have Been Queen" and "Better Be Good To Me" by Tina Turner on her 1984 album Private Dancer. The 1984 album Phantoms contained the hits "Are We Ourselves?" (#29 Can.), the first video in which a mobile phone ever appeared (a modified Motorola KR999), and "Sunshine In The Shade." Another single, "Deeper And Deeper," was initially released as the B-side of "Are We Ourselves?" (and also appeared in an edited version on the soundtrack for the film Streets of Fire). This track received substantial airplay on U.S. and Canadian modern rock radio stations. In 1985 the Fixx recorded the song "A Letter to Both Sides" for the soundtrack of the film Fletch.

Break Every Rule World Tour

Break Every Rule Tour
Joe Cocker. 1) "What You Get Is What You See". 2) "Break Every Rule". 3) "I Can't Stand the Rain". 4) "Typical Male". 5) "Acid Queen". 6) "Girls". 7) "Two People". 8) "Back Where You Started". 9) "Better Be Good to Me". 10) "Addicted to Love". 11) "Private Dancer". 12) "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)". 13) "What's Love Got to Do with It". 14) "Help". 15) "Let's Stay Together". 16) "Proud Mary". 17) "Show Some Respect". 18) "It's Only Love". 19) "Overnight Sensation". 20) "Nutbush City Limits". 21) "Paradise Is Here". James Ralston – guitar, vocals. Laurie Wisefield – guitar. Bob Feit – bass guitar, vocals. Jack Bruno – drums. Steve Scales – percussion.

Glenn Frey

FreyGlen Frey
As a television actor, Frey guest starred on Miami Vice in the first-season episode "Smuggler's Blues", inspired by his hit song of the same name, and had a starring role in the "Dead Dog Arc" of Wiseguy. He was also the star of South of Sunset, which was canceled after one episode. In the late 1990s, he guest-starred on Nash Bridges as a policeman whose teenage daughter had run amok and gone on a crime spree with her sociopathic boyfriend. In 2002, he appeared on HBO's Arliss, playing a political candidate who double-crosses Arliss and must pay a high price for it.

Mr. Mister

Mr MisterPages
Mr. Mister was an American pop rock band, active throughout the 1980s. The band consisted of Richard Page on lead vocals and bass guitar, Steve George on keyboards/backing vocals, Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums/percussion and Steve Farris on guitars/backing vocals. Mr. Mister was the successor to the band Pages, fronted by Page and George from 1978 to 1981.