Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children (WPSBC) is a private charter school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for blind students between the ages of 3 to 21. All of its students are legally blind and come from one of the 33 western counties of the state. Most students have multiple disabilities and some may be considered medically fragile. It is one of four approved charter schools—along with the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, the Overbrook School for the Blind, the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf—in Pennsylvania for blind and deaf children. The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation has donated more than $40,000 to the school.

List of school authorities in Alberta

List of Alberta school boardsfrancophone school authoritiesschool authorities
There are also charter schools and private schools that act as their own authorities, as well as schools under the authority of early childhood services (ECS), private operators, and Federal Indian Affairs. Alberta's school authorities report to Alberta Education. Alberta has 42 public school authorities. Alberta has 153 private school authorities. Alberta has 17 separate school authorities.

National School Choice Week

National School Choice Week, 2017
National School Choice Week was founded in 2011 to promote the concept of all forms of school choice: district schools, district magnet schools, charter schools, private schools, and home schooling. The week of events is scheduled the last week of January each year. As an organization it does not promote one form of educational choice over another, but rather contends that parents should have and make choices in the best interest of their children. The week consists of independently organized events, both large and small, in schools, state capitols, and other public meetings featuring the movement's signature yellow scarves.

Ohio Christian School Athletic Association

The Ohio Christian School Athletic Association (OCSAA) is a private organization that hosts season-ending tournaments for Ohio's Christian, private, and charter high schools that have joined as members. All members abide by OCSAA rules and regulations and have to follow a curriculum deemed as "'Christian', 'Private', or 'Charter'". The OCSAA is broken into four regions for its high school members. Current membership is as follows: The OCSAA is broken into two regions for its junior high school members.

The Varnett Public School

The Varnett SchoolVarnett School
The Varnett Public School is a state charter school network headquartered in the Varnett School Southwest Campus in Houston, Texas. The system has four campuses with more than 1,600 students. The school was founded as a private school in 1984 and became a public charter school in 1998. In 2015 Ericka Mellon of the Houston Chronicle wrote that the school system "was a standout among schools serving mostly poor, minority children." That year the founders of the school were indicted by federal prosecutors, accused of embezzling $2.6 million of school funds. They pleaded guilty, and sentenced to prison in 2018. The Varnett School opened in 1984. Dr.

Monroe County Intermediate School District

Monroe Intermediate School DistrictMonroe ISD
The ISD provides numerous services to all nine of Monroe County's public schools, as well as two public charter schools and 15 private schools. The ISD also provides educational services for juvenile delinquents and works with other government agencies, charitable organizations (such as United Way), Monroe County Community College, and the county's library system. While the Monroe County ISD serves all schools in Monroe County, its boundary is not conterminous with Monroe County and follows the district lines drawn by the county's public schools.

List of school districts in Utah

41 school districtsschool district in Utahschool districts
In addition to the schools governed by these districts, the state has approximately 100 charter schools that operate independently of school districts, but still receive public funds. There are also approximately 120 private and parochial schools that operate within state. All data is from the 2016-17 school year and is slightly outdated. Superintendents are up to date as of 3/10/2017 Educator Statistics 2016 (based on FTE licensed classroom teachers PK-12) * List of high schools in Utah Utah State Board of Education. Utah School and Institution Websites - Public School Districts (official Utah State website).

Black Alliance for Educational Options

Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) was a nonprofit group supporting school voucher and charter school programs in the United States. It was one of the largest pro-voucher groups. The group's mission was to "actively support parental choice to empower families and to increase quality educational options for Black children". Black Alliance for Educational Options' chairman in 2002, Howard Fuller, was a former schools superintendent in Milwaukee where the first voucher program in the U.S. was established. Gerard Robinson was the group's president until his appointment as Education Secretary for the state of Virginia.

Education in Saint Paul, Minnesota

school in Saint Paul, MinnesotaWashington Technical Magnet School
There are also many charter schools that are run separately from the Saint Paul Public Schools, but are administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. 21 charter schools currently operate in Saint Paul. Saint Paul has numerous private schools, including non-sectarian, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. The Minnesota Department of Education has no authority over private school operations; private schools may or may not be accredited, and achievement tests are not required for private school graduating seniors.

Dallas County Schools

Founded in 1846, Dallas County Schools offered full service and/or supplemental student transportation services to other government entities, school districts, charter schools and private schools in and around Dallas County, Texas as well as a part in Denton County. DCS also served select school districts in Parker and Tarrant Counties under its d.b.a. name TexServe. DCS was one of the top student transportation fleets in the nation and operated a fleet of approximately 2,000 buses that transported more than 75,000 children to and from school safely each day.

LaRuby May

Opportunity Scholarship program, a federally funded private school voucher program imposed on the city by Congress in 2004. The legislation gave 1,700 low-income students in the District up to $7,500 a year so that they could attend a private school in the city or nearby jurisdictions. Kevin Chavous, then a council member representing Ward 7, was the only member of the council to support the federal law. Despite her opposition to the voucher program, May threw her support behind Democrats for Education Reform-D.C. (DFER-D.C.), an education PAC.

Education in Texas

Texas Digital Libraryfour independent public universities in Texaspublic schools
Especially in the metropolitan areas, Texas also has numerous private schools of all types (non-sectarian, Catholic, and Protestant). The TEA has no authority over private school operations; private schools may or may not be accredited, and achievement tests are not required for private school graduating seniors. Many private schools will obtain accreditation and perform achievement tests as a means of encouraging future parents that the school is genuinely interested in educational performance. It is generally considered to be among the least restrictive states in which to home school.

Special school (Netherlands)

special schoolsreligious schoolscatholic schools
Particular schools differ from both public and private schools in the way they are funded and run. While privately run, particular schools are not altogether outside the control of the Dutch Ministry of Education, as they are subsidized on equal footing with public schools, and cannot charge tuition over the statutory rate. They are therefore also distinct from private schools—of which there are a small but increasing number in the country—which get no subsidies and can charge market tuition.

Pioneer Springs Community School

Pioneer Springs Community School is a charter school in Charlotte metropolitan area, South Carolina, Unite States. The school was founded in 2012 as a small, low-tuition private school. The school was converted to a public charter school in 2014. * [//ncreportcards.ondemand.sas.com/src2/reports/60Y000_2017_Elementary.html North Carolina Report Card] [//ncreportcards.ondemand.sas.com/src2/reports/60Y000_2017_Elementary.html North Carolina Report Card].

Education in St. Louis

Education in St. Louis, Missouri
Louis Public Schools, private schools, charter schools, several colleges and universities, and the St. Louis Public Library. The St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) operate more than 75 schools, including several magnet schools. SLPS operates under provisional accreditation from the state of Missouri and is under the governance of a state-appointed school board called the Special Administrative Board, although a local board continues to exist without legal authority over the district. Since 2000, charter schools have operated in the city of St. Louis using authorization from Missouri state law.

Waiting for "Superman"

Waiting for SupermanWaiting for 'Superman'Waiting for Superman''
Ravitch says that a study by Stanford University economist Margaret Raymond of 5000 charter schools found that only 17% are superior in math test performance to a matched public school, and many perform badly, casting doubt on the film's claim that privately managed charter schools are the solution to bad public schools. (The film says, however, that it is focusing on the one in five superior charter schools, or close to 17%, that do outperform public schools.) One of the reasons for the high test scores, writes Ravitch, is that many charter schools expel low-performing students to bring up their average scores.

Charter management organization

charter managementvendor operated schoolcharter management organizations
A charter management organization (CMO) is an educational organization that operates charter schools in the United States. Charter schools are public schools that operate independently of the local government school district. A CMO controls all elements of the operation of the schools under its control, including holding the charter. By convention, a CMO manages at least three schools. Economist Milton Friedman in 1955 proposed that education could be improved by a universal school voucher program. A free market in primary and secondary education would allow consumers (parents) to choose among alternatives, stimulating competition and improvement.

Nevada Policy Research Institute

The Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) is a private non-profit, free-market and limited-government policy research organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. NPRI seeks to promote private, rather than government solutions to issues facing Nevada and the western region of the United States. NPRI researches education, tax and fiscal policy, and labor issues related to Nevada public policy. NPRI opposes efforts to halt the opening of new charter schools and favors expanding charter school options, tuition tax credits, school voucher programs, and merit pay for teachers.

Lisa Graham Keegan

Lisa GrahamLisa Keegan
Keegan has advocated for comprehensive education reform, including emphasis on standardized testing, school choice methods such as school vouchers, tuition tax credits, charter schools, and open enrollment. Political leaders for whom she has worked included several governors including Jeb Bush of Florida, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Jan Brewer of Arizona, and Chris Christie of New Jersey, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. After the 2014 election she was appointed as education co-chair of Arizona Governor-elect Doug Ducey's transition team. Lisa Keegan is the author and co-author of numerous books and articles.

Political positions of Jeb Bush

As Florida governor, Bush placed significant emphasis on education reform, particularly in the areas of "test-based accountability, private-school vouchers, and support for improved reading instruction." A major provision of Bush's voucher plan (the Opportunity Scholarship Program) was struck down in 2006 by the Florida Supreme Court and was replaced by a different plan, which is also being challenged in courts. Bush has frequently criticized traditional public schools and teachers' unions. He has described public schools as "politicized, unionized monopolies" and "government-run monopolies run by unions."

Texas Education Agency

academically acceptableMet Standardrecognized
TEA is responsible for the oversight of public primary and secondary education in the state of Texas, involving over 1,000 individual school districts in the state and charter schools. It is also responsible for the safety of students. However, it does not have any jurisdiction over private or parochial schools (whether or not accredited) nor over home schools. Although school districts are independent governmental entities, TEA has the authority to oversee a district's operations (either involving an individual school or the entire district) if serious issues arise (such as poor standardized test performance, financial distress, or mismanagement).


Public Charter District (JHW) and originally only operated disciplinary schools for youth who were being accused by the court system of juvenile delinquency. It also operates a charter school and a private school in San Antonio. By 2013 the organization had the name Educational Resource Center. Its headquarters were previously at 3201 Cherry Ridge. It includes both private schools and charter schools. Braination receives more taxpayer funds for its residential schools compared to regular charter schools, and its lack of need to pay facility costs such as rent allowed the district to, by 2013, amass $4.5 million in savings that allowed it to open other types of schools.

The Cartel

It also makes the case for school vouchers and charter schools, suggesting that the increased competition will revitalize the school system, leading to improved efficiency and performance in all schools, both district and charter. The film debuted at the Hoboken International Film Festival on May 30, 2009 and was awarded "Best of the Festival (Audience Award)". It opened in New York City and Los Angeles on April 16, 2010, Houston on April 23 and in Denver, Minneapolis, Boston, Washington D.C., St. Louis, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago on April 30. The Cartel is Bowdon's first film; he left Bloomberg Television to focus on the project, and spent two years on it.

District of Columbia State Board of Education

D.C. State Board of Educationan elected school boardD.C. Board of Education
That same year, under pressure from Congress, the Council of the District of Columbia enacted a package of educational reform proposals which included the establishment of charter schools in the District of Columbia for the first time. The reform legislation also created a new, independent District of Columbia Public Charter School Board to oversee these new schools. The Mayor of the District of Columbia was given authority to appoint the charter school board, although the BOE retained the power to issue charters for these schools. In November 1996, the Control Board seized control of the D.C. public school system. Superintendent Franklin L. Smith was fired, and Lt. Gen. Julius W.

Education in Minnesota

While Minnesota has chosen not to implement school vouchers, it is home to the first charter school, the City Academy High School of Saint Paul. The state supports two public university and college systems, including 37 institutions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, and five major campuses of the University of Minnesota. It is also home to more than 20 private colleges and universities, six of which rank among the nation's top 100 liberal arts colleges, according to U.S. News & World Report. Public education in Minnesota is administered by School Districts and falls under the umbrella of the Minnesota Department of Education.