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Sidwell Friends School

Sidwell FriendsSidwell Friends Middle SchoolFriends High School (now Sidwell Friends)
The wrestling program at Sidwell has taken 10th place in the national prep tournament in 2003, and won the DC Classic, a competition among all DC private schools that compete in wrestling, in 2007 and 2008. In February 2008, the Boys Varsity Wrestling Team claimed their 7th "banner" (conference championship) in 9 years of participating in the MAAC. It was also their 4th straight banner. They established clear dominance, winning the tournament by over 100 points, and boasted 8 MAAC champions and one additional All-MAAC selection.

Education reform

educational reformschool reformeducational reformer
According to a 2006 study by the Goldwater Institute, Arizona's public schools spend 50% more per student than Arizona's private schools. The study also says that while teachers constitute 72% of the employees at private schools, they make up less than half of the staff at public schools. According to the study, if Arizona's public schools wanted to be like private schools, they would have to hire approximately 25,000 more teachers, and eliminate 21,210 administration employees. The study also said that public school teachers are paid about 50% more than private school teachers.

Tom Luna

As a member of the Nampa School Board from 1994 to 2002, Luna supported school vouchers and tax credits for private schools as a means to increase competition in education. Running for the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Idaho position in 2006, Luna focused on promoting charter schools. Columnist William McGurn stated that he found Luna's business experience and lack of education degree, "refreshing". The centerpiece of education reforms spearheaded by Luna following his 2006 election as Superintendent is a package of legislation known as Students Come First.

Taxonomy of schools

A government may provide full funding for a student to go to a private school, such as school vouchers, even paying for all students at such a school, but it remains private, as a private organization owns and controls the school. Conversely, a "public" school may charge high fees, and seek other private funding sources, but be "public" by virtue of the "public" owning and controlling the school (e.g., it is owned by a public school board, or other public authority). Historically, most schools were segregated by gender (and many more were all-male than all-female).

Right Now (book)

Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda
In the book, Steele slams President Obama for sending his daughters to private school while rejecting school choice for poor Washington D. C. children. As lieutenant governor in Maryland, he headed a commission whose final report never mentioned school vouchers, a key component of any school choice platform. The report rightly endorsed expanding charter schools, but where was his outrage for Baltimore City children denied access to safe, effective learning environment." During a conversation with Eddie Glaude, the chair of the Center for African American Studies, Glaude asked Michael Steele about the intended audience of his book.

Eastbrook Academy

Eastbrook Academy is a non-denominational private Christian school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for grades kindergarten through 12th grade that provides a classical Christian education. The school obtains almost half its funding from public money through the Milwaukee school voucher program. * Eastbrook website

Political positions of Ron Paul

We the People ActPositionsCures Can Be Found Act of 2007
Although Paul supports the right of state and local school districts, under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, to implement education voucher plans, he rejects federal government-controlled school voucher plans, preferring federal education tax credits instead. He regards federal voucher programs as a form of "taxpayer-funded welfare" in which money is taken from middle-class families to unfairly provide private-school educations to a particular group of children favored by politicians and bureaucrats. He also worries that with federal school vouchers inevitably come further central government regulation and loss of local control over education.

D.J. Bettencourt

Bettencourt is sponsoring a tax credit program that would allow business to donate a certain amount of money for education to be given to families seeking alternatives to public school (either home-schooling or for private or religious schools). The donating business would receive a tax credit of between 75 and 90 percent for that donation. The proposal aims to avoid the constitutional issues faced by school voucher programs. Bettencourt opposes a state sales or income tax in New Hampshire and opposes the implementing any new taxes or raising existing taxes. Bettencourt has stated that "the only way to maintain low taxes is to control spending.

Privatization in the United States

Welfare services that are often privatized include workforce development, job training and job placement are often privatized. There is also some private sector involvement in the public education system including charter schools, Educational Management Organizations (EMOs), and school voucher programs. EMOs are usually for-profit and manage charter schools and sometimes traditional public schools as well. The United States Supreme Court upheld school voucher programs against an Establishment Clause challenge in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris. In the US, private prison facilities housed 12.3% of all federal prisoners and 5.8% of state prisoners in 2001.


schoolsschoolingnight school
Private schools operate independently from the government. Private schools usually rely on fees from families whose children attend the school for funding; however, sometimes such schools also receive government support (for example, through School vouchers). Many private schools are affiliated with a particular religion; these are known as parochial schools. The Toronto District School Board is an example of a school board that allows parents to design and propose new schools. When designing a school, factors that need to be decided include: Schools are organized spaces purposed for teaching and learning. The classrooms, where teachers teach and students learn, are of central importance.

Political positions of Hillary Clinton

Hillary ClintonPositionsHillary Clinton's plan
Clinton is against education vouchers for use at private schools. On September 13, 2000, she said, "I do not support vouchers. And the reason I don't is because I don't think we can afford to siphon dollars away from our underfunded public schools." Outlining a different objection, on February 21, 2006, she said: "First family that comes and says 'I want to send my daughter to St. Peter's Roman Catholic School' and you say 'Great, wonderful school, here's your voucher.' Next parent that comes and says, 'I want to send my child to the school of the Church of the White Supremacist ... ' The parent says, 'The way that I read Genesis, Cain was marked, therefore I believe in white supremacy. ...

Dennis Epple

To prevent private schools from "skimming off" the wealthiest and most talented students, they argue in favour of sophisticated combinations of tuition floors and ceilings, which allow school vouchers to provide the benefits of school competition without making participation in the voucher system compulsory or abiding very high levels of educational stratification.

Katherine Clark

Clark asked DeVos: If a state private school voucher program wanted to discriminate against LGBTQ students using federal taxpayer dollars, would the Education Department step in to stand up for students and taxpayers? She is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. On November 28, 2018, it was announced that Clark had defeated California Congressman Pete Aguilar to succeed Linda Sanchez as Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus. Clark is married to Rodney S. Dowell. He is an attorney, Founder of Law Management Innovation, LLC and former executive director of the Massachusetts Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers program.

Wisconsin Career Academy

Prior to this termination, in February 2012, the school board of directors had decided to change its name to Wisconsin College Preparatory Academy and announced that it would operate as a private high school under the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program for the 2012-2013 year. External links. Official website.

Independent school

independentindependent schoolsprivate
The objective of the legislation appears to be to level the playing field between the private and public sector schools. These tax exemptions over a period of time result in considerable investment by municipal governments in the private school sector, yet legally they have no stake in the properties, as they remain in private hands. Depending on the financial structure of the school, parents may have a financial stake while their offspring are enrolled, but the investment is not continuous, and the enrollment deposit, which finances the school's capital expenditures, is returned upon leaving the school.

Milton Friedman

FriedmanFriedman, MiltonMilton
In his 1955 article "The Role of Government in Education" Friedman proposed supplementing publicly operated schools with privately run but publicly funded schools through a system of school vouchers. Reforms similar to those proposed in the article were implemented in, for example, Chile in 1981 and Sweden in 1992. In 1996, Friedman, together with his wife, founded the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice to advocate school choice and vouchers. In 2016, the Friedman Foundation changed its name to EdChoice to honor the Friedmans' desire to have the educational choice movement live on without their names attached to it after their deaths.

Parochial school

parochialparochial schoolsparish school
Catholic private and college preparatory schools also exist and are not necessarily connected with a parish. Often times these schools, such as those in the Philadelphia area, prefer to be referred to as "private Catholic schools," to distinguish themselves from the Archdiocesan parochial school system. In some Canadian provinces Catholic schools are publicly funded and in Ontario completely to the level of grade 12. Generally within the Catholic parochial school system, parochial schools are open to all children in the parish.

College-preparatory school

college preparatorypreparatory schoolcollege preparatory school
Other than six-year prep schools, the top municipal senior high school (three-year schools) in each school zone and some high-ranked private senior high schools (ditto) are also regarded as "shin-gakkou". In the 21st century, some trial cases that connect public junior and senior high schools are seen in each region, too, which broadens education for college entrance. As Japanese government provides grant-in-aid to private schools, the tuition is 5,000–10,000 US dollars per year even if it is a private school. * Adam Hochschild, Finding the Trapdoor: Essays, Portraits, Travels (Syracuse University Press, 1997), "World on a Hilltop," pp. 123–139. International Baccalaureate. Cram school.

Financial endowment

endowmentendowmentsendowed chair
Endowments are often governed and managed either as a nonprofit corporation; a charitable foundation; or a private foundation that, while serving a good cause, might not qualify as a public charity. In some jurisdictions it is common for endowed funds to be established as a trust independent of the organizations or causes the endowment is meant to serve. Institutions that commonly manage endowments include academic institutions (e.g., colleges, universities, and private schools); cultural institutions (e.g., museums, libraries, and theaters); service organizations (e.g., hospitals, retirement homes; the Red Cross, the SPCA); and religious organizations (e.g., churches, synagogues, mosques).

St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace

St. Joseph's College, Gregory TerraceGregory TerraceSt. Joseph's College
St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace (commonly known as Terrace or GT) is a Greater Public Schools private, Catholic, day school for boys only, located in Spring Hill, an inner suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Founded on 5 July 1875 by three Irish Christian Brothers, the College follows the Edmund Rice tradition, and currently caters for about 1436 students from Years 5 to 12. St Joseph's College is affiliated with the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA), It is no longer affiliated with the Combined Independent Colleges (CIC), and is a founding member of the Great Public Schools' Association Inc (GPS).

North East National Board of School Education

The North East National Board of School Education (NENBSE), is the Board of Education for private education, under the Government of ASSAM. It was established by the S.R. Acts XXI of 1860 of the Government of India in 2007 to provide education inexpensively to remote areas. The NENBSE is a national board that administers examinations for Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations of schools. It had an enrollment of about thousands students from 2008–2012 at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels and enrolls about thousand students annually which makes it the largest private schooling system in the India.

Rose Friedman

RoseRose Director FriedmanRose D. Friedman
Friedman Foundation), with the aim of promoting the use of school vouchers and freedom of choice in education. She also co-produced the PBS television series, Free to Choose, and assisted her husband in writing his 1962 political philosophy book Capitalism and Freedom. When Milton received his Medal of Freedom in 1988, President Ronald Reagan said jokingly in his speech that Rose was known for being the only person to ever have won an argument against Milton. The Friedmans have two children, Janet and David. * Law and economics * The Friedman Foundation. In Memoriam: Rose Friedman by Guy Sorman.

Indiana Choice Scholarships

The State of Indiana school voucher movement known as Indiana Choice Scholarships was created in order to address the failings in the public education system. It is the largest school voucher program in the U.S. The movement to offer school vouchers was promoted as a way to allow underprivileged students stuck in underachieving schools the opportunity to attend a private school. The plan has been both hailed and criticized as either the new dawn of education or the beginning of the end of public education in America. In 2011 the initial school voucher program in Indiana passed while Mitch Daniels was governor.

St Peter's School, Cambridge

St Peter's SchoolSt. Peter's SchoolSt Peter's School (Cambridge)
* St Peter's School, Cambridge, not to be confused with Catholic primary school St Peter's Catholic School, Cambridge is a private, co-educational, Anglican secondary school for Years 7–13 located in Cambridge, New Zealand. The School is located on 100 acre of ground, surround by school-owned farmland alongside the Waikato River. The schools motto 'Structa Saxo' is Latin and translates to "Built on a Rock". The school's history extends back to 1936, when it was founded by Arthur Broadhurst (1890 - 1986) and James Morris Beaufort. (1896 - 1952). It was designed by American architect Roy Alston Lippincott, who designed the main building to resemble a large English country home.