The Blackcoat's Daughter

FebruaryFebruary'' (2015 film)
The film stars Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly, and James Remar. Over their winter break, two Catholic schoolgirls get left behind at their boarding school at which the nuns are rumored to be satanists. The film premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival before it was released through video-on-demand on February 16, 2017, by DirecTV Cinema, and was released theatrically in the United States on March 31, 2017, by A24. The film received positive reviews from critics, with particular praise for the cast's performance.

It's Kind of a Funny Story (film)

It's Kind of a Funny Storyfilm adaptationfilm of the same name
The film stars Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, and Viola Davis. It was released in the United States on October 8, 2010, and received mixed to positive reviews. After contemplating suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, 16-year-old Craig Gilner decides to go to the hospital to seek help. Craig tells Dr. Mahmoud that he needs immediate help to which Dr. Mahmoud registers Craig for a one-week stay in the hospital's psychiatric floor.

Sabotage (JoJo song)

In describing the song JoJo explains "A lot of people self-sabotage. I tend to do it in romantic relationships... And I think most of it roots to fear – fear of being inadequate, fear of getting hurt, fear of rejection, fear of not measuring up... This song is about asking a lot of questions, dealing with shame and embarrassment, and really just owning up to certain patterns". "Sabotage" was written by Dan Wilson, Dylan Wiggins, Martin McKinney, Merna Bishouty, Michael Sonier, Chika and JoannaJoJoLevesque for the latter's long awaited upcoming fourth studio album. The song includes additional vocals from American rapper Chika, while production was handled by Doc McKinney.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Murder HouseAmerica Horror Story: CovenAmerican Horror Story: Asylum
There, she meets the other students, narcissistic movie star Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts), outspoken human voodoo doll Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), and enigmatic mind-reading Nan (Jamie Brewer), and gets romantically entangled with Kyle Spencer (Evan Peters), a non-warlock and good-natured college student. The school is run by headmistress Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson), head of the Witches Council, eccentric fashionista Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), and the mute butler Spalding (Denis O'Hare).

Sydney White

Sydney White is a 2007 American teen romantic comedy film directed by Joe Nussbaum and written by Chad Gomez Creasey based on the story of "Snow White". The film, starring Amanda Bynes, Sara Paxton and Matt Long, was released theatrically on September 21, 2007 by Universal Pictures. Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) is the daughter of a plumber, Paul White (John Schneider). Her mother, a Kappa Sorority member, died when Sydney was still young. She sets off to attend college at SAU and pledge to her mother's once dignified sorority. There she meets Demetria Rosemead Hotchkiss (Crystal Hunt), known as Dinky, also an incoming member of the Kappa Sorority, and the two quickly become friends.

Clover Music

JoJo’s lawyer stated they’d reached the end of the statute of limitations on the re-record clause which gave her the rights to “cover” her own music. The next release is scheduled to be JoJo’s upcoming fourth studio album. Following the release of the album JoJo expressed interest into signing new artists to the label. Born in Brattleboro, Vermont, but raised in Keene, New Hampshire, and Foxborough, Massachusetts, a heavily irish state. JoJo's family background includes Irish heritage which has always carried significance in JoJo's life as she has a four-leaf Clover tattooed on her right ring finger. OST4.3.2.1.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(Bluff) – Kerry Leatham. 13) "No Significance" – Davinche featuring Henriette Bond. 14) "Drunk Girls" – Stefan Abingdon. 15) "Paradox" – WKB featuring Myles Sanko. 16) "Dance Flor" – Davinche. 17) "This Year" – Mz Bratt featuring Griminal. 18) "Forever" – Ashley Walters. 19) "She's a Gangsta" – Bashy featuring Zalon. 20) "You Took My Shopping" (Movie Snippet) – Tamsin Egerton. 21) "Typical Actor" – Adam Deacon. 22) "Pretty Young Things" – Bodyrox. 23) "My Size Kid" – Adam Deacon. 24) "Strangely Sexy Though" (Movie Snippet) – Emma Roberts.


JoJo released a music video for the track "When Love Hurts" on September 28, 2015, via MTV. JoJo released the music video for "Say Love" on October 27, 2015. The music video for "Save My Soul" was released on January 8, 2016. On October 5, 2015 JoJo announced her second major nationwide tour entitled The "I Am JoJo Tour" via her official Twitter page.[5] The tour will visit 23 cities all across North America beginning on November 2 at Minneapolis’ Triple Rock Social Club and runs through the end of the year, wrapping up on JoJo's 25th Birthday on December 20 at the Hi Ho Lounge in New Orleans. III received positive reviews from music critics.

Who We Are Now

Who We Are Now is a 2017 American drama film directed and written by Matthew Newton and starring Julianne Nicholson, Emma Roberts, and Zachary Quinto. It screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. One year after being released from prison for manslaughter, a young woman finds herself represented by a bright, young public defense lawyer in an attempt to get custody of her son back. * Julianne Nicholson as Beth. Emma Roberts as Jess. Zachary Quinto as Peter. Jimmy Smits as Carl. Jess Weixler as Gabby. Lea Thompson as Alana. Jason Biggs as Vince. Gloria Reuben as Rebecca. E.J. Ann as Lu Lin. Ray Bouderau as Ray in the Salon.

Valentine's Day (2010 film)

Valentine's DayValentine's Day'' (2010 film)Valentine’s Day
Edison's babysitter Grace Smart (Emma Roberts) is planning to lose her virginity to her boyfriend Alex Franklin (Carter Jenkins). The planned encounter goes awry when Grace's mother discovers a naked Alex in Grace's room, rehearsing a song he wrote for Grace. Edison’s grandparents, Edgar (Héctor Elizondo) and Estelle Paddington (Shirley MacLaine) are facing the troubles of a long marriage. Estelle admits to Edgar about an affair she had with one of his business partners long ago. Although she is deeply sorry, Edgar is very upset.

Blackground Records

BlackgroundBlackground MusicBlackground/Universal
In 2003, JoJo was signed to Blackground. JoJo released her first self-titled album JoJo in 2004, which went to number four on the Billboard 200 and was Platinum certified by the RIAA. In 2006, she released her second album The High Road, which debuted at number three on the album chart and was certified Gold. To date, JoJo sold over 7 million records worldwide. Her single "Leave (Get Out)" was produced by Soulshock & Karlin and "Too Little Too Late" by Billy Steinberg. Blackground held her in a tight contract, refusing to release new music and tried to silence her as an artist.

Vincent Herbert

Streamline RecordsStreamlineThree Boys from Newark
He has worked with artists such as Aaliyah, Tatyana Ali, Toni Braxton, Destinee & Paris, Destiny's Child, Dream, Hi-Five, JoJo, Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Mishon Ratliff as well as Lady Gaga and his ex-wife, Tamar Braxton. Among other work, Herbert co-starred with his ex-wife in their WE tv reality series Tamar & Vince, a spinoff of her family's reality show Braxton Family Values, which premiered on the network on September 20, 2012.

Nerve (2016 film)

Nerve2016Nerve'' (2016 film)
In January 2015, it was announced that Emma Roberts and Dave Franco were set to star in the film. In April 2015, it was announced that Kimiko Glenn had joined the cast of the film, portraying the role of Emma Roberts' character's worried friend. The same day, it was announced that rapper Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" Baker had also joined the cast. Principal photography on the film began in 2015, in New York City. Production on the film concluded on June 5, 2015. The film premiered at the School of Visual Arts in New York City on July 12, where the cast attended. It was also screened on July 21 at Comic-Con.

True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet

True Confessions of a Hollywood Scarlet
The film stars Joanna "JoJo" Levesque and Valerie Bertinelli. The film was directed by Tim Matheson. It premiered on August 9, 2008 on Lifetime. Teen actress Morgan Carter (Joanna "JoJo" Levesque) is a Hollywood princess, until the day that her hard-partying ways get the best of her. After she collapses outside of a Hollywood nightclub, Morgan's mother (Lynda Boyd) sends her to live in the wilds of Fort Wayne, Indiana, with her Aunt Trudy (Valerie Bertinelli). Morgan is camouflaged into Claudia Miller and given a new hairstyle, and suddenly, Morgan, albeit unwillingly, blends in with her peers who don't own televisions or read magazines.


The film stars Alec Baldwin, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts. Martin Scorsese served as an executive producer. The film debuted at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, in September 2008 and won the International Federation of Film Critics Award (FIPRESCI). After its theatrical release in 2009, writer director Derick Martini was nominated for a Gotham Award for Breakthrough Director.

Scream Queens (2015 TV series)

Scream QueensChainsawList of ''Scream Queens'' (2015 TV series) episodes
Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billie Lourd, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Niecy Nash, Glen Powell, Keke Palmer, and Oliver Hudson reprised their roles while John Stamos, Taylor Lautner, James Earl, and Kirstie Alley were added to the cast. Instead of a university, the second season was set in a hospital, and was produced in Los Angeles, California. The show was canceled on May 15, 2017, after two seasons. On February 3, 2019, series creator Ryan Murphy posted on Instagram that he was considering rebooting the show as a limited-time series or film. Roberts, Lourd, Michele and Stamos all expressed interest in reprising their roles.

Paradise Hills (film)

Paradise Hills
The site's consensus reads: "Its ambitious reach occasionally exceeds its grasp, but Paradise Hills offers fans of thoughtful sci-fi a visually distinctive treat with timely themes". * Emma Roberts as Uma. Danielle Macdonald as Chloe. Awkwafina as Yu. Jeremy Irvine as Markus. Arnaud Valois as Son. Eiza González as Amarna. Milla Jovovich as The Duchess. Daniel Horvath as Favorite 1.

Chanel Oberlin

Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis were the first actresses cast for the series as leads. Chanel was written specifically for Roberts. After she starred as Madison Montgomery in the third season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, he was interested to cast her in another "bitchy" role. The inspiration behind Chanel's character was the 2013 infamous email rant written by a sorority sister at University of Maryland about sorority sisters' interactions with a local fraternity. Chanel is vain, selfish, self-centered, and spoiled. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Eric Roberts

EricRobertsEric Anthony Roberts
Roberts's daughter Emma Roberts, with his then-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham, was born on February 10, 1991. Emma eventually became an actress as well, making her major-film debut at age 10 in the 2001 drama Blow. On January 12, 2001, Roberts visited The Howard Stern Radio Show with his wife, actress Eliza (daughter of David Rayfiel and Lila Garrett) during a segment called "The Gossip Game" with Mike Walker of the National Enquirer. He confirmed that he and Julia had been estranged for several years. The source of the estrangement had been his past drug abuse and her siding with his ex-girlfriend over the custody of his daughter.

Julia Roberts

Red Om FilmsJuliaDaniel "Danny" Moder
Her older brother Eric Roberts (b. 1956), from whom she was estranged for several years until 2004, older sister Lisa Roberts Gillan (b. 1965), and niece Emma Roberts, are also actors. She also had a younger half-sister named Nancy Motes (1976–2014). Roberts' parents, one-time actors and playwrights, met while performing in theatrical productions for the armed forces. They later co-founded the Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop in Atlanta, off Juniper Street in Midtown. They ran a children's acting school in Decatur, Georgia, while they were expecting Julia.

Soulshock and Karlin

Soulshock & KarlinSoulshockCarsten Schack
Soulshock & Karlin produced and wrote their first #1 top 40 hit “Leave (Get Out)" performed by JoJo, and the #1 R&B song “Truth Is” performed by American Idol winner Fantasia (which also received a Grammy nomination for best R&B album) and tracks for rap star Nelly. Soulshock and Karlin went on to collaborate with Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, and Samantha Jade and to produce songs for the debut solo albums of Cheryl Cole and 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, 3 Words and Overcome respectively. * Official website

Bill Paxton

Paxton is distantly related to actress Sara Paxton. On the Marc Maron podcast, Paxton revealed that at the age of 13 he contracted rheumatic fever, which had damaged his heart. During his teens, Paxton worked as a paper delivery boy with Mike Muir. Among Paxton's earliest roles were a minor role as a punk in The Terminator (1984), a supporting role as the lead protagonist's bullying older brother Chet Donnelly in John Hughes's Weird Science (1985), and Private W. Hudson in Aliens (1986). He directed several short films, including the music video for Barnes & Barnes's novelty song "Fish Heads," which aired during Saturday Night Live's low-rated 1980–81 season.

Betty Lou Bredemus

The matriarch of the Roberts family, which includes Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts, Academy Award- nominee actor Eric Roberts, and granddaughter Emma Roberts, she also served in the United States Air Force and received a National Defense Service Medal for her service, which was spent entertaining the troops in Air Force base theatrical productions. Betty Lou Bredemus was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of Wendell John Bredemus (1904-1955), a football player, and Elizabeth Ellen (née Billingsley).

G.B.F. (film)

G.B.F.G.B.F.'' (film)
Joanna "JoJo" Levesque as Soledad Braunstein. Derek Mio as Glenn Cho. Mia Rose Frampton as Mindie. Taylor Frey as Topher. Brock Harris as Hamilton. Anthony Garland as Christian. Megan Mullally as Mrs. Van Camp. Natasha Lyonne as Ms. Hoegel. Rebecca Gayheart as Mrs. Daniels. Jonathan Silverman as Mr. Daniels. Horatio Sanz as Principal Crowe.

Sleepover (film)

Sleepoverfilm novelizationSleepover'' (film)
Sleepover is a 2004 American comedy teen film directed by Joe Nussbaum and starring Alexa Vega, Sara Paxton, Mika Boorem, Scout Taylor-Compton, Kallie Flynn Childress, Sean Faris and Jane Lynch. On the last day of 8th grade before their freshman year in high school, Julie Corky (Alexa Vega) has a slumber party with 3 best friends, Hannah Carlson (Mika Boorem), Farrah James (Scout Taylor-Compton), and Yancy Williams (Kallie Flynn Childress). As a quartet, they end up having the adventure of their lives. A group of popular girls, led by a former friend of Julie's, Staci Blake (Sara Paxton), challenge the girls to a scavenger hunt.